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Kagome found it incredibly hard to ask Inuyasha this favor. In fact, she even thought about calling Akiko so the girl could do it herself. But that was obviously out of the question.

The task just became harder as Inuyasha practically dashed through the door to hug her after his basketball lesson with Yamaguchi.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry about leaving you here alone? Did Miroku and Sango finally come back? I hope you weren't all alone for the entire day." Inuyasha said it all with one breath and both arms around Kagome's waist.

Kagome had never seen Inuyasha so adorably worried, but she was sure she could get used to the attention. The problem was, Inuyasha's kindness made her upcoming request all the harder to express.

And so Kagome thought it best to start it all with a kiss. Moments later, Inuyasha's defense was down. The puppy turned putty, so to say.

Still, when Kagome finally sat him down and talked him through the situation, the old Inuyasha anger was once again ignited.

"WHAT?!" The hanyou howled. The air around them turned into a rather thick atmosphere, and Kagome began to panic as Inuyasha's growls became fiercer and his purple human eyes began to glow red.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome reached forward immediately and grasped Inuyasha's hand. She thrust the disguised Tessaiga into his hand and took in a deep breath as Inuyasha calmed visibly.

Moments later, Inuyasha began to rant in conscious rage.

"What do you mean you want me to contact Sesshomaru? What's going on, Kagome? Why do you suddenly feel the need to help that bastard and that bitch! So what if their father doesn't like them. If you ask me, they got what they deserved!"

"Inuyasha, please, you have to help them!" Kagome pleaded, her hands never left Inuyasha's. "You should've seen Akiko's face. It was simply inhumane. My father died when I was still young, so I don't remember much about him. But one thing I do know is that a father should never treat his children like that."

"It's still none of your concern, Kagome. If they want to run away, then they can do it themselves. Just because in this twisted reality Sesshomaru happened to be disguised as a rich human doesn't give them the right to use you like this." With a gentle hand, Inuyasha reached over and rolled up Kagome's long sleeve. In doing so, he revealed Kagome's fading scar, the same one that Kagome showed Akiko just hours ago.

"See this?" In an unusually romantic manner, Inuyasha brought the damaged flesh to his lips and kissed the scar. "They hurt you, Kagome. And the beating I gave to Toji was nowhere near enough to avenge you. Their father is only finishing what I started. Let him."

Kagome finally shrank away from Inuyasha's touch. Her eyes were on fire. They shone a strange light of disapproval.

"Don't say that." Kagome whispered. "No one 'deserves' such treatment. And Inuyasha, they're in love. Not to mention the fact that Akiko is actually an orphan. Every thing Akiko told me cries out for help. I talked to her. I saw the physical and mental scars her father inflicted on her. We need to get her and her...'brother' out."

Inuyasha sighed. He closed his eyes and relaxed back into the couch. "I don't understand you sometimes." He whispered through his hand. Without warning, he snatched the hem of Kagome's shirt and pulled her onto his laps. With his eyes closed, he planted soft kissed over her delicate features, finally settled on her waiting lips. With his lips still on hers, he whispered: "You're too kind, Kagome."

Kagome blushed immediately. "So you'll help them?"

The hanyou sighed. "I'll have to talk to Sesshomaru first. I really don't know where to start. But since I have no clue how to find him, we'll have to talk to Kouga first thing Monday. This is so screwed up, ya know. We're going to have to explain to everyone why we're having a sudden change of heart. Shit..."

Kagome smiled at Inuyasha's foul language. For a moment there she actually thought Inuyasha's behavior was rather strange. So his curses actually brought a smile to her face.

"So does that mean you don't hate them anymore?"

Kagome shook her head.

"Can I still hate them?" Inuyasha asked in a childish manner. Kagome answered him with a well-placed kiss.


Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and even Kirara stood silently in a single file and stared at Kagome with identical grins on their faces.

Kagome was more than unnerved.

