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Buffy couldn't handle leaving. This place. This town. She couldn't leave. Buffy scrambled off of the bus and ran back to Marge at the coffee shop.

She was in tears by the time she arrived.

"I couldn't do it." She said softly to Marge from across the counter. "I can't leave."

Marge was startled at Buffy's sudden burst through the door.

"I think if I stay here things will be ok. They have to get better. And if I stay here they will."

Marge walked from behind the counter and wrapped her arms around the young woman that was standing in front of her. "Shhh....I understand. And you are perfectly right."

"Can I get my old job back?" Buffy asked with a sly smile.

Marge answered her question by tossing an apron at Buffy. "Start cleanin' missy!"

Buffy laughed. She tied the apron around her waist and began to do her work.

As the hours of the early morning flew by, it seemed like seconds to Buffy when the clock read 2:30.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I know that Spike is a vampire and that if he is in the sun he will die.....but this next scene just didn't work very well at night.

While her back was facing the entrance, she heard the door swing open with the ring of the bell and then the sound of heavy boots on the tiled floor. She stopped what she was doing. She knew that sound. It scared her, but mostly it just made her want to cry out of relief and frustration and anger and everything.

She turned around and found her two favorite men standing in front of her. Before she could stop herself she started to cry. She couldn't hold it in anymore and ran into Spike's embrace.

"We've been lookin' for you, pet." Spike said in a hushed tone that was happy and calm and the same moment.

"I'm so sorry. For everything." She said between kissing him.

"Don't worry about it. We found you,"

Buffy noticed Xander standing there waiting for his turn.

"Oh Xander!" She cried and flung herself into his arms.

"Hey! Don't go knockin' me down now!" He said jokingly while wrapping his arms around his friend.

"I love you guys so much!" She said pulling Spike and Xander into a group hug.

"Come on, luv, let's go home. The rest of the gang are waiting for you." Spike said gently.

Buffy grabbed Spike and Xander's hands and started walking towards the car. Buffy and Spike climbed into the back seat while Xander drove them all back to Sunydale.

Buffy spent the whole ride wrapped up in Spike's arms and the scent of leather and whisky. She came to a conclusion that everything would be fine. No matter what she faced in her life she would always have her family behind her.


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