Ocuppied (It's IN Use)

Araisou High Executive Committee version

Illusional Type. Sorry to those who does not like this.

The finger guessing game was won.

Kubo chan and I were the winners.

The losers, Katsuragi and the rest of the EC members, went to buy the fixtures.

Probably won't be back for an hour.

That's why only Kubo chan and I are in the Committee's meeting room.

I have been facing the computer, engrossed in the ultimate simulation game (the 3 kingdoms one naturally) since just now.

Kubo chan is reading the accumulated magazines and mangas that he had picked up on his school patrol.

"This week's Virgo......"Looks good generally. It is time your abilities get recognized by people surrounding you. Should take the initiative and do your best in work that no one wants to do.

Kubo chan reads off the horoscope from the female magazine, his slim and long legs propped up on the table.

"Shouldn't have got someone to go when no one wants to go and buy, right?"

I answered while saving the game. Both Kubo chan and I are Virgo.

"I guess it's too late to do anything now, but it's more important that people around us recognize our abilities, isn't it."


As always, I answered back dryly in response to Kubo chan, while he continues reading the horoscope.

"Luck with money is stormy. Even if there is something you want, please be patient about acquiring it. If not, you will probably regret your actions later."

Kubo chan purposely titled his head at "Probably".

Kubo chan who was sitting at the window, was back lighted in the gloomy room.

The smoke from the slanted cigarette was also back lighted.

Some how I felt upset at how cool he looks.

Even though I had tried smoking a cigarette before, I wondered if I would ever smoke it again.

It's smoky. It's bitter. That's all.

"Your love life would be eventful. This will be a test. Be careful of an infidel lover!" ..Unnn, seems to be bad stuff."

"Hey, Kubo chan you have a lover?"

I laugh as the computer got switched off.

My laughter dropped off as Kubo chan fleeted a meaningful smile without answering.

"...you .you have!?"

Panicked, I lean my body out.

Could it be possible?

But I had no knowledge of it. Even though we had always been together, I did not know.

.....But now that I think of it, I have no knowledge of Kubo chan's history with women either.

I know that Kubo chan is pretty popular.

Although not common, there are still plenty of women drawn to someone who is so idle.

But he doesn't seem to be interested in women?even though he had joked about liking big breasted women.

"I like big breast"......it's a joke, isn't it?

The smile was still pasted on my face. What was shaken then?

ME. Because he is more popular than me?

There was something I didn't know?



"........You want to know?"

Somehow I felt angry.

Kubo chan move his hand in a motion that beckoned me over.

What is it that it must be whispered, unless it's someone we know!?

Who is it?..........Katsuragi? Could it be? Igarashi sensei..ha,could it be a matter of bust size?

No, bust size is not the determining factor.....or Fujihara.

Eww, that's horrible. I'm goanna kill Fujihara.

While I was spaced out in my own thoughts, Kubo chan came closer.

Suddenly, without a change in expression, Kubo chan pushes me down on my chest.


I fell to my back on the desk behind me.

The accumulated magazines scattered to the floor.

"!?What the.."

As I complain, Kubo chan stood and cover me like a cloak.

"Kubo cha....n?"

Made to lie back down on the desk, it seems weird to look at the ceiling and a back lighted Kubo chan from this angle.

Although it was a face I was familiar with, somehow there was something different than usual.

He seems gentler yet more cryptic.

He stared into straight into my eyes.

I felt a shiver ran down my spine. Why is that.....it wasn't that cold.

....What is this?

"..........the horoscope just now"

Kubo chan murmur while removing his glasses.

"Even if there is something you want, please be patient about acquiring it......looks like that is not possible."

While trying to contain the self scorning smile, Kubo chan's face descended slowly.

I couldn't move.

I didn't want to move.

So this is it.


GARAGARA ( sound of door opening)

Katsuragi opened the door of the Committee's room.


2 secs later, she closed it without saying anything.

"Hey, what are you doing, Katsuragi?"

The question came form Murota and Aiura who were carrying the parcels of purchases behind her. Katsuragi answered without an expression

"...It's in use."


Wah I love this fic by Minekura sensei the best!!! I'm not too sure whether I had gotten all the innuendos right.. Also thanks for all the appreciation email you've sent me, I am currently translating mangas as well, to accumulate a lot to put up on my website next year, after I finish my part time studies.