Pirates of the Caribbean: You Can't Change Who You Are

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~*ON TO THE STORY*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

A young, teenage girl held on tightly to the railing at the back of the Black Pearl. Her long, shining, brown, hair billowing behind her under a red bandanna. She looked out over the sea breathing in a deep breath of sea air. She closed her eyes and let go pretending she was flying. When suddenly a pair of hands at her waist made her eyes open wide. "Ya shouldn't be standin' at the back of the ship, Princess, ye might blow over and then what'll I do?" The girl turned around and stared into the chocolate brown eyes of her father, she was said to have those same adventurous eyes. "Aight dad, I promise I won't do it ever again," she said her fingers twisted behind her back. "Don't lie to me luv, your mum'd kill me if ya fell over." She smiled her father always knew when she was lying, no matter what.

"Angeline," a voice called from the door to the captain's cabin "Angeline come ova here! It's time ta eat lunch!" The girl quickly recognizing the voice as that of her mother's, wriggled out of her father's grasp and walked down to the captain's cabin. "I have arrived mother," Angeline said in proper English. Gibbs smiled from the corner of the cabin, "Ya better watch out Annamaria, or your lil girl there's gonna be a proper lady." Annamaria gave him a sarcastic smile, "Fat chance." Angeline was the spittin image of her father, Captain Jack Sparrow, right down to the tattoos.

Annamaria turned to face her daughter who was know scarfing down the food that was set on Jack's desk for her. "Angeline Marie Sparrow! Slow down or you'll be sick!" Angeline looked up from her food and said, "Sorry mum, I just wanna go back out onto the ships deck." Annamaria smiled, for a fifteen year old, she was pretty well behaved, considering that she was brought up by a gang of pirates and all.

Angeline quickly ate what was left of her food and ran out onto the deck. They were almost at Port Royal! She was excited because for the first time in her life, she was actually going to help pilfer what the crew needed aboard the ship. She walked over slyly behind her dad, she was about to put her hands on him to scare him when she heard his voice, "Don't even think about it Princess." She quickly put down her arms, "Damn. Are we almost there?"

"Almost there luv, Almost there."

"What'll I do when we get there dad?"

"Why dont ya go 'n' get some new swords from the ol' blacksmith shop?"

"Aight then."

Angeline looked once again over the rail, leaning to see if she could spot some land. She sighed, she barely saw anything. As she retreated back to her room she heard a crew member shout the two words she had been longing to hear for days, "Land Ahoy!"


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