"Um... so are you guys upset?" Kagome inquired while she clutched onto Inuyasha's hand like a lifeline. After all, in the past month, her friends had selflessly put aside their own problems of the past to travel 500 years into the future in order to protect her. But now all a sudden she was asking them to understand exactly why she suddenly wanted to help those people that they were supposed to protect her from.

In short, the month they spent here was in vain. They could've used this precious amount of time to hunt down Naraku, Shikon shards, or even save the ancient world from self-destruction. But instead they came here to play baby-sitter for a supposedly powerful miko who couldn't even protect herself from a couple of little humans, the same ones that she was now trying to help out.

Kagome couldn't see what was so funny about this.

Finally, Sango spoke up. She tugged on Miroku's no-longer-wondering hand and said to him: "I win, you owe me dinner."

Shippo checked his Power Ranger watch. He also turned to Miroku. "It's after six o'clock. I win, you owe me ice-scream. I want green tea!"

Miroku's grin finally faded. He glared playfully at Kagome. "Why couldn't you wait another week to announce this? Preferably in the morning?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow. Next to her, Inuyasha was equally confused.

"What... Did you guys somehow knew that the Mikagi's needed our help?"

Sango shook her head vehemently. "No, Kagome-chan, of course not. If we knew that they needed help, we wouldn't have kept it a secret."

"Then why did you bet on this beforehand?"

"Oh, we didn't know who needed help," Miroku answered instead, "we just figured that with Kagome-sama's heroic nature, something like this was bound to come up sooner or later."

Kagome scrunched up her nose, a little angry at this blunt characterization. "Hey, are you saying that I have a hero complex?"

All three shrugged. Just when Kagome was about to rebuttal, Inuyasha reached out a hand to stop the verbal spar.

"Kagome, I'm hungry, can't we eat dinner yet?"

The girl resigned with a sigh. "Don't you think about anything else but your stomach?"

"Yes, I happen to be thinking about what I'm gonna say to Kouga tomorrow. This is going to take a whole lot of explanation."

"Wow, Inuyasha is actually thinking." Miroku exclaimed sarcastically as he made his way toward the dinner table. "What's going to happen next? Could Shippo actually grow?"

This earned him two glares from both ends of the table. Miroku laughed innocently. His chuckles were contagious. Soon enough, they were all making jokes about each other and throwing food around.

Kagome glanced around her in the mist of the chaos. She didn't want this to end, she really didn't. How long would they have to wait until they finally defeat Naraku? How much longer until they can finally sit together and laugh without worry?

She decided to let the troubles go and joined in the small food fight.


Kouga raised an eyebrow. Then he raised his other eyebrow. With both eyebrow raised, he brought them back down again into a full frown.


Inuyasha had the urge to smack the wolf-turned-teacher 'till his nose started to bleed.

However, thankfully, the grownup Kouga had a greater ability to adapt to sudden changes in his surroundings, a skill that was trained and perfected through years of war and struggle.

He quickly scanned his attendance sheet. "So that's why Toji has been missing from school. And you say the chancellor has been abusing his children."

Inuyasha nodded solemnly. "At least that's what Kagome's telling me. Akiko came by, and she looked pretty beaten up. You know Kagome, she's just too damn kindhearted for her own good sometimes."

The two men stood side by side for a long time, each lost in his own thoughts while the rest of the class went on with its busy activities. The theme of today's gym class: Dodgeball, a.k.a., total chaos.

"I came to you because I don't know how to contact Sesshomaru, he didn't leave me a number or anything." Inuyasha said after the dragged out silence.

Kouga sighed. "I'll call him tonight, although I have a feeling what he's going to say about this."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow to copy Kouga's earlier reaction. "Do you think he'll refuse?"

The older youkai shook his head. "Of course he will refuse, there's nothing Sesshomaru can do to help you."

"What?! But isn't he like the richest guy in the world, secret partner with the government, and shit?"

"Oh, nice title you gave him." Kouga rolled his eyes. "I'm not talking about that. I gather that you've already forgotten the 'secret' conversation the two of you had? Don't you remember, the modern Sesshomaru is a fluke, he shouldn't even be who he is. He's only the richest man on earth because of Sango and Miroku left the past for too long. And moreover, you're not supposed to stay here for an entire month either."

