Warning – This is the sequel to Harry Potter, Time Traveler and Lily Potter and the Change of Time. If you have not read either of these stories I would highly recommend it as this story will get very confusing. You may not recognize many of the characters and may have no idea what is going on if you do not read it.

Summary – It is Lily Potter's final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it will be her most memorable. In her final year, with the help of her friends, Lily must face many obstacles; boys, relationships, rivalries, new teachers, her NEWTS, the threat of Voldemort and the newly written prophecy, and not to mention being on the edge of finding out the identity of her true, biological mother. Now, Lily must overcome these obstacles to fight the final battle against Voldemort. It is the final battle between good and evil and only one can prevail…

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter, the characters, or the Harry Potter world. They all belong to the fabulous J.K. Rowling. However, while I do not own their names, the characters and the personality traits of Lily Potter, Eddie Weasley, Daris Malfoy, Christof Nott, as well as Asher Lazard and Robyn Andrews all belong to me.

Chapter 1 – The Final Summer:

It was not exactly what one would call the most beautiful August day in England that is for sure.

The raindrops beat against the window in a gentle, soothing beat, almost like a set of drums. Most people would have thought the constant beating was annoying, irritating, anything but gentle or soothing. But, to Lily Julia Potter, the constant music of rain hitting her bedroom window was comforting. It helped take her mind off things; things that she did not nor should have to think about. Things no sixteen year old girl should have to think about.

There she was, sitting at her desk. Her eyebrows were furrowed in the utmost concentration and she seemed to be sucking on her quill, most likely it was a Sugar Quill and working hard on whatever she seemed to be working on, whether it is summer homework or writing a letter. But, whatever she was working on, she seemed to give up as she threw her quill down in frustration and stood up and walked towards the window. Lily sat down on her window seat, grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her chest and stared out into the cloudy, gray sky. For some reason, Lily thought the sky matched the emotions she was feeling right now; gray, dreary, depressing.

Lily gave a sad, yet frustrated sigh and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and her bright, emerald green eyes, framed by glasses, continued to stare out of the window aimlessly. Not that she had anything better to do with her time at the moment. Her three best friends; Eddie Weasley, Asher Lazard, (who also happened to be Lily's boyfriend) and Robyn Andrews were all gone for the summer until late August. Eddie and the rest of the Weasleys had gone to America this summer; Florida to be precise, to some place called Walter Disney World or something like that. Asher had gone to Ireland to see his family. And Robyn had gone to a tropical island in Mexico, Cancoon, or Lily could not seem to remember and regardless, she did not care. All her friends had gone on vacations this summer, leaving her behind in England to grieve alone.


That was the word that could accurately describe what Lily's summer was filled with. She was constantly thinking about the events that had occurred during her previous year; her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After all, it is rather hard to forget about those kinds of events, especially when of the events was your father being murdered right before your eyes, and it was on her account; it was her fault. Regardless if that was true, that is what Lily believed even if everyone knew and tried to convince her that her father's death most certainly was not her fault.

Lily took a deep, shaky breath, but no tears fell. Lily had only cried once in her life and that was when her father, Harry Potter, died in her arms after giving his life for her. She took another shaky breath, thinking about how Voldemort charged at her with his knife raised, ready to plunge it into Lily's heart, how Harry had stepped in front of her, guarding and protecting her from death and taking it for himself.

This memory only increased Lily's hatred for Voldemort even more. Her fist was curled into a tight ball, her jaw was clenched tightly as her emerald eyes became more of a grayish, greenish. Her eyes only turned this color when Lily was downright furious. She was so angry that she did not even notice Sirius Black, Harry's godfather and Lily's legal guardian come into her room. Sirius stared at her with eyes full of concern, knowing exactly what and who she was thinking about.

