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Firstly, I have now almost definitely decided to make this a series of about five or six fics, some longish, some pretty short. So if the characters and other stuff I mentioned maybe including doesn't happen in this story - that's why, it'll be in the next one. I think cramming it all in at once would just make for a confusing time - for me anyway, as I can only juggle so many characters and plot ideas at once.

Secondly, I had quite a few responses to my questions about the direction of this fic, a few people weren't totally happy with the proposed inclusion of Spike but far more people wanted him in it than not and I like Spike, so he'll be making an appearance sometime. But before any die-hard B/A fans freak out - This story started as B/A and will end happily for B/A and I can say for sure that Buffy will not be getting romantically entangled with Spike at any point. (I hope Spike haters feel a bit better now!)

Okay, so votes are in and everyone seems okay with an R rating so that's good. Also there were requests for Lorne to be in this story, yeah, I like him too, so I'll probably put the green guy in at some point, along with a whole bunch of other characters that were requested too.

Right then, I've currently got six votes for Willow/Oz (one very insistent), one vote for Faith/Lindsey, one vote for Xander/Anya (also very insistent), one vote for Faith/Xander, four for Willow/Tara, two for Tara just being a friend, one for a W/T/O love triangle, five for Willow/Spike and seven for Faith/Spike. All very close but I think it's clear who will be with who based on my majority vote wins principle.

So, if I don't include a favoured couple in this series of fics I'll probably include them at some point in other stories I plan to write when I'm done with my 'Slayer and the sleuths' stuff. I already have a partially plotted B/A and W/S fic in the works - someday in the distant future I'll be writing that up!

Oh and for much of the story the new R rating won't come into play too much (or at least I don't think it will, but that might be my inability to rate things properly) it's more of an erring on the side of caution thing and is really meant for a few of the later chapters.

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"This is so good of you to do this Angel," purred Buffy as she lovingly wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her face against his paint- splattered shoulder.

Angel smiled down at her and dropped a gentle kiss onto her hair. "Its pretty selfish though, I'm motivated by the prospect of you and your friends coming to stay regularly, with heavy emphasis on the you part."

"Yeah but still, letting them all loose in your home to decorate bedrooms as they choose, and actually helping Xander drown his chosen ceiling with navy-blue paint so he can have tiny neon stars stuck on it is probably beyond the call of good boyfriendly duty."

"Yeah, and because of it I'm now the only vampire in the world with a soul and blue polka-dots."

Buffy beamed encouragingly, "We've only been together four days and already you're joking about your vampiness, I'm mucho impressed." She squeezed harder for emphasis.

Angel grinned back despite the over-enthusiastic pressure on his ribcage, "I guess I'm finally convinced that your argument is the right one and that what I am doesn't really bother anyone here."

"And shouldn't bother you either," Buffy finished firmly, "I wouldn't fall in love with any less than the best." She teased.

Angel dropped the roller he held into the plastic tray and embraced her; eagerly Buffy raised her face for his kiss.

Angel's mouth gently brushed hers, his cool lips sending tingles of anticipation down her spine, before he teasingly nipped at her lower lip. With a soft moan Buffy stretched her fingers up and twined them into his soft, spiky hair, coaxing him to deepen the kiss between them. He obliged with a passion that took her breath away and weakened her knees. As Buffy's knees turned to water she lurched against him, knocking him back against the wall. Now she was free to lean against his hard body and ravage his mouth as much as she pleased. Angel held her against him revelling in the pressure of her warm lips and heated tongue as she kissed him hungrily. One hand clasped her waist, the other tangled lightly in her hair as he held her tightly and kissed her deeply, savouring the moment.

Buffy squirmed against him, her breasts rubbing his chest through their clothes; it was a sensation that never made Angel feel particularly gentlemanly. Abandoning his gentle grip on her hair and firm hold on her waist he braced himself to inch lower on the wall so she was almost laid on him and then his hands wandered back onto her body and lower until he helplessly gripped her ass and tugged her closer. Buffy whimpered and squirmed again as she still tried impossibly to get closer and kiss him harder.

Then they were abruptly yanked from their passionate haze when a series of loud crashes echoed from further down the hall, followed by twin roars of "You bloody pillock!"

Buffy and Angel froze for a moment, still locked together and slightly dazed by the interruption and then cringed, they weren't exactly being private about their relationship because the door was wide open, that's why the shouts and crashes had been so clear. They straightened up and reluctantly withdrew from each other a little.

"I think Giles is mad." Buffy mumbled breathlessly.

"And Wes," agreed Angel a little shakily, "I'm almost afraid to go and see why." He shook his head, "Why is it that Brits are so restrained most of the time and then go off like that at random?"

Buffy shrugged as she attempted to tidy her hair, "Scary eternal mystery."

Angel brushed a soft kiss on her cheek and then made his way to the door through the maze of sheets and paint tins and poked his head out as Buffy struggled to contain a squeak of horror. Her gaze ticked from the wall to Angel's rear view and back again.

As he was about to step into the hallway Buffy dashed over and pulled him back, "Uh, Angel, I don't think the paint was dry on the walls just yet. Your back is kind of um, white."

Angel promptly twisted round trying to see and groaned when he spotted large patches of white paint on his black vest. "There shouldn't even be paint on that wall yet, because I haven't finished doing the ceiling."

Buffy flashed a weak grin. "I guess Xander got ahead of himself with the base coat."

Angel closed his eyes and prayed for the strength to not strangle Xander before he stepped into the corridor with a dignity he didn't currently feel to find out who and what had interrupted his very enjoyable moment with his beautiful girlfriend.

Outside the room Willow and Oz had chosen as their own a disaster seemed to be in progress. Buffy and Angel stood a few yards away and swept their eyes over the incredible mess.

A sheepish Xander stood nearby.

A partially assembled flat pack wardrobe lay in the hallway liberally splattered with tasteful cream paint chosen for the walls of the room, it seemed that Giles and Wesley had been busily putting it together as the budget didn't quite run to ready made furniture when the paint had somehow flown through the doorway. Wesley had been lucky enough to escape most of the splash but had cream coloured freckles on the upper part of his face and hair, Giles however was thickly coated and dripping. He was somehow managing to glare at Xander even through the paint smeared on his glasses.

Buffy giggled from behind him and Angel tried to control his chuckles. Willow, Anya, Oz and Fred stood clustered in the doorway, all clutching paintbrushes and watching the scene with equal amusement.

Angel raised a questioning eyebrow at Xander.

"I tripped on a tin." Xander explained defensively, "I was carrying sodas and donuts at the time and couldn't stop myself from falling on another tin."

"And it just sort of sprouted wings and flew through the door." Willow agreed shaking with barely suppressed laughter.

Angel glanced round at Buffy who grinned at him, her eyes sparkling with merriment.

"It was an accident." Xander assured them all. "I'm really sorry."

Angel sighed, "If we wipe it off quickly the wardrobe might be saveable, if not Willow and Oz will just have to think of a color they want to paint it instead of having plain wood. Giles and Wes why don't you go try to clean up while Xander gets a few cloths and starts scrubbing?"

Everyone nodded in agreement and Giles, Wesley and Xander moved off.

Buffy stepped around Angel and loosely linked her arms around his waist, "Well done, I think a fight might've been about to kick off then." She whispered.

Angel gazed into her eyes, relishing her praise even if it was for such a little thing.

Then chuckles came from behind them and they both looked up in puzzlement.

"Oh Buffy?" said Anya.


"You've got Angel's painty handprints on your butt!"



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