I'm feeling lonely and it seems to stay

It's been awhile since I felt that way

Well, I can tell you there's no room to play this game

All I know is what I'm missing

What I'm missing is your kissing

Are you listening?

Don't go, Don't go tell me you're all right

There's no room for getting uptight

Don't go saying that you're okay

When you're lonely

I said baby, don't go telling me we're over

When you know you're my one and only lover

And I won't go saying that we're okay

When we're lost without each other

I didn't mean to start our last big fight

You should have never hung up that night

All I want to do is make things right

Listen, with all the choices that we choose to make

And all the promises we choose to break

We were busy making big mistakes, yesterday

I can tell you one thing

We're not better on our own

I'm tired of running from my feelings

Are you listening?

Lost Without Each Other by Hanson


"Fred!" She called waving her hand in the air as if I wouldn't recognize her.

I chose to ignore her.

"Fred! Fred Weasley!" She shouted, even louder this time.

I ignored her, but the soon to be six year old in my arms destroyed that plan. "Fred, why are you not answering the Mione?"

"Because the Mione is a bitch." I grumbled under my breath.

Both Christine and Patrick gasped in shock. Shit, it didn't matter what happened now, Fleur and Mara were both going to curse me when Patrick and Christine repeated that all night. It's not like I have good luck or anything, so they will most certainly be going home and talking about that word and not the fact that earlier I said "thank you" and "excuse me". Oh, no, my politeness will go completely out the window and my curses will be highlighted with a freaking spotlight.

"Fred! Oliver!" She shouted.

Oliver had Patrick by the hand and looked at me. Should he respond to her?

"Hello, Hermione." I said icily.


Fred must be going hard of hearing.

"Fred," I said, trying to catch my breath. "Fred, can we talk?"

"Well, I can talk and I see your mouth running now, so apparently you can too." He answered.

He had this look in his eyes. I look that I had only seen a few times before. This look appeared when he found out that Michael Coroner had broken up with Ginny. The look was there when Percy came by that Christmas after siding with the Minister. The look when a wizard with a push trolley nearly ran over Christine that time we took her to Diagon Alley. That look.

"Fred," I said, putting my hand on his arm.

"Fred, let me take the kids," Oliver said, taking Christine out of Fred's arms. He walked away, glancing nervously back at the two of us, with a kid's hand in each of his. "Would you guys like to meet Paul Forrester?"

"No, he sucks, he dropped the quaffle." Patrick said loudly much to the delight of this purple haired wizard, but he followed Oliver anyway.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, freckled arms folded across his chest as if he was guarding something.

This angry side of Fred was quite unnerving. "Can we talk?" I asked, as I noticed the crowd around us, a bug-eyed bespectacled woman and a pudgy old witch in particular, they were closest to me. "Privately?"

Fred didn't say anything, but kind of rolled his eyes and walked away, towards where Oliver headed. Oliver pointed to a room; I realized we were in the VIP area (which suddenly explains why the guard was so annoying about letting me in), and Fred opened the door.

There were a few folding chairs and some Puddlemere pennants on the ground. This particular box obviously hadn't been in use for today's game. Fred shut the door behind us and then turned to face me.


I couldn't believe she was doing this.

"Fred, I want to get back together." She said, stepping closer towards me. I took a step back.

"And pretend nothing ever happened?" I asked, trying to sound firm and confident. Truth was, being in such a small room with her was racking my nerves. I felt so jumbled up; not quite sure if I wanted to run forward, pull her close to me and kiss her, or run forward, pull her into a headlock and strangle her. I think it was actually a little bit of both.

Hermione loosened the grip on the strap of her purse and smiled slightly. "That would be great." She started walking towards me again, but stopped when I took a step back.

"So, let me get this straight," I said. "You just want me to forget the fact that you thought I was just a "summer fling". You want me to forget that you called me immature and irresponsible. And most of all, you want me to forget that when I wanted a relationship with you, you ran away with no explanation at all when I had done absolutely nothing wrong. You want me to forget all that?"



This was not at all how I expected him to react.

I expected this to end with a hug and a long romantic kiss.

I expected it to end with us planning to spend the rest of the day together.

Maybe at worst, I expected him to say "I'm glad you finally ditched the crazy act and came to your senses."

But there was still a kiss at the end.

Not a Puddlemere United pennant being hurled at ground, only to have Fred follow up on his throw by jumping up and down on it.

That was certainly not what I expected.

"You have to make up your god damn mind!" Fred shouted, staring at the squashed, dirty pennant.

