My dearest reviewers,

I'd like to once again go over everything that I plan to change with the story while awaiting the arrival of SCIII. This is of course just the specifics.

Rework the beginning.
More Link/Cassandra scenes.
More Kilik/Xianghua scenes.
More Drake/Talim scenes.
Adding Kyle/Mina scenes.
A few Raphael/Ivy flashbacks.
A few Yugo/Taki flashbacks.
Rework the Link VS Nightmare fight.
Rework the Valentine Mansion battle.
Rework the Charade Battle.
Raising importance on Raphael.
Raising importance on Mitsurugi.
Raising importance on Kilik.
Making Link less overpowered.
Making Link's story mysterious.
Replacing the Oni Link appearance. Replacing Spawn in Venice w/Voldo.
Replacing Heihachi with Zasalamel.

I plan to rework the beginning to make it seem like a surprise that Nightmare and Soul Edge are still around. I also want to add in a few more of those touching scenes between the stories two choice couples. As for the Drake/Talim/Yunsung triangle I am still waiting for people to vote on it. Though I do plan on introducing a past between Drake and newcomer, Tira.

I plan to rework a few of the more memorable fights, especially the battle between Link and Nightmare.

I basically see how Voldo can end up in Venice trying to get the shards and I think that everybody sees the overpowered characters and why they should be cut down. I want Link to have one of the those scenes where he comes clean about where he is from so it would be a good idea to read the revised chapters I will mark later.

Spawn and Heihachi...I have completely run out of ideas for them and am having absolutely no fun making sure that their characters are right. So I am dropping them in exchange for Zasalamel and Voldo on initial appearances. Another character will be fighting Link, of course I will be getting rid of all the Oni Link stuff. Why? Because I don't know where I was going with it, so it will basically just be Link after regaining some of his magical abilities. Though they are limited and there is not much of an advantage.

Finally, to those that have been reviewing me and e-mailing me recently I thank you. But to those that have been doing the same only to scream at me about Link let me ask you this, do you think that I feel like going back and erasing Link from fifty chapters of work?

I am sorry if you do not like Link, but he is important to this story and I plan to fix everything to make him a little less powerful and slowly ease him from being the absolute main character. Those who I told this to and they still demand I drop him from the story completely, you should just hold onto that dream because it ain't gonna happen.

(whinning) "But I thought you loved your reviewers, and that you listen to what we thing!" (whinning)

Yeah I do love all my reviewers, but I only let my story be effected by the thoughts of the majority and even then it is my choice. I'm not going to spend the next six weeks revising my brain child because three or four people don't like Link being in Soul Calibur. Don't read the story or flame me like everybody else, don't be mailing me at home to say you have a problem with something I do without pay and without benefits. Take what you can get. The next chapter should be up within two weeks, but chances are with the revising some parts of it will be a little confusing.

To those loyal reviewers I say thank you and God bless you.

To those that keep urging me to change things, I appriciate your input, but please do everyone a favor and screw off.

T.Lawrence Biohazard 101