O Jubilation! – By Darlin

Summary – Jubilee's back with the team but she's having a difficult time adjusting so the Professor assigns Ororo and Logan the task of getting the troubled teenager back on the right track but not even the Wolverine relishes taking on everyone's favorite firecracker.

Disclaimer – Of course I don't own any of the X-Men or Marvel characters.

A/N – This is a story based on an idea my sister gave me. She told me what she thought would be the ideal occupation for a teenage girl so I took her idea and ran with it using Wolverine's ex-sidekick, and one of my favorite X-Men, Jubilation Lee. So many thanks to my twin, Arlene with her twisted take on life.

Also, I don't usually post more than two stories at a time but this one was written over the weekend and it's completed. There will only be three chapters. I just have to finish typing the last two. I hope you all enjoy this story with a little bit of a twisted ending. Oh, let me not forget to mention this is rated PG13 for Logan's bad mouth towards the end and a moment of violence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter One – What to Do?

She hadn't expected to see Ororo and especially not Scott – shudder – waiting with the Professor when she entered his spacious office.

"Have a seat, Jubilation," the Professor said, waving at an empty armchair never taking his eyes off the report in front of him.

Ororo's friendly smile boosted Jubilee's confidence somewhat but Scott's lips were so tight it could only mean something bad for her. Guessing what Scott could have put in the report made her sink even lower into her seat. She knew she was in for some serious punishment she just couldn't guess what masochistic cruelties the Professor and Scott had in mind for her.

"Don't slouch, Jubilee," the Professor ordered when he finally raised his eyes from the infamous report. His cool eyes looked into Jubilees with no hint of what he was thinking then he handed the report to her.

Jubilation Lee

Algebra II D

English Lit. D

Am. History D

Physical Ed. A

Latin D

Art A

Comments: Jubilation Lee falls asleep during most of her classes and shows no interest in the majority of them. She is a non achiever, has a short attention span, seldom takes things seriously and spends an excessive amount of time on her cell phone between classes as of late. I highly recommend that she be put on probation and enrolled in the newly formed mentor program as soon as possible.

Jubilee looked at the tight signature of Scott Summers at the bottom of the page and fought back a retort. She was certain he was going to be the death of her or she would end up being the death of him. The last thought brought a smile to her face. She was quite pleased with the idea of putting Scott Summers out of his, hers and everyone else's misery.

"Is something funny, Jubilee?" The Professor asked. He, like the late Elisabeth also known as Psylocke, had long ago discovered that he could seldom get into Jubilee's mind. Hank theorized that it was due to a type of static that her unique mutant powers produced in her brain – a sort of ongoing firework display continuously playing out in her brain cells.

Jubilee's lips compressed then puckered and a large opaque pink bubble slowly formed. Only then did she shake her head. Ororo shook her own head slightly, pulled a tissue from a box on the Professor's desk and handed it to the teenager. Jubilee let the bubble burst and pulled pink bubble gum off her face at an irritatingly slow rate. Ororo didn't seem to mind but Scott began tapping his foot impatiently on the Persian carpet underfoot. After a few minutes of everyone watching this intriguing feat of hers Jubilee obligingly placed the remnants of her bubble gum in the tissue and handed it back to Ororo. Ororo simply stood and placed it in the nearest trash receptacle then resumed her seat.

The Professor sighed. Jubilee was looking out the window now as if she had not a care in the world. He studied her for several minutes before she deigned to notice him.

"Um, did I do something wrong?" She asked. "They're just grades. I was never a straight A student anyway."

The Professor nodded. He knew Scott was harder on the students than the others but Jubilee had been through a lot since she'd joined the X-Men. From orphan to mall rat to X-Man to student to finally becoming a victim of several heinous crimes many weaker persons would not have survived. He knew hers was a difficult case to deal with. It didn't help matters that he couldn't look into her head and sort things out a bit although he would never consider doing so without her permission.

"Jubilee I believe you are aware that your grades have dropped considerably lower than we can tolerate since you've expressed an interest in going to college. These classes were all courses that you easily passed several years ago . . ."

"I know but . . ."

"Please do not interrupt me, Jubilation," the Professor advised her sternly. "Hank and I felt that since you barely passed these exact same classes when you were at the Massachusetts Academy that you were very much in need of a refresher course but you seem not to be taking this very seriously."

