Sailor Moon: The Blood Empire

By Dragonfang33

Summary: Set during the Negaverse Saga, the final battle with Jedite to be exact, an ancient yet very evil empire has returned, and in the name of Emperor Shang Yun they will take their revenge by enslaving all of the earth, the only thing that stands in Emperor Shang Yun's way are the Sailor Scouts, and a force of Knights.

Part Zero

New Characters

Blood Empire

Emperor Shang Yun- Emperor of the Blood Empire, considered China's bloodiest tyrant, fashined an empire based on fear and terror, and extended China's control all the way to the borders of the Roman Empire,imprisoned by the Five Knights of the Earth and vowed revenge on all who imprisoned him

General Yang Zhou- A member of Emperor Yun's Imperial Council, and the First General to challenge the Alliance

General Zhou Zhang- A member of the Imperial Council, Third General to challenge the Alliance

General Yang Chun- Imperial Council, Second General to challeng the Alliance

General Ming Yun- brother of Emperor Shang Yun,and leader of the Imperial military

The Alliance

Jack Walker- Knight of Fire, leader of the Five Knights of Earth

Alex Fox- Knight of Water

Skate Hunter- Knight of Air

Samantha "Sam" Brooks- Knight of Lightning, and before the Scouts join the only girl in