(*insert*title*here*) written by Polecat

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Note: My first Gangs of New York fic. Mt first time venturing out of my usual fandom. Ai...

* * * * *

She watches him as he crosses the small room, the floor boards creaking beneath his bare feet. He hitches his pants up over bony thighs, pulling his shirt on over thin shoulders, covering the bruises he has across his back and ribs.

He glances back at the girl on the bed, the worn wool blanket pulled over her bare breast, her hair tousled and disheveled. He only meant to toss a few coins her way, payment for her performance and all he had in his pocket for the next few days. But the look in the girl's eyes made him hesitate, giving her the opportune moment to speak.

"Who were you thinking of just then?"

Johnny frowned, turning his attention to his shirt, fingers fumbling with the buttons. He tried to push the thoughts from his head; Jenny pinned against the wall, skirt hiked past her thighs, Amsterdam pressed against her, his slacks down around his shins.

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind of those images. But he couldn't push away that smile, or those blue eyes. He knew every inch of that body, every trace of those scares, every curve of an arm or a leg. The salty taste of pale flesh, tender touches as hands caressed his shoulders, over his back, gripping his hips.

A pang of hurt seized his heart, gripping it tightly, almost causing him to gasp for breath. The feeling of hurt and sadness was quickly replaced by betrayal. Betrayal, jealousy, anger and hurt all mixed together inside him. He wanted to hit something. Break something. Scream. Yell. Cry.

He marched back to the girl on the bed, pulling his shirt back off, not caring about the two or three buttons that tore lose. He pulled her up to him, kissing her ferociously. Their teeth clashed against each other, he tasted blood and heard her inhale sharply as his tooth cut her bottom lip.

In a frenzy he was pushing his pants down, assisted by the girl beneath him. He ground his body into hers, gripping her wrists tightly, not taking notice to the look of discomfort on her face. His thoughts were elsewhere. His thoughts were with Jenny and Amsterdam on room away. Jenny moaning Amsterdam's name. Amsterdam kissing her, touching her. Amsterdam, who he loathed with every bone in his body. Amsterdam, who he loved with every fiber of his being.

Amsterdam, who was touching Jenny, kissing Jenny, loving Jenny the same way he had loved Johnny just the night before.


Sorry that there were no before hand warnings about the slash, I just didn't want to give away that little treat.