Like the black sails of a pirate ship, night overtook Tortuga. The howls of men in pain from fights and of men in the midst of pleasure could be heard even all the way down by the docks. A not so young lass sat on the rather rotted planks, swinging bare legs back in forth in the chilly waters of the Caribbean.

Her mother, Victoria, was off with some old lover at the moment. Josaline had only just finished making love to a rather drunk and scruffy man who she assumed to be a pirate. He'd paid her decently, at any rate. The sloshes of water from the movement of her legs mixed nicely with the clink of coins in her palm. In all probability, they'd be used in buying rum with later.

The night air was warm and moist, and it did nothing to cool her body after having sex. Without a petticoat or corset to delay her, Josaline wriggled free of her cotton slip and dived into the water. She emerged seconds later, gasping for breath.

"Agh, it's cold..." Josaline whispered to no one in particular, her voice as harsh as the place she grew up in. It took a couple minutes of just standing in the water to adjust. Then, with knees bent and hands pressed together over her head, she dove back in.

Shafts of moonlight were warped and twisted by the water, appearing in strange patterns on the sand for the midnight swimmer to admire. Long strands of dark hair floated about her head like a halo while she blinked through the water to gaze at the moon's artwork. Enchanted, she reached out her hand to try and touch the shimmering lights, but a shadow passed overhead.

Her head broke through the water's surface, and right away her eyes were filled with the sight of tattered black sails that somehow seemed quite ominous. All of a sudden she realized how vulnerable she was like that, naked and unarmed. Josaline kicked herself up and out of the water, onto the deck.

In a succession of quick movements, she managed to get back into her slip within seconds. It was lucky for her that she could dress in such a rushed fashion because it was only soon after that the somewhat battered ship docked. Her hands found a place on her hips to rest while she watched the crew clamber onto the dock.

"Bit late to be dockin, ain't it?" Josaline demanded.

"Bit late to be takin' a midnight swim, too," a man said as he walked, or more accurately, wobbled by. Her face flushed a light pink and she stalked after him, following his rugged looking crew. The man looked as if he had stayed out in the sun a bit too long. His skin was so dark that in the night it seemed black as his hair. A smirk tugged at the girl's lips as he staggered around, drunk in her eyes.

"Like what you saw, then?" she asked. He walked on, either deaf to her words or ignoring them. She started after him again and soon fell in step with the man, ready to ask him the question when she noticed a rather premature wince and canter of the head; it seemed to her that he seemed ready to be smacked.

"Oy, I said, did you like what you saw?" Josaline asked yet again. This time her only response were a few raunchy laughs from the crew behind him.

"Wind in the sails, wind in the sails!" A parrot cried in response.

"And what the blazes does that mean?" She cried.

"Means yes," someone from the group offered. By that time, she had stopped walking so fast and was in pace with the crew.

"Come on, you expect me to believe that a buncha hardworkin' men like yourselves don't want a lady for a while?" Asked Josaline.

"You ain't no lady, lassie," answered a rather soft, feminine voice.

"Yeah? And you ain't a bunch of gents yourselves."

"No kidding," said the soft voice.

"Well, just listen. I could do with a few more coins and I'm sure you all could all do with a bit of lovin' after a long journey on the sea, so..." she was going to let it sink in, but the soft voice snapped at her first.

"Listen missy, we're here on business. And furthermore, I am not a man of any sorts and I will personally make sure our crew stays focused."

With that, the motley crew made their way into Tortuga and Josaline was left on the docks. It was rare in this place that any man would pass up her offer, but it did happen. She stretched herself luxuriously out on the planks, lowering her arms towards the water so her finger tips just touched. It seemed to her that she stayed in that position forever, but it was only minutes. And in that short time the waves and shouts lulled her to sleep.

"Careful, love, someone might step on you," a gruff voice announced, startling Josaline awake. The twinkling of the stars said it was still rather late.

"I wasn't sleepin'," she replied, stifling a yawn.

"Who said ye were?"

She shrugged and sat up; the eyes of the stranger greeted her warmly, though they seemed wary of sudden attacks. As a breeze filtered through tangled locks she was painfully aware that the straps of her already skimpy slip had fallen down her arms, revealing quite a bit of her upper body.

"Second look you've gotten tonight..." The girl muttered, yanking them back into place.

"It's a nice view, love. Now that my business is taken care of I'd be willin' to listenin' to your proposal again." Rum slurred his words only slightly, yet perfumed his breath a good deal. But in light of this change, Josaline found herself pressed against him, the top of her head just barely reaching his nose.

"I bet ye would, mister..."

"Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow, if you will."

"Well, Captain Jack Sparrow, I would be Josaline. And as for that proposal...a few coins for a few hours."

"Howabout five bottles o' rum and we have a go til the sun comes up?"

Josaline purred in agreement, leading him ever so slowly to her mothers room along the harbor where they spent the rest of the night in the throes of passion.


Author's Note: Next chapter will be on the capture of Tortuga, or at least the preparation for it. As of yet, I am unsure as to whether or not Jack and Josaline will or will not have an everlasting relationship or not. So if you want to add your opinion to that matter in the review (::nudge, nudge, wink, wink::), I would like that VERY much. Reviews are adored!