Chapter 6


Let me just say that I, for one, was not having a good time.

This was not my idea of fun.

Fighting bad guys while I was in morph, yeah, that I could handle.

Twenty at once was a little too much for the gorilla to handle. Especially when the bad guys were walking razor blades.

Yeah. Twenty Hork-Bajir at once.

And boy was I losing. Big time.

I wondered where everyone else was. The last thing I remembered was being at the free Hork Bajir colony, thinking about the battle the next day on the pool ship, and then a flash of light, and then I was fighting Hork-Bajir.

I felt a blade sink into my back. My legs gave way, and I couldn't move my arms.

I started to morph out without thinking about it. It was the only way to survive.

My fur began to disappear, and my arms got skinny. The bones in my hand shifted. My knee crunched as the angle of it changed. My toes elongated. My brow receded.

And there I was, a kid in shorts and a tee shirt, surrounded by 15 of the universe's most powerful salad shooters.

Any one of them could slice me with those blades at any time. And I would be dead before I could do anything about it.

I felt something hard crack against my skull, and I lost consciousness.


I woke up in a dimly lit room. Cages lined the walls. All empty. A metal pool was in the middle, filled with grey sludgy water.

The Yeerk pool.

I tried to run. Tried to move.

I couldn't.

I was strapped to a table. Arm and leg restraints, the whole nine yards.

I had imagined I would end up like this someday, in restraints I mean.

It usually involved a padded room and a straight jacket, though.

I heard movement next to me.

An Andalite. Strong and powerful. Larger and more muscular than Ax. An Adult.

Visser One.

So, we have caught one of the Animorphs, have we? You really should have not tried to attack my ship head on. You are lucky I spared your life. I killed all of the others. It was necessary, unfortunately. A shame, too. They would have made excellent hosts.

No. The others.. All dead?  "NO!" I screamed. "You're Lying!"

Believe what you wish. They are dead. And now for your fate.

He opened a container. A small slug like creature slid out and dropped on the table next to my ear. A Yeerk.

"NOOOO!!!!!" I struggled against the restraints. I had to get free… I was not going to become one of them!

I felt it slide into my ear. Felt it shift and wiggle onto my brain. Felt myself lose control of my body.

NO. I wasn't going to let it win. No matter how long it took, I was going to fight it. I was going to win.

Time stopped.


I saw Tobias standing some distance away.

At least he made it out ok.

I remembered everything now. Fate had explained how he had repressed everyone's memories. To make the experience more real.

A little too real. I was still shaking like an eardrum at a rock concert.

I took a few deep breaths. The shaking subsided, but not much.

Somehow all of my jokes over the years didn't seem so funny anymore. I was changed. After all of that war, when everything was said and done, I was the only one who ended up with everything I wanted at the end. I was the only one untouched.

I plopped down onto the invisible ground below me.

I had passed. I only hoped the others did too.

Especially Jake. Because I didn't think he could do it.

Killing hosts with no name, no personal connection. That was one thing. It had been war.

But Tom. His own brother?

I just didn't know.

I got the feeling I was never going to see Jake alive again.


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