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"The beautiful days are long gone

I can't seem to breathe

It feels like it hasn't been that long

Since you walked away from me."

Tristan lied down on his bunk, his thoughts once again

consumed by Rory Gilmore. His Mary. God he missed her. She used to light

up his world. And Tristan could definitely use some light in his

dismal military school life.

He had been there for three months, three long, tedious months

that kept leading him farther away from Rory. But despite the amount

of time that had passed since he had seen her, Tristan's mind could

never erase the picture of her lovely eyes filled with pain when he

said goodbye to her.

"Now, I can try to act real strong

But you and I both know

I still think of you that way."

Tristan rolled over, trying to get comfortable on his flimsy

cot. He closed his eyes, exhausted from his physically demanding day,

but he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep for hours. When he

would, he knew his dreams would be haunted by Rory's piercing blue


He knew Rory was aware of his feelings for her. Now Tristan

wondered if she thought about him even half as often as he thought of


"And you should know that

The beautiful lights

The star filled nights

Still don't mean a thing

Cause you are my star,

So it don't seem right

Without you here with me."

Tristan's roommate got out of bed to open the window, allowing

the cool breeze to come in. Tristan's gaze shifted to the window, taking

in the stars.

North Carolina was beautiful, he had to admit that. His military

school was located in a secluded woods, far away from society and the

noise of busy city life.

When Tristan went on a walk one day, he had found a small

clearing with lush green grass and a small brook. Tristan found himself

imagining sharing the spot with Rory. They would have a picnic, watching

the sunset, and then he could hold her in his arms while they took in

the beauty of the stars.

He turned away from the window, knowing all his hopes of having

a picnic with Rory were ridiculous.

"Now I can try and act real strong,

But you and I both know its hard for me to say

You were my soul."

Tristan had loved Rory since the second he saw her his sophomore

year at Chilton. Even though he teased her and called her "Mary" he

had always known she was the girl for him.

So he lived for their little banter sessions at her locker,

even though most of the time she was mad at him. It made no difference

to him, she kept him in line.

"When you're in love it takes time to heal

When someone's broken your heart it changes

how you feel.

Girl I thought you'd never do me that way,

But after all, I still think of you that way."

Tristan had decided to work hard to deserve Rory. He did his

best to stay out of trouble and get good grades.

But the week that he spent rehearsing for Romeo and Juliet in

Stars Hollow, he snapped. He couldn't handle chasing after Rory any longer

when all she did was chase after Dean. God Tristan hated that guy. Dean

followed Rory around like a stalker and acted like a caveman when anyone

came within a twenty foot radius of her. And Rory was "in love with him."

She was determined to make their relationship work and keep him blind

from the truth, that Tristan loved her and there was a small part of her

that loved him back.

So the frustration built up that week, and Tristan hit rock

bottom the day of the play, breaking into that damn safe.

"Now, love is a game

That we both like to play

Will I win or lose if I move or stay?

Even though I try to hide my broken heart


Girl you know me inside out

And I can't get you off my mind."

Tristan's mind wandered back a year to Madeline's party. That

whole evening seemed like some twisted game Cupid was playing with their


Rory had just broken up with Dean the night before, and Tristan

and Summer had just called it quits. And there they were, together,

holding pleasant conversation at the piano. And then they were kissing.

And then she was running. Before he knew it, Rory was back with Dean, and

Tristan had lost his only opportunity to have Mary as his own.

"I could say that I don't love you

no more.

And I could say that I've closed

the door

On love.

And I could tell you I feel its time

for us

To go our separate ways

But Baby I just wouldn't be the same,

'Cause girl your love is, still on my brain."

Tristan let out a sigh. He knew that he should get over it,

he should let Rory go. But he also knew Rory was something he worked

for. She was a reason to get out of bed in the morning and face the

horrible day. She would give him a reason to get out of here.

"Tristan, you awake?" his roommate Kevin asked.


"I forgot to tell you, you got a letter today," Kevin said,

turning on a light and getting out of bed. He crossed the room to

the desk, and sorted through an array of papers until he found the

envelope. He tossed it to Tristan.

Tristan held the envelope in his hand, flipping on the light

closest to him to see it better.

It was addressed in a feminine script. He flipped the letter

over, looking for a return address. When he located it, his heart stopped.

The letter he was holding had the power to change his life.



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