Unwelcome News Chapter 8 - Epilogue

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The news that Faith Akira Takaishi had been born a healthy, seemingly happy baby brought great joy to the DigiDestined. Even Izzy had to wipe away a tear. (No offence to Izzy, just he rarely shows his true emotions). After the group of four siblings had celebrated on their own, the entire group jammed themselves into the now crowded bedroom. The atmosphere was one of relief and amazement as the DigiDestined gazed upon the tiny bundle who was now sleeping peacefully.

'What will be happening in the real world now Gennai?' Joe asked, looking proudly down on the daughter of his two near-siblings. 'We have been gone for months.'

'I believe that the others will have sorted it out, I sent an e-mail to Yolei explaining things so your parents should understand. Of course they don't know about baby Faith here, I decided to leave that up to you.'

But for now, that did not matter. They would have to face that hurdle when the time came.

'So how are you feeling?' Tai asked his sister who was now holding his niece closely.

Sighing, the exhausted girl replied,

'Like I can't walk for a week and as though I haven't slept in months.'

The worn out girl leaned back against her pillow and shut her eyes temporarily before sighing deeply, letting all of the remaining pain seep out of her in one big breath.

The others knew what Kari was trying to say, and discreetly left the room leaving the proud parents and their first child.

'You should get some sleep, you have to keep your strength up,' TK told his girlfriend, stroking her hair gently. Suddenly she opened her eyes and gazed straight into his.

'OK, but first will you do something for me?'

How could he refuse? She had just given birth to his child, and he loved her to bits.


'Picture?' she indicated towards her bedside table where the 'Stone' camera lay unnoticed in the recent events amongst a tissue box, a lamp and a bottle of water. TK reached next to an alarm clock and picked it up, taking it out of it's case.

TK smiled and took the picture as Kari grinned holding up the new born baby.

He then watched her fall asleep, smiling proudly, holding Faith in her arms.


A week later they were to depart to the real world. The digimon, who had been doing whatever digimon do in their spare time on the surface for the past week or so, came to say their goodbyes, which was an emotional time for all of them.

Eventually they all found a nearby TV which Gennai had found. Apparently he was coming with them to help explain things to the parents, which the others were glad of.

'Is everyone ready?' Tai asked, glancing around at his team.

Mimi had already gone back to America. She decided to go first as she did not want to leave all on her own with no one else there to see her off. Joe was cleaning his glasses absentmindedly and talking to himself about osmosis, whilst Izzy was putting away his laptop. Sora grabbed onto his hand for the journey and smiled. Matt picked a piece of grass off of his black shirt, TK and Kari held onto each other while Faith nestled comfortably in Kari's arms.

He waited another minute or so until he said the famous words.

'Then let's go!'

Then the group disappeared in a bright light as they were sucked into the computer away from the Digital World.


Luckily and rather amazingly, all seven of the DigiDestined and Faith managed to miraculously enter the park without being seen and without collapsing in their usual artistic style. Gennai had said something about altering the gate so that it would be easier to return without causing too much of a fuss. The man quickly glanced around at the group to make sure that everyone was alright.

Kari gradually took in the scenery around her. Nothing had changed that much in about nine months, the only difference being that the gardening aspects were slightly different.

By the drastic change in flowers, the girl judged that it was summer.

'What month is it?' she asked curiously.

Gennai seemed to remember something, and told them that it was July and that the schools had already broken up for the summer holidays.

'ALRIGHT!' Tai cheered loudly, causing a passing couple to stare at him rather strangely before quickly moving away. Their parents, of course, already did know to some extent what was going on, yet their was still the problem of their friends.

Nancy Takaishi sat next to her late husband on the sofa of the Kamiya's living room drinking tea. For months now the disappearance of their children had been egging away I their minds, although they were apparently safe, they had been gone awhile. The atmosphere, although seemingly warm and pleasant, still had a distinct edge to it.

Suddenly there was the sound of keys turning in the lock.


Outside four very nervous teenagers stood glaring at the door. Matt had called ahead and discovered that his parents were at the Kamiya's, which was convenient.

