Ayane sat alone as the train lumbered on toward its destination, the scenery outside the window slowly blurring into one continuous picture, the voices of the other passengers reached her ears like a soft background music. Their even tones made her question once more if she wasn't the only one headed someplace that was not familiar.

Turning her face more in the direction of the window she leaned her forehead so that it touched in part against the glass, her hand moved to brush over the sleeve of her maroon jacket trying to clear her mind only to find it returning to her purpose in traveling here


It had been over a year ...he could be anywhere..or anyone. Closing her eyes Ayane was reminded of the day not long after Hayate had disappeared traveling the same way she had taken through her young life from her foster fathers to visit her mother..

She had been sitting beneath a large tree her back was turned away from the direction Ayane had been walking, the dark shadows from the leaves obscuring an already minimal view of her mothers features. Upon coming closer she could make out her mothers expression as far away. Stopping Ayane could feel her legs tensing as she considered turning about in silence. Perhaps it would be best if she left her mother to deal with this in her own way. So much she could read within her distant expression...

"Ayane.." Her mothers voice had emerged in a tone that had reflected her expression.

"Kaasan .I had meant to come sooner.I know that this has not been easy for you." Despite having never been close to her Ayane knew her mother well enough to know that Dealing with Hayates fate would not be easy. The rumors hadn't helped, whispered conversations about the only other time Ayame had been so distant.

Her breath seemed to catch in her throat at the thought.She needed to say what she had come to..

" I know why you have come." her mothers voice seemed as distant, hands tightening as she spoke "but you must understand.. Things are as they are.. sometimes that cannot be changed." Her eyes seemed to darken with the last of those words.

Ayane stood frozen a moment watching as her mother turned away. She could feel her nails digging into the palm of her hand as she made her own move this time she would not look back as she left.

"Sieh dich vor!"*

The child's excited cry as she pointed out the window startled Ayane from her reverie. Seeing the young girl and her mother Ayane felt a half smile of amusement playing at her lips wondering what her own mother may have thought when she had learned this mission would fall upon her and not Kasumi.

When word had reached the clan that Hayate had been sighted in Germany they had chosen her to travel there to bring him back..

They are only sending you because they can't send her..

She shook her head as if trying to remove the thought from it. None of this mattered now. resting her head against the glass as her eyes fell closed Ayane did her best to rid her mind for now of the thoughts that kept her from resting.


*Look ahead! -- Sieh dich vor!

Authors Post-it Note: This story is an AU (Alternate Universe) so certain things may be somewhat different in this story from the normal DOA timeline. The rating will change to R in later chapters just thought you may want to be forewarned ^__~ with that said I hope you found this prologue to be an enjoyable start it will only get better from here!

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