A/N - Hey everyone! I'm back! Finally! Sorry for the wait, I had no motivation and never got around to typing a new story. So I look forward to everyone's comments and if you have and ideas or maybe even some dialog of your own that you would like me to put in I put it in a give you credit for it! So sit forward ( and start to read!

I have rearranged the events at the end of season six, so here's the prolog:

*Prolog* (In list form)

- Spike leaves to get a soul, not to get the chip removed so he can hurt Buffy.

- Tara does get shot and dies.

- Willow does go on overload and kills Warren.

- Willow and Tara hadn't known that because of their love for one another that they had been give a special power within each of them that they were at the time unaware of. A gift. This they could use only use for each other. It symbolized their love.

- Willow, without realizing it was using this gift for revenge for Tara.

- Xander saved Willow from herself and that began her to fight for what she loved.

- Like a second after it happened Tara unconsciously used her power to bring her back to Willow.

- Tara and Willow began their slow journey back to normality.

- Giles came back a few days later to teach Willow control.

- Spike came back to show Buffy how he loved her and how he was sorry.

- Buffy couldn't handle everything and everyone.

- She felt as if she had failed Dawn as an older sister and couldn't even begin to do what her mother had done.

- She felt like she had lost Willow completely.

- She was jealous of the relationship that Willow and Giles were forming.

- She felt she would be betraying her destiny and family by admitting her love for Spike.

- Xander and Willow were rebuilding their friendship and Buffy feel unwanted. - The only other person who was concerned about Buffy's distance from the group was Tara.

And one day, she just gave up and left.

And that my friends is where my story begins...