Upon a Painted Ocean - Prologue

Author: Daisy Sparrow

Rating: PG so far

Pairing: Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will

Summary: Port Royal is infected with a strange disease. Will and Elizabeth enlisted the help of the Black Pearl to find the stolen medicine. On the way, they encounter an old nemesis, a crazy priest, a mermaid, and a demon who is after Jack's soul.

Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean isn't mine, I ain't making no money off of this, so don't sue. But Zeke is mine, touch him and die. Credit of the title goes to P.Speare who wrote the most wonderful Weiss fic. Special thanks to Darkdancer and Madoushi Clef for the betaing.

Warning: This is my first fanfiction...ever and English isn't my first language. My writing experience has been limited to lab reports and technical essays, so please go easy on me. I also write VERY slow.

This chapter is just used to introduce the three main characters, Jack, Will, Zeke (who is he? You'll find out.) The scene took place on a dock, when the guys were returning to the Pearl from a bar.

" " speech // // thoughts *** **** Memory/Flashback

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Zeke had just realized that you should never grope Will Turner, especially not in front of one Captain Jack Sparrow. He took a step away as the dumbass's face hit where his left foot had been a moment ago. A rather notable bump on the back of the idiot's head. Captain Sparrow had excellent aim, he noted dryly, even in pitch black and drunk out of his mind.

Will blinked, "Is he dead?"

"Naayyy...", Jack yawned.

Zeke had to agree, scumbags like that were surprising resilient, like cockroaches.

Jack swaggered towards them, his arms swing wildly. Zeke narrowly missed being hit in the face by the bottle of rum still clutched in the Captain's hand. Will steped up quickly to steady Jack.

Working one hand loose, Jack grabbed Zeke's collar and pulled the boy close. He leaned back a little, he was still a bit weary of the captain's "get up-close and personal tactics" when he's trying to get his point across. That, and his breath reeked of rum; Zeke never understood the human fascination with consuming poison. As if their lives aren't short enough, he sneered. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Will wrinkle his nose and sighed softly. Will seemed to be doing that a lot.

"Noooow...Mr.-Black", the captain sounded sober, "didn't I ass...igned ya wit' th im...important mmmiision...of guaarding the lad'ss vertuue?"

Nope. Drunk, Zeke nodded slowly. He probably won't be sober for days, if he ever is.

"I--I don't need guarding!" Will yelled, his face flushed.

"Momentary slip, Sir," he put on his most innocent face. It didn't work.

The Captain ignored Will and pulled him closer.

//It's like he's sniffing me//, Zeke thought, //how...disturbing.//

Jack's eyebrows drew together as if he was thinking very hard.

"It's late," Will pulled Jack out of Zeke's face, "Let's just get back to the Pearl."

Jack turned his head and gave Will a slight lift of his lips. Zeke relaxed.

Will flashed him an apologetic smile before pulling the staggering captain back towards their ship. He stood still for a moment, head cocked a little to the side.

Jack Sparrow smirks at everyone, but only smiles at Will Turner.

Will Turner makes Jack Sparrow happy, Zeke chewed his lips thoughtfully. //This could make my job hard.// He looked down at the unconcious man lying on the dock. He gave him a sharp kick on the side. The poor sucker rolled into the water with a dull splash.

//I hope he drowns//, Zeke thought as he slowly walked back to the Black Pearl.


Me: All right, I've fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes, this should make it easier to read now :) , all thanks to the wonderful Madoushi Clef. Thank you so much!!!!