"Flower?" Sirius called, breaking Lily out of her intimate thought. Lily jumped and turned to look at the man who had become her second father. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," said Lily shortly, turning to look out the window again. She did not mean to be so snappy and short with Sirius. She loved him dearly, but she was just so full anger she could not help but be a bit snippy. Of course, Sirius did not mind; he understood what she was going through. He himself had lost Harry and was just as melancholy and depressed as she was.

"Well, I was just checking to see how you were doing..." started Sirius, his voice trailing off as Lily continued to look out her window, ignoring him. "Be honest with me, Lily. How are you doing?"

"I've been better," she answered truthfully. Sirius gave a weak grin as Lily sighed. Without her permission, he crossed the room and sat down beside her on the window seat, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You can't go on like this Lily," he whispered somberly. Lily shook off his shoulder.

"I said I was fine, Sirius!" she snapped. "With Eddie, Asher, and Robby gone all summer I'm just bored is all!"

Sirius knew this was a lie, but he overlooked it.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that Eddie is coming home tomorrow," said Sirius, trying to bring a smile on to Lily's face. The last thing he would have expected was for her frown to deepen at the mention of her best friend.

Lily and Eddie had been best friends since they day Eddie as born. They were inseparable as children and nothing had changed after they went to Hogwarts. The only thing that began to change was in their fifth year, when Eddie had realized that he had started to have deeper feelings for Lily; feelings that ran deeper than friendship.

Eddie had expressed these feelings to her at the end of last year, telling Lily that he loved her. But, Lily had been going out with Asher for many months and she considered herself to be in a happy relationship with him; she did not want to let that go. Besides, she did not really think Eddie loved her like that and that he only thought he did. It was probably some silly little crush, which he had most likely gotten over by now. Surprisingly, disappointment settled into the pit of Lily's stomach at the thought of Eddie being over her, which utterly confused her. Lily ignored the feeling and frowned at the thought of how she had hurt her best friend.

"Sirius, I don't want to sound rude, but could you leave me alone for a while?" asked Lily, smiling at Sirius and patting his hand reassuringly. "I just really need to be alone right now."

Sirius gave her another weak smile before leaning over and kissing her lightly on her forehead.

"I understand, Flower," he said, still smiling. "You take as much time as you need to think. Just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk. I'm here for you, Lily."

"I know. Thanks Padfoot," said Lily smiling brightly. Sirius continued to grin as he ruffled Lily's golden hair and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Lily rested her forehead against the window, closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber, dreaming about that horrible night that her father was murdered.

Lily knew that before the night was over, she would at least once wake up screaming in her sleep.

"Lils?" voice whispered gently in Lily's ear. Feeling warm and comfortable, Lily groaned and tried slapping it away.

"Go away!" Lily whined before turning over and pulling her blankets over her head. She heard the voice chuckle and her eyes immediately busted open. She knew that chuckle; she would know that laugh anywhere. A large, beaming smile played on her lips as she sat up abruptly and looked at the person who had been whispering in her ear. This person was tall, very tall and lanky with bushy, flaming red hair, warm chestnut eyes, and freckles scattered all over his face. It was her best friend, Eddie Weasley.

"Eddie!" Lily shouted happily. She jumped out of bed and flung herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She felt Eddie's arms slowly wrap around her waist, returning the hug, and lifting her off of her feet.

"It's good to see you too, Lils," he said, grinning to himself. Being around Lily always made Eddie feel happy and he just could not help but smile and feel all giddy inside when he was in her presence. She just made him happy.

"How was that place? In America?" asked Lily, stepping back and breaking the hug. Eddie gave a disappointed shrug.

"It was kind of lame actually," he said honestly. "It claimed to be a place of magic but it doesn't come even close to Hogwarts."

"They're Muggles, you've got to give them some credit for trying," said Lily reasonably. Eddie rolled his eyes, still grinning.

"Yeah, though Teresa loved were they called again...?" Eddie asked himself while scratching his head, "Rolling custers or something like that. They were rides. I didn't like them much. They were not nearly as fun as flying or Quidditch; they don't give you as much as a rush."

