This is set after Superboy #100. The young Kon-El is living in Smallville with the Kents and trying to live something close to a normal teenage life. I'm changing things around slightly. So characters will be from the Smallville show as well as comics. AND things in the comics will be ignored and acted like they never existed.

Smallville the next Generation Ep One.

Character profiles:

Kon-El AKA Superboy- a clone of the ex-director of Cadmus Paul Westfield his DNA was altered to that of Supermans (or close) In actuality his powers are nothing likes Supermans (yet)

Clark Kent AKA Superman- The man of steel and protector of Metropolis as well as the world. Raised by the Kents after the couple found him in a field (in a space ship) Kon-El looks at him as a brother.

Cassie Sandmark AKA Wonder Girl- Might make appearances as the series moves on. Though i'm not to sure about her and Kon being together she will be a friend.

Christa Lang- Cousin to Lana Lang, moved to Smallville five years before and lives in the Langs old house. Of course she catches Kon's eye.

Jeremy Ross- Pete's younger brother, he lacks the style and attitude of Pete but has the humor and friendly ear.

Tim Drake AKA Robin- Will make several apperances do to the fact that he is Kon's best friend. expect telephone calls for advice and suprise visits in the future. And just maybe a second teen hero in the house of the Kents.

Jonathon and Martha Kent- The adoptive parents of Clark Kent. Also the people Kon is living with.

there will be several other characters making Cameo's and maybe even becoming leads BUT, these are the main ones in particular. I guess that's all you need to know for now. Here is the first chapter of the first episode.

Smallville the Next Generation EP one

New Town, New Name, same ole' style

Kon-El sat in the loft of the old barn. Clark had told him it was his fortress of solitude when they had last talked. Kon looked toward the stars. It just wasn't the same as if you had seen them from space. They weren't as bright or beautiful from earth.

"Kon?" Kon turned his head toward the stairs as Mrs. Kent... 'Martha. He reminded himself in his head. He was supposed to call her Martha.'

"Dinner's ready." Kon smiled and stood pushing his now blonde hair from his forehead.

"Be there in a min Mrs Kent," The Teen of Steel replied only to see Martha's disapproving look. "Martha." He quickly amended. The older Martha Kent smiled her eyes sparkling as she turned and walked down the stairs and toward the Kent farm house. Kon turned and looked out the window this time at the house a little over half a mile away. He seemed in thought for a moment before turning and walking down the stairs from the loft. He had his first day of High School tomorrow.


"But Nell!" The brunette teenager said as she was pushed up the stairs to her room.

"No buts young lady it's time for bed. You start your sophmore year tomorrow." Christa finally gave up fighting and walked into her room.

"Did you hear about the Kents?" Christa asked her fathers sister. Nell shook her head in the negetive as she asked the question.

"What about the Kents?"

"A boy moved in with them a few days ago. I think he's about my age." Nell looked at her neice and smiled slightly. 'What is it about the Kents that just attract us girls?' Nell thought to herself as she moved to shut off the light.

"Goodnight Christa. I'll wake you up in the morning."

"G'night Nell." Christa said as the lights went out and the door shut.


Kon really hated school. Not to mention the fact that he had to ride the school bus. That was a major drag. Before the secret identity crap he could fly wherever he wanted to go. As he stepped onto the steps of the bus he noticed two things. One a brunette young woman sitting by herself toward the back of the bus. And two. Said brunette was a hottie. With what he thought was a lazy smile he walked to the back of the and took the empty space beside her.

"Hey," He said as he smiled at the young woman." I'm Kon." The girl smiled at him and held out her hand which he shook gently.

"Christa. Nice to meet you Kon," She looked at him with deep green eyes. "Your staying with the Kents right?" She asked breaking Kon out of his stupor of staring.

"Um. Yeah, Martha and Jonathon." Christa laughed at his vocal answer and smiled at the teen.

"You look nothing like I thought you would." She said as she looked at his blonde hair and earing. There was something familiar about the young man she just couldn't put her finger on.

"I'm not from around here." Kon answered while still looking at the beautiful young woman.

"That's a given." The bus came to a stop and the two teens stood. As they walked off the bus Kon tried to regain his cool.

"I'll see you around."

"Hopefully." Christa said as Kon walked out of earshot.


Kon walked around his new school with a feeling of dread. It was school, he hated school, school sucked. The montra kept repeating in his head as he walked toward the auditorium so he and the other students could recieve there class schedules.

"Hey man!," Kon stopped and turned to the voice. He saw a shorter kid run up to him. "You new here? I'm Jeremy Ross, resident welcome wagon and all around babe magnet." Kon smiled at the guys humor and shook the young mans hand.

"Connor Kent. Everyone calls me Kon." The two young men began the walk to the auditorium again as Jeremy began to talk again.

"Anything you need I'm your man. Dates, reports, anything. I can get it for ya." Kon smiled at his new friend before asking.

"Okay. I need some info, The girls name is Christa, she's about 5'6" with brown hair and green eyes." Jeremy nodded along with Kon's words. After Kon was done with the description he began to talk.

"Christa Lang. Moved in with her Aunt Nell five years ago. Set to be the next cheerleading captain and dating the starting quarterback for the Crows." Kon nodded along with the analysis commiting it all to memory.

"Okay. Now I need you to find out the hard stuff. Hobbies, turn-offs, those kinda things." Kon said as they walked into the auditorium and looked for seats.

"No prob man." The two young men sat down and put there feet on the chairs in front of them. The principal began to drown on and on about this year being a great year. Finally he told the students which rooms to go to for there schedule. Jeremy and Kon parted ways with a seya later.

End Chapter one.