Title: Innocent Games

Disclaimer: I don't own much. And nothing on television.

Summary: At the welcome home D/K (gross image) party –things get interesting when a friendly game reveals hidden feelings.  This will (depending on reception) probably be a new series of stories for me.  I'm going to finish 12 Songs first though before moving on.

A/N: Okay guys the idea has been done before –but not by me –so I'm giving it a go. Tell me what you think.

"Okay guys so what do you want to do next?" Jackie asked placing another bowl of popcorn on her living room coffee table. The guys had all come over to "the Mansion" to celebrate Donna and Michael's return from California. It had been a bizarre summer. The first one, in a long time, where the gang was split up. But everything seemed to have worked out all right. The people who were meant to be had gotten back together. And Jackie thought –the people who weren't had moved on. She was glad. That is why she had decided to have this party. To prove that they were all past the past.

As she surveyed the room she noticed Eric and Donna were sitting on the couch, very close. They had been like that for days, almost as if they were afraid one or the other would disappear if they weren't touching. Jackie smiled at them. She had missed her friend. And she was glad Eric had forgiven her. It was also nice that some people could flaunt their love.

Not that anyone else had anything to flaunt, she amended silently. Where the hell had that thought come from? No her and Steven were just messing around. They weren't serious or anything. The whole thing was innocent. Just a game really. Another weird thing that had happened this summer.

"I know" Michael said as if anyone was talking to him "let's play a game. Strip poker anyone?" He wagged his eyebrows expressively.

Steven smacked him on the back of the head. "Go poke yourself ".

He reached for the popcorn purposefully not looking in Jackie's direction.  She was wearing her suede skirt tonight, the one that was so dark brown you sometimes thought it was black.  Not that he had thought about her skirt color or the way the fabric felt underneath his hands.  He'd been bored this summer –she had been bored.  And any lingering desires to touch articles of her clothing were flukes.  Besides stupid Kelso was back –they couldn't hurt his stupid feelings by letting him find out what they did over their summer vacation. 

Jackie noticed Steven not looking at her. He'd been doing that a lot lately –ever since Michael returned. He didn't want anyone finding out about them. It would ruin his reputation if they thought he didn't hate her.  She didn't mean anything to him.  And Jackie hadn't admitted to feeling any differently.

"But games are fun" Fez insisted.

Donna grabbed a handful of popcorn "yeah we could play a game –but not – Strip Poker". She shot Kelso a glance and he threw his hands up in the air in defeat.

Jackie settled herself on the couch beside Donna. Fez and Michael were on the opposing couch and Steven was sitting to her right in her father's favorite chair. She looked at him despite herself.

"I'm not playing anything girly," he stated letting his eyes wander to all her girly parts while he had the excuse.  The gang was all too concerned with picking a game to notice how un-Hyde/Jackie they were being. 

"Yeah nothing that involves curlers, or unicorns, or make-up" Eric added.

Jackie gave him a look. Was that the kind of games they thought cheerleaders played? Okay - some involved make-up but never unicorns.

"We could play spin the bottle" Kelso jumped in before she could tell the scrawny boy off.

"NOOOO!" they all shouted.

"Well fine. Be that way. I didn't want to kiss any of you anyway". He yelled and began to pout.

God Jackie thought, what did I ever see in him?  Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the look on Steven's face seemed to be asking the same thing. 

"Ooh ooh what about Truth or Dare?" Fez tried.

"Noo" Jackie responded quickly and Steven joined in. She tried again to catch his eye but he readjusted in the chair. That earned a look from Donna but no one else seemed to notice. She averted her eyes from the red head's scrutiny and gave her suggestion "We could play –I Never" and when Steven finally looked at her apathetically she added "with alcohol".

5 pair of eyes were suddenly very interested.

"Now we are talking," Steven said giving Jackie that surprised at how badass you can be look she had grown to love.

"How do you play this game?" Fez asked as she got up to find the key to her dad's liquor cabinet.

"Well you see Fez. One person makes a statement like "I never mooned the entire student body in the yearbook" Eric began "and then every one who had never done that –i.e. every one who isn't Donna –would get a point."

