Chapter 1-


You don't know me. Considering things, this is probably a very good thing.

Albert Einstein, Galileo, George Washington, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Copernicus, Stephen Hawking.

They all knew me. They were happy accidents of a simple mathematical formula. Leaders in the mind, spirit, and heart. They had been trouble sometimes, Albert in particular. Blackmailing me for the Theory of Relativity. Or, more specifically, the exception thereof.

He knew, of course, that I could wipe him from existence in a heartbeat. He also was intelligent enough to know I wouldn't.

I Instilled in them thoughts, Ideas, Concepts, and beliefs that changed the world. Well, one world in particular.

I sat with my cup of coffee, watching the universe swirl and expand before me.

I can do that, you know.

I have been here since the beginning of time. Not HERE specifically, but around.

I watched, long ago, as matter coalesced, and pulled into itself. Into a ball the size of a pea. Then I threw the switch. Well, it wasn't really a switch, but you know what I mean.

Big Bang? Yeah, that was I. I even provided the explanation. To most species. Some, namely the people of the Ellimist and Crayak, were able to figure it out with very little help. They even figured out how to manipulate space-time, but you know that story.

Over the billions of years, I have poked and prodded. Changed a galaxy here, gave a planet an orbit there. Watched as the others of my species went off and created universes of there own. Always peaceful from the get go. No conflict.

Sorry, not here. I prefer that my universe has to strive for peace. Had to WANT peace.

Earth was my pet project. Not a random creation of the simple mathematical problem like the rest of it. Earth was a puzzle within itself.

I started slow. Bacteria. Multi-celled organisms. Dinosaurs. Small mammals.


The first sentient Life form on the third planet from the star Sol. A contradiction in itself. A species that wishes for peace, yet can only find the solution in war and death.


When things got truly out of hand, I would, of course, dip my hand into the midst. Equalize the playing field. Even tried a big booming voice from the sky once.

The Yeerks were imperfect. An error in the mathematics. A glitch in the delicate addition and subtraction that is the universe.

While I preferred to see a struggle for peace, a want for the necessity of life, I had written nothing in that included a suppression of free will.

Slavery is an invention of itself. I am not that sick. Not that deranged. Not that perverted to take away the free will of a species. Or a race, as it were. Intelligent species around the universe thought that one up themselves.

Problem: The Yeerks were a sentient species. Even though they were a 'glitch' they were a living, thinking glitch. The highest rule is that I cannot interfere with the demise of an intelligent species. I cannot directly bring it about, or slow it down. I can, however, bend the rule to my will. I started it, after all. I can change the math. Create exceptions. The Animorphs, for example. Five humans and an Andalite capable of defeating the Yeerk Empire, by using a technology provided by the Andalites. The ability to become any animal they touch by absorbing its DNA into their own. I had changed things for them many times. Saved them from death.

Rachel died because of my lack of action, and my foresight of the future. I prefer a struggle for peace. I knew she would not truly die. Not at that moment, anyway. It would be a struggle of her will. But, if she were determined, she would pull through.

I am no god. That is something else. A Belief. Worship. Even I do not know what happens after death. I have been perceived as a god. But I am nothing of the type. I am simply the controller of the universe.

I am the subject of Clich├ęs. Sayings as old as time. "Then fate intervened." "but fate was with me". Other names, in other languages. But none so descriptive.

I shall be known, to you anyways, as fate. Not "god" or the "great and powerful manipulator." Simply Fate. That is my name. Fate.

And I watched as Marco, Jake, and Tobias crashed their ship into the Blade ship. Watched the explosion. Watched the bodies drift into space. Knew that finally, the Yeerk plague had been lifted from the universe.

I watched the Ellimist as I finished my Coffee. As he explained what they had done. That they had freed the universe from a threat that had doomed it. Watched Jake make his final request. That Cassie be informed what had happened. Watched Tobias Smile, knowing he would soon join Rachel forever. If only he knew.. Watched Marco make a wisecrack about dying.

I watched time continue. As the Animorphs died.

I set down my coffee cup on a table that appeared by my side. Freed of the burden in my hand, I snapped my fingers. Five humans and an Andalite appeared before me.