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Strangely Divine: Chapter Twenty- Eight: Ashes to Ashes

When Jareth entered his parents' chambers he had not properly prepared himself for the degree of resentment that was to be bestowed upon him. His mother ranted and stalked the room, every now and then throwing bolts of electricity at breakable objects and effectively shattering them. His father stood behind his desk, pouring glass after glass of some amber colored liquid, avoiding looking at his son, and when he did, shaking his head in disappointment.

"How in the underground are we supposed to trust you with the kingdom if things like this might happen!" The High Queen demanded "You can't just do what you please when you like, Jareth, you have responsibilities and duties. You can not reorder time to suit your needs or revoke titles or open portals--- and all for what? For a mortal girl! Have we raised you with no values or sense of duty?" she glared at her husband then "Why are you just standing there getting drunk!"

"Because, darling" The King said in an aggrieved way. "He obviously refuses to listen. There is no point in yelling at him"

"There is a point!" she shrieked

The King went to the sofa where Jareth sat, undoing his cufflinks and mussing his hair in an annoyed manner. "Jareth" the king said "Re ordering time, I can forgive a long with most of these rash and thoughtless things you have done lately. What I do not agree with is your relationship with this mortal girl"

Jareth pressed his lips together "Are you joking? I thought you were all gung ho like everyone else about Sarah and I"

"Oh!" The Queen bristled "So now it is 'Sarah and I', is it?"

"Mother, what are you on about?" Jareth drawled

"She is not from the underground! You can not make her your Queen, Jareth"

"I didn't say I was to make her my queen" he blurted out in a rather uncharacteristic fashion.

The Queen swept over to her husband's side "Then you are wasting your very valuable time. I have been High Queen for quite a long time now, Jareth. I wish to go with the ancients and I wish for you to take a wife. One that is from the underground. We have been lenient with you thus far, you have had your dalliances and your flings. If you do not take a suitable wife soon we shall choose one for you"

"An arranged marriage?" Jareth got to his feet and laughed "You must be joking"

"Don't talk to your mother like that" the King snarled, causing Jareth to stare at him.

"So" He sneered at his parents "That's how it is going to be"

"That's how it is" The King replied darkly

Jareth bit out a sharp "Fine", bowed quickly and escaped from the room as fast as was possible. As he stalked the halls his anger with his parents subsided. It really was not their fault that he was in this mess. They were just trying to run their kingdom. As hard as he tried Jareth could not blame Sarah for it either. She couldn't help it that he loved her and that he was willing to disobey his parents for her. He could only find blame with himself. For allowing himself to get caught up in Sarah's impossible world that he did not belong in and worse, for falling in love with her.

Gwendolyn was a bit worried about Sarah. She was acting a bit like she was going crazy.

"Look, Sarah, maybe you should sit down" she suggested

Sarah, who was pacing the room and bouncing between pensive concentrated silence and extreme bouts of hyperactive happiness, complied. Her hand twitched on the bed cover and she coughed and looked at the floor.

"Sarah" Gwen lamented "Talk to me, you're acting very strange"

"Well, you know. I'm just—I don't know" Sarah sighed "This is a bit strange"

Gwen smiled softly "Stranger then being transported to a different dimension for no apparent reason"

"Yes" Sarah said heavily "Much much worse"

Gwendolyn suggested they get her dressed for her dinner with the Goblin King and Sarah agreed nervously. Once Sarah was dressed in the pale rose frock and Gwen had done her hair she went back to pacing.

"I need a cigarette" She tittered, bringing her hands to her face "You can't just magik me a smoke, can you? That would make this so much more bearable"

"Exactly what is so horrible" Gwen rolled her eyes "You love each other, you'll be together that's the end of it."

"No it's not" Sarah moaned "There is so much shit in the way of us being together"

"It's going to be alright"

Sarah shook her head furiously "It can't be that perfect. He can't just save me and we live happily ever after. Life is not that kind to me. How am I ever going to make it work? I have a life in a different world. Granted, it isn't much of a life, but it is a life"

"But you have a life here too" Gwen insisted "And you can go back and forth"

"That will never work!" Sarah exclaimed "And besides, am I expected to marry him? I'm not getting married now! I'm way too young"

"You're just scared" Gwen said suddenly, cutting her off "You've always been afraid of him, you can't get past the history you have with him to see that isn't really him. He's not the monster Goblin King He's—"

"The royal bleeding prince of the underground, I know, I know. But that doesn't change anything. That doesn't change how different we are--"

"That's hardly a good excuse" Gwendolyn scoffed "Look at Illareo and I, we're as different as you could get"

"No, it's not the same" Sarah moaned sitting down on the bed. "I can't" she whimpered

At that moment Jareth came bursting into the room, filling it with his presence as only he could. Gwendolyn saw the look on his face and knew that this evening would not end in happy embraces of love. Oh no, not at all. A long time passed as Jareth stared at Sarah on the bed, his mismatched eyes cloudy with anger and suffering. Sarah stared right back, looking frightened and hesitant. Gwendolyn couldn't understand how two people could be so bloody difficult.

