Hi all, I translated this fic which was written by none other than the acclaimed Minekura Kazuya sensei, hoping that it would aid others who have went to her website, do not understand Japanese and hopes to understand the fics there, shall try to translate it all. The conversations part were a major headache as translating to Chinese makes more sense than in English, so I hope this is some help. And if there are better japans N English translators out there who feel that certain sentences are translated wrongly, do please drop me the correct ones. Thanks. Original fic can be found at www.members5.cool.ne.jp/~nitroxxx/knockout_drops/novel/mourning.html

Mourning Call


in regards to death: sadness, the act of mourning

On that particular morning, I was awaken to the sound of the telephone. It echoed in my dream and when I finally noticed the familiar electronic sound, the call had went over 20 rings.

The strong rays of the sun shot through the blinds from the window, dying the room a subdue orange. The back hair clings onto my neck from the sweat and my disgust was fanned further as my white shirt gave off my body ardor.

Before I was even fully awake yet, my right hand moved from the pillow and lifted the ringing cell phone,


Even though I still wanted to sleep.

"......sooo...you're awake."

Although the familiar and dull voice causes him to feel even sleepier, Kubota slowly raises his upper body. "....It's you." while scratching his bare chest.

"That's enough isn't it??Or is it troublesome when I call in the morning?.......But anyway, it's already past noon."

The man reprimanded in a light hearted way, yet his voice held a monotonous and frightening calm tone.

"I like to thank you for waking me up...was having a bad dream"

Clamping the phone with his shoulder, Kubota lit up his cigarette, the smoke flowed through his empty lungs and out through his parched throat again, further drying it up. "Eh, You have dreams too huh?" "Even animals dream, don't they?-----------------------------Sanada san" I felt Sanada san smile over the phone over the irony in my protest.

"Talking about animals, is your lover Ok?'

"He's here, wanna switch?" Kubota turn to regard Tokitou who was sleeping to his side with his legs pull against himself?When the persistent call had came in earlier, the slacker had dunk his head back down,

"Since you are sleeping together, the two of you are getting quite close, huh."

"In our own way, I guess. "

Last night, we had drank till the wee hours and had no memory of falling into the same bed, it was troublesome to explain and I felt no need for it either.

I kicked lightly at Tokitou's head?who was curled up in a ball like a cat at my feet. The self proclaimed bishounen shuffled, and while facing me with an expression that spoke of his displeasure in my direction, he said in a voice that held 3 times it's usual sulkiness . "...What."



"Sanada, that old man."

".....Kill the line" after which, the eyes closed again.

"He's unreasonably upset" Kubota only reveals that to the receiver.

"I see. When an animal is sleeping or eating, even a small interruption upsets them. When he wakes I guess."

"...so , what's up?" Kubota ask as his put out his shortened cigarette in the ashtray. .....even though he knew it was a meaningless question.

"No special reason. I guess, it's been a while since I heard your voice."

"....Only for that reason, you took the trouble to get a phone number which should be only known to the police department?" The apartment did not have a phone and Kubota's cellphone had been give to him by Detective Keisai.

"Kubota kun" ""What's the matter?" "The mouth of my gun is always pointed behind your head." Sanada said without hesitation and without changing his light one.

"That's been hard on you then." Kubota answered back seamlessly with a minor tone.

"If it is possible, you wouldn't want to lose that person right?"

"Is that a love confession?"

"I wouldn't mind if you think that way." "Waaa, that doesn't make me happy."

A dry laughter with menace carries across the phone line.

"......oisy.." The ill-humored murmur came from beneath my feet. "......Don't talk useless talk in the morning."

While speaking, Tokitou got up purposefully, he swept out his right beast like hand and reach for the receiver in Kubota's hand and bringing it to his mouth. "------------HEY, u perverted old man"

"Good morning,?Tokitou kun. Kubota kun is very loving isn't he?" "....you Bastard, go to hell." ---------------------------------------------BIiiiiii.

At the same time that he had finished talking , the button to cut off the line was pressed. Satisfied, Tokitou returned to laying prostate onto the bed with the bed's owner.

Peeping through the gap of the jet black hair, Kubota dropped a bitter smile at the unyielding long black eyelashes.

.....The next time when he meets the man, one of them will probably end up as a corpse. Spacing out, Kubota thought of death on his back as if it was someone else's affair, he doze off with a sense of bloody relief, his body abandoned to the sea of drowsiness on the bed that had became narrow.

--------------------------------------Should ignore the next call.