Lily gave a small laugh.

"I'm not going to argue with that," said Lily as she walked towards her mirror. She took her hair out of that messy ponytail and began fiddling with her long hair, trying to tame and unknot the tangles within it. She was too engrossed with the mess on her head to notice that her best friend was gapping at her with desire, longing, and affection reflecting in his bright chestnut eyes.

"Hey Lils?" Eddie called out, a little awkwardly which Lily did not fail to notice.

"What's up?"

"Well...I just wanted...wanted y-you to know look really pretty….when you wake up in the morning," he stuttered nervously. He could feel his cheeks growing hot and Lily gave him a small smile.

"Thanks, Ed," said Lily pleasantly. "Now, if you don't mind," she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door, "this girl needs to get changed out of her pajamas." Lily pushed Eddie out of the door.

"Aw, but can't I watch?" Eddie whined playfully, giving his friend a wink. Lily glared at him, though he could tell she was not sincerely made at him, before shutting the door in his face. From inside her room, Lily could hear Eddie's sniggers from behind the door and she could not help but shake her head and grin.

Lily came down the stairs and saw her godparents, Ron and Hermione Weasley, Eddie's parents and her deceased father's best friends were sitting at the kitchen table with Sirius, Eddie, and Remus Lupin, another good friend of herself and Harry. He also happened to be one of James Potter's, Lily's grandfather, best friends. Lily could also see Teresa Weasley, Eddie's little sister, playing with two-year old Anna Weasley on the floor of the living room.

"Hey Lily!" said Ron cheerfully, putting down a mug he was drinking gently on the table, grinning nervously at her. Lily gave him a smile in return and his posture immediately eased. Like Sirius, Ron had also been worried about this Lily this summer. That was part of the reason he insisted on taking his family on vacation this summer; to allow time for her to grieve over the loss of her husband.

"Hey, how was America?" asked Lily as she plopped into the seat between and Eddie and Remus and helped herself to an apple from the fruit platter in the middle of the table.

"It was quite the experience," he said grinning. "But I'm more concerned about how is my goddaughter doing?"

"She's bored," Lily answered dully because if she was being honest, her final summer was actually her most uneventful summer.

"Lily? Lily Flower, wake-up."

"What do you people want from me?" Lily snapped at Sirius, who was gently shaking her shoulder. "Can't a girl get some sleep around here…especially during her summer vacation?"

Sirius grinned to himself, amused over this teenage girl's behavior. To say that Lily was not a morning person was an understatement; a trait that she undoubtedly inherited from her paternal grandfather. James Potter also hated waking up in the morning, especially on his summer vacations. The words caused Sirius to chuckle and he sat on the edge of Lily's bed as the teenager pulled the blankets over her head.

"Lily, it's almost noon," said Sirius, amusement in his voice. "You're supposed to meet Ed, Asher, and Robyn in an hour at Diagon Alley. You only have a week left until school starts."

"Oh bloody hell," Lily muttered into her pillow. Sirius put on a stern face.

"Lily, how many times do I have to tell you to watch your mouth?" asked Sirius firmly, his voice sounding as though he were about to give her a lecture. Lily groaned as she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Sorry," she said shortly. "Alright, I'm up."

"Good. Asher is coming to pick you up in about forty-five minutes," said Sirius as he crossed across the room and towards her door.

"Right," muttered Lily as she literally rolled out of bed and got to her feet. Sirius grinned in amusement and closed the door behind him. He went downstairs and sat down at his kitchen table, drinking a warm cup of tea.

As he did so, he continued to stare off into space for no apparent reason until he heard a stumble, a cough, and a few well-chosen profanities come from the living room. Sirius grabbed his wand, jumped to his feet and dashed into the living room only to see Asher Lazard, getting to his feet, covered in soot, brushing off his robes.

Asher had definitely grown over the summer. He used to be extremely short, maybe even an inch shorter than Lily but now before him, stood a tall, boy with tan skin, dirty blonde hair, a long nose, and gentle gray eyes, like clouds on a stormy day.

