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Hi all, well we're at the end of this short shippy one. Thanks for tagging along and helping me through.


Song:- Wherever You Will Go by The Calling


Jack walked along the corridors of the SGC his boots echoing his arrival and departure. He placed his hands in his pant pockets breathing in the stillness of the complex that shimmered off the polished floor transmitting a lonely apathy in the quietness of the night. He shook his head, flaying the cobwebs of thoughts caught on the breeze of his mind, trying to find his old self in the shadows.

He stopped; blinking in the realisation that he stood outside Jonas's quarters, light splashing from the surround of the doorway onto his furrowed brows.

He cautiously pushed open the door and the soft whisper of recorded voices danced beyond him into the silence of the corridor.

Sam looked up at him from the view screen on the camcorder, her eyes raw and full of sadness.

"Carter," Jack said, softly, taking a seat beside her on the newly stripped bed.

She rubbed a finger and thumb across her eyes and gave him a gentle smile, "sir, I, um, Jonas must of left the stereo on, I heard it playing as I walked passed, I came in and turned it off," she nodded in the direction of the unit that was now silent. "I, I found this on the bed."

Jack looked down at the image on the screen, "they look happy," he said wondering if his tense was wrong.

"Yes," she said following his gaze.

O'Neill leant over and gently took it from her grasp, getting up from the bed to place the camera on one of the empty shelves. "Perhaps we should leave this for another day?" He ventured not looking back.

Sam swallowed, "yes sir".

Jack turned holding out a hand to help her up from the bed, "fancy some late night coffee and cake?"

Sam smiled wearily and nodded, rubbing the grief away from her face with her fingertips, "did you manage to talk to Teal'c, sir?" She asked.

"Nope, haven't found him yet. You know for a big guy he's really good at making himself scarce."

"Sir, maybe they were having you on, about the decorating."

"What Jonas and Teal'c?" He frowned, "Ya think, like an alien conspiracy?"

"No sir, like a joke," Sam shrugged as Jack opened the door for her.

He watched her exit the room letting the thought mature for a moment before shaking his head.

Jack sighed and took a last look round the room before turning out the light and shutting the door.


The room was empty but something stirred in the darkness as the digital clock signalled the passing of another hour. Forgotten papers roused on the draught that drifted in the wake of an unseen presence. The stereo clicked on with a welcome of coloured lights and a CD jumped, resting on a chosen verse.

'And maybe

I'll find out

A way to make it back someday

To watch you

to guide you

Through the darkest of your days'


Thanks again.

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