Author's Note: This is a little poem I wrote during some boring maths
competition at school. It's Anya telling Xander a few things about life. Oh
yeah, it's set after "Chosen", not that I've seen it, but I know what
happens ehehehe.
Disclaimer: We all know Joss owns everything (especially my tender heart)
so go steal if off him.
Dedication: Er, to Anya and to my pettums Lisa, if she ever gets a chance
to read it.

"Hey You"
Hey you "living" down there
Crying, eating, sleeping.
There's more to life than you're aware
So stop with all the weeping.
I've left you now, or so it seems
But not the way you think -
"Ripped from this world with pain and screams
Blood staining me like ink."
Okay, you're right, that's how I died
But pain was just skin deep.
I felt the knife, I cannot hide
And crumpled in a heap.
But everything they say is true
Of more life up above,
Of clouds and harps, of golden hue,
Of clich├ęd peace and love.
And you know what the best bit is
(apart from all the money)?
The clincher in this world of His -
There's not a single bunny!
But still I'm not in perfect bliss
And this is due to you.
I feel your ache for one last kiss,
To know I feel it too.
To tell me that you still loved me,
You always have and will.
But maybe you should let me free,
Allow those tears to spill.
The sooner that you let me go
The better you will feel.
Don't think you'll cause me endless woe
I want your heart to heal.
Hey you, living down there
Working, laughing, playing.
That's the Xand 'bout whom I care
So get on with the slaying.

Author's note: That was my first ever fanfic poem so I hope it wasn't
cringe worthy, heheheh. Um, please review!!!!!! I need feedback because I'm
very insecure and er, I have an inferiority complex. Oh yeah, the reason
"living" was in inverted commas is because at the start, Xander wasn't
really living.