This is my first attempt at a Pirates fanfic. Probably will be my only attempt because I love that movie so much that to tamper with the already awesome plot would be a sin. *laughs*

Title: Things Change

Author: BluWine

Rating: pg-13 mostly for my random lovey-dovey crap but a few moments. *evil grin* For those who've read my other story know that I have a tendency to add extra scenes in certain places and because of the recent NC-17 ban on ff.n I just have a link to take to other places.

Summary: Will Turner has been long in love with Elizabeth Swan but her marriage *in here she's already married* to Norrington has caused him a lot more heartbreak than he bargained for. Now he only has his long time friend Patricia Taylor there for him slowly helping to heal his broken heart and maybe help him to love once more. *Jade... if you read this, isn't that the most original name?!? (laughs) well it works with the story!*


Will Turner stood at the outskirts of the crowd, dressed in his most formal clothing. Port Royale's aristocrats gathered in front of the church as the wedding bells rang through the town. Will leaned against the tree he was hidden beside. A tear fell from his cheek as he watched Elizabeth Swan walk regally down the church steps, her head held high and smiling. He never saw her more beautiful in her white wedding dress and with Commodore Norrington latched at her arm.

"Why couldn't you see me?" he whispered. His heart was tearing at the sight of his love in holy matrimony with another man but he couldn't stop watching her.

"Because she's a blind idiot..." Will turned and saw his friend, Patricia Taylor watching the festivities, wearing her loose dirty dress, her hair a mess and her face smudged with the ash from the blacksmith shoppe. Will didn't want to sound terrible in the least because he's known Patricia for as long he knew Elizabeth (His heart contracted in pain again.) and she was a precious friend but he looked her over in disapproval. If she didn't get her act together soon, she would find herself without a husband for the rest of her life.

"I would be perfectly more comfortable if you stopped insulting my taste in women," Will glared then turned back to watch Elizabeth board a carriage to take her to a ship which would in turn carry her to some remote island. It was Governor Swan's wedding gift: a week's vacation away from Port Royale, its people and Will Turner.

"WOMAN, Will," she teased. "WOMAN. You have no right to make that word plural in the light of the fact that your taste has been limited to ONE WOMAN." She sat herself down on the grass and watched the carriage drive two blocks and stop at the port of His Grace's ship the Meridian. "You have GOT to be joking! A beautiful carriage used for something that could be walked in two minutes. C'mon Will, you have to admit that THAT was too over the top." But Will was only too ready to defend Elizabeth's wedding, even if it wasn't him as the groom.

"Elizabeth is too beautiful in that dress to risk it being soiled by mud on the roads," he snapped. "And those roads aren't worthy of being stepped on by someone as extraordinary as she." Patricia turned to glare at him.

"Elizabeth is not an all-holy angel, Will. Come to terms that she DID save you from the wreck of your ship but PLEASE realize she IS human." Will just sat down on the grass knowing that it would be another conversation between him and Patricia... or argument really, where they would disagree about Elizabeth and he would try to justify his love for her while she won against every single one of his reasons.

"You're just jealous that she has a gorgeous wedding and will live far along better than you ever will with a husband, and with the way you look now, you'll probably never even have a beau," he said bitterly. He immediately regretted his words as he turned and saw Patricia's eyes staring at him hurt clearly written in them. "I'm sorry... I REALLY didn't mean that."

"It's all right... I know you didn't," she whispered before turning away still looking wounded. "But I don't say what I say because of jealousy." She carefully worded it because she didn't want to lie... because she really was jealous. She was jealous of Elizabeth and angry with her for not seeing that Will was more than twice the man that Norrington could ever be. It was Will who could love her more... and she was jealous because she wasn't the object of William Turner's affection the way he was hers.

"Then why do you say it?" The sun was beginning to set and the ship was tugging away, the bride and groom were waving farewell to the crowd.

"William, please recover of her," she pleaded. "It's her loss that she married some man who wears a WIG for goodness sake.  You are so much better that Commodore Norrington. He's a stupid twit. You, on the other hand..." Patricia put a hand to his cheek and turned his face towards her. Will saw her smiling proudly at him with tears in her eyes. "You have grown to be an intelligent, wise, kind, gentle, and INCREDIBLY good looking young man." Will blushed in the darkness as Patricia laughed. "And I know that what I just did was inflate your already enormous ego and something I had always sworn against doing but all that was true. ANY woman would have the honor of having you beside them for the rest of her life. The fact that Elizabeth Swan didn't see that is just proof that there's a flaw in her. I love you too much to watch you hurt by someone not worthy of you."

Will just looked at Patricia, gratefully. He wouldn't survive without her support and he knew it. He held Patricia to his chest sighing his thanks.

"You are an unbelievable friend, Patricia Taylor," he murmured. "And yes you did inflate my ego a bit back there but NO it was not already enormous." Patricia laughed into his chest and turned to see the ship disappearing into the horizon. Will followed her gaze and they watched silently until the ship was nothing but a memory against the darkened sky now decorated with starlight. "In fact, with our current situation, in might have been at its lowest point."

"Come one, Will," she said standing and pulling him up. "Time to return to work. The navy has yet to receive their order of rapiers." Will smiled down at her and he put a hand on the small of her back and held her on their way back to the blacksmith shoppe.