AU! And my very first alternate universe fic if I may say so.....Oh, and furthermore, this also just happens to be a CLAMP crossover! That's right! The three Magic Knights [and others I might add] are going to CLAMP High School! WOO!! So, if you're acquainted with both series, then I do hope you enjoy this story! This story may also include little details from other works by CLAMP, like Chobits and Wish, and maybe even Cardcaptors, so sit back and enjoy! It's mainly about MKR, though, which is why I stuck it here in this category...

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Chapter 1: New School


Umi Ryuuzaki groaned and reached over to her nightstand to grab her alarm clock. Groggily, she checked the time. 6:30 a.m., the digital green numbers were blinking. Groaning again, she threw it out the window and climbed back under her sky blue sheets.

No sooner had she done so than did a green blur hop on her bed. "Wake up, lazy butt!" cried Ferio, her cousin. She groaned again and replied, "I can't, since you're about twice my weight....."

He stuck out his tongue at her and got off, pulling the sheets with him. Shivering, Umi sat up in her bed. "Ugh, why couldn't you just stay in America with Emeraude?" she complained.

He smiled mischievously and rubbed her on the head. "Because I couldn't leave my adorable little cousin alone, that's why!" Umi gave him a look that showed she was unsatisfied with his answer. He smirked and added on, "And because CLAMP High accepted me too! Who could turn down an invite to the best school in Japan?"

Umi stared bullets in his direction. "I still don't understand why they would let an idiot like you in a school for geniuses."

"Simple," Ferio scoffed. "I've got connections, if you know what I mean......."

Elsewhere, Fuu Hououji was being shaken awake by her older sister. She slowly got up, placed her glasses over her tired green eyes, and rubbed her head.

"C'mon, lil sis!" her older sister cried. "You don't want to be late for your first day of high school!"

Fuu smiled back. "I'm ready to make you proud!"

Fuu's sister perched herself on the edge of the bed, holding out a new uniform to her sibling. "You'll fit right in at CLAMP! Oh, the boys are positively scrumptious!! Ahh, especially those hotties down at the Elementary Division Student Government! What I wouldn't give to have a date with Nokoru or Suoh, or that adorable little Akira!!"

The young blonde heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes. "I've heard enough about those geniuses from you and all of your friends!! Always jabbering on and on about how wonderful they are...... Geez, they're nearly half your age!"

Her older sister put her hands on her hips. "So what if I'm in college, and they're in elementary! That still doesn't change the fact that they're CUTE!"

Fuu sighed again and left her sister to daydream over the underage boys.

In another part of the CLAMP district, a girl with flaming red hair sat cross-legged on the floor of what looked like a dojo. It was Hikaru Shidou, quietly meditating for the day ahead. Each of her three older brothers looked in on her.

"Do you think she's ready for this?" Kakeru, the youngest, asked.

"Positive," Masaru, the middle brother, answered. "We can't hold onto her forever you know."

"Besides," remarked the oldest, Satoru. "What's the worse that can happen?"

The little girl opened one eye as she crept out of her trance and took one look at her watch. She jumped up in a flash and ran for the door, screaming, "I'm late! I'm laaate!!" But, before reaching the door, she had barrelled into her three brothers, causing them to all tumble over.

Satoru grasped his head and waited for the world to stop spinning before announcing "Karu? Your watch is an hour ahead......"

"Oh," she said, getting up and brushing herself off. "That means I need to get going anyway! CLAMP High School is far away!"

"But sis, aren't you going to take the bus?" Masaru said, confused. "It takes no more than fifteen minutes that way!"

Hikaru, who was already heading toward her room, whipped around with a wide grin on her face. "It's not fifteen minutes if you're biking there!" All three of her brothers collapsed again.

"How can you bike there?!" Kakeru said, worried. But in the span of time it took for him to say that small phrase, his sister had already changed into her uniform and run out the front door.

