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The sky above transcends to blue, Soft and mellow, a dreamers day; In paper meadows where we lay, Sings my heart for a wish come true.

The joy of touch, creates a tear Of burning youth and passion's lips, Of summer's love partook in sips The first that brings the woman near.

You think me old with winter's hue, But summer's kisses keep me new.

Grass Widow - me


Jonas leaned heavily on the crutch he'd been using for the last few weeks and watched the casket move slowly towards the Stargate. His mind concentrated on folding and unfolding the piece of paper, he gripped in his hands, so as not to show the grief that bled like an exposed wound in his heart. Two officials from Kelowna stood in silence, outlined against the watery haze of the gate, observing the process with hard eyes. General Hammond stepped forward to officiate the hand over of Dr Kieran's remains, the Minister for Science took his hand but his face remained fixed, keen to get back to more pressing matters.

"Jonas," Daniel drew alongside the Kelownan, "we have to go now," he continued softly.

Jonas looked down at the creased velum and swallowed, handing it almost begrudgingly to Daniel, "Dr Kieran's will," he reaffirmed, "he wanted to be buried next to his wife."

"We'll see it gets done," Daniel replied stepping onto the gantry, following the General and the coffin through the event horizon.

Jonas watched the gate consume the procession and felt suddenly isolated, "Jonas," Sam whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder, "do you want to get something to drink? I've some time spare before I join Teal'c and the Colonel at the Alpha site."

The young man returned her gaze but shook his head, "I, I need to finished something for Dr Jackson," he replied.

"I'll walk back with you then," she said.

"Are you sure?" He questioned, lifting the metal crutch from the floor to emphasis his disability.

"Yeah, I'll even race you, Janet says you need to exercise that dodgy leg of yours more," Sam jested, bringing a lost smile to his lips.


Jonas placed his pen down on the desk in a slow ceremonial fashion and smoothed his hand across the blue ink dancing in words across the page. He looked down at the elaborate letters he had created and pondered them a while before closing the note pad in a final, absolute manner.

"Hey," Sam stuck her head round the office door, "I'm just leaving, did you find anything of interest?" She asked, nodding to the oracle bone Jonas was translating.

"No, just your general doom and gloom prophecies," he answered, wool gathering.

Sam drew nearer watching the bone turn in the young man's hands, "Jonas, your government's let Daniel return to help negotiate a peace with the Tiranians and Andairs, so maybe it won't be long before you can go back too."

"Yeah, maybe," he said with a doubtful smile.

"People change, Jonas, and recent events on Kelowna have made a change possible," she smiled at him but he left it unanswered, "if anyone can make them see sense Daniel and the General can," she added, gripping his arm warmly.

He placed the bone back on the desk and smiled slightly without looking up, reflecting on the universe's wisdom. That a Naquadria bomb and a Goa'uld that had killed thousands, even millions between them, one in a single, decisive, moment and the other, over a vast space of time, would be responsible for bringing peace to his world and consequently saving countless generations to come.

Sam observed his forehead furrow with deliberation, "hey, how about pizza when we all get back?" She offered checking her equipment one more time.

"Pizza's good," he replied, watching her leave, then, "Sam...?"

"Yeah," she said, looking over her shoulder.

He gave her a quick smile and shook his head, "nothing, it'll keep."

She smiled back and headed for the Stargate.


Cassie studied the clock on the infirmary wall, patiently watching the hands that were tied, heavily, with time. She jumped down off the empty bed and went and sat by Janet who was deep in paperwork.

She smiled into her mother's face until the Doctor sighed and put her pen down, "what?"

Cassie shrugged, "I just wanted to say thank you," she said softly, picking up the pen and lacing it between her fingers.

"Thank you?" Janet questioned following her daughter's proficient movements.

"Yeah, for everything you've done for me, mom, I guess I don't say it often enough," she stood up and kissed Janet, firmly, on the cheek.

Janet hesitated, feeling the ripple of the kiss spread to her heart and then looked at her daughter suspiciously, "Cass, if this is about the Jonas thing again, I've said all I'm going to on that subject. Look," she took off her glasses, "I just don't want you getting too close, you're too young, I don't want to see you get hurt."

Cassie shook her head, maturity spreading onto her features, "Jonas would never hurt me," she whispered indisputably.