"What's your point?"

"My point is, Inuyasha, Mikagi Toji and Akiko were this way before your gang arrived. So that means if Sesshomaru intervenes right now, it will have no effect once you return to the past. Kagome will still suffer, and so will the Mikagi's. Because without you here, there would've been no development on their part.

"The whole reason why Akiko sought out Kagome to help her and her brother is because you interfered and that Sesshomaru is a convenience. Once you go back, nothing would've changed. So, the only way for everyone to be happy is for you, Sango, Miroku, and that damn little Shippo to go back, and leave the rest in Kagome's hands."

Inuyasha was not happy with the piece of information. In fact, the idea of leaving Kagome here alone to deal with this whole problem was simply ludicrous. As the ever over-protective boyfriend, he wasn't going to hear this.

"No fking way, wolf!" Inuyasha howled so loud that Kouga was instantly afraid that the rest of his class would hear him. "That Toji bastard would shred Kagome to pieces once everything goes back to the way it was. Are you saying that for the past month, we've done absolutely nothing to help Kagome?!"

Kouga put up two hands in protest. He ran an eye over the field and dragged Inuyasha to somewhere more discrete.

"No, I'm definitely not saying that. In fact, if you hadn't come here and Sesshomaru hadn't become the richest man on earth, Akiko would've hid this from the world until she and her brother found their own means of escape, and that would be far more dangerous. Now that Akiko came out to Kagome, at least we know a way to help them."


"Yes, Inuyasha, in case you've already forgotten, I was already here before the present got altered. And once you go back, I'll still be teaching in this school, nothing would've changed about me. In fact, if we're lucky enough, I'll even have some memory of this conversation since time is moving in the present as well. So Kagome won't be alone when she deals with this." Kouga placed one hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. "Trust me, Inuyasha, we may have had our differences in the past, but you can't deny the fact that I did love Kagome dearly. I'll help her to the best of my extent."

Inuyasha looked skeptical. "Do you have a plan?"

"Not as of now, but I do have connections in both the board of education and the government itself. And right now, I need to dismiss class. We all have our duties, Inuyasha, just remember that I will not hesitate to put down all of my duties to protect Kagome. I owe her that much."

"Are you still hung up on her?"

"NO!!" Kouga hit Inuyasha harshly on the head, knowing that it wouldn't hurt him. "I'm married!!"


"Can't we stay until the summer?!"


"Can't I at least bring back some ice-cream?"

"No, Shippo-chan, they'll melt."

"Can't I bring Souta with me?"

"Oh for Kami's sake!" Inuyasha howled and promptly threw Shippo over the side of the well. The little kitsune let loose an ear-splitting yell before the familiar pink light engulfed him.

"Hmm," Ryuu commented as he peeked over the Bone Eater's Well. "Gone, just like that. How convenient."

"Well, it's our turn." Miroku grabbed Sango's hand and made his way toward the well. He stopped only to shake Sesshomaru and Rin's hand. He and Sango had already changed back into their old attire. Kagome's family stood outside since the well house could not fit all the spectators, they had said their goodbyes earlier. Sesshomaru, Rin, their youngest children, and Kouga, all came to bid them goodbye.

"Watcha got there, Houshi?" Sesshomaru asked. For on Miroku's right shoulder, he was carrying a full garbage bag.

Miroku had the audacity to grin. "Oh, just some love letters from my modern admirers. Call it a little souvenir, if you will. And also, when Inuyasha and I bid goodbye to the school yesterday, we got a whole other bunch as well. Only this one over here," he gestured to a grunting hanyou, "doesn't appreciate these young maiden's hearts enough to bring them back home."

Everyone giggled, excluding a blue Sango who was itching to hit Miroku with her long ignored Hiraikotsu.

"It's been fun." Sango smiled at everyone while Kirara mewed in her arms. "I know we can't come back again, but there's no way in the world I'll ever forget this trip."