"Well I'm in classes with a bunch of dweebs and . . ."

"There will be no name calling at this school, Jubilee! There was a time when you used to be aware of the rules."

When she didn't reply Charles looked at Scott whom he was sure was rolling his eyes behind his ruby quartz glasses. He then looked at Ororo who was studying Jubilee intently with a worried expression on her face.

"Jubilee we have all discussed your situation and though it is unique in its way, especially since you have only been with us for a few months, Scott and I have decided to place you on probation. You will have to participate in the new mentor program Scott and Jean have set up and since Logan and Ororo have decided to stay in Westchester for the remainder of the school year to help you they will both be your mentors."

"Huh? Logan too?"

"Yes, Logan. You will report to him every morning at 6 a.m. including weekends and Ororo will check in with you throughout the day."

"What?" Jubilee jumped out of her seat staring daggers at Charles.

The Professor looked at Jubilee with a stern and most displeased look on his face.

"I mean excuse me, Professor but . . ."

"Six a.m. report to Logan for further instructions. You may return to your room now."

The Professor's dismissal was final. Jubilee looked at him hopelessly then glared at Scott and stomped out of the room muttering insults under her breath.

"Well I think that went well," Scott said smugly.

Ororo and the Professor looked at him; both frowning slightly but neither said anything.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Sh . . ." Logan caught himself before he let out a slew of profanity. "A friggin' mentor?"

"I thought you said you wanted to be here to help Jubilee, Logan?" Ororo asked.

"Yeah but I mean if Chuck's gonna make me mentor kids an all couldn't I mentor a guy – even Beak or someone?"

"Charles seems to think you will be a great help to Jubilee."

"But to mentor her – she's a girl! How'm I suppose ta help her talk about female crap?"

Ororo laughed. "She may always see me if you can not handle female 'crap' as you so tactfully put it. Since she looks to you as a father figure surely you can be like a father to her and give her a little guidance, perhaps even curb some of her wilder qualities?"

"Such as?"

"Lately she has become quite fond of blowing things up when she gets mad or have you not noticed? She is also less patient and has a very sarcastic, even facetious way about her now."

"An' how'm I supposed to relate to that?"

Ororo almost laughed but she smiled instead, amused that Logan did not see the similarities between himself and Jubilee.

"I think you will figure it out, Logan."


"I have faith in you, my friend."

"Well that makes one of us."

"Don't hesitate to ask for help if you should need it. We are in this together."

"Yeah. Right."

"Just be yourself with the child and you will be fine," Ororo advised.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning before dawn Logan headed to Jubilee's room. He figured he'd end up calling Ororo every five minutes still he was determined to help Jubilee no matter what it took. He just didn't know what he had to offer that could help her. Ororo's advice to 'just be yourself' meant he wasn't going to cut the kid any slack, which is why he was banging on her door before 6 a.m. in the morning. After five minutes of hard knocking though and no response he was fast losing patience. After ten minutes he went in search of Ororo.

"Okay, every ten minutes is better 'n every five, yeah," Logan muttered to himself in an attempt to ward off his anger.

Ororo looked as if she'd been up for hours when she opened the door. He blinked at her then grinned. Sometimes just seeing her seemed to lower his blood pressure and he could forget his problems for awhile.

"Is everything all right, Logan?" She asked when he didn't say anything.

"No, she isn't getting up. Now what?"

"Give me a moment," Ororo's eyes twinkled as she reached into a drawer of an armoire standing by the door. She pulled out a long thin high tech lock pick. Logan grinned approvingly and they headed to Jubilees room.

After knocking several more times without a peep from within, it was a small matter for Ororo to let herself into the room.

"Beautiful, smart an' a decent burglar to boot – they don't make 'em like you anymore that's for sure, darlin'!"

Ororo smiled in reply as she opened the door. They saw a fully dressed Jubilee standing by her window as if she were contemplating an escape.

"Um – am I late?" Jubilee asked quite nonchalantly chewing on her gum then blowing a nice sized bubble.

"Yeah, an' yer gonna have ta be punished," Logan grumbled. He literally burst her bubble with one thick finger then taking hold of the bottom of her yellow trench he wiped the sticky substance on to it.

Ororo tried not to laugh and Jubilee whose mouth had fallen almost to the floor was speechless. Speechless was a good thing, Ororo thought.