"Or in this case Donna would have to take a shot" Hyde corrected taking the shot glasses from Jackie.

"Tequila good?" Jackie asked him exclusively and he nodded his approval.

Again another look from Donna before she hit Eric in retaliation "Are you EVER going to let that go?"

Eric shook his head in an apologetic manner. "No"

"So who wins?" Fez asked.

Kelso grabbed the Tequila pouring the first round "We all do little buddy".

"So who starts?" Eric inquired as they all sat down on the floor around the now alcohol filled table.

"It's my party –so I'll start" Donna rationalized. Kelso looked offended so she added "and then Kelso can go next." He clapped with enthusiasm and Donna rolled her eyes.

"Okay –I never bought or stole a Playboy"

Jackie laughed, it was a low move. But you had to do what you could to win -I never.

The boys all took a shot.

"I never bought or stole a Playgirl" Kelso quickly continued.

Donna and Jackie shook their heads. "Yes you did Michael. And even if you didn't -neither have Donna and I -- you moron."

"Oh yeah I did." He laughed taking the shot. He quickly shut up when Eric and Hyde moved away from him in the circle. "What I didn't know there were guys in it?"

"Sure Kelso" Fez said patting his friend on the shoulder. "Anyway next –I'll go. I think I will be good at this game. Soooooo- I'm a virgin."

They all groaned. Then Jackie explained.

"Okay Fez. The game is called I never – you have to start out your sentence with those words or you have to drink too."

They all took the shot. Fez was pissed. "And just when I was finding an upside to my lack of lovin".

"There is no upside man" Steven consoled pouring more shots. "Okay my turn –"he thought for a minute.  This game could be very devious when you knew your opponents.  He looked to each in turn.  Stopping briefly on Jackie and then focusing on Kelso.  "I never left my significant other and ran off to California".

Jackie laughed and Donna and Kelso drank. Donna was the peeved one now whereas Kelso just looked perplexed at the unexpected burn.

"Me next" Jackie jumped in. This was getting fun. Michael was so going to lose. She tried to think of something else that would make him drink but spare Steven and herself. "I never made out with a friend's sibling". Steven laughed and gave her the badass look again.  She smiled and belatedly added "Sorry Donna".

Again Kelso and Donna took a shot. "You couldn't have said sister?"

"Sorry" she said again and looked away. "Your turn Eric".

"Okay okay" he drawled "let me see…Jackie you are winning –no surprise since you do have evil on your side…let me think – I never…kissed more than one person in this room." He grinned evilly.

Jackie looked shocked but then realized he meant Fez and Michael. She took the drink looking in the exact opposite direction from Steven.

Donna quickly moved on, sounding a little nervous "I never did it at the Public Library".

Hyde, Eric and Fez sat still. Jackie and Kelso reached for their glasses. She didn't want to –but she casually looked to Steven for a reaction. His stupid glasses and expression gave nothing away.

"God I suck at this game. Okay I'm going to do it right this time. I never…man this is hard. I've done everything. Jackie help me –where didn't we do it?"

Jackie looked uncomfortable. She kicked him under the table but it was Steven who responded.

"Shut up Kelso – and quit cheating." He then frogged him on the shoulder.  He didn't know why but the guy was really pissing him off tonight. And when Eric looked at him funny he thought about hitting him too.

"Fine! Damn guys – when did you become a tag team?" He rubbed his shoulder absent-mindedly and then rubbed his knee.  "Oh I got it… I never made out during Charlie's Angels."

Hyde smiled and reached for his drink. Jackie remained still so he poked her under the table. He didn't know why though.  No –it was just his stand against cheating.  Not anything more. 

She was shocked but willingly took the drink. She was getting looks from all sides now. She chose to ignore them. She was finding it harder to ignore the warm feeling that was taking up residence in her stomach as well. But while she was thinking about Steven –Michael of course freaked.

He began to stutter and finally came up with "W-W -we never…..".

"Well that is not the game now is it?" Hyde burned. Really did he think he owned Jackie?  That she never knew anyone before him or would possibly want to after him? The new shot of alcohol hit his stomach and he pointed to Fez "Next".