Unable to control herself, Rin flung herself forward and capture Sango in a rib-crushing hug. Sesshomaru was very tempted to turn to Kouga and say "women". But he held his tongue.

Soon, Sango, Kirara, and Miroku disappeared as well.

"No goodbye hug, brother?" Sesshomaru taunted as Inuyasha made his way toward the mouth of the dried up well. Inuyasha was once again back to his hanyou appearances, and he never felt better. He put one hand on the Tessaiga, and use the other clawed hand to flip Sesshomaru the bird. With a last "take care of Kagome" directed at Kouga, he jumped back to the past as well.

Finally, it was Kagome's turn. Already, in front of her, Sesshomaru and his family were disappearing.

"Uh oh," Kouga said, "my memories are getting a bit fuzzy."

Rin ignored her now transparent flesh. She stalked forward carefully and hugged Kagome. "This means we no longer exist. Or rather, a different version of us is taking over."

"Yea, hopefully, our family is retiring in a country villa somewhere in Italy." Ryuu cut in.

"No, France, I like France better." Koinu exclaimed while she poked a finger through her brother's stomach.

"Kagome, it was nice working with you. Although the rest of the school won't remember the play we put on after all this, I hope you'll never forget me. Oh," Ryuu seemed to have remembered something. "Do you still have that jade pendent I gave you?"

She nodded. "I still don't know what it's for, though."

Rin answered instead. "It's a family heirloom, given to the brides of the Inu family's princes on the day that they mate, or wed. Sesshomaru also placed a special spell on it, it'll help with the blood transfer process to connect you and Inuyasha together."

The miko blushed crimson. "I, er... I'm only sixteen."

"It's for the future." To Kagome's half horror and half astonishment, Sesshomaru actually winked at her.

As if that wasn't enough, a transparent Koinu bounced up to her and said in a tone far too cheery for someone who was about to disappear: "and don't worry about Kikyo, Kagome, that half-dead corpse doesn't hold a candle to you!"

Before Kagome was able to say anything, the four specters disappeared fully. Rin's lingering scent still floated around her. Even though she knew that they weren't dead, Kagome still felt a sense of dread in her. A pair of tears made their way down without warning.

Kouga was the only one left.

"You better go, Kagome, they're still waiting for you to take off those rosaries, and you shouldn't leave that shard in Shippo's forehead for too long."

Kagome nodded fervently.

"Take comfort in knowing that I will still be here when you return from the past." Kouga clutched his head. "Though I do have a killer headache, I think my memories are jumbled. I'll be waiting for you in your kitchen, begging your mom for an aspirin. Don't take too long. Owwie."

Kagome watched as Kouga disappeared into her house. For the first time in a month, she was finally going back to the Sengoku Jidai.

She jumped in without hesitancy.


Kagome returned to the present within half an hour, she really didn't want to leave Kouga alone with her family. It wasn't that she feared that her Grandfather would pull something, she was actually more worried that Kouga the biology teacher might reveal to her mother how badly she was doing in school.

With that thought in mind, the raven-haired girl made a dash for her kitchen.

Kouga knelt beside the kitchen table holding an ice-pack to his head. Souta and his grandfather had disappeared. As soon as Kagome entered, she took over the job of cleaning the dishes so that her mother left her alone with Kouga. Before Ai exited, Kagome asked her:

"Mama, tell me, who's the richest man in the world?"

Ai shot her daughter a weird look. "Um... Bill Gates?"

"Yes!" Kagome hugged her mother. All was well with the world again.

After her mother finally went outside, Kagome turned her attention to the youkai.

"Kouga, how much do you remember?"

The youkai didn't even want to look at her. "Well, I'm utterly confused why you're still alive after 500 hundred years and why that you know my real identity. Besides that, I seem to have two memories of my past which conflicts with each other. But something in the back of my head tells me that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have something to do with all this."

"Anything else?"

"Oh yes, I have an odd hatred toward Chancellor Mikagi all of a sudden."

Kagome gave a guilty shrug. "Sorry."

"You did this to me?"

"We'll never mess with time again."

Still quite confused, Kouga didn't seem to know what to say besides "good girl".