Tai glanced at Matt, who in turn looked towards TK, who rested his eyes on Kari, who promptly turned her head back to Tai.

Tai finally decided that it was no use just staring at the door and reluctantly put the keys in the lock and turned them slowly.


'That's strange, you don't think it could be.?' Mrs Kamiya asked with hope in her eyes as she looked at her husband questioningly.

'Hey mum! We're back!' Tai yelled as normal as he could down the hallway. He and Kari were greeted by hugs and ruffled hair as their parents came rushing towards the front door. They then were lead into the living area, oblivious as to what TK was holding in his arms.

'Matt! TK!'

Nancy and Malcolm stood up hurriedly upon seeing their sons. Then the parents realised exactly what TK was holding.

'T-TK.who is that?' Nancy asked, obviously inclining towards the small pink bundle.

'You better sit down for this one,' Matt informed them.

Tai and Matt stood to the side as their younger siblings stood close together, before linking fingers firmly.

'Mum.Dad..this is Faith Akira Takaishi, your first granddaughter.'

Silence. Complete and utter tranquillity filled the air of the apartment as four very surprised people gazed at their grandchild in wonder.

'What? How.' Malcolm managed to force out of his hanging jaw.

'Let me explain that,' Gennai suddenly appeared. The adults looked up in surprise to see the old man.

Taking that as an invitation to continue, he carried on.

'The forces of the Digital World it appears have decided to fulfil a prophecy concerning these two here.' Gennai then recited the said prophecy.

'Destined things such as this always happen at a specific time, so it was destined for this to happen at this stage. Because under normal circumstances that would be impossible, the forces decided to take matters into their own hands by subconsciously transporting the DigiDestined into the Digital World and altering the time scale. Very confusing, but I assure you that it is all true. Do not blame TK and Kari. No doubt in the future this event will have much significance.'

Kate Kamiya seemingly stood up, apparently calm and as politely as she could said,

'T-thank you. You may leave us now.'

Gennai disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving the teenagers to fend for themselves in what was coming next.

'WHAT?' Both husbands exploded. Nancy and Kate sat there, staring at their youngest. Although they were not saying anything, looks could be just as bad.

Tai and Matt tried to sneak down the hallway, but Kate stopped them.

'Oh no! You come right back here young man and explain exactly how this could happen!'

'Um well I er.'


Kate dragged her son back towards the living room, Matt following hesitantly behind them.

Needless to say, it took numerous cups of strong black coffee to calm the parents down enough to talk without shouting or using violent hand gestures. Not that this improved things.

Nancy started crying. She could not believe that her youngest son, who she had supposedly brought up into a good, respectable home, could already be a father at his age. Yes, she did want him to grow up, be married and have children, but definitely not yet. She could not understand what she had done wrong in his upbringing, he had seemed such a sweet, normal kid. Now this. A small voice told her that at least it was with someone he had known since childhood, not just a sudden relationship. Nancy chose to ignore this in the current situation.

Malcolm stared at the cream-coloured wall in front of him. He knew that he was not as close to TK as he would like because of the current situation between his ex wife and himself, but he thought he knew him well enough. ~apparently not~. Matt was supposed to be the wild one, being in a rock band and stuff. Being the fully fledged, well practiced teenager. But no. It had to be TK.

Kate stood glaring at her two children fiercely. She knew that she could not really blame Tai for any of this, it was just that he always looked out for his little sister. How could she be a grandmother now? She was much too young. Perhaps Kari was always just too perfect and she took it for granted. Kate knew that the difficult teenage years would always come, but definitely not in this way. She looked across at her husband sadly, breaking her glare towards her children.

David cast his eyes over his only daughter. His child, his baby girl, his little angel. How could she grow up so fast? He had done everything to protect her, everything right. Something must be wrong - he thought about the digimon sightings years ago. ~That's it, it's not her fault~. His precious could not have done this willingly, she knew the rules. Then again, TK was the kind of kid who you could just trust, so that option was out. He was lost at sea, far, far away from the island of his daughter's childhood.

Matt knew what his mother was thinking, and he didn't like it. She would be blaming herself for this, whereas destiny was the only criminal here. He dared a glance at Tai, who was watching the scene with a mix of anxiety and fear.

