"I"M NOT GOING!!!!!!!!!" Tim yelled as he looked at the Bat in defiance. He wasn't going to run from some nut case clown. He knew the Joker was dangerous, Jason Todd had proved that. But, he was Robin, he wasn't supposed to run from anything. The Bat only glared at Tim for a few moments before seeming to grow taller and wider. Tim stepped back involuntarily and decided he should probably go.


Kon-El stood in the loft of the barn. 'His' fortress of solitude. At least that's what Supes said when he stopped by earlier that day. Clark was pleasantly suprised to find out Kon had made several friends. And in his own mind he thought of how it was almost like deja-vu. Kon of course didn't listen to Clarks tales of High School. So everything was knew to him, everything was frightening to him. It was the fear that made him do something he never thought he would do. Ask his friends for help. He pulled his cell-phone from his pocket and dialed.



"Hey Tim."

(Kon! How's it goin man?)

"It's okay. Um... I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions....?"

(Sure. Let me guess you don't know what your in for at school and since I've done the whole school thing.....)

"Righto Timmy."

(I'm sorry Kon but I don't know what to tell you. Everything will work itself out. Don't worry.)

"I'm not worried. I'm the Kid remember? Thanks for nothing buddy."

( *Laugh* Sorry I couldn't help more Kon. Later.)



"That helped ever so much." Kon muttered as he cut the connection and began to dial another number.

"She better be more help than boy blunder."


(What's up Kon?)

"Hey Cass... Um.. I was kinda wondering if I could ask you a few questions?"

(Sure... Um... What is it Kon?)

"Well I'm going to school now. And... I don't know how to act around everyone. I can't act like myself because... Well the whole secret identity thing."

(Yeah.. I understand what you mean. To bad I can't go back to the secret identity thing.)

"I'm sure you get asked out more now"

(Yeah just not by the guy I want to be... Anyway I can't tell you how to act Kon. Wish I could.)

"The only other person I can call is Bart... I don't wanna call Bart... Give me Cassie's number? I kinda lost it...."

(Yeah... here.. 701 555-8678. Hope you figure it all out Kon.)

"Me to. See you at the next YJ meeting. Later."



"Am I going to have to call the entire team?!!" Kon shuddered at the thought of calling Lobo for advice.

"Frag 'em all and let the JLA sort 'em out." Kon said in his best Lobo impression.



"Heya Cass... Just.. um hell with it. I need to ask you a few questions about school."

(Um... Okay...)

"I don't know how to fit in with the normal kids. All of my short life I've been around nothing but superpowered people and all the normal people knew who I am... Now.. The secret Identity thing is getting to me, ya know?"

(Yeah Kon. I understand. But I don't know what to tell you...)


(I got an Idea. Why don't you come to my house and hang with me and my friends?"

"Sure. When?"

(Around seven this friday.)

"I'll be there... And Cassie... Thanks."

(Your welcome Kon. Anything for a friend)




"Obviously not anything." Kon muttered to himself in a half smile. Kon sighed and sat back on the old couch in the corner of the loft. He closed his eyes for a second before he heard someone walking up the loft steps. Not trying to be quiet about it either.

"Kon? You up here man?" Kon stood and looked over the railing to see Jeremy.

"Hey Jer. Sup?" Jeremy walked up the steps and handed Kon an envelope.

"That's everything I could get on Christa today. Give me a few more days maybe a week and you'll have her blood type and how many kids she wants in five years." Kon smiled and looked at his new friend.

"You are the man." As the two high fived lightly Kon opened the large Manilla envelope and put the contents on a small table by the old couch. Three photos fell from the envelope Two of Christa in the school quad and one of her in a cheerleading uniform.

"You should charge for this stuff... Just not me." Kon said as he sorted through the hand written notes on Christa.

"I usually do. But you... Well my Bro and Clark are good friends so... Figured keep the tradition alive ya know?" Kon smiled and nodded.

"Good idea man. Besides your cool anyway." The two laughed for a second as Kon held up a sheet.

"She's in the Superboy Fan club?" Kon asked in shock. Pete shrugged and nodded.

"Yeah. Has been for two years now." Kon smiled. He could use this.