"I am!" I defended myself. "I want to be with you!"

Fred stopped smushing the pennant and looked at me. "And what happens in a few months at Christmastime when you have to see my family again? You going to run out because Ron opens his mouth and convinces you that you are only with me because it's the holidays and you didn't want to be by yourself? That is only a well-we-were-both-lonely-around-the-holidays-thing and that's why we're together?"

"No!" I said, unable to believe that he was saying such accusations.

"Well, Ron is always going to be a part of my family," Fred said, folding his arms across his chest. I noticed he was still holding Patrick's jacket. Patrick must be cold.

"I know," I tried to assure him. "I don't care."

"Well, you have to care." Fred replied. "He's my brother."

"Fred, I love you, I want us to be together. My past with your brother doesn't change that. I want to be with you." I said, not knowing any other way to say it.

Fred had a glimmer of something cross his face before it returned back to the grave, stone face he had been wearing for the past twenty minutes. "Hermione, you are never going to be okay with the situation, with your past with Ron, with my past with, well, other girls, with any of it. You said it yourself, we are too different, we are just never going to mesh."


"Now if you will excuse me, I have to find Oliver and the kids, we have plans." He said, motioning with the windbreaker clenched in his fist.

"Fred, I made a mistake earlier!" I called out, in one last desperate attempt to keep him from walking away. This was so far out of my control, it was unbelievable.

He stopped. It worked. It really worked. I could hardly breathe.

"Glad you finally admitted it." He said, before turning around and started walking again.

"Fred! I love you! Please!" I shouted, unable to actually understand what I was saying. My head felt disconnected from my body, it was such an odd feeling. It was like I was drowning in my thoughts, composed thoughts that I had aligned hours earlier, but now I was flailing in them, desperately latching on to any words I could catch and spewing them out, in a desperate hope that he would throw me a life raft.

He didn't. Instead he made the waters rougher, by adding. "If you mean that, then why can't you just say sorry?"

He left. With that he left. Leaving me to drown in my misery and confusion. What the hell just happened?

The magic word was sorry?

My mother always said it please.

Shows what she knows.


I had to get out of there. I had to get out of there before she got to me, before she convinced to me to stay.

I knew I couldn't. I knew it would be wrong for both of us. We would both just end up hurting each other again. She couldn't even fucking apologize for ditching me last time, all she could say was that she made a mistake. She can't swallow her pride, she tried, but she couldn't. It just wasn't meant to be.

"Fred," I heard a breathless voice call out behind me. "Mara's going to kill us, I lost Patrick's, ah, ha! You had it!"

Oliver snatched the jacket out of my grasp and thrust it around Patrick.

"Uncle Fred?" Patrick said as Oliver sloppily put his coat on him. "Will you carry me? I'm sleepy."

"Of course, buddy," I said, picking him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck before settling his head on my shoulder. It seemed like he would be out instantly.

I took Christine's hand in my other one, Oliver grabbed her other hand, and the four of us walked out of the now nearly empty quidditch pitch.

A lady with glasses that made her eyes look three times their normal size pushed past us. She was grumbling something about having left her notebook in her chair.

"Everything all right?" Oliver asked, checking that Patrick was asleep. Christine seemed almost as tired.

"It's over." I said. "I told her just what you and I talked about."

"Good." Oliver said, "It will be easier to move on that way."

"I hope so." I agreed.


New Celebrity Wizarding Couple?

In a mere ten days, one of the most well known wizarding couples and one of the more hidden couples have officially been split up. Coincidence? We think not.

Oliver Wood, 27, and Marie Alexandria, 25, officially announced their separation last Thursday at a press conference given by the model/actress. The couple cited conflicting schedules as the reason behind their divorce. Marie was quoted saying, "Oliver and I are both at nearly the peaks of our careers. We have busy schedules and have hardly anytime to see each other. It has greatly put a strain on our relationship and together we decided that it would be better that we part ways as friends. We both care deeply for each other and understand that maybe at another time and place, this could have worked out, but right now was just not the time for us. We were caught up in the romance of it and rushed into marriage a little too quickly." Marie was set to marry Pierre Gregory, best-selling author, but that night she surprised everyone with a surprise elopement to Oliver Wood, quidditch heart throb. Most had not even known that Pierre and Marie had ended their engagement, let alone that Marie had even known Oliver. Before Marie, the last person Oliver had been linked was Alicia Spinnet, a former Hogwarts schoolmate of his, but that relationship ended nearly two years before this one surfaced. No reasons were ever confirmed behind that split, although difficult traveling schedules and Oliver's lack of attention to her were both rumored. For months now, rumors have been flying that Marie and Oliver were on the rocks, several say that Oliver was still living with roommate Fred Weasley, co-owner of WWW, rather than with his bride.

