Authors Note: This is my first time doing a cross over so please bare with me. I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Planet though I wish I did. Jim will be coming soon, so don't fret.

CHAPTER 1 "Hey cap'n!" Cameron called to Jack from the Crow's nest.

"Whata ye see Cammie?" Captain Jack Sparrow called up to his daughter.

"It looks to be a merchant ship but I can't be sure!" She called back down to him.

"Everyone, get ready for a fight!" Jack called to his crew as Cameron climbed down to the deck.

As they neared the ship they could see the crew running around also trying to get ready for battle for they were a bit surprised by the pirate ship that was coming towards them.

Jack smiled as Cameron came to stand by his side. "It seems we have surprised them."

A smirk spread across Cameron's face as he said this. "Someone was sleeping on their watch." She clucked her tongue as she shook her head and laughed.

As the Black Pearl neared the merchant ship it's crew ready for battle, Jack and Cameron got their swords ready and took hold of a rope to swing over onto the fancy ship.

They both landed smoothly on the deck. "Be careful, Cam!" Jack called to his daughter as she started down to the lower deck to see if there was any treasure.

"No problem!" She called to him. Cameron jumped down the stairs and started down the hall but was stopped by a snake looking creature. Cameron gripped her sword and was ready for the first blow. Their swords clashed as they fought fiercely. Cameron kicked the creature in what she thought was its throat and watched as it fell to the ground clutching its throat. Cameron wasted no time and continued her search quickly running down another set of stairs to the lowest deck. She stumbled a few times when the Pearls cannons hit the merchant ship but quickly got back on her feet.

Jack blocked a hard blow that an insect like creature threw at him. Finally when Jack got the upper hand he stuck his sword into the creature's stomach then yanked it back out ready to take on another creature. As he fought the creature he didn't see the captain come up behind him and try to stab him in the back. Jack was a bit faster then the boy and the dagger only sliced his side. He looked around and noticed his crew was heading back to the Pearl. Punching the boy in the face he also retreated back to his ship. When he safely landed on the deck he noticed that Cameron was not with the other crewmembers.

"Where's Cammie?" He asked urgently.

"Don't know Cap'n, thought she was with ye." Mr. Gibbs replied.

Jack looked back at the merchant ship that was quickly shrinking into the distance. 'Cammie!' He thought putting his face in his hands. He would have turned the ship around but his crew was in no way ready for another battle like that. He had no choice but to let the crew recuperate before they tried to get her back.