Disclaimer: The X-Men aren't mine, any other characters in this fic are my creation. Like Hallie (Hal-ee), she's mine.

Summary: Alternate Reality. Logan and Hallie are friends, always watching eachother's backs...but what if they want to be more than friends? Logan/OC

Note: In this reality Logan is 25. (just to let you know)

The Drifters


"Where is she?" Logan barked at the bartender, almost threatening to leap over the counter and slug the guy.

The bartender didn't seem to be phased by Logan's gruffness, cocking his head to the side and staring at him while cleaning a few shot glasses. "Hey pal, a lotta girls come in here, what's she look like?"

Logan sighed, gripping the side of the bar, his knuckles turning white. "She's about uh...5'4, red and black streaked hair, thin, wears a lot o' black..." he paused, looking directly at the man infront of him for any indication that he knew what Logan was talking about. "She called me from the pay phone, said her bike was busted up and she needed a ride.

The bartender nodded. "Oh right, yeah she was here. She had a few drinks, then uh, I saw her head around the back."

Logan turned abrubtly and walked out of the bar. He walked around the building where he saw who he was looking for, slumped down on the step beside the dumpster. "Hallie?"

She smiled up at him in a goofy sort of way, squinting her eyes as she tried to focus on his face. "Heeeey there...Looooogan."

He took her arm and started pulling her to her feet. Once she was up, the strong smell of alcohol assaulted his senses. "Whoa, yer drunk Hal, c'mon."

Hallie scrunched up her face and glared at him almost accusingly. "I don't think soooooo." she sang.

That grew a chuckled from Logan. "Yeah, y'are. Now why'd ya call me at the hotel fer a ride?"

Hallie rolled her eyes and Logan started to lead her back around to the front of the bar. "I lost my bike."

Logan sighed. "C'mon Hal, where is it?" He pulled her arm over his shoulder as they stumbled toward the parking lot.

She smiled at him with a starry look in her eyes and she laughed. "Impound lot."

Logan rolled his eyes and grunted. "What'd ya do this time?"

Hallie started to wobble more and would have fallen to the ground if Logan didn't catch her. He sighed, picking her up and carrying her over his shoulder. She giggled in a fashion that was very unlike her and playfully slapped at Logan's butt as she hung over his shoulder upside down. "You rescuin' me big boy?"

"Ha. Sure Hal." Logan carried Hallie to his motorcycle and positioned her infront of him, too worried that in her drunken state she might fall off the back.


Logan unlocked the door to his hotel room, adjusting Hallie on his shoulder and kicking the door open. He carried her to the un-made bed and laid her down gently, tossing a blanket over her. "'Night Hallie." He half smiled and stripped down to his boxers, then flopped down on the chair in the corner of the room and fell asleep.


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