Coincidentally (Or not so), Fred Weasley, 25, and girlfriend Hermione Granger, 23, are also reportedly split up. Hermione is the co-anchor of the smashing new hit morning show that replaced Mornings with Melinda (on channel 13, 7 am). Fred was spotted backstage at several tapings, despite the efforts of two to keep the relationship under wraps. Although the couple has never confirmed they were in a relationship, several close to them have. One Verity Cross, a former employee of WWW, states "Fred and Hermione are dating. They just don't want his family to know. Just goes to show you what kind of relationship they have." In the past week, however, the two have been out and about by themselves. At last evening's Puddlemere vs. Bolton game, the end of the relationship was confirmed. Fred Weasley was heard by a reliable source saying "It's over." Hermione Granger's last relationship was unknown, seeing as how she only came into the spotlight recently, but her name should spark a match to someone's memory. She was the girlfriend of quidditch great Viktor Krum during his run as Triwizard Champion despite her best friend being other Triwizard Champion Harry Potter. That same year she was linked to Harry Potter as well, but the Boy-Who-Saved-the-World is currently married to none other than her ex-boyfriend's little sister and her other close friend, Ginny Weasley. Fred Weasley has not been linked to anyone besides school girlfriend Angelina Johnson, who is currently a manager at the Hogsmeade Branch of Quality Quidditch Supplies. My, what a tangled web these two manage to weave.

And who was Fred saying "It's over" to? Roommate Oliver Wood. Last night's game was attended by the roommates and two small children, their relations to the pair unknown. See photo below. ("A Perfect Family?"; from left to right, Oliver Wood, unknown girl, Fred Weasley, unknown boy) Fred left the children with Oliver to confront a heartbroken Hermione, and returned later to report to a seemingly happy Oliver. The pair was spotted leaving the game, and minutes later, a tear streaked Hermione left, clearly, not wanting to see her ex in his new happy relationship.

Coincidence that there are two break-ups in the same week? We think not.

Sincerely Yours,

Rita Skeeter, Gossip Coordinator of Witch Weekly (No Longer Associated with the Quibbler)


"Does this woman have anything better to do than report our heartbreak?" Oliver said through a mouthful of oatmeal. He tossed me the article.

"Oliver," I said, after I read it. "Do you realize what this is saying?"

Oliver nodded and swallowed. "Yeah, that we broke up. I can't believe papers will actually run this shit."

"That's not all it's implying." I said, shocked because for once I was not the last person to get something.

"What are you talking about?" He asked. There was oatmeal on his shirt. His hair was sticking up funny on the side from sleep.

"Never mind," I said, shaking my head. Better to leave him in his ignorant bliss.


"Want a good laugh?" Lavender said, standing next to me as we waited to get on air.

"Not really." I said.

"It's an article about Fred and Oliver." She said, waving a magazine in front of my face.

"No thanks." I said, trying to concentrate on my biscotti.

"Give me this," Lavender said, taking the biscotti from me and tossing it on a table. "This will seriously cheer you up."

"Reading about my break up is not going to cheer me up." I said, now more pissed off than I was before. I hadn't been eating the biscotti, but that's not the point. It still annoyed me.

"But reading about who he is dating now will cheer you up." Lavender grinned as she was being microphoned by Hayden, an intern who looked like he enjoyed pinning Lavender's microphone on her chest more than Seamus would have liked.

"He's already dating someone else?" I cried out, afraid I would burst into tears. "Why would you tell me that?"

"Just read it." Lavender sighed.

"No," I said.

"And I can do it myself." I took the microphone out of Hayden's hand and pinned it on myself.

"You are impossible." Lavender said, throwing the paper down, so it was now joining the biscotti.

"I'm in mourning." I said, glancing back at the table. The biscotti was gone. Merlin, people in this building are weird.

"Well Hayden is the most action you are ever going to get if you keep this attitude up." Lavender said. "Hey, maybe you should ask him out."


"No, he really seems to like you. I can tell by the way he always wants to pin your microphone on your chest." She said, completely oblivious to everything.

"Lavender, he does the same thing to you!" I said.

"No, he doesn't." She said. "He just pats it down to make sure it stays in place –OH MY GOD, THAT LITTLE-"

Oh, it was going to be one of those days.


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