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Warnings: Rape, Yaoi, OOCness.I think that's all.


Onegai - Please

Yameru - Stop

Gomen nasai - I'm sorry

Hai - Yes

Iie - No

Daijoubu desu ka - Are you all right?

Daijoubu - It's all right.

Arigatou - Thank you

Baka - Idiot/Moron/Fool/etc.

Kowappa - Brat

Konbanwa - Good evening

Oyasumi nasai - Good night


Chapter 1


The boy screamed as he was thrust into again, tears mixing with blood, pooling down his face in crimson rivers. He struggled against the binds that held his hands to the bedpost, causing them to begin to bleed. The figure above him groaned in ecstasy, and continued his thrusting motions, causing the one below him to cry out in pain once again.

Why was this happening?

"Onegai!" The boy begged. "Yameru! You're hurting me! Onegai!" He sobbed and cried when the other paid him no heed, only increasing his harsh movements, the bed creaking violently underneath them. The young one screamed. He screamed until his throat tore and bled from the force of his yells.

Why him?

He let out a whimper; slightly choking on the coppery substance in his mouth, as the dark figure above him thrust in one more time before releasing with a loud and repulsing moan. Tears continued to fall out of the boy's eyes as he stared at the ceiling above him, trying to take his mind off of what had happened to him.

Why was it always him?

The shadow collapsed onto the whimpering child, and fell asleep, his arms wrapped around the boy tightly, preventing him from escaping. He sat there, unable to move, barely breathing, and tried to calm himself down. But, for some reason, his tears refused to stop falling.

Why was why the only question he could come up with?

"Why Bakura . Why?" Was all Ryou could manage out, before slipping into blessed unconsciousness, but not before smelling the stench of alcohol on the other's breath.


Bakura woke up and stared around confused. What had happened? He sat up and moaned at the throbbing in his head. "Stupid hangovers," He muttered and peered his eyes open and stared blurrily around the room. "Why did I ever go to that bar . " He paused. Wait a minute; this was Ryou's room. What was he doing there? He heard a soft whimper underneath him, and looking below him he almost fainted in horror at what he saw. "Oh Ra .. What have I done?"

Ryou lay beneath him, his hands tied up to the bedpost, naked and bleeding. Dry tears mixed with dried up blood were evident on the younger boy's face. Bakura, sickened at the site, also noticed another substance besides blood dripping down the other's thighs. He quickly untied the youth, being careful with Ryou's raw and bleeding wrists.

Ryou gave a soft moan opened his teary and blood coated eyes. When he saw Bakura, he flinched away from him, trying to get as far away from the other as possible. Bakura stared at him miserably as Ryou looked at him fearfully with his big doe brown eyes.

"Ryou ." He spoke softly, trying not to alarm the other.

"O-Onegai. Don't hurt me B-Bakura-sama." Ryou pleaded brokenly, trembling in fright. "Onega."

Bakura's eyes watered at the pain and terror lacing the other's whispered voice. What had he done? Sure, he had beaten the boy before, both when he was drunk and sober, but never had he done this. To taint such innocence and purity was something that not even he himself could do willingly. He reached out to comfort Ryou, trying to express his guilt and regret, but the other cried out in fear and curled into a quivering ball, expecting to be hit. When nothing happened, Ryou cautiously opened his eyes, looking into Bakura's face, and was startled to see his yami crying.

"Ryou, gomen nassai ." Bakura whispered mournfully, "I was drunk. I don't even remember anything about last night, and though that isn't very much of an excuse, I'm still so very sorry."

Ryou looked up at him, confusion and mistrust shown in his eyes. What if it was a lie? What if he was just going to get hurt again? He didn't want to be in any more pain. Ryou let loose a small sob and hugged himself tightly. He didn't want to go through that anymore.

"I'll leave." Bakura said suddenly, avoiding looking at Ryou. "Just say the word, and I'll go, and I won't come back."

Ryou looked up at Bakura in surprise. This is what he wanted, wasn't it? He wanted Bakura out of his life, that way there would be no more pain. No more beatings. He could be happy that way, couldn't he? Ryou looked at Bakura, whose face showed a defeated and self-loathing expression. Having an internal battle within himself, Ryou made his choice. Everyone deserved second chances, right? Besides, even though what had happened, he still couldn't help but love his yami. He always had, even when Bakura was beating him for no reason.

"Y-You don't have to go Bakura-sama." Ryou stuttered out quietly. Despite his decision, he was still deathly afraid of the Egyptian spirit. "U- Unless you want to leave."

Bakura looked at Ryou in shock. He had just, raped him, and he was willing to give him another chance? He thought for sure that the other would use the opportunity to finally rid himself of his secret burden.