"I never made out in the basement"

Everyone drank.

Fez laughed "the game is mine whores".

"Yeah I'd be proud Fez" Eric laughed just a little bit tipsy.

"Your turn Steven" Jackie informed. She wondered what he would come up with. If he would reveal anything. If that would make the warmth spread. With the looks they were getting he better steer the questioning on to something tame if he didn't want the gang to catch on. They were all still confused by her earlier drink. And Michael had that hurt look on his face. Jackie found herself not caring. She just hoped Steven didn't inadvertently pick something she had done with the jerk.

He looked at Jackie, at her skirt, and that damn pink shirt she was wearing with it that was just the shade of her lipstick.  He tried to think of something boring to say.  He didn't want Kelso and Jackie getting any more points together for some reason.  He suddenly knew why neither one of them wanted to play Truth or Dare.  At some point their game had gone past bluffing and at any point either one of them might fold.  He still had enough control to not want it to be him.  He looked at her challengingly and offered " I never had sex at the Hub."

Jackie breathed a sigh of relief. And remained still.

Donna and Eric were surprisingly the first to drink. Then Kelso.

Hyde smiled again. At both her sigh and Kelso's typical transgression.

Jackie again found herself not caring. Nothing Michael could do or had done could shock her anymore. With 5 shots of Tequila in her she found it hard to even pretend to be upset but she tried for image sake. She looked at Steven, who was looking at her and thought maybe she saw something.  He seemed a little too happy that Michael sucked.  Why did that get her hopes up?  "I never…."she felt kind of swirly but continued "I never…liked this game."

Hyde, Eric and of course Fez took the shot.

Two rounds later Kelso was still losing. Hyde and Jackie were tied for second highest score and Fez was still winning. They were all too intoxicated to try and stop him.

Jackie tried to refill the glasses and swayed dangerously toward the floor. Steven caught her and she found herself leaning into his touch despite the crowd. This felt good, she thought. She wondered if it felt good to him. She was about to ask when she realized that Eric was preparing to speak. It was his turn.

"I never" he started giggling.  He always got goofy when he was drunk. "wanted Jackie". After that he fell back on the floor losing consciousness. Donna pushed away her glass and joined him there.

Jackie stiffened from her position against Steven but then forced herself to loosen up. Of course he wouldn't drink. It didn't mean he didn't want her. You couldn't fake what they had been doing all summer. He just had to lie so no one would find out. 

Why couldn't anyone find out? Her alcohol addled brain inquired. Because she told it – because. She watched Fez and Michael take their drinks finding her warmth being replaced by a cold sensation. Why was she getting so upset? It was just a game.

Hyde felt her react and looked down.  Damn Eric and his stupid burns.  Did Jackie want him to take the shot?  When they had started this thing they had had an understanding.  It was boredom.  He couldn't have a relationship.  He was Hyde.  And she was Jackie.  They hated each other right?  Except he didn't hate her.  So was she willing to admit she didn't hate him?

Jackie looked around the table.  Donna and Eric were still on the floor.  Fez and Michael seemed to be building a tower out of popcorn.  They were all so oblivious.  She didn't want anyone to know though right?  So that was good. It must be the Tequila making her feel hurt at Steven's inaction. But she couldn't stop herself from pulling away. "I'm tired of playing," she confessed sadly.

She tried to get up to leave the room but felt an arm stop her before she could. She looked down as Steven grabbed the bottle and took a swig. The liquor was back on the table before any of the drunken distracted teenagers noticed.

He looked at her wanting a reaction for once in his life and she looked at him searching for what he was trying to say.  Were they anything more than they were before this night started?  She didn't know but with the heat of the moment and Steven's hand still on her arm the whole thing didn't feel very innocent anymore.   She opened her mouth to speak but before she could say anything Donna shot bolt upright from her position on the floor.

Hyde thought they had been found out.  What with the red headed Jack in the box staring intently at the touching of Jackie he couldn't seem to stop doing.  

"No Jackie – you gotta play –we still have some left," Donna said indicating the now very empty bottle and shrugged.

Jackie never took her eyes off Steven as the girl continued -

"Oh never mind –Game over."