It took the only female Shidou about an hour to bike all the way to the opposite end of the massive campus of the CLAMP school. Panting, she parked her bike at one of the racks and proceeded to wrap her mode of transportation in about a billion chains and locks, until it was a ball of metal rather than a simple bicycle.

A still cranky Umi got down from the bus and watched the little redhead with one question on her mind: 'Where the heck did she get all those chains from?' Umi shook her head and started walking toward the entrance of her new school, schedule in hand.

As soon as she got inside the main hallway, she spotted many other students gazing at their schedules with the countless room numbers and trying to decipher where each of the classrooms were. Beside her was one such student, a blonde girl with green eyes who seemed to be particularly confused.

Curious, Umi peeked over at her and noticed something peculiar about the slip of paper in her hand. She tapped the girl's shoulder. "Err, excuse me?" the blue-haired beauty said, interrupting the other female's train of thought. "Your schedule is upside-down....."

The girl squinted her eyes and readjusted her glasses, bringing the paper closer to her face. She retracted in surprise. "Ohmigosh! So it is! No wonder I couldn't make any sense of it...... Thank you so much!"

Umi smiled back at her good-naturedly. "I'm Umi Ryuuzaki" she said, sticking out her hand.

"Fuu Houoji!" Fuu replied, shaking Umi's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you!" The two girls then resumed their stroll down the busy walkway.

"How did you get into CLAMP?" Umi asked, twirling her long hair around her fingers.

Fuu blushed. "I guess I would be, as some say, where near as smart as those elementary school kids though....."

"Oh, like Chairman Imonoyama? No one can beat that kid....."

The blonde grinned, happy that her new friend understood perfectly. "What about you, Umi?"

"I'm a whiz in the kitchen.....but again no where near the standards set by that tiny Akira......"

"What's eem-oh-no-yam-ah and ah-key-rah?" came a small voice from behind them. Umi and Fuu whipped around and saw no one, but then looked downwards and saw the little Hikaru with a sparkle in her eye. "Is it a desert? MMM!! I love sweets!!" The redhead bounced with glee, hoping they had sweets for her.

"Err," Umi began. "No, Nokoru Imonoyama is the Elementary Division Student Body Chairman......"

"Ahh, she's cute!!" bubbled Fuu. She bent over to pat Hikaru on the head. "Are you lost? Are you looking for the Elementary Division?"

"No," Hikaru replied, confused. "I'm 14 and a freshman......they let me in this school because I fight well......"

The other two girls's eyes bulged out of their heads. "YOU'RE THE SAME AGE AS US!!"

Umi gasped. "You haven't aged a day past eleven!!"

Fuu giggled a little, placed her hand on Hikaru's head. "Do you have to sit on books in class?"

Then, something dawned on Umi. She pulled on the shoulders of the little girl and started shaking her. "I know you!! You're the girl that biked to school and has about a million chains to lock up your bicycle!"

Hikaru grinned and nodded her head. "I keep my bike locked up as a safety precaution!"

"But," Fuu interrupted. "Where did you store all those chains?"

"That's my little secret!" the redhead squealed as she turned and ran off to her first class.

"She's strange," said the blonde, wide-eyed. "I like her!"

"You know what?" replied her other new friend. "I do too!" And they headed off to their first class, which they just happened to have together.

Meanwhile, someone lurked around the corner.....a mysterious young man who had spied on them the whole time, taking special interest in Fuu...... Well, he was lurking behind the corner until someone pulled him back and nearly punched him in the face.

"What do you think you're doing?!" screamed an enraged Touya Kinomoto. "That's very rude, staring at girls that way!"

"Relax, Touya," his friend Yukito Tsukishiro said calmly. "He has a right to stalk who he wants......"

"No way, that's just plain creepy......ugh, can you imagine if Sakura were stalked like that? I'd punch that guy's lights out!!"

"She is stalked, but not like that....."


"That Syaoran kid likes her......."

"That's it!! He's gonna get it!!" Touya declared as he stalked away toward the Junior High Division, Yukito in tow. The other stalker that had almost been beat up sighed in relief and proceeded to his first class unharmed.


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