"No, I don't want to leave." Bakura admitted truthfully, still astonished that Ryou didn't get rid of him. "But how can you even stand to be near me? I've hurt you! I've hurt you worse than I ever have before! I'm a sick bastard, you should hate me!" Bakura snarled angrily, and clenched his fists tightly. Ryou shrunk back a little at the venom in Bakura's words, but Bakura noticed and it only made him angrier with himself. "See? You're terrified of me! Why the hell would you let me stay?!"

Ryou was silent, too scared to answer the question. Bakura took a deep breath, exhaled, then ran a hand through his hair, willing himself to calm down so as not to frighten the boy any further. After a few moments of silence, Ryou gathered his courage and spoke up.

"Y-You said you were drunk, ne?" Ryou asked, not making eye contact with Bakura. "Then it, it wasn't all your fault. Y-You don't even remember doing it, so, so I can't really blame you, for what happened."

Bakura shook his head, still shocked at how forgiving his light was. To think that he had done something he swore to never do, and took something that he promised to protect forever, made his stomach queasy. He was never too nice to Ryou, and so Ryou never really trusted him. But for some reason, Bakura wanted to gain his trust and forgiveness, and after what had happened, it would presume to be more difficult than he thought it would be before. Now, Ryou was not only scared of him, but petrified.

He stared at the curled up hikari. He wanted nothing more than to gather him in his arms and soothe the other. Bakura wanted to whisper reassuring words to him, promising to protect him, and always be there, and that he loved him.

Whoa, back up there, love? Since when did he love his hikari? He knew he always felt the obligation to protect his other, even though he pretty much failed at that job. He glanced at Ryou. He also knew that he was very much attracted to him. But love? Hearing a small whimper, his head shot towards Ryou, and looked at him worriedly.

"Daijoubu desu ka?" Okay, that was a stupid question. The boy was raped for Ra's sake! And the man who did it to him was sitting right next to him. Of course he wasn't okay!

"Y-You won't hurt me like this again. Will you?" Ryou asked frightfully, not daring to look him straight in the eye. Bakura had always slapped him whenever Ryou met him eye to eye.

"Iie." Bakura answered, heartbroken. Ryou truly was afraid of him.

"M-May I take a shower Bakura-sama?"

"Just Bakura, no more sama." Bakura smiled at Ryou, but the other still wouldn't look at him, staring at the carpet instead. "And you don't need my permission anymore, if you want to take a shower, go ahead."

Ryou nodded in understanding before attempting to stand up. He let out a small scream of agony as a white-hot bolt of pain jolted through his backside. Fresh tears spilled down his face, and his knees buckled, sending him crashing back to the bed, and onto Bakura.

"G-Gomen nasai!" Ryou stuttered, scrambling off of Bakura and letting out another small shriek as the movement caused more pain than before.

"Stop moving before you hurt yourself!" Bakura scolded, grabbing hold of Ryou's arm to steady him. Ryou winced and closed his eyes, memories replaying in his head about how last night Bakura grabbed him by his arm and painfully dragged him upstairs into his room.

Bakura saw glimpses of the memory as well through the mind link. And felt even guiltier than he had before. He muttered an apology and let go of Ryou's arm. Ryou wobbled a little, biting his lip to stifle his whimpers, before falling once again. Bakura caught him in time though, and swept the startled hikari off his feet, carrying him to the bathroom.

"B-Bakura-sama?" Ryou asked hesitantly. He was tense and slightly panicking in Bakura's arms.

"Carrying you will be much easier, besides, I doubt you will be able to walk all the way there." Ryou winced and nodded, but still didn't relax in Bakura's arms. He still didn't quite trust the other. "And quit with the sama." Bakura added as an afterthought.

When they reached the bathroom, Bakura carefully set Ryou down on the closed toilet seat, and started the shower, waiting until it warmed up. He folded his arms and leaned against the wall, thinking.

"Ano ." Ryou mumbled quietly in a wavering voice. "Are you staying?"

"Hai. You and I both know you won't be able to wash yourself with your wounds." Bakura stated, as if it was no big deal.

\What's wrong with him? He's never acted this way before. Why would he care?\ Ryou thought to himself, \It's his fault I'm hurt in the first place. And, he's never cared before . \

Bakura winced, hearing Ryou's private thought. It was true, he had been acting too kind and caring. But he felt that Ryou deserved some compassion from him, after all that he had done.

Once the water was warm enough, he helped Ryou up and joined him in taking a shower. He quickly washed himself down as Ryou stood there with his eyes closed, basking in the effects of taking a relaxing shower.

"Turn around."

"Nani?" Ryou asked, bewildered.

