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Jaden, one of the heads of Mirkwood woodland patrol, returned from the woods with his company several days later. He and Dar's patrol had been chasing the orcs out of the realm, engaging in bloody battles and skirmishes.

Several warriors under Jaden's command had been wounded and they had to slow their pace to accommodate them, not knowing that the delay was about to cost Legolas's life.

When Jaden arrived at Mirkwood, he was astounded to see the upheaval and the gloom hanging all over the realm. "What's going on?" he asked Commander Linden, the first person he met on his way to his quarters. 

The elder elf looked at Jaden sadly. "Prince Legolas is missing."

Jaden's eyes widened. "How did that happened? When?"

"Almost a week now. We only knew he's gone missing when the prince never appeared for dinner. We have searched everywhere to no success. The king and Prince Keldarion have gone mad with worry."

Jaden closed his eyes briefly, shaking his head as he sympathized with the king's family. "Who saw him last?"

"I guess I did," Linden said quietly. "The last I saw of him was by the training field. He was heading back to the palace all alone." Linden smiled sadly. "He looked so disappointed after he couldn't raise the sword. I should have sent someone with him, or accompany him myself."

"But the prince always manages to sneak away," Jaden pointed out. "Just on the day before I left for my patrol, I found him playing with a mouse near the dungeon entrance. I didn't want him to get lost inside those dark tunnels so I ordered someone from my company to lock the dungeon gate. I planned to talk to the king about installing a better lock when I returned and…Commander? What is it?"

Linden had gone very quiet and still, his eyes widened.


"The dungeon is locked," Linden whispered, his mind already racing.

"Yes, I've assured that before I left. But why are you…Oh." Jaden's eyes had also widened as comprehension dawned on him. "Oh, no. You haven't searched the dungeon, you mean."

"No, we never thought he would be able to get through the locked gate," Linden replied, already running towards the dungeon. Jaden followed him not far behind. On the way, Linden called out for several warriors to come along and lend them aid.

They wasted no time to get the key for the lock. Jaden simply swung his sword down and the chain immediately broke under the force of the sharp blade.

The Mirkwood warriors rushed inside and started calling for the missing little prince.


Legolas was dreaming. Someone was calling his name.

Prince Legolas! Prince Legolas! Where are you?

The prince smiled weakly. They are coming for me…even if it's only a dream.

"Prince Legolas!! Answer me!"

Linden? Legolas perked up. That voice sounds like Linden's. And he is near. Is this real?

"Prince Legolas!!! Tell me where you are!!!"

I'm here, Legolas tried to answer but he could not find his voice. He was too weak to even move his fingers. I'm here….

Linden was busily following the tracks that Legolas had left behind. They were not hard to trace. The prince had been dragging himself all through the dirt, leaving long trail in his wake.

The trail led the warrior directly into the chamber of the underground pool. Linden's knees weakened as his eyes fell on the lone form lying so still near the water. "Legolas!"

Linden rushed forward and dropped down beside the prince, gathering the small limp body into his arms. "Oh, Legolas…please, your highness…answer me…" Tears were running down Linden's cheeks. He desperately hoped that they were not too late, that Legolas was still alive.

To his absolute relief, he found that Legolas still breathed. His closed eyelids started to flutter, and then he moaned.

"Oh thank the Valar!!" Linden exclaimed, kissing the prince's forehead. He quickly bundled the prince in his cloak. Sounds of footsteps began to approach behind him.

"Commander! You have found him!" Jaden cried out excitedly.

Linden stood up with Legolas cradled in his arms. "Yes. But we must get him to the palace for medical attention quickly! He is fading!"


Elrond watched in silence as Thranduil paced in his study; back and forth, back and forth. The lord form Rivendell fully understood his friend's misery. Elrond was a father himself. He could not imagine having any of his children missing like what was happening to Legolas.

A sudden commotion coming from the receiving hall caught Elrond's attention. He went to investigate and saw the Mirkwood warriors came rushing with Legolas lay cradled in Commander Linden's arms.

"Thranduil!" Elrond called out. "Come quick! They have found him!"

Thranduil stopped pacing. He stood rooted to the floor for a long moment before he finally understood what Elrond was saying. Then he finally bolted and rushed out of the study.

"Legolas!!" Thranduil cried out as he saw the unconscious form of his child. He ran forward with his arms outstretched and took Legolas from Linden's hold, hugging him tight. "Ai Elbereth!  My baby! Are you all right, my son? Please wake up, Legolas! Answer me!"

Legolas was unresponsive, though. He didn't even stir when his father repeatedly kissed his dirty cheeks and forehead.

"Where did you find him?" Elrond asked. He was already ushering Thranduil and his precious cargo upstairs towards the prince's chamber.