Tai thought: ~this is bad, this is very bad.~ Of course he was not expecting that they would get over the shock straight away, he only realised it all truly when his niece was born. Perhaps they should have told the parents differently, then it might not be such a shock.

TK felt protective yet scared. His parents and almost parents-in-law were indeed taking this very badly. If they were even a few years older then the shock may not be as great, he remembers vividly when he found out, but then again he at least understood it. Maybe things would be better in a few days.maybe.

Kari felt awful. Faith seemed to sense the tense atmosphere of the room, because she shivered in Kari's arms. Holding her child closer, she could tell from the look on her mother's face that she was in big trouble. She knew that her parents would never throw her out or anything like that, but their relationship may never be the same again.

Finally, David spoke:

'Nancy, Malcolm, another cup of c-coffee?'

The two nodded their heads, not really taking note of the question. Then Nancy managed to choke out,


TK and Kari told their parents exactly what happened, right up until the kiss. Then their parents were reminded by Tai what Gennai had said, indeed, the two being questioned would certainly not normally have done something like this.

'I thought I felt a bit weird,' Kari added, 'it was like I couldn't control what I was doing or feeling.'

Finally the parents reluctantly began to think that what their youngest had said was true, but they still had their doubts. Despite this they were slightly relieved, as they knew that all this 'Digital World stuff' was weird and bizarre, and practically anything could happen. Of course they were still angry about what happened, but now they blamed destiny more than their children after all explanations.

Tai, Matt, TK and Kari sat down on the floor, Faith completely oblivious as to what was going on around her. They sat in silence drinking tea, the biscuits untouched, thinking deeply about what had happened and what was going to happen. Nancy looked at her first grandchild properly for the first time. A tiny bit of her smiled inside when she saw that, even at such a young age, the child had something distinctly like her son and, she supposed, his new girlfriend. Somehow she knew that the child was a girl, it was just a mother's instinct. She decided to break the pristine silence.

'What is her name?'

Everyone looked up, startled by the broken silence. The young parents glanced at each other.

Kari cleared her throat gently before telling her second mother.

'Faith Takaishi.'

The second name surprised the older parents slightly, even so they were beginning to warm towards their granddaughter.

Knowing what to do, Kari carefully stood up and walked towards Nancy. Her eyes told the question which she was asking. Sighing, the blue eyed brunette gently took the peacefully sleeping baby. Rocking her gently in her arms, she gazed down lovingly at the child, one of the most precious gifts in the world.

For the next half hour, Faith was held by all of her grandparents. For the moment everyone seemed to have forgotten about the age factor, and happiness began to seep into the apartment.

Even a congratulations was said, which amazed all four teens. They guessed that Gennai being there had really helped.

A few hours later, when a few supplies had been bought by Kate popping out of the apartment, it began to get dark.

Malcolm stood up, resting his cup on the coffee table.

'I'm afraid that it is getting rather late, Matt and I had better go.'

The family aura was broken for the time being with that statement, and Malcolm and Nancy looked guilty for a second because of it. Matt slapped Tai on the back, saying something about seeing him tomorrow. Then he hugged his brother for the first time in a while, after lightly hugging Kari as she had Faith in her arms again.

'We'd better be going too,' Nancy added.

'Why don't you stay over?' David asked politely. He was still doubtful, but he now knew that his baby (Kari) had done nothing wrong, it was not her fault, or TK's, for which he was grateful.

Nancy looked towards her son, who was now playing with Faith who had awoken a short while ago.

'You know I think we might,' she smiled.

'Tai!' the boy looked up from the bag of crisps he was eating. 'Go get the put up bed from the cupboard and put it in your bedroom.'

'But Mum!' he groaned. The glare he received shut him up. He still was not quite forgiven.

That night is all peaceful now in the Kamiya household. Tai, TK and Kari are fast asleep in their bedroom, tired from the events of the day. Faith sleeps soundly in her grandparents room, while Nancy receives some good rest in the spare bedroom. What would they do now that they were in the real world? Why was Faith born? Will they be able to cope? Tonight is just the beginning.


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