"I said, turn around." Bakura commanded gruffly. "I'm just going to wash your hair." He added after he saw the quick flash of fear shine in the other's eyes.

Ryou bit his lip and nodded, facing the wall away from Bakura. Bakura grabbed the shampoo bottle, and massaged the substance into Ryou's hair gently. After a moment, he could feel the boy gradually begin to unwind, his muscled feeling less tense than they were before. He then rinsed off the shampoo, and repeated the same process with the conditioner, his nose crinkling at the smell of flowers both bottles were giving off.

Once he was done with Ryou's hair, he started to wash the other's battered and bruised body tenderly, being careful when he came to one of Ryou's many injuries. Bakura once again began to feel guilty. Ryou had gone through so much pain because of him; he didn't deserve to have such a forgiving child as a hikari.

As Bakura's soap lathered hands started to get lower, Ryou's once relaxed and soothed body tensed up immediately. He was practically radiating fear. Bakura whispered comforting words as Ryou whimpered and tightened his fists as Bakura quickly and gently cleansed him. Ryou let out a shaky breath when he was finished, relieved that it was over.

Bakura climbed out of the shower and grabbed a fluffy white towel, and dried Ryou off lightly before grabbing one for himself. He then made Ryou once again sit down on the closed toilet seat before running out of the bathroom.

Ryou sat there and stared off in space, deep in thought about how oddly his yami was acting. He was startled out of thinking when Bakura returned, fully dressed, with the first aid kit and a pair of comfortable pajamas for Ryou. He then began to carefully clean and bandage Ryou's wounds with Ryou staring at him with wide eyes.

Bakura finished up wrapping Ryou's bloody wrists and stood, brushing his hands off on his pants. He helped Ryou get dressed before yet again gathering Ryou in his arms and carrying him, this time, to his own room. Bakura opened the door to his room, and set Ryou down on his satin colored sheets.

"You rest, I'll go clean up the mess in your room." Bakura muttered, and left, shutting the lights off on his way out and closing the door.

Ryou sat there, and blinked, then blinked again. Was that the same Bakura as before? The same cold, cruel, and demonic Bakura? No, it couldn't have been him. Ryou shook his head, grimacing at a newly formed headache. It hurt too much to think about it. Ryou snuggled down in the silky sheets, buried his head in the pillow, and fell into a deep sleep.


In the next room, Bakura was diligently cleaning Ryou's bed. He stripped off the bloody sheets and threw them in the trash, all the while removing the rope that bound Ryou's hands the night before, and wiping off the small amount of blood from the headboard.

As he was busy cleaning, Bakura turned his thoughts once again to his hikari. Why had he felt such compassion towards him? He snorted to himself. He knew why, it was because he himself had gone through almost the same thing. Bakura would never wish for anyone to go through that. Not his best friends or his worst enemies.

Right then, he swore to never hurt his hikari anymore. He would stop going to the bar and getting drunk, and would focus on gaining the younger one's trust, forgiveness and, maybe even love. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he missed the way Ryou used to smile, with his eyes sparkling with happiness for the world to see.

That was all in the past though, before Bakura had come into his life and gained a physical body. Ryou never smiled that same smile any longer, and Bakura missed it. He sat down on the now made bed, resting his arms on his thighs with his head staring at the ground. Yes, he would now try to make things better with him and Ryou.

His head shot up when he heard a shout of terror come from his room. He dashed to the bedroom containing Ryou and threw open the door to see what was wrong.

Ryou's face donned a look of pain and helplessness as he twisted and writhed underneath the sheets. He was panting and sweating with a few tears spilling out of his closed eyes.

"Onegai! Yameru! Bakura-sama!" He sobbed. "No more! Yameru!"

Bakura rushed to his lights side and shook him awake, trying to calm him down. "Shh, Ryou it's only a nightmare! Wake up!"

Ryou's eyes shot open and he screamed when he saw Bakura and struggled out of Bakura's hands. "Iie! No more! I'll, I'll be good, I promise!" He cried. "Just no more. Onegai." He sniffled, his sobs quieting down a little.

Bakura's eyes held a pained look as he stared at his hikari, noticing how the other was avoiding eye contact. He delicately took the boy's chin and tilted his head upwards. Ryou's eyes were closed tightly, and his lips were trembling.

"Ryou, open your eyes. Onegai?" Bakura asked gently.

Ryou let loose another sniffle, and opened his eyes. Soft pain filled brown eyes met sympathetic yet harsher eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Bakura said firmly. "Never again. I swear it."

Ryou nodded, and shifted his eyes to the floor. Bakura sighed, knowing that Ryou wasn't going to trust him any time soon.

"Are you hungry?" Bakura asked, watching Ryou carefully. Ryou shook his head.