"Hey Sirius," said Asher grinning. Sirius grinned back. "Is Lily ready yet?"

"She wasn't expecting you until around one," said Sirius. Asher gave him a funny frown.

"It is one, Padfoot," said Asher, looking at his watch. Sirius realized he spaced off for almost an hour.


"Hey Asher, Sirius," came a voice from the kitchen. Lily walked into the room and smiled at the pair of them. Asher beamed when he saw his girlfriend. He walked over and gave Lily a quick peck on the lips and her eyes widened when she finally took in his appearance. "Merlin Asher, you got tall." Asher laughed.

"And you remained a pretty girl," he said taking her hand in his. Lily blushed at the compliment but beamed at him nonetheless. "Are you ready to go?"

"Sure," she said brightly before turning to Sirius; "I'll be home around dinnertime."

"That'll be fine. Take care, you two," said Sirius smiling. Asher led Lily to the fireplace, handing her a fist full of Floo Powder.

"Ladies first," he said charmingly. Lily rolled her eyes and took some in her hand before stepping into the fireplace, screaming; "DIAGON ALLEY!"

Lily disappeared in the emerald flames.

Lily made a rough landing, which she determined had to be a family trait, remembering all those stories and times Harry had trouble getting around with Floo Powder. Lily smiled at first, but the thought of Harry felt like a stab at her heart and her chest painfully constricted. But, that could have been also because Asher had just come through the fireplace and was now sitting on top of Lily.

"Whoa!" Asher cried, jumping to his feet and off of his girlfriend. "I'm sorry, Lily. I didn't see you there."

"Asher!" she said in annoyance as she got to her feet. "You didn't have to crash into me like that!"

"Well, Lily, most people usually move out of the way when they know someone is coming behind them using Floo Powder," said Asher, sounding equally annoyed. Lily rolled her eyes and gave a slight grin.

"Sorry," she said shortly. "I'm just in a temperamental mood I guess." Asher smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it," he said gently and reassuringly, "c'mon lets go meet Eddie and Robby."

They two walked on, Asher's arm around his girlfriend's waist, towards Gringotts were they were meeting Eddie and Robyn. The two of them were not hard to find as Eddie's bright red hair really stood out. Standing there, talking with Eddie, was a pretty, tall, African-American girl; Robyn Andrews. Robyn saw the couple coming towards them and she waved excitedly. Eddie also turned but he did not wave and he did not look nearly as excited as Robyn. Instead, his eyes wandered to Asher's arm, which was still wrapped around Lily, and he frowned. The other three did not seem to notice.

That afternoon in Diagon Alley was just a regular afternoon for the four teenagers, except the fact that Eddie refused to stop glaring at Asher everytime he held Lily's hand, or wrapped his arm around her, or kissed her on the cheek, or pecked her on the lips. But, despite his sour attitude, the four of them had managed to purchase their school supplies, new robes, and anything else they needed an may have wanted.

After a long afternoon of shopping and glaring (mostly on Eddie's part), the four of them sat around a table at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, eating ice cream and just goofing around and sharing laughs. That is, before their moment was ruined.

"Well, as if we don't see enough of these filthy Gryffindors at Hogwarts we actually have to see them during our summer vacation as well," a female voice said coolly from behind. Lily whipped around only to see Raven Dawsetta and Daris Malfoy, holding hands, and staring down at the four of them with great dislike. Raven was a pretty girl with long silky black hair that fell to her waist. Her skin was soft looking and tan, almost olive and she had warm dark chocolate brown eyes. Daris Malfoy look nothing short or less than his father, Draco Malfoy with white blonde hair, hard cold gray eyes, and a pug-like face.

"Seriously, Dawsetta, do you have anything better to do than annoy the bloody hell off of us?" Eddie snapped, annoyed.

