When the Last Petal Falls
by Court

RATING: Overall, PG-13 or R (unknown at this time)

SUMMARY: Season 3 (following "State of Mind"); An old love comes back into Lindsay's life just as Bobby realizes the truth about his feelings for her. Is it too late for a second chance?

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DISCLAIMER: In the words of Monica Geller (also not mine, BTW), "Puh-huh!"; nope - DEK the creep owns these characters (except Carter - yes, Carter - I know, I know, I've used that name once or twice before but I like it, he he he...probably has something to do with that hottie Noah Wyle on ER...eh, hum, anyhoo, it's NOT the same guy as in "I Dream of...").

Thanks to: Jewel, Kiosha, Dottie, Rebecca, Lindsey, Stacy, Leanne, Flora, Magy, Faith,
Tiffany, Barbara, Rosanna, Briony, Lydia, Claire, Lily, Sandra, 'Monkey', Kelly, Lindsay, Edene
and everyone else that sent feedback for the first two parts!! Hope you enjoy this one!!