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"Shit! Malik! Wake up, Malik!" Bakura yelled, shaking the now comatose teenager.

"I'll go call the doctor!" Ryou screeched frantically, his eyes wide and panicked as he stood up and bolted down the hall and stairs. He bumped straight into a tearful Marik, but was too alarmed to offer any sort of comfort as he rushed to the phone and dialed the hospital Malik was at earlier.

As he relayed the information to the doctor's, Marik stood and listened with a horrified expression before he ran back up the stairs and into his hikari's room.

"Malik? Oh Ra, this is all my fault…" He muttered dropping down next to the bed. Bakura was still cradling Malik and trying to wake him up gently. The teen's eyes fluttered open, and he let out a small whine.

"Marik?" He spoke feebly, while his hands fumbled around blindly for any sign of his yami. "Yami?" Marik grasped onto his light's searching hand and held it to his cheek.

"I'm here, Malik. I'm here…"

"I remember going to Ryou's…And, and the necklace at the carnival…" Malik whispered, his voice wobbly as he tried not to start crying. "Sorry for hurting you…"

"No, no." Marik shook his head, "You didn't hurt me Mal-chan…Are you alright? Do you, do you remember anything after that?" His last question was asked almost frantically.

"My head hurts." He muttered feebly, managing a half smile. "And, I still can't see…I remember falling asleep while watching the fireworks but, that's it… " Malik couldn't see how his yami's face fell at the confession, or the way Bakura held on to him a bit tighter.

"Well, it's an improvement." Marik muttered, stroking his light's hand. "I think you should try to sleep some more…Ryou's calling the hospital now to see what we can do to help."

"Alright," Malik murmured, yawning. "I'm so sorry for hurting you, Marik…But…why did you kiss me?" Marik remained silent, and slowly set down Malik's hand before letting it go completely.

"Go to sleep, Mal-chan…" He whispered. Sensing that his dark didn't want to talk, Malik wisely kept his mouth closed, and nodded. He tried to snuggle back down into the mattress, but two arms were holding him back.


"Sorry, Malik…" Bakura muttered sheepishly, finally releasing his hold on the teen. "Get some rest, okay?" Once again, Malik just nodded wordlessly before almost immediately falling asleep.

Marik and Bakura quietly exited the room so they wouldn't wake Malik up. As soon as the door was shut, Bakura grabbed hold of the other dark and buried his face in his chest. Marik paused, then quickly wrapped his own arms around the thief.

"It's not fair…Damnit!" Bakura cursed, shaking in Marik's arms with his eyes clenched shut. "Why did this have to happen? He doesn't even remember…"

"I know, Kura. I know." Marik murmured, stroking the other's hair gently before tugging the dark off of him and smiling reassuringly. "Let's go see what's taking Ryou, okay?"

"Yeah.." Bakura managed a small smile as well, and followed Marik as he slumped down the stairs.

"Ryou?" Marik called, heading into the living room. He spotted the white haired teen sitting on the couch, biting his nails nervously. He jumped when his name was called, and turned around to face the two.

"Oh, um, the doctor said that there really isn't anything he can do…And that we'd just have to make him as comfortable as possible while he's having his flashbacks…" Bakura eyed Ryou suspiciously.

"Are you okay, Ryou-chan?"

"Hm? Of course Bakura-sa." He paused, and took a deep breath, exhaling shakily. "Bakura."

Bakura simply stared at him, before walking over around the couch until he was situated in front of his light, noticing immediately how the other seemed to stiffen. Without a word, he placed both hands on the side of Ryou's face, gently brushing his thumb against the soft cheeks.

"Ryou," He breathed. "Ryou…What can I do to make you not afraid of me? Just name it, Ryou and I'll do it. I'll do anything."

"Bakura…" Ryou's eyes welled up with tears against his will. "I-I'm sorry…"

"There is nothing to be sorry about Ryou." Bakura growled fiercely, although his eyes were soft and wet with tears. "Don't apologize for something that's not your fault."