"Of course not," Lily answered before Raven could, "we all know that Dawsetta has no life. The only two things she knows how to do is going around and snogging every guy she can get her hands on and annoying us to no end."

Eddie, Asher, and Robyn all burst out into laughter as Raven glared at Lily. Malfoy snarled and started to pull out his wand, but Lily beat him to it. She had her wand out and was fingering it threateningly.

"What are you going to do Malfoy? Curse me into oblivion like you always threaten but can never seem to follow through with?" asked Lily innocently, her voice sounding so sweet that it was sickening.

"Oh, don't you worry, one day all my promises will come through," snarled Malfoy, pointing his wand at Lily's throat. "You'll be dead, Potter." Lily heard someone stand up abruptly from behind her.

"Is that a threat, Malfoy?" Lily heard Eddie ask angrily.

"Eddie, stay out of it!" hissed Lily. She noticed Asher had gotten to his feet as well. "You too Asher, just sit down!"

Lily and Malfoy just stared at each other; their eyes filled with pure hatred for one another with Lily's green eyes flashing and Malfoy's gray eyes, colder than Lily had ever seen them. They just stared at each other, their wands out and each were about to scream a curse at each other, when;

"Excuse moi?" a firm, female voice called from the distance. Lily and Malfoy both looked up to see a young, stunningly, beautiful woman walking…no not walking, more like gliding towards them. She had pale skin, gray eyes that sparkled like crystals in the gleaming sun, and long silvery blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. All of the boys stared at this woman completely lost for words, speechless. Lily frowned. This woman was no doubt a veela of some sort.

"May I ask what is going on 'ere?" the woman asked. Lily noticed she had a strong French accent.

" may ask but it's really none of your business," said Lily, rather coldly. The woman just stared down at her wearing a weird expression before turning back to the rest of the teenagers.

"You are all 'Ogwarts students?" the woman asked knowingly. Lily turned around and looked at Robyn, then took a quick glance at Raven. She noticed that they were looking at this woman in the same dislike that she felt towards her.

"Yeah. So?" snapped Raven defensively. The woman turned and glared at them.

"Well, if you are all 'Ogwarts student, zen zis does concern me, as I am your new Potions Master," the woman said coolly, now eyeing Raven with dislike.

"Oh really? That's great!" cried Asher excitedly, resembling a small boy on Christmas morning. Lily turned to him incredulously and punched him on the shoulder. "Ow, I mean...that's bad. No, I mean...yeah…I think I'm going just to shut-up now."

"That's the best idea you've had all day," growled Lily coldly. Asher shot her a glance of apology before turning to drool over the veela woman again.

"You're our new Potions Master?" asked Malfoy. The woman nodded. "What happened to Professor Snape?"

"'e retired," the woman said simply. "My name is Dominique Delinor, but you can call me Professor Delinor. 'Ho might you six be?"

"Asher Lazard at your service!" This comment received a glare from Lily.

"Robyn Andrews."

"Raven Dawsetta."

"Daris Malfoy," said Malfoy in a deeper, more mature voice than he usually used. The girls rolled their eyes.

"Ed Weasley."

"Lily Potter."

The woman heard Lily's name, gave a startled jump, and just stared at her, long and hard. Dominique stared at Lily so intently that Lily started to shift uncomfortably under her gaze. Dominique's mouth opened, and then closed, resembling a fish that has been taken out of water. There is no better way to say it; she just stared at Lily.

"Potter did you say?"


"Any relation to 'Arry Potter?" asked Dominique, barely above a whisper. Her voice was trembling and Lily frowned slightly at the question.

"Yes, he's my father," said Lily, in a slight proud voice, though she could feel the lump growing in her throat. She did not want to discuss Harry's death or start crying right now, especially in front of Malfoy and Dawsetta.

"You…you're 'Arry Potter's daughter?" gasped Dominique, nearly choking on her saliva. Lily nodded, giving her incredulous look, like she was an escaped insane person from St. Mungo's. Dominique finally tore her eyes off Lily, gulped and looked around frantically.