"Sarah" he said, holding out a hand to her.

She rose to her feet and walked daintily over to him, taking his hand. They quickly vanished.

Gwendolyn sighed.

Fiona had gone out to buy cigarettes. Emily suggested that Griffon go with her, in order to make sure she wasn't buying junk. She was supposedly going on the clean and narrow. This path did not count hash or valium as drugs though, apparently, because in the last hour since they'd returned to Emily and Sarah's flat she had consumed quite a bit of both these substances.

The apartment had become a sort of base for Sarah's friends. Now that everyone knew what was going on they were all worried for their friend. Especially since she'd disappeared with no word at all. Emily was knitting furiously to concentrate on anything but Sarah's lack of presence. Tim stared at the TV blankly. They abrely noticed Fiona and Griffon's departure.

The said nothing as they waited for the elevator. Fiona fidgeted with her hands and looked at her shoes. The doors pinged open, there was already a man inside. He looked up and smiled when he saw Fiona.

"Oh thank god I've found you" he sighed

She gaped at him, unable to think of anything to say besides "Holy shit"

Griffon blinked "What? Who's this?"

"I'm Gaeton" the man said, he was dressed rather strangely in ill fitting clothes that Griffon recognized as the suit Jareth had been dressed in earlier.

"Oh shit, not another fairy" he sputtered

Gaeton escaped the confines of the elevator and moved towards Fiona. "This won't hurt a bit my dear" he said as he grabbed her arm vanished them away with a swoosh of his hand.

Griffon stared at the space his friend and the other man had occupied. He shook his head and went back to the apartment, utterly bewildered.

Timothy looked up at him and frowned "What now?"

"Let go of me! Let go!" Fiona screamed, wrestling against Gaeton's grip on her arms.

"My lady, you must calm yourself. You are acting hysterical" Gaeton told her in his calmest voice. She was rather frightening him. Jareth had sent him to collect her but he hadn't prepared Gaeton for this wild eyed creature he was holding down.

"Let me go!" she shrieked

"For Merlin's sake" Gaeton sighed, he disappeared them once more to Jareth's chambers but there was no one there. He sighed again and tried to get the girl to calm down a bit, but to no avail. She continued her screaming and writhing.

Jareth and Sarah finally appeared, Sarah dressed once again in the clothes of the Underground. She and Fiona caught each others gaze and Fiona struggled all the more. "What the hell is going on!"

"Let her go, Gaeton" Sarah said, her voice concerned as she stepped away from Jareth.

Gaeton did so, seeing the looks of aggrieved torment on both their faces.

"Calm down Fiona" Sarah said, drawing her friend into a hug "You're safe" She looked at Jareth over Fiona's shoulder "Why is she here"

"To see her daughter" he said simply. "Cymboline has agreed that they should meet. Awen doesn't know that she's been adopted though--- so it may be a bit strange for her" The look of blankness had spread across his face again, Sarah noticed. She wondered what that meant. If it was meant for her or for the situation at hand.

"My... my baby?" Fiona gasped

"Yes" Jareth nodded at her.

Fiona rested her head on Sarah's shoulder and looked thoughtful. "I don't think I should" she whispered slowly, in a voice that sounded much softer and different from her usual crass tone.

Sarah pulled back in shock and aw the tears in Fiona's eyes. "Why?" she asked "You don't' want to see your daughter"

"Awen—she. I don't want to interrupt her life like that" she said "Come on, Sarah, we both know I'm an unfit mother. I'm a drug addict and a horrible person, I probably can't change that. And I do love her, you know. I fucking love her even though I only knew her for a few hours. I just. Could I look at her? You know, just once"

"Of course, Fiona" Jareth said smoothly "If that's what you want" he snapped his fingers and suddenly they were standing with Cymboline and Goneril in the children's sleeping quarters. Five beds and a crib with their feet pointing towards the center of the room. The nanny, Keely stood close by, watching with the others as Cymboline spoke quietly to Fiona and pulled her over to Awen's bed so they could see the sleeping child.

"She's so beautiful" Fiona whispered, touching her daughter's brow lightly.

Sarah could feel Jareth staring at her. She looked up at him and before she could stop him he was leaning in to kiss her. His lips were smooth and he tasted like ginger and sugar. Sarah let him kiss her for a moment but she pulled away quickly, shaking her head.

"I can't" she mouthed, no sound escaping her throat.

"What" Jareth said hoarsely, he grasped her arms and forced her to look at him. "What did you say?"

She stared up at him, her large dark eyes glittering in the dark of the children's nursery. "I can't do it" she whispered "I love you, but I can't. We just can't"

A resigned look came over Jareth's face. He released her from his vice like grip and stepped away. His eyes flickered over to where Cymboline was whispering to Fiona and when he looked back down at the spot Sarah had been standing in, she was gone.


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