"Iie Bakura-sama."

Bakura gave a frustrated scowl at the sama, but let it pass. "Are you sure? You should really eat." Ryou shook his head once again. "Alright, do you want to sleep more?"

"Iie!" Ryou yelled frantically, staring at Bakura with wide eyes. He then cringed and avoided his stare. "I'm afraid of the nightmares." He explained softly, expecting to be hit or made fun of by Bakura.

"I understand." Bakura said shamefully, upset that it was his fault Ryou had nightmares. "Do you need anything?"

Ryou, who was once again shocked by how Bakura was acting, only shook his head. Truth be told, all he wanted was for Bakura to stay with him. He would never request that though, he thought that if he did, Bakura would get angry again and hurt him.

"Alright then, would you mind if I stayed for a while?" Bakura asked, already pulling up a chair and sitting down next to the bed. Ryou had finally calmed down and was once again snuggled deep into his blankets.

"Iie Bakura-sama. I wouldn't mind." Ryou dared to give a small smile at him, in which Bakura surprised him greatly by returning the smile.

Despite what Ryou had said earlier about not wanting to fall asleep because of nightmares, he did so anyways. Bakura stayed besides the bed, his hand clasped around Ryou's, admiring just how truly beautiful the teen was. A while later, the former thief fell into a light slumber as well, his hand still intertwined with Ryou's.


Ryou blinked his eyes opened and yawned sleepily. He sat up a little, wincing as he did so, and found out that something warm was sitting on top of his hand. Looking down, he blushed, seeing that it was Bakura's hand on his. Ryou looked at the sleeping yami, whose head was downward and was snoring slightly. If only was more relaxed and kind when he was awake. Ryou smiled thoughtfully. Bakura shifted, waking up, blinking at Ryou tiredly. He lifted his hands up, stretching, and Ryou flinched involuntarily. Seeing Ryou flinch, Bakura brought his hands down slowly and gave Ryou a sad smile.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked.

"Hai Bakura-sama, I slept fine." Ryou answered him with his head bowed.

"You don't have to add the sama anymore." Bakura sighed as Ryou stayed silent, fiddling with his bed sheets. Bakura glanced at the clock on his wall. It was around dinner time already? "Okay, I'll go down and make us some dinner, alright?"

"Hai Bakura-sama. Demo .." He stopped, suddenly afraid to go on, realizing he was questioning what Bakura had said.

"Nani?" Bakura asked. Noticing the way Ryou began to shiver.

"N-Never mind." He mumbled. Bakura scowled at him, and again lifted Ryou's chin up so he was eye-level with Bakura.

"I told you already Ryou. I'm not going to hurt you." He spoke gently. "Now, what were you going to say?" Ryou was quiet for a moment, before he opened his mouth hesitantly to answer.

"I, I was going to say." Ryou swallowed. "That, I wasn't very hungry."

"That's it?" Bakura blinked at him. Ryou nodded his head, waiting for Bakura to lash out at him, and closed his eyes. Bakura frowned, and let go of Ryou's chin. "Gomen Ryou, but you have to eat something. It will help you regain your energy back. Plus, you're too skinny as it is." Ryou nodded, a little stunned that Bakura didn't do anything to him for talking back. "Do you want me to take you downstairs now? Or come and get you when dinner's finished?"

"Whatever you want Bakura-sama." Bakura once again gave a frustrated sigh, and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Well, I want whatever you want." Bakura retorted smartly, crossing his arms. He had Ryou caught now. The younger boy sighed, knowing he was trapped. He looked at Bakura uncertainly.

"I, I'd like to go downstairs now." He answered, his voice wavering slightly.

"Alright." Bakura smiled. "I'll be right back." He ran downstairs leaving Ryou blinking at him curiously.

Ryou let out a breath of air he'd been holding nervously. Well, Bakura left him up here, that meant he was probably doing the opposite of what Ryou wanted. Ryou sighed, he should have known. He tried to get comfortable when Bakura came bounding back into the room. Ryou stared at him, a startled look on his face.

"What? You didn't think I was going to leave you up here, did you?" Bakura grinned, and waltzed over to the side of Ryou's bed. "Ready?"

Ryou nodded and was about to stand up to walk, when Bakura swooped him up bridal style, and began carrying him down the hall.

"N-Nani?" Ryou squeaked, caught off guard.

"Come on Ryou. You know you wouldn't be able to make it downstairs in one piece, you're too sore." Bakura grimaced, feeling guilty again.

He managed to get Ryou down into the living room without jostling him up too much. He set Ryou down on the couch where he had earlier put some pillows and a blanket down for him.