"No punishment yet, Logan after all you were supposed to be here at six not before six," Ororo said.

Logan grunted which she took to be a sign of agreement. She leaned down to whisper in Logan's ear – "Just talk to her."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Right," Logan nodded. He frowned just a little when Ororo strolled out the door wishing she would've stayed but he took her advice.

"So, Jubilee where ya been?"


"It's obvious ya just got in."

"Oh? Really?"

"Yer bed still looks as if yer in it fer one thing," Logan pointed at the bed which truly looked as if a sleeping Jubilee was still under the covers.

"So what's up?" He asked after lifting the bed spread revealing a mannequin with a short black wig on it.

"Um, well not much." Jubilee was obviously not going to tell him. She blew another bubble.

"How'd you get this thing?" Logan asked.

"Connections," she shrugged.

"Uh huh. So who's yer connection?"

"Just people. I know a lot of people."

"People like Bobby Drake maybe?"

"I'm not ratting out anyone, Wolvie – you of all people should know that since you're the one who taught me that."

"For cryin' out loud, it's just a stupid dummy, kid!" Logan sighed then changed tactics. "You ain't pregnant are ya, Jubes?"

Jubilee laughed. "No! And please don't even go there, Wolvie!"

Logan guessed again, "You got a drinkin' problem?"

"Wouldn't I be the last to know?" She asked flippantly. "But no, I don't have a drinking problem. I don't do drugs and if you have to know I am still a virgin thank you very much!"

"Good," Logan muttered under his breath. "Cause I'd have to kill the little bastard!"

He'd already known she hadn't been out drinking, doing drugs or having sex but he wanted to throw a few curve balls at her, see how she'd react. He realized she wasn't going to be forthcoming so he changed tactics again.

"So from now on you spend yer nights with me."

"What did you just say?"

"From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. we're gonna camp out. It'll be fun," he added trying to reassure him self more than her.

"Gee, Wolvie, like I'm not a campin' kind of gal, you know what I mean?"

"Don't matter. Yer the minor I'm the mentor. I say it you do it. Tonight bring a sleeping bag."

"Aw man that sucks!"

"Watch yer mouth, kid."

Jubilee looked as if she was going to cry but Logan ignored her. He took a good look around the room taking in everything.  He was surprised by the many expensive high tech items she had but he made no comment.  Nodding to himself he turned on his heel and left Jubilee alone to mope.

"Jackass," Jubilee muttered when the door shut behind her mentor.

"Heard that – enhanced hearing or did ya ferget?" Logan yelled through the closed door.

"I meant me. Yeah. Stupid me! I'm such a jack . . .!"

Logan threw the door open and glared at her. "Watch yer mouth, Jubilee!"

"Sir! Yes sir!" Jubilee snapped to attention and saluted.

"Very funny kid. You keep that up an' yer'll be givin' me 50 in a minute." Logan smiled when Jubilee immediately sat down on her bed and tried to look as innocent as she could. He left wondering who was going to crack first. He guessed it was going to be him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"So how did it go, Logan?" Ororo asked later over lunch.

"Don't know. She's up to something. Can't tell what just yet but you know she's got one hell of an attitude problem now!"

Ororo smiled then asked, "What will you do?"

"We're campin' out every night from here on out."

"Camping out? Where?"

He shrugged. "On the grounds. It'll be fine."

"Well if you need any help . . ."

"Yeah, yeah. I appreciate the offer but you know, Ro I think I got this under control."

Ororo nodded and decided to give Logan a little more time with Jubilee before she approached the poor girl.

That night Logan dragged a very reluctant Jubilee, Power Puff Girls sleeping bag clutched tightly in her arms, out into the dark woods that covered the immense grounds. She made an honest effort not to complain despite the twigs in her hair, the occasional scratch from a stray branch and the enormous amounts of bugs that thought she was dinner. By the time Logan found a suitable spot Jubilee's lip was almost raw from having bitten it so hard and so often but she still remained silent.

"Well let's hit the sack," Logan said as cheerfully as his gruff voice could manage.

"Don't you think we need a chaperone?" Jubilee asked in a desperate attempt to escape her punishment.

Logan grunted, tossed his bed roll out and laid down with his back to her.

"Stup . . ." Jubilee bit her lip again. "Ow," she moaned then crawled into her sleeping bag.