"Not intentionally, honey," Janet said, placing her hand on Cassie's arm, "but with all that's happening on his own planet right now, he may get the chance to go home."

Cassandra looked deep into Janet's eyes, "I know," she said, with a certainty straining in her voice.

They let the words fall silent for a moment while the clock counted the seconds between them, "you're looking tired mom," Cassie said interlocking Janet's hand with her own until their heartbeats matched.

"I know it's all these reports," she answered, feeling something engulf her, pushing at her eyes, "Cass!" She cried watching her daughter's eyes spark, drawing the strength from her until she was unable to fight against the sleep that was invading her body.

"I'm, I'm sorry," the girl said, letting Janet slump against the desk before releasing her hand, "please forgive me, I hope one day you'll understand."

Cassandra bent down and kissed the top of her mother's head, stroking her hair for a moment as soft tears fell from her eyes, "I love you," she whispered before taking Janet's car keys from her purse.


The room breathed as she entered, dressed in fatigues with a bag slung over her shoulder. He smiled as he looked up from the desk, the uniform was generous making her appear even more vulnerable, well, how do I look? She said turning slowly.

He wanted to gather her up into his arms, beautiful, he said leaning his head against his fist, Cass, he began, faltering.

She walked over to him and sat on his lap, picking up the khaki cap from the desk and placing it on his head at an angle, Jonas this is what I want, please, it's hard enough.

They let the stillness of the room run through them, each grasping for something to say, knowing once they stepped beyond their frontier they could not look back.

Cassie warmed the uncertainty in his eyes with a smile and placed her hand on his notebook, you're leaving this? She enquired, turning the decretive pages.

He nodded as she picked up the discarded pen and let its sullied point touch a virgin page. He put his hand on hers, linking with her vivacity, as she passionately laid the ink upon the paper, adding a flourish to her words that sparkled and dashed with emotion.

He looked into her face as she closed the book, his heart torn. She returned his gaze her eyes wide and imploring, he turned away knowing they were both lost in destiny's web, okay he nodded, pulling the cap down so it obscured his face, let do this.


Sam sat in the briefing room watching the Colonel roll his pen across the desk from one hand to the other in a display of tedium as they waited for General Hammond to join them. She fleetingly looked at her report on the Alpha Site meeting and then across at O'Neill, who raised his eyebrows and glanced at his watch. She would be glad to get home, SG1 were on stand down for the next few days and she aimed to catch up on some reading, while Teal'c had plans with his son and the Colonel had hockey tickets. Teal'c poured himself a glass of water, the action of which was scrutinised by both Sam and Jack, breaking the inactivity of the room.

General Hammond marched into the room, mixing the air into a dynamic draft as he cut through it, closely followed by Daniel and Janet. He sat down, his expression stern and folded his fingers together, moulding the words in his head into careful sentences.

Sam looked towards Janet for some indication of the General's deliberation but could see her friend's face was a catalogue of worries.

"Bad day on Kelowna, General?" Jack asked warily, glancing quickly at Daniel.

"We have a problem people," Hammond replied, still resting his chin on his hands while making eye contact with the door.

"Only the one?" Jack quipped to ease the tension that was shimmering in the room like heat.

Daniel coughed and gave Jack a stare, which he returned with a flick of his head.

"Mr Quinn and Cassandra have left the base," the General continued letting his words rest on the table.

"Left the base as in?" Jack started.

"Without permission," Hammond stated, clearly.

"How?" Sam asked.

"They took my car," Janet replied, "Cassie took the keys from my purse."

"But did they not get stopped at the check point?" Teal enquired.

"The guard on duty did not see them leave," the General responded, shaking his head.

"But, sir, that's impossible," Jack commented.

Hammond held up his hand and looked toward Doctor Fraiser, "Colonel," she said, "the only person he saw drive off in my car was me."

"You mean Cassie or Jonas used some sort of mind, mind block on the guard?" Sam posed looking towards Janet for confirmation.

"It would seem so, Major," the General replied, sternly.

"Cassie did the same thing to me, Sam" Janet explained, "she made me fall asleep," she looked down at her reflection on the polish table trying to hide the hurt compressing her heart.

"But sir," Sam began, "it doesn't make sense, why, would they?"

"To see a movie?" Jack countered.