"But nothing, hikari." He used one of his hands to brush back a lock of Ryou's hair, smiling. "You're beautiful Ryou, you know that? I'll do anything just to make you happy…" Ryou whimpered, closing his eyes, allowing a few tears to spill down his cheeks.

"S-Say you love me?" He whispered hoarsely, his eyes still clenched shut, as if afraid of rejection.

"I love you…" Bakura whispered back without hesitation, and pulled Ryou forward to give him a quick, chaste kiss. "I love you, I love you, I love you…" Each murmur was accompanied by a quick kiss somewhere on Ryou's face, causing a true smile to finally break up on the teen's face.

"I love you too, Bakura." This time he didn't stutter, and grinned up at his dark somewhat proudly. Something brushed against the top of his head, and he blinked, reaching a hand up to grasp at the item and pulling it down. It was his Change of Heart plushie…

"Thought you might want it," Marik mumbled, shrugging while he leaned over the back of the couch, his arms crossed comfortably. Ryou smiled, and turned his head to give Marik a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you…"

"No problem, love." Marik grinned, "Now, since you didn't eat anything or get enough sleep…"

"But, I'm not-"

"I have an idea!" Marik interrupted, cutting off Ryou's protest. "I'm going to take you out to eat!" Bakura and Ryou blinked.

"You're what?"

"Going to take him out!" Marik shrugged, smirking. "You can stay here and take care of Malik while I get Ryou some food in his stomach."

"Um, but…"

"No buts Ry-chan!" The excited dark slipped over to the front side of the couch and pulled the hikari up. "All ready?"


"Alright! Bye Kura!" The dark leaned over to give the confused thief a quick kiss on the lips, winking reassuringly.

"Uh, bye you two." Bakura muttered, returning the kiss to Marik before leaning down and pecking the side of Ryou's cheek. "Be careful, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. We'll be back in a bit!" Marik shouted, already dragging a somewhat dazed Ryou to the front door. With one more shout of 'goodbye' the door was slammed shut, leaving Bakura alone in the living room.

"Well, that was odd." He mused, running a hand through his unkempt hair before slowly making his way to the stairs. He figured that he might as well spend some time with a sleeping Malik rather than by himself.

"So, Ryou? Where do you wanna go?" Marik asked as soon as they began making their way down the street, hands in his pockets. Ryou eyed the other curiously.

"Um. I'm not sure, you're the one who wanted to go out…"

"Ah, yes! How could I've forgotten? What do you say about that coffee shop up the road?" Marik grinned.

"Alright." Ryou smiled up at the dark somewhat shyly as he tried to keep up with the other's fast pace. Seeing Ryou struggle out of the corner of his eye, Marik slowed down and curled one of his arms around Ryou's waist.

"You're too cute, you know that?" He snickered as Ryou's face lit up with a light blush.

"Th-Thank you?"

"And polite too!" Marik went on, his hand reaching inside to brush under Ryou's shirt, barely touching his stomach. The hikari jumped a bit, his face growing more red as he tried not to leap out of Marik's embrace.



"Uh, what are you doing?" Ryou asked hesitantly, fidgeting when the yami flicked his fingers around Ryou's naval.

"Flirting?" Marik shrugged, "Want me to stop?"

"Um, no, it's alright." Ryou blushed once again. Why didn't Bakura ever do this with him?

As if reading the other's thoughts, Marik glanced at the other with a small smile.

"Kura's too afraid of scaring you, so, I apologize if I seem a little more forward."

"Scaring me?" Ryou echoed, confusion planted across his face.

"Yeah, you always seem sort of skittish around people who try to touch you in some way…Makes him nervous." Marik explained. "He doesn't want to push or frighten you at all."

"I had no idea…" Ryou muttered, his face crestfallen. It's not like he wanted to feel fear every time someone touched him, and his yami had gone through all that trouble just to keep him from being afraid…

"Hey Ry, knock it off." Marik lightly bobbed the hikari on the back of his snow white head. "We're here. You go grab a table while I go order us some grub!"

Before Ryou could protest, Marik had darted inside the small building and up to the front counter. The teen sighed, and walked over to the table in the far corner; where not many people were seated.