"Comfortable?" He asked, before draping the blanket over him and handing him the remote control. Ryou nodded, and shifted into a position that hurt less. "I'm going to try to make something to eat, okay?" Bakura smiled and made his way to the kitchen, pausing when he heard a soft voice behind him.

"Arigatou Bakura-sama."

"No problem Ryou." Bakura grinned, and proceeded to the next room, feeling glad that he had helped his aibou.

Ryou watched as Bakura disappeared into the kitchen, before turning around and flipping the T.V. on. He surfed through channels, not finding anything in the least bit interesting. Sighing, he settled on an American cartoon channel. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a loud 'bang' and rapid Egyptian cursing afterwards. Ryou bit on his nail worriedly, what was Bakura doing to his kitchen?

His question was answered when Bakura walked out, his face covered in smoke, and carrying a plate, with, something intelligible on it.

"Eat up." He said sarcastically, setting the plate in front of Ryou, who stared at it.

"Ano, it looks delicious." He said, forcing a smile and picking up his fork.

"No it doesn't." Bakura snapped, and grabbed the plate out of Ryou's reach. "Don't eat it. It might kill you."

\Then let me eat it.\ Ryou thought forlornly.

Bakura stopped and stared at Ryou, taken aback by the thought he had just heard. He set down the plate and sat next to Ryou, pulling the boy into a tight hug. Ryou tensed, not knowing what Bakura was going to do to him.

\\Tell me you didn't mean it.\\ He heard the upset voice of his yami whisper through their mind link. \\Onegai, tell me you didn't truly mean that.\\

Ryou blinked, and then understood what Bakura was talking about. He must have heard his thoughts. He shifted awkwardly in the fiends grasp.

"I didn't mean it Bakura-sama."

"Promise me you won't ever say something like that again?" Bakura pleaded quietly, knowing how pathetic he sounded at t he moment. But he had never wanted Ryou to ever even think about wanting to die.

"I promise." Bakura gave him another light squeeze, before letting him go completely. He smiled a strained looking smile at Ryou before walking back into the kitchen.

"I'm going to call Marik and Malik and have them come over. I'll ask them to bring something for us to eat as well. Is that okay?" Bakura shouted from the other room.

"Hai Bakura-sama!" Ryou shouted excitedly. He hasn't seen Malik in a long time, and was eager to chat with his best friend. He was also concerned about him, since Marik abused him like Bakura did. He smiled happily and focused on the T.V., waiting for Malik and Marik to arrive.

In the kitchen, Bakura was phoning the Ishtar's house, waiting for someone to pick it up.

"Who is it?" A voice snapped rudely from the other side of the phone.

"Malik?" Bakura questioned.

"Yeah. Who is this?"

"It's Bakura. Now put your yami on." He heard muffled voices from the other end, and then a loud slapping sound was heard along with a shout of pain.

"Yo Bakura. What's up?" Marik asked.

"Nothing. What did you do to Malik?"

"Slapped him." Marik answered casually.

"Okay, whatever. Now, can you and Malik get over here? And pick up some food for us on the way." He heard Marik snort on the other line.

"Yeah, fine. But you owe me." Marik warned. "I'll pick up some Chinese. What do you want?"

"It doesn't matter to me, let me ask Ryou what he wants."

"You're actually asking what Ryou wants? That's not like you at all Bakura."

"I know. That's why I need you to come over so I can talk to you." Bakura asked Ryou what sort of Chinese food he would want, and then relayed the message to Marik. "Pick up some food for Malik too."

"Bakura? Are you feeling okay?" Marik asked amusedly, thinking his friend was playing around with him.

"Urusei. Just do it and get over here." Bakura hung up the phone and walked out of the kitchen and back to Ryou. He told Ryou that they would be over soon before settling down on the couch next to Ryou's feet. They both watched the television in awkward silence. Both not used to the fact that they were both sitting in the same room without Ryou getting hurt.

The doorbell rang, making them both jump at the sound. Bakura got up and answered it, seeing that it was Malik and Marik. Marik walked inside without an invitation, leaving Malik standing there struggling to hold onto all the Chinese bags. Bakura sighed, and helped Malik carry them in, gaining a suspicious look from the hikari.

Marik walked into the living room, seeing Ryou there watching T.V. and wrapped up in blankets. All in all, he looked comfortable, and was taking up half the couch. So, naturally, Marik wanted to sit there and be that relaxed.

"Hey Kowappa." He greeted with a smirk on his face. Ryou gulped, and stared at the ground.

"Konbanwa Marik-sama." He then found himself being pushed off the couch. He landed on his backside and screamed at the immense pain it brought him.

Bakura heard the scream, and dropped the bags, running into the living room to see Ryou whimpering on the floor and Marik staring at the hikari exasperated.

