Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or anything else I may mention in this story.


The history behind the story:

Okay, it all started when Sora, Riku, and Kairi were all test tube babies. Odd beginning, isn't it?

Yes, they were test tube babies, that is what I said.

Riku and Kairi were the twins and Sora was Riku's half-brother who was not related to Kairi at all. Make any sense so far?

Ansem was Riku and Kairi's father, but Sora's father was dead. Or so he thought, nobody ever really talked about it. It was like talking about him caused the plague.

Anyway, they all had lived together until they didn't anymore. That was the day Ansem took Kairi (he never really liked Riku, that bad, bad man) back to Hollow Bastion for a while, then it disappeared and she was back with Riku and Sora. She was happy.

At first they didn't really remember each other, but then they did, so everything didn't get weird (or at least gross, anyway).

I know this isn't making any sense right now, but it will. Trust me. (hee hee)

At last they were together again, then the Heartless came and they got separated...again. They have the worst time staying together!

But you know the story of how Sora went to all those worlds and eventually found his friends (even though he was Riku's half-brother, he viewed him more as a friend, and like I said, he's not related to Kairi). Although, he did have to lock Riku in that door with Mickey Mouse, and Kairi went back to Destiny Islands while he obviously didn't, so they were separated...again.

You'd think after awhile, they'd put tracking devises on each other so they'd be easier to find with all this separating going on.

Anyway, this story takes place after they find each other again. Don't ask me how they did it, I have no idea. I'm thinking Riku probably used Mickey's tail to pick the lock, and Sora built some kind of giant sling-shot...

And the story begins.