~*~One Must Fall 2097: Aftershock. Jean-Paul/Crystal hints. ~*~

~By: Silverium, aka Carrot-Chan~

Disclaimer: I don't own OMF2097, or any of the characters etc.

       Aftershocks. Ripples of them. Everything made him feel numb as he left the stadium, hate, anger, sadness; every emotion known to man coalesced in his mind. He was relieved, for it was over, but so damn angry that he had not won. Intelligence had been his weapon, and it hadn't been enough. A pale hand rose and ran through his crimson hair in a weary motion, his eyes shut, and Jean-Paul walked the cold hallways to get to the parking lot.

       At his large penthouse-sized apartment, Jean-Paul sagged on to his couch and licked his dry lips, wanting to shut out all the memories. All the fights, all the tournaments he had driven himself through, only to be beaten by…a friend? Did he even have friends? Perhaps. One.

       "Milano."  Jean-Paul whispered softly to the empty room.