"Don't be such a baby, I barely touched you!" Marik shouted, and plopped down in the spot Ryou had been in.

"Marik!" Bakura shouted angrily from the doorway. "What do you think you're doing?" He stomped over to him, glaring at the other yami fiercely, who just raised an eyebrow at Bakura. Bakura was about to give Marik a piece of his mind when he heard a whimper below him. He dropped to the ground where Ryou was, and helped him up.

"Daijoubu desu ka?" He asked concernedly. Ryou bit his lip and nodded, another wave of pain wracking through his body.

"Bakura? What the hell has gotten in to you?" Marik questioned, annoyed. Bakura shot him another glare. "Get up. You go sit on the chair or the floor."

"Nani? You're kidding right?" Marik looked at Bakura oddly.

"I'm not kidding. Now move." Bakura said coolly, eyeing Marik warningly. Marik growled and moved to sit on the other chair, crossing his arms and muttering to himself madly. Bakura helped Ryou lie back down again, propping up the pillows so Ryou was sitting up slightly.

Malik walked into the room, once again balancing all the food in his hands, and stared at the scene questionably. Marik gave him an angry stare, silently warning the boy not to ask.

"Oops, I forgot about you Malik." Bakura said sheepishly, taking some of the bags of food out of his hands. He glanced through them quickly before handing Ryou his order. "I want you to try to eat as much as you can." He told him, seeing how the other looked distastefully at the food. Ryou submissively nodded, and pulled out his chopsticks. Malik sat down on the floor next to the couch Ryou was on, and ate his own food, waiting for the two darks to leave so he could talk to his friend.

"Mind telling me what the hell is up with you?" Marik asked crossly.

"In the kitchen." He said, shooting a glance at Ryou. He and Marik grabbed their dinner, and walked into the kitchen, leaving Malik and Ryou alone in the living room.

"So Ryou. What's Bakura up to?" Malik asked, taking a bite out of his egg roll.

Both he and Ryou had been close friends for a while now. They had a lot in common and enjoyed talking to one another freely. Each one had a special connection toward each other, and Malik was glad to finally be able to visit him.

"I'm not sure." Ryou answered softly. "He, he did something horrible to me last night, and I guess he felt really bad, because he's been taking care of me ever since." Malik blinked up at him.

"Well that's weird. What did he do?" Malik watched Ryou carefully as the other fidgeted, setting down his container of food.

"Well, he was, drunk, as usual. And he came home and started to beat me, like he does regularly. But then, he took me upstairs to my room, and he, he." Ryou paused, and took a deep breath. "He raped me." He finished bitterly, letting a few tears leak out of his eyes.

"Oh Ryou-kun." Malik muttered, and held the boy as he sobbed into Malik's shoulder, still getting over the fact that his virginity was stolen from him. A few minutes later, Ryou pulled back and sniffled, wiping his face off.

"Gomen." Ryou gave Malik a forced smile, who looked rather upset at what Ryou just told him. "Don't worry about me. He hasn't hurt me at all since then, and he even bandaged my wounds." Malik looked at him uncertainly.

"Even so, be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt worse than you already have." Ryou smiled at him, and then frowned, looking at Malik closely.

"Daijoubu desu ka Malik-kun? You seem out of breath." Malik gave him a shaky smile, and assured Ryou he was okay. "Are you sure?" Ryou asked again, not believing what Malik told him.

"Hai Ryou-kun. Daijoubu."

"Malik Ishtar! You're lying to me." Ryou scowled at him and checked Malik over once again and noticing a few wounds and the way Malik's shoulder seemed out of place. "Take off your shirt, I'll got get the first aid kit." He stood up, forgetting about his soreness, and let out a pain- filled gasp. He shook his head as his vision blurred, and almost fell over, but was caught just in time.

"What did I tell you Ryou?" Bakura chided semi-angrily, and set Ryou down on the couch again. "Don't move, now what do you need?" Malik stared at Bakura unbelievingly, then he shifted his look to Marik, who stood at the doorway and was looking rather pale and thoughtful.

"First aid kit." Ryou mumbled dizzily, not realizing whom he was talking to at the moment. "Malik is hurt."

"Okay, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it." Bakura ran upstairs and grabbed the kit out of the bathroom, and walked into the room. "Take off your shirt." He commanded to Malik, and opened the medical box, pulling out various creams and bandages.

Malik froze, and stared at Bakura untrustingly. He pulled his shirt closer to himself and scooted away from Bakura. Bakura looked up at him and gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just need to look at your injuries." Malik shook his head stubbornly, and Bakura frowned.

"He doesn't like people he doesn't trust to see his back." Ryou informed quietly from the couch. "It's alright Bakura-sama. I can take care of him."