"In the dungeon," Linden replied as he followed the two lords. "Jaden just returned and recalled seeing Legolas playing by the dungeon gate."

They entered Legolas's chamber to find Keldarion deeply asleep in Legolas's bed. Elladan and Elrohir sat on each side of the bed watching over their friend.

Elladan spoke, "He finally ate the porridge the cook had brought and went out like a light…oh! You've found Legolas!"

"Want me to wake Keldarion up?" Elrohir asked, reaching down to shake Keldarion's shoulder.

"No need, Ro. Leave him be," Elrond said. He bent down and picked up the sleeping crown prince, placing him on one side of the bed and leaving a space to accommodate the other prince. Thranduil put Legolas down beside his brother.

"He is very weak, mostly from hunger and exhaustion," Elrond said as he bent over Legolas to check the child's vitals. He asked one of his sons to go and fetch his healing bag. The servants came rushing in at Linden's orders with a basin of water and clean towels. The servants were also told to brew some vegetable soup mixed with crushed athelas.

After Thranduil had shed the dirty clothes off his son, Elrond began to treat Legolas' cuts and scrapes. Apart from those, the elfling was not seriously injured.

Keldarion stirred when Thranduil was putting clean clothes on Legolas. Keldarion blinked in disbelief, quite shocked to see his brother lying beside him.

"Legolas!" Keldarion jerked upright and pulled his brother into his arms. He looked up pleadingly at his father and Elrond. "He is fine, isn't he? He's going to be all right?"

"Yes, he will, Kel," Elrond said, smiling reassuringly. "But you need to loosen up your hold on him. He needs to breath."

Keldarion complied but did not put Legolas down. "Why doesn't he wake up?"

"He's extremely exhausted. He will be fine after having a long rest and some food."

"Can I stay with him? Please?"

Thranduil sat down beside his two sons and hugged them both. "You don't need to ask, Kel. After all, you will be the first person he asks for when he wakes up."


Legolas giggled at the humorous joke that Elrohir was telling. The elfling had just finished a bowl of soup that Keldarion had spoon-fed him. Elrond's two sons were giving the two princes some company, successfully entertaining them, and managed to speed up Legolas' recovery somehow.

Three days after he had been found, Legolas slowly began to heal. His strength had returned and he didn't feel so weak anymore.  But he was still strictly confined to the bed and was not allowed to leave his chamber until Lord Elrond gave his approval.

He got no serious side effects from his horrific experience, except for the nightmares that caused him to wake up screaming and trashing. At one point, he wouldn't even let Keldarion and Thranduil leave his side, clinging to them both like a limpet would to a rock.

"Please don't leave!!" Legolas had screamed when Thranduil got off the prince's bed last night. The elfling had wrapped one arm around the king's waist while his other hand gripped firmly at his brother's arm.

"I'm not leaving you, Legolas," Thranduil said softly, his heart constricting as he saw the wild panic in his child's eyes. "I am just going to turn out the light so you can sleep better."

"No!!!" Legolas cried out. "Don't turn out the light, please! I'll do anything, father, just don't turn out the light! I hate the dark…I hate it so…"

As Legolas began to cry, Keldarion soothingly stroked his brother's hair. "Shhh…everything's fine now, Legolas. You'll never have to be in the dark anymore. I won't let it, I swear. Go back to sleep, little one. We will never leave you. That's a promise."

Hence, the king and the crown prince spent the remainder of the night in Legolas's chamber. As promised, they never leave Legolas' side even after he had drifted back to sleep.

It was not a comfortable position for three people crowded together on a bed, however big it was. Thranduil felt his back still aching for lying on his same side the whole night, with Legolas sandwiched between him and Keldarion. But Thranduil didn't mind the pain at all, as long as he knew that both his sons were safe.

He smiled as he heard the young elves laugh at Elrohir's funny tale. Keldarion had pulled Legolas to lean against him, while the twins sat side by side at the foot of the bed.

Turning to Elrond beside him, Thranduil said, "I'm so glad that you and your sons are here. The twins truly know how to lift my sons' spirits."

Elrond only smiled in return.

The two fathers kept standing there, gazing at their laughing sons. They both knew they had been blessed with the most wonderful gift a person would ever receive. They would never trade their children for anything else in this world.

And finally, Mirkwood was back to normal…at least for now.

Legolas was not known to be docile and passive for long. No sir, not him. Eventually, he would create trouble for himself when he fully recovered.

Just a moment ago, an eagle had flown by his window. Legolas had become so envious of the great bird. He truly wanted to fly freely like the eagle did. As he listened to his friends' voice, his mind was already made up.

The roof would be the best place for take-off. Hmmm, I wonder how it feels to fly?


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