"So..." the girl tapped the table nervously. "Ko... Tomoeda-sensei, can you help me with something?"

"Can I lie down first? My head is killing me!" He didn't wait for an answer before you plopped down on the tatami.

"Umm... sensei, maybe you should go home, and we'll talk about this tomorrow when you feel better."

"No, no, I'm good." Kouga grumbled as he groaned loudly. "Besides, I really need to know why I know that Chancellor Mikagi not only physically abuses his children, but also dealt in a very incriminating scandal some time twelve years ago?"

"You remember!" No need to say, Kagome was delighted.

"Bits and pieces." He pressed the ice-pack to his head. "Why is it that you don't have aspirin in your house?"

Kagome ignored him completely. "So can you help?!"

"It's going to be hard to turn this case against him, I mean, it has been twelve years. We'll need some really convincing evidence."

"But it happened so long ago, there can't be any evidence left."

"There's always evidence. I think, Kagome, it's better if you have a nice and long chat with his kids. They might have something."

"I don't think Akiko will even remember telling me about her problems."

"I know, but if they're as desperate as she said, she'll accept your help no matter what. You'll just have to throw their misfortune at them, convince them that you know what happened, and they, in the end, will be more than happy to accept your help."

Kagome stared at the whining adult on her kitchen floor.

How did she get herself into these messes?


The miko treaded across the school ground carefully. With Sango and the guys gone, her lunch time seemed rather empty. Yuka and the others just couldn't keep her attention long enough. Oddly though, a couple of girls were actually able to remember bits and pieces about Inuyasha and Miroku. Kagome didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Kagome circled around the Great Hall until she reached the side that was semi-connected to the main school building. Akiko had let it slip during their conversation that she and Toji usually met there during their free time. The space was covered with ivies.

And surely enough, Kagome found them there. Toji was still covered in bruises, but Kagome doubt he remembered who gave those to him. However, it was rather embarrassing to find the two teens in lip-lock.

"Oh, sorry!" Kagome mumbled but didn't back away. This was more important than a make out session.

Just as she thought, Akiko didn't remember that in another reality she had told Kagome the truth about their relationship.

"Oh Kami!" Akiko screamed when she realized that they were discovered and hid behind her "brother" immediately.

Toji was panicking too, but in a more composed way. "Higurashi," the effect of his sneer was lost through his swollen lip, "forget you saw us, and we won't trouble you again. Do you want money? We'll compensate you. Just, just don't tell anyone. We have our reasons. We're not really..."

"I know you're not really brother and sister!" Kagome was slightly appalled that Toji thought she was going to blackmail them. "Listen to me, because I want to finish this with the two of you as soon as possible. I know everything about your past, don't ask me how, let's just say that I'm psychic.

"Now, I know the two of you want to run away from home, but are afraid that your father will catch up with you. I can help. We can't hide you from your father, so we thought it'd better to reveal to the world who your father really is, once and for all.

"I also know that your father framed your mother's lover twelve years ago with some illegal substances. If you can pull out any evidence of that, we can put your father down... and you'll be free...both of you."

The two stared at Kagome, mouths agape. Their green eyes glinted bewilderedly in the shades of the ivies. The miko couldn't help but take satisfaction in their astonishment.




Kagome rolled her eyes. "Like I said, I'm psychic. Now, do you have an incriminating evidence or not?"

"Higurashi... why are you doing this?" The sister asked. Kagome was pleased to see that this Akiko didn't seem to have suffered from any recent beatings.

She shrugged in response. "Because I'm a nice person." When the two were still too surprised to reply, Kagome finally reached her ultimate "bossy" mode.

"Well, come on! What are you waiting for?! We need to get to work. Don't you want to be freed of your father as soon as possible? Work with me, people!"

Toji gulped. "The case..." he was barely able to find his voice at the moment, "it umm... it happened too long ago. I don't think my father left any evidence that would be enough to incriminate him."

Kagome sighed. "That's what I was afraid of..."