"No, you are staying put and resting." Bakura commanded. "And quit with the sama." He turned towards Malik. "Come on Malik, Ryou wants me to treat your cuts and bruises, and I can't do that unless I see them." Malik once again shook his head and backed away further. He shouted out in surprise when someone tackled him to the ground.

"You should be glad someone is willing to help you. Now be still." Marik growled into the struggling Malik's ear.

"Iie! Get off!" Malik thrashed. Marik peeled off the teen's shirt and Bakura came over and sat on the back of Malik's thighs, while Marik held down Malik's arms. "Ittai!" He cried out as Marik put pressure on his dislocated shoulder.

"Relax Malik, we aren't going to hurt you." Bakura said softly. He then noticed the way Malik's shoulder was out of whack. He glared at Marik before quickly popping it back into place.

"ITTAI!" Malik cried out, his eyes filling with tears. He then went limp with relief as the pain in his shoulder faded away. He ceased struggling as Bakura started to treat some wounds on Malik's lower back. He ran a finger lightly over the Pharaoh's Memory that was carved into the hikari's skin, and Malik shuddered at the feeling. Finished with the back side of Malik, he stood up.

"Alright, turn over so I can get the front." Bakura directed. Malik turned over, and then kicked Bakura hard, nailing him where every man's weak spot was. Bakura screamed out in pain before dropping to the ground.

Ryou's eyes widened from where he lay on the couch, shocked that Malik had done something like that. He almost panicked, thinking that his best friend was about to be killed in front of his eyes. Malik was surprised that he did that to the violent yami as well, staring up at Bakura in horror and fear. Marik though, just laughed at Bakura's crouched form, finding it hilarious that his hikari had done something like that.

Taking a few deep breaths, Bakura pulled himself up to his feet, glaring daggers at Malik, who flinched away. Bakura's glare softened ad he set back to work on Malik's cuts and bruises.

"I'll admit that I deserved that, but next time, I might not be so nice." He advised. "I said I wouldn't hurt Ryou again. I never said anything about you." He finished with Malik and stood up, limping out of the room to put the first aid kit away.

Malik and Ryou shot one another disbelieving looks, Marik looked astounded as well. Bakura staggered back into the room and sat down next to Ryou.

"What do you want to do?" He asked them. Of course, Ryou and Malik thought that he was only talking to Marik, so they stayed silent.

"Well?" Marik asked, irritated. "Any ideas?" He gave a pointed look to Ryou and Malik, who blinked at them questionably. Bakura sighed.

"Do you have anything specific you want to do?" Bakura asked Ryou.

"No Bakura-sama." Bakura groaned and rubbed his temples.

"No sama. Now, I want you to say my name without the sama at the end." Ryou fidgeted, and lowered his head. "Ryou." Bakura edged softly. When Ryou didn't reply he huffed and sunk into the couch cushion, irritated. Moments passed without anyone saying word before Marik stood up and angrily marched out of the room, passing by Malik who flinched at feeling the other's anger.

Marik walked back into the room a few minutes later with a videocassette in hand. He turned on the T.V. and popped the movie into the VCR before stalking over to Ryou and grabbing the remote out of the startled light's hands. Receiving a questioning glare from Bakura, he hit play and faced the screen.

"We're watching a movie." Marik said expressionlessly, sitting back down on the chair he was on earlier.

"I can see that. But which one?" Bakura asked, helping Ryou into a sitting position next to him. He then looked at Malik and asked if the other wanted to sit next to Ryou on the couch. Malik looked at Marik before shaking his head and staring at the ground.

"It's called Resident Evil. And Malik-Baka, go sit next to the kowappa." Marik commanded Malik obeyed and plopped down next to his friend on the couch, giving Marik a skeptical look.

"Resident Evil? You do know this is going to scare the shit out of them." Bakura informed, looking down at Ryou who seemed a bit uneasy.

"Yeah. But so what?" Bakura rolled his eyes at his friend's attitude before paying attention to the feature presentation on the T.V.

Within minutes of the movie, Malik was shaking and hiding his head in Ryou's hair, while Ryou was trying his hardest not to shout, hiding his face in his hands and trembling with fright. Marik and Bakura watched in rapt fascination, even though Marik had seen the video before.

As the movie progressed further, a part came up which scared Ryou and Malik so bad, they screamed, which in turn startled Bakura and Marik who were too into the movie to notice just how frightened the boys were. They turned to look at them and saw the two curled up against each other with their eyes shut tight.

"I think they've had enough." Bakura said, feeling remorseful for letting them watch the movie.