"I think it's more serious than that, Colonel," Janet replied, "Cassie's taken some clothes with her and Jonas's too, Daniel checked his room."

Jack sighed seeing the hockey game disappearing into the distance, "things not go so well on Kelowna, sir?" He enquired, rubbing his fingers on his forehead.

"Completely the opposite, Colonel, the First Minister has asked for Jonas to return, to help with the restructuring of the planet, it was part of the treaty, the Andaris and Tiranians wanted someone with Stargate experience."

"And how did Junior take this?"

"They had gone before we returned, Jack," Daniel replied, "we never got chance to tell him."

"Has anybody talked with Jonas Quinn about his returning to Kelowna?" Teal'c asked to a sea of faces.

"What's to ask?" O'Neill responded.

"He may not wish to return home, O'Neill."

"Crap, it's his home Teal'c, where he was born," Jack looked to Sam, "okay, it's where he grew up, of course he wanted to go back."

"Sir, Teal'c could be right, we just assumed that Jonas would want to go back, what if he didn't?"

"Then he could have talked to us Major," O'Neill replied.

"Dr Jackson is there anything that may help us locate them in Mr Quinn's notes?" General Hammond asked.

"Jonas left his notebook?" Sam looked towards Daniel.

Daniel nodded and opened the book smoothing down the crisp, meticulous, ink- covered pages with his hand, "they're very detailed," he acknowledged with admiration.

"Yep, you maybe able to take the universe out of the boy but never the geek," Jack retorted.

Daniel smiled, "well he's been doing some research on the utchat."

"The sacred eye symbol," Teal'c enlightened.

Daniel nodded, "the right eye, the Eye of Ra, symbolizes the Sun, the left eye, the Eye of Thoth, symbolizes the moon, it's this one that Jonas seems most interested in."

Daniel looked around the table and then smiled reaching into his collar to show them the Eye of Ra pendant. "this is the right eye symbol of Horus The Elder, The Eye of Ra. When Jonas took it to defeat Anubis, it burnt into his hand becoming transposed, from right to left."

"The Eye of Thoth," Sam said in understanding.

"Right," Daniel acknowledged

"Okay and what is this Thoth?" Jack asked.

"According to legend, Thoth was the scribe of Egyptian Gods often depicted carrying a reed pen and a scroll in which he recorded all things."

"That sounds scarily familiar," Jack added, pouring himself a glass of water.

"It is believed that the eye of Thoth enables the wearer to spiritually perceive that which is illuminated, as well as that which is hidden," Teal'c continued. "For it is told that Thoth is the arbitrator of souls when the hearts of the dead are weighed against the feather of Ma'at and it is his findings that are passed on for judgement."

Jack looked to Daniel who concurred, "um, it is said that he would question the deceased before recording the results of the weighing, if the outcome was favourable the deceased was worthy of a blessed afterlife. He is also the measurer of the earth, counter of stars, god of mystical wisdom, law, magic and writer of a book containing all the knowledge of the world."

"Busy guy," Jack concluded looking down at Jonas's textbook.

"Yeah," Daniel said pausing for a second before looking into the notes, "I think Jonas was just looking for answers," he said finally, flicking through the book, trying to locate a specific page, "there are many similarities between Jonas's ability to read people and objects and this legend. Maybe he's trying to make sense of all that's happened, trying to find some understand, some reason for the roller coaster ride he's endured since stepping through the Stargate clutching a handful of Naquadria."

He stopped turning the pages and ran his finger down the crease of the spine, "And Cassie?" General Hammond asked.

"General," Janet began, linking her hands together as if in prayer, "I, I tried to stop Cass seeing so much of Jonas, I didn't want her to get hurt emotionally. I thought she was too young to commit herself," she whispered.

"I see," Hammond nodded.

"Janet," Daniel enquired, "is this Cassie's handwriting?"

She looked down at the scripted verse almost burnt into the page with emotion and nodded.

"What does it say?" Sam enquired not recognizing the style of language.

"It's written in Ancient dialect," he said, as if reading her mind.

He scanned the verse, written with a devoted hand and a smile brushed his lips at the simplicity of its statement, "Daniel?" Jack asked.

"It says, 'and love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart, it isn't too hard to see, we're in heaven'"

"It's a song, right?" Jack enquired, looking around the table.

Sam nodded.