"'Lilee, E...'E's not 'ere now, is 'e?" Dominique stuttered nervously, as though she seemed frightened over the thought of meeting Harry face-to-face. Lily noticed sweat some coming down from her brow and her professor's hands were now becoming clammy.

But, that did not stir any sympathy inside of Lily, so she answered rather coldly: "No, my father died." Dominique looked at her strangely and she actually gasped out loud. The nervousness and pain within her veela eyes was suddenly replaced with something else; replaced with an emotion that Lily could not place.

"'E...what? 'Arry - I mean - Mr. Potter died?" asked Dominique in such a low whisper that Lily was surprised that she had been able to hear it.

"Yeah..." said Lily slowly, her voice trailing off, not understanding why this woman could possibly care so much. Dominique looked on the verge of tears.

"'Ow? When? Why?" Dominique asked desperately, her voice shaking with emotion. Lily turned to look at her four friends (by this time, Malfoy and Raven had snuck off without Dominique noticing) and they looked just as confused as she felt.



Lily looked ahead, and coming from behind Dominique was another beautiful woman, with silvery blonde hair, pale skin, perfect teeth, and crystal blue eyes. She too had to be a veela, because the boys started gaping like fools again. Lily noticed that she also had a French accent. Dominique whipped around.

"Fleur!" she cried with relief. "I've been looking for you."

"Where have you been?" The woman known as Fleur asked. Dominique launched into some kind of explanation, jabbering in French. Lily turned to look at her friends and jerked her head in the opposite direction, telling them they had best escape while they still could. The four teenagers slipped off before the two veela, French women noticed, and left those two women behind talking vigorously in French.

"Now what in the hell was that all about?" asked Eddie when they finally reached the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron. Lily shrugged helplessly, having no more answers than any of the rest of them.

"I don't know. All I can say is that those French people," she said shaking her head, "barking mad they are."

"That Dominique woman was she a veela?" asked Robyn. Lily nodded.

"I thought so. She had to be," said Lily reasonably, shooting glares at Eddie and Asher. "You saw how the boys were drooling over her like a bunch of foolish dogs." Both Eddie and Asher glared right back at her, but said nothing to defend themselves. After all, Lily's description was not far from the truth.

"But, she seemed rather interested in you, Lily," said Robyn, frowning in confusion. "And she seemed interested in Harry as well."

"You guys noticed that too? I mean, she was only on the verge of tears when Lily mentioned that Harry had passed away," said Asher dryly, earning a glare from Eddie. In his opinion, Asher's comment was extremely insensitive towards Lily, but Lily did not seem to notice or care.

"It was strange," muttered Lily. "But, I'm not going to fret over it. It's probably nothing. Dominique is probably just one of those obsessive fans, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah probably," Asher commented offhandedly.

"What about the second veela woman?" asked Robyn. "What was her name? Floo or something?"

"Fleur, I think."


"What about her?" asked Eddie, confused.

"I'm not sure…but there was something about her…"

"We heard her say two words, and they weren't even directed towards us," said Asher impatiently, rolling his eyes.

"But there was something about her that...just...I don't know…made me feel uncomfortable…" said Robyn, shrugging and choosing words carefully. No one commented, but the other three just stared at Robyn sympathetically. A silence hovered over them for several long moments before Asher disturbed it.

"Well, this certainly was day," said Asher, clearly trying to lighten the mood. Eddie turned to him, only to have the heat in his stomach rise when he saw that one of Asher's hands was holding Lily's and the other scratching his neck nervously.

"An interesting day? Hell, it's been quite an interesting summer," said Robyn.

"Well, maybe for you three," said Lily stonily. There was an awkward silence as they all let Lily's words sink in for they knew the summer had not been interesting, but filled with grief and sadness.

"C'mon," said Eddie, breaking the silence. "Let's go home before we run into some other weirdo."

"Ed, I couldn't have said it better myself."

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