"Ow!" She cried out again when she smacked her face too hard in an attempt to kill the mosquito that had just bitten her. Tears stung her eyes and she didn't fight to hold them back. She let them roll down her face hoping Logan knew how miserable he was making her.

When he didn't seem to notice she coughed pitifully a few times. After awhile she threw in a sad little moan. Still no response and more mosquito bites finally just made her scream as loudly as she could – "Stupid bugs! I'm gonna kill them!"

"Go to sleep!" Logan growled.

"Yes sir! But it would help if I had your healing factor," Jubilee mumbled. She rolled over and drew the sleeping bag over her head despite the heat of the night.

After a few minutes of sweating in her bag she threw it off and stared with hate in her eyes at the night sky. It was then that she noticed a cooling breeze blowing over her and she sighed. At least not everyone hated her, she thought. Logan was sniffing the air but she paid no attention to him. He got up to investigate but she only hoped it was bigger than him, hairier than him and it ate him for supper.

"No marshmallow roasting?" Ororo said when she was discovered and she waved a bag of marshmallows at him.

Logan smiled genuinely glad to see her. She was a sight as she drifted down from the tree she'd been sitting in. He thought she looked like an angel sent from heaven to rescue him.

"Kid don't need games," Logan said but his voice wasn't as gruff as usual.

"Perhaps not but camping out without marshmallows is just not camping out, Logan."

Logan shook his head. He didn't want to baby Jubilee but he trusted Ororo's instincts and he was glad she'd come. Maybe Jubilee wouldn't think he was such a monster now. He took Ororo's hand in his and led her back to the tortured girl. When Jubilee heard him returning she pulled the sleeping bag over her head again hoping he'd leaver her alone. Logan just looked at her curled up form and gave her a little kick.


"We got company – get up."

Ororo bit her lip at the sight of poor Jubilee's red eyes and tear stained face in the moonlight. Her heart went out to the girl. Jubilee looked at Ororo as if she thought she was dreaming then she jumped up and threw her arms around her.


"Hello, Jubilation," Ororo whispered soothingly. She hugged her warmly and kissed her forehead. "I thought you might like to roast some marshmallows."

"Marshmallows? Really?" She looked at Logan hopefully.

"Okay I'll get a fire goin' – show you ladies how it's done," Logan said. "Gather up some dry twigs and' branches. Dry not damp stuff."

"A little lightning always starts a good fire," Ororo said teasingly.

"Yeah on yer watch maybe. You teach the mentoree yer way on yer watch an' I'll teach her the real way on my watch!"

"Mentoree?" Ororo laughed at his new word.

"Whatever you know what I mean."

A quarter of an hour later they were all gathered around a blazing fire eating crispy marshmallows off of sticks. Ororo effectively lowered the temperature so the others felt as comfortable as she did.

"Jubilee, this is a beautiful night for fireworks do you not think so?"

"Huh? Oh yeah! Can I?"

Ororo nodded and she and Logan watched Jubilee light up the skies with brilliant multicolored shots of energy that burst and popped very much like traditional fireworks. Logan saw how happy Jubilee was when she was letting loose with nothing else on her mind. He glanced at Ororo whose soft brown skin was shining in the different colored lights making her look almost unearthly.

"Is everything okay?" Ororo asked him when he scooted closer to her.

"I was just thinkin' you look beautiful, darlin'," he said, his husky voice so low she almost couldn't hear him.

"Why thank you, Logan."

He looked disappointed when she stood up after a few minutes. He hadn't meant to scare her off.

"Bravo! Bravo, Jubilation!" Ororo clapped her approval of Jubilee's fine display. She held her arms out and the teenager rushed into them. "As much as I have enjoyed your wonderful show it is time for us all to go to bed I think."

"Yeah, that was good, kid but 'Ro's right."

"Okay," Jubilee was smiling for the second time that night, pleased with their compliments.

"We only want to help you," Ororo said softly before she released Jubilee. "Sleep well."

Jubilee felt a lump growing in her throat as Ororo summoned a wind and made her way up through the trees till she was lost in the darkness. Soon they caught a glimpse of her soaring high in the sky headed back towards the mansion. With her departure the air became humid and hot once more and Jubilee crawled resignedly into her sleeping bag. Logan threw himself down on his blanket satisfied that his charge wasn't going to bawl all night. He stayed up even after Jubilee fell asleep, keeping watch over her and thinking about a certain goddess.