"Uh, yeah." Marik muttered, feeling a bit awkward. He turned off the T.V. and walked over to the shaky hikaris who had yet to notice that the movie was off.

"Ryou?" Bakura nudged the said hikari worriedly. Ryou's eyes shot open and he stared frightfully at Bakura. Bakura looked at him sheepishly. "Sorry, I shouldn't have let Marik play that." He glared at the yami who snorted in disbelief.

"Hey, it's not MY fault." Bakura ignored him and turned back to the two on the couch who had both their eyes open and were staring at them tensely.

"Are you two going to be alright?" He asked.

"Why would you care?" Malik spat out sarcastically, then covered his mouth with his hand and scorning himself for being so stupid. He closed his eyes, expecting to be smacked by either yamis. When no blow came, he nervously opened his eyes.

Bakura had a crestfallen expression on his face while Marik was staring across the room, looking like he was having an internal struggle with himself. The apprehensive silence was broken when Ryou failed to stifle a yawn. They all turned their heads towards him and he blushed shamefacedly.

Marik blinked at him and glanced at the clock, cursing under his breath at how late it had become.

"I guess we'll stay the night." He muttered. Malik and Ryou beamed at each other, both glad they had more time to talk.

"Ask Ryou if that's alright with him." Bakura ordered, staring at Marik sternly. Marik glowered at him and turned to Ryou.

"Is it possible that Marik and I could stay the night?" He forced out through clenched teeth, his eyes blaring madly. Ryou flinched and nodded quickly, hoping Marik would direct his gaze to someone else. Bakura nodded his head in satisfaction and left the room, saying something about grabbing some pillows and blankets.

Once he was gone, Marik looked at the two boys, who bowed their heads meekly and stared at the ground. He walked over to Malik, crouching down to the tensed up light. He raised his hand a placed it on Malik's head, noticing how the other cringed at his touch.

"Are you afraid of me?" He asked out of the blue, his hand still placed on Malik's head.

"Hai." Malik answered after a moments pause, and then cringed, waiting once again for the punch or kick that was sure to come. Just like last time, nothing happened, and he opened his eyes, lifting his head a bit to look at his yami. Marik just stared at Malik unnervingly before nodding, standing up and striding over to the other side of the room. Malik and Ryou gave each other weird glances and shrugged, glad that Malik didn't have another bruise.

Bakura walked back into the room, his arms full of various pillows and covers from rooms upstairs. Noticing the silence in the room, he shot a questioning look at Marik who ignored him and turned the other way. Bakura sighed and set down the stuff he was carrying.

"Ryou, you're sleeping on the couch. Malik, you can take the chair Marik was sitting on earlier. And Marik and I will get the floor."

"What?!" Marik sputtered. "That isn't fair!" Bakura glared at him.

"Sure it is, they're injured, and we're not. So we're sleeping on the floor."

"But, why can't we sleep in the beds upstairs?" Marik complained.

"Marik!" Bakura snapped at him furiously.

"Ano, Bakura-sama?"

"Yes Ryou?" Bakura's anger quickly faded and he looked at Ryou expectantly.

"It's okay if you and Marik-sama sleep upstairs. Malik-kun and I will be fine." Ryou said quietly.

"See? He said it was fine!" Marik then stomped upstairs to get ready to sleep.

"But Ryou!" Bakura argued. "You and Malik are most likely going to have nightmares after watching part of Resident Evil. Are you sure you'll be alright?"

"Hai Bakura-sama." Ryou assured. He felt a little bit braver to Bakura than he did before. "If we have nightmares we'll comfort each other."

"If you're sure." Bakura said, still hesitant about leaving them alone. "Call if you need anything. And Ryou, don't get up to go anywhere without someone helping you." Ryou nodded and gave Bakura another reassuring smile. Bakura, who felt a bit more at ease, headed upstairs to have another talk with Marik, and left the two downstairs to converse. After he was gone, Ryou turned to Malik and grinned at him.

"See? Maybe he has changed." Ryou said hopefully.

"Maybe." Malik agreed. "I've never seen him act like that before. Marik is acting weird too." Ryou nodded thoughtfully.

"Maybe Bakura had a talk with him." Malik snorted, interrupting Ryou.

"Even if he did, it wouldn't stop Marik from having his 'fun' with me. Still, I wouldn't trust them too soon. This may just be another way for them to hurt us."

"I thought of that too." Ryou sighed, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Malik smirked at his friend.

"Kawaii!" He cooed, making Ryou blush furiously. Malik giggled and curled up on the chair, pulling his blanket over him. "Let's get some shut eye, ne?" Ryou nodded tiredly.

"Oyasumi nasai Malik-kun."

"Oyasumi Ryou-kun."

And with that said, both lights fell into a deep slumber.


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