Akiko tugged on Toji's sleeve and whispered something in his ear. Toji's head shot up immediately, hope glimmered in those eyes of his.

"How about bribery? My father keeps all records of the amount of bribes he took in his safe, along with the names of the people he accepted the money from."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "Why would anyone keep something like that?"

"The whole point of bribery is so that someone could get what they want through money and not skill. Father keeps track of their names so that he can 'repay' them in the future. He also crosses out the names once he helped them. I've seen him at it many times."

Kagome clapped her hands together as if to say "eureka". "That's perfect! Bribery, it'll hit him much harder! Can you get this record book?"

Toji shot her a smirk that Kagome had got all too used to in the past two months. A verbal reply was not even needed.

Akiko finally found the courage to speak up. "Higurashi, I don't know how your 'psychic powers' found all this out, but... we're really grateful. But the thing is, it's going to take more than three teenagers, two not even of age yet, to reveal this scandal."

Kagome winked. "Leave that up to me, or, a friend of mine. Okay, Toji-kun, let's meet back here tomorrow at the same time. Make a copy of the book and return the original to your father's safe as soon as possible. It's crucial that he doesn't know it's missing before we put our final plan into actions."

Just as Kagome turned to leave, Toji held her back with a gentle hand. "Wait, Higurashi... really, why are you doing this for us... after all that we've done to you?"

"... I guess you can say that I have a hero complex."


Dear Kagome,

I must say, life without that tyrant is wonderful. Although now that he's in jail, I have to live with that God-forsaken Satan's Wife. Something about how she's our closest relative. Really, I can't sleep pass seven a.m on weekends, it's ridiculous. Toji, however, is now free in his own apartment. But once I turn 18, I am so out of here.

A thousand thanks to you and your mysterious friends (I somehow have a feeling that more than one of your friends helped us). You really are an odd one. But Hojo-kun was right, you're special and beautiful, not just on the outside. I hope you and Hojo-kun get together one day; you deserve to be happy as well.

An all girls private school isn't so bad. And no, I don't wear so much makeup anymore, it's not allowed here. I hope to see you sometimes. But then again, Tokyo is a big city.

By the way, Toji and I are getting married once I turn 18 (you're invited, of course). It'll be weird, I'm really going to become a Mikagi now. Somehow, I just can't escape from this family. After we settle down and earn enough money, Toji promised to take me overseas to search for my birth father. I found the orphanage that I used to live in, they should have some information. A name and a description are good enough. I'm not asking for more, Kami-sama has given me so much already.

Hmm, it's already time for dinner. I'm so out of it these days, I swear I started this letter at three p.m. Strange isn't it?

How's school for you? Anyone bullying you? Now that all my brother's old gang members graduated, there's no one left to protect you. But if you ever need a bodyguard, call us, we still have some lingering connections.

Sayonara, and write back please.

- Don't Wander into Dark Alleys,


"Hey, Inuyasha, do you want to come to Akiko and Toji's wedding with me?" Kagome shoved the letter in front of the hanyou's half asleep face. The group was back together again inside of Kaede's hut. Miroku and Sango were helping Kaede with the dinner while Shippo and Kirara bounced on Inuyasha's stomach.

"Get off." Inuyasha finally shoved off the two youkai. He snatched the letter from Kagome's hand and read it while grumbling about his empty stomach.

"Oi, Kagome," His face was suddenly no longer sleepy, "what did this bitch mean when she said that 'I hope you and Hojo-kun get together one day'? Who the hell is this Hojo guy?! Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Could it be that Kagome-sama is practicing bigamy? Very admirable."

Sango hit the monk on the head with a bowl. "You're not help things, pervert."

Miroku grabbedher wrist to prevent further injuries. A silvery bracelet glinted as it hung loosely from Sango's flesh.

Kagome ignore the monk. "It's nothing, Inuyasha, don't tell me that you're jealous?!"

"Jealous?! Ha! As if I could be jealous of some human?"

To his surprise, Kagome didn't argue with him. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a very reassuring hug.

Before Inuyasha could respond, however, she drew away.

"Let's eat!!!"



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