He still felt horrible about what Marik said, and didn't know how to fix it. He wanted to be more open - he really did! But, he was just so panicked about it.

"Back!" Marik sang, startling Ryou from his musings. He balanced two steaming cups of liquid unknown to Ryou along with an unmarked bag and looking as if he were having a hard time. Trying to be helpful, Ryou quickly grabbed the two glasses from Marik's hands and set them down on the table so the yami could sit down across from him.

"What is this?" Ryou asked quietly, staring at his steaming mug.

"For you, hot chocolate. For me; good old coffee." Marik grinned, taking a small sip and humming his appreciation. Ryou smiled happily and drank a bit of his as well.

"Thanks!" He chirped, looking quite content as he cradled the cup in his hands.

"Don't thank me just yet," Marik smirked and held up the bag. "Guess what I got you to eat?" Ryou frowned lightly.

"I already said I wasn't very hungry," He said softly, not confessing that the mere thought of food made him sick to his stomach. Marik's grin grew wider.

"Trust me, you'll love this."

"Alright…" Ryou sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly as he eyed the package warily. Marik reached inside, Ryou's stomach tightening with dread, until he pulled out something that made Ryou's eyes widen and mouth water.

Cream puffs.

Marik blinked when as soon as he had the treat out, it was swept out of his hands. He glanced at the teen who was now almost gleefully biting into his favorite food, moaning lightly. The yami's mouth went dry at the sound, and wordlessly he went to pull out another cream puff to hand to the beaming teen, only to blink yet again when he realized the bag was missing from its previous spot, and was now in Ryou's clutches.

Bite after bite, Ryou finished off the sugary treats one by one, giggling to himself every now and then while glowing with happiness.

"Uh, Ry-chan? You might wanna slow down there.." Marik cautioned, and Ryou shot him a distrustful glare, hugging his bag of treats possessively to his chest. Marik laughed. "I'm not gonna take your cream puffs, babe."

"Mrf." Ryou pouted cutely, and resumed eating. Marik shook his head and smiled, glad he overheard from Malik one day about how Ryou went crazy over cream puffs. It also made him relieved that Ryou was actually eating willingly. He shifted in his seat, smirking wickedly as he got on idea. He shifted again, pulling off his shoe and slowly moving his foot over to the teen's legs, running it up and down the other's thigh.

Ryou froze in mid bite, before squeaking and turning bright red, trying not to jerk in his seat. Smirk still in place, Marik repeated this action, snickering at the muffled yelp.

"Mariiiiik!" Ryou whined, then to Marik's utter surprise, returned the playful antic and ran his own foot up Marik's legs.

"You, you!" Marik sputtered, gaping at the innocent look he received back, before he burst out laughing. "Didn't know you had it in you, Ry!" The smile on Ryou's face faltered slightly at Marik's words.

"I guess I have to try being a bit more open, huh?" He glanced down at his hot cocoa and jumped at Marik's playful kick.

"You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with." He smiled, reaching across the booth to ruffle his hair. "Common, finish your drink and let's get out of here, kay?"

"But…" Ryou glanced down at his cream puffs mournfully. Marik caught the distressed look and laughed.

"If you don't finish, we'll take them home." Ryou's nose crinkled and he pouted once again, frowning at the yami. "And I promise we won't touch them!" Marik laughed.

"Deal." Ryou smiled, and carefully folded up the bag before setting it on the table. He slowly sipped at his hot chocolate, fighting back another embarrassing squeak as Marik 'foot raped' him. "Must you do that here?" He whined.

"Yes. I must." Marik laughed yet again, thrilled at being able to do so freely. He'd been completely stressed out by what was happening with Malik, and needed to get out just as bad as Ryou did.

"Alright, I'm done!" Ryou announced cheerfully, prying Marik out of his thoughts. The elder yami smiled and drank the rest of his coffee quickly before standing up and offering Ryou his hand. "Shall we go, love?" Ryou blushed shyly and nodded, grabbing hold of the offered hand.

"We shall."

Malik moaned, and rolled over in his sleep, searching for warmth. He felt two arms enclose around his body and mewled, cuddling into what he supposed was someone's chest. Slowly coming to the realization that someone was in bed with him, he jerked awake.

"Mmmm…" The body held on to him tighter, and began nuzzling the top of Malik's head.

Not really knowing what to do, the blind teen stared ahead, blushing. He had no idea who was holding him at the moment, so, he slowly reached up to feel the other's face in hopes of recognizing him.

The figure moaned once again, and shifted. Malik felt soft strands of hair on his face, and brushed them away gently. They were long, so, it was either Ryou or Bakura.

"Must be Ryou, then…" He mused out loud. Bakura sure as hell wouldn't be holding him!

"Mmm, Malik?"

The teen stiffened. That definitely wasn't Ryou's voice.

"Malik? You okay?" Bakura asked groggily. "Did I wake you up?"

"Um, no." Malik squeaked, now blushing brightly. Bakura still hadn't removed his arms, and he was beginning to feel just a teensy bit uncomfortable.

"Okay good. Go back to sleep." Bakura grumbled, and pulled the hikari closer to his chest, smiling contently. Malik tensed at first, but then relaxed as Bakura slowly ran his hands up and down his back. It was soothing and he almost immediately started to nod off again, if not for the voices he suddenly heard downstairs.

Bakura sighed, and forced his eyes open before sitting up and stretching. "That must be Marik and Ryou…"

"Where'd they go?" Malik asked quietly, sitting up as well. He rubbed at his eyes, somewhat frustrated at not being able to see still, and scowled.

Bakura noticed the scowl, and shook his head. He could only imagine how isolated the teen was feeling at the moment.

"They went out for a bit. You wanna grab some dinner now?"

"I'm not that hungry…" He muttered, but slid out of bed anyways, carefully balancing on his feet.

"Well, try to eat at least a bit. You skipped lunch, you know." Bakura said, checking the digital clock that was sitting on the desk. "And it's kinda late."

"It is?" Malik blinked. "What time is it?"

"A little after nine."

"Well, I guess I could eat a little." Malik shrugged, then looked a little uncomfortable. "Uh, can you help me down the stairs?"

"Of course!" Bakura grinned. Maybe this meant Malik trusted him a bit more? Said teen held his hand out nervously, and Bakura instantly latched onto it, carefully leading him out of the room.


"No problem, Mal. Stairs." He said gently, watching Malik carefully for any signs of unbalance. He didn't want Malik tripping now, did he?

"Malik! Kura! Glad to see you're up!" Marik called once they made it down the stairs. "Have a nice nap?"

"We did until you woke us up." Bakura smirked, still holding onto Malik's hand.

The light blushed, and tilted his head to the side to hear everything better. Where was Ryou?

"Were we too loud? I'm sorry!" Ryou apologized frantically, looking somewhat flustered. Malik snickered lightly; Ryou was sometimes just too sweet.

"Nah, I was just joking, Ry-chan! Relax!" Bakura laughed. "So, did you and Marik have fun?"

"Yes! We did!" Ryou nodded his head rapidly, his face lighting up with a smile. "He bought me hot chocolate! And cream puffs!"

"Well, you sure know how to make someone happy." Bakura smirked, nudging a blushing Marik.

"I guess so." The yami grinned. He glanced over at Malik. "You doing okay?"

"Me?" Malik asked, not quite sure if the question was directed at him or not. "I'm fine."

"Good! Well, let's all get something to eat then."

"I'm not hungry anymore though." Ryou pouted. "You forced me to eat in the café."

"I didn't force you to eat anything, Ryou." Marik laughed, "You ate those creampuffs yourself! And this time, you'll be excused for not eating anything, but, at least sit at the table with us?"

"Yeah, I missed my hikari." Bakura pouted, snaking his free arm around Ryou's waist, surprised when Ryou didn't flinch or move away at all. Instead, the teen actually leaned into his embrace willingly.

"I could never deny you, Bakura." Ryou giggled, smiling brightly. Bakura seemed to radiate happiness as he tightened his hold on his light and kissed the side of his face.

Malik stood still, kind of lost. Bakura was still holding his hand, but he didn't know what was going on around him.

"Um, guys?"

"Oops! Sorry Mal-chan!" Marik apologized, tugging the teen away from Bakura's hand. "Malik and I will grab some of that leftover pasta. You and Ryou go sit down."

"Alright, don't burn anything, Marik!" Bakura called, snickering lightly as the other yami flipped him off before disappearing into the kitchen. He steered Ryou into the dining room and sat down on one of the chairs before pulling Ryou onto his lap. "So, you had fun?"

"Uh huh!" Ryou nodded, smiling. He was still, surprisingly enough, holding his bag of creampuffs to his chest protectively.

"What'd you do?" He asked curiously, reaching out for the bag only to have his hand slapped lightly. He chuckled. "Okay, okay, I won't touch them!" Ryou giggled.

"We, talked a bit," Ryou faltered a bit, as he remembered their conversation. "Um, he 'foot raped' me…" Bakura choked and began coughing.

"He what!"

Ryou began giggling, and showed Bakura what he meant with his own foot.

"Oooh, I see…" Bakura sighed, shaking his head lightly. "Anything else?"

"Mm, not really." He smiled, "But I had a good time!"

"And you ate something too," Bakura muttered, his hands running over Ryou's ribs. "You really worry me sometimes, hikari." The light frowned and bit his lip guiltily.

"I, I don't mean to…"

"I know you don't," Bakura said hurriedly, kissing Ryou's cheek. "I just wish you'd eat more. You're practically emaciated, Ryou-chan."

The teen frowned and looked down at himself. He supposed he was a bit small, but never really paid any attention. In fact, he thought he could afford to lose a few pounds.

"I promise I'll try harder." Ryou smiled, "But, I still don't see any reason to get upset."

"If you say so." Bakura sighed.

"Just sit down on the counter, okay Mal? I'll get everything ready." Marik said, lifting Malik up onto the counter, ignoring the teen's sudden squeak.

Malik listened as his yami made his way through the kitchen, pans and pots clattering together along with a few curses.

"Um, Marik?"

"Yeah, babe?" Marik answered casually, not really paying much attention.

"B-Babe!" Malik sputtered, now an interesting shade of red. "Did you just call me babe!" Marik froze, and turned red himself.

"Uh, no! Of course not…Must be hearing things! Yeah, hearing things…" He muttered, going back to what he was doing.

"I was not hearing things." Malik snapped, feeling a bit braver now as he scowled into the direction he thought his yami was standing. "Why'd you call me that?"

"Must have been a slip of the tongue," Marik shrugged, trying to keep calm. "Sorry."

"Sure." Malik sighed, "Slip of the tongue." He could tell his other was lying, but didn't really want to know the full truth just yet. He had to agree with Ryou and Bakura, he just wasn't ready…

"Well, I'm finished gathering all the stuff. Let's head out to the dining room." Marik said cheerily. He set down the items in his hands before helping Malik down off the counter, looking a little lost on what to do.

"I can find my way in there by myself." Malik muttered, as if he knew what his yami was thinking, already feeling his way to the doorway.

"You sure?" Marik asked, biting his lip worriedly. He didn't want Malik to hurt himself.

"Hai. I'll be fine." Malik sighed, keeping his hands on the wall as he felt his way around the corner and in to the next room where Ryou and Bakura were waiting.

As soon as Ryou got sight of him, he rushed off Bakura's lap to grab onto Malik's wavering hands.

"Come on, Malik, sit right here." Ryou chirped, directing the light to the seat next to his. Bakura pouted a bit, but couldn't help but smile at the two. Even if Malik didn't know they had gotten together, the two lights always looked adorable with each other.

"What's that big grin for, Kura?" Marik asked with a smirk on his face, setting the plates on the table and plopping down in a chair.

"Hmm, I don't know, why do you think I'm grinning?" Bakura retorted, leaning back with his arms crossed behind his head.

"It all depends." Marik answered cheekily, helping himself to the pasta before making Malik a plate too.

"Really?" Bakura asked, sounding amused. "Depends on what?"

"Uh," Marik blinked, looking a little lost. "It depends on…on…I think I might've confused myself."

Ryou giggled, and even Malik snickered a bit at the dark. The yami sulked while eating his food, Bakura laughing at him the whole time.

"You guys are mean!" He whined, only causing Bakura to laugh harder.

"You should see your face!" He choked, "You look like a pouting Malik!"

"Hey! I resent that…" The hikari muttered, frowning. He dug back into his meal happily. "This is really good, Ryou-chan!"

"Thank you." Ryou smiled politely. "I'm glad you're all so fond of my cooking."

"Your food is always good!" Bakura nodded, "What would we do without you?"

"Probably starve." Marik answered. "I can't cook, you can't cook, Malik- wait, can you cook, hikari?"

"Um, yeah actually." Malik squirmed around, feeling everyone's eyes on him without seeing. "But I'm not that good. Ryou's meals are ten times better than mine."

"I wouldn't say that!" Ryou chirped, "You make the best chocolate fudge brownies I've ever had! And don't you deny it!" Malik blushed.

"You never told me you could cook…" Marik mumbled, chewing on another portion of his pasta. "You'll have to make them sometime."

"Alright." Malik shrugged, yawning slightly.

"Are you still tired?" Bakura asked, an eyebrow raised in question. Malik nodded sheepishly. "Well, I guess we can all go to bed then after this. Hopefully we'll get your test results back tomorrow as soon as possible."

"Yeah," Malik sighed. "I'm getting tired of not being able to see anything."

"We know, Malik. We know." Marik sighed. "Well, I'm done."

"Me too."

"I'll do the dishes then!" Ryou smiled, gathering up everyone's dirty plates and whisking them into the kitchen before anyone could protest. Bakura shook his head exasperatedly.

"I'll stay and help, you go help Malik get ready for bed."

"Okay, c'mon Mal-chan." Marik said, pulling his light up and cautiously leading him down the hall.

Bakura watched them go, smiling tenderly all the while. Malik seemed to be feeling at least a little better; he was acting as normal as he could without his eyesight. Sighing, he turned to head into the kitchen, preparing to deal with his cleaning-obsessed aibou.

Ryou was quietly humming to himself, scrubbing plates and various other utensils with a small smile on his face. He looked so happy and carefree right then, that Bakura couldn't help but pause to savor the scene. When he decided he did enough gazing, he slowly slinked over behind his light, wrapping his muscular arms around the other's frail waist.

Ryou squeaked in surprise and dropped whatever he was holding back into the sink, his face flushing.

"B-Bakura! Don't do that!" He whined, tilting his head back to pout at the smirking yami. Bakura chuckled, and tightened his grip.

"But you're so irresistible! I couldn't control myself," Bakura joked, nibbling lightly on Ryou's neck. "You have a beautiful voice by the way." His hikari's face flushed even more.

"Thank you…"

"No need to be shy, hikari." The dark mumbled, nuzzling against Ryou's cheek, his chin resting on the teen's shoulder. "You should sing more often."

"I'm not that good," Ryou protested, relaxing against his counterpart, his eyes closed in content.

"Hmm," Bakura purred, "I love you, Ryou…"

"Love you too, Bakura." Ryou sighed happily, bringing his hands down to cover Bakura's, swaying slightly. "Love you so much…"

"Hikari," Bakura whispered, blinking back tears. He didn't know what to say; and found himself tremendously upset and content at the same time. Ryou turned around in the dark's grasp, dirty dishes long forgotten as he leaned upwards to envelope Bakura's mouth in a passionate kiss. The dark groaned, and immediately pulled Ryou as close as he could, tongue delving into the moist cavern, tasting all that he could of his light.

A soft moan only encouraged him to continue, hands slipping under the back of Ryou's shirt, pulling the teen closer before one reached up to tangle in his hair.

Ryou was on fire. He could no longer control his quiet moans or mewls of pleasure, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt his yami's hands on his lower back. When he felt as if he was going to pass out from lack of air, he pulled back panting, his eyes still closed in rapture.

"Bakuraaa…" He moaned, his voice carrying on an almost desperate tone as he gasped for breath. He needed his yami. He needed Bakura to show him how to not be afraid anymore. "Please…"

"Please what, hikari?" Bakura asked softly, his eyes half lidded, licking his lips in remembrance of the previous kiss. "What do you want me to do?"

"T-Touch me…" The light begged, eyes wide and pleading. He grasped Bakura's thin shirt in his small fists, tugging almost desperately. "I, I need…" He trailed off, not knowing the answer, but knowing that he needed something- something only Bakura could give.

The yami was shocked at the request, gaping wide-eyed at his pleading light. He wasn't sure what he should do- he didn't want to hurt Ryou, or scare him in any way by going too fast.

"Ryou, are you sure-?"

"Positive, Bakura! Please!" Ryou trembled, placing inexperienced kisses on his darker half's jaw. "We, we don't have to go all the way, just…please." That was all it took for Bakura before he forced Ryou's mouth up to his own again, tongues entwining erotically as he clumsily stumbled out of the kitchen with Ryou still in his arms, falling backwards on the couch in the living room, his light landing on top of him.

"Tell me if I'm going too fast," Bakura panted, pausing to catch his breath. He wanted to go slow for Ryou, show him just how pleasurable things could be. Cupping his hand behind Ryou's head, he slowly guided him down in a small kiss, his other hand rubbing up and down the teen's back in what he hoped was a calming manor.

Ryou trembled in his dark's arms, responding to the kisses eagerly. When Bakura's traveling hands reached his bottom, he yelped and bucked his hips in surprise, gasping when the movement sent bolts of pleasure through his body.

"Oh, God…" He cried out softly, biting down on his lower lip as he continued to rock his hips.

"Ryou!" Bakura choked, his hands coming up to grasp his light's hips. "Ra, hikari…I love you…"

"Love…you too…yami-aaah!" Ryou gasped for breath, finding himself unable to stop his thrusts against his dark. "Kuraaaa…"

"Shit, Ry! Slow down!" Bakura groaned, his hands grasping Ryou's hips with a strong grip, forcing him to stop his movements. He grinned widely when his light began to whimper softly, making little pleading sounds in the back of his throat. "Shh, it's okay Ryou-chan…I promise I'll make you feel real good…"

"Bakura…" He begged softly, hands entwining with his yami's

"Hush, hikari. I'll take care of you."

I'll let you're imaginations run wild on this one. XD Kura and Ry either did some heavy grinding, or gave hand jobs. Your choice. D

"Marik," Malik blinked, cocking his head to the side curiously, "did you hear that?"

"Ah, hear what?" Marik asked, feigning innocence as he glanced nervously at the door. He'd heard all right. And boy was he shocked! He never thought that Ryou was willing for that much physical attention yet…

"That noise," Malik muttered, looking completely confused. "It sounded like a moan, do you think Ryou's okay?"

"Oh, I'm sure he's fine." Marik forced a laugh, quickly shutting the door to the room when they heard another sharp cry.


"It's just the wind, hikari!" Marik interrupted, gently pushing his light towards the bed in the corner of the room. "Now, enough worrying, you need some rest!"


"No buts, little hikari of mine. Bed."

"Fine." Malik sighed, climbing onto the mattress and underneath the covers. "Where are you going to sleep?"

"Ah, well," Marik scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "I thought that I'd kinda, share your room, if you don't mind that is…" Malik blinked, then shrugged.

"Well, I guess that's fine. Are you going to sleep in my bed?"

"Uh, yeah." Marik coughed, actually blushing. "If that's okay."

"Um, okay." The tanned light fiddled with the bed sheets shyly, his own face lit up with a blush. He scooted over closer to the wall, leaving enough room for Marik to climb in and settle down next to his hikari. He shifted nervously. "Goodnight, Marik."

"Night, Mal-chan."

Within minutes the two were asleep, when Marik's arm reached over to enfold his slumbering light, the other snuggling comfortably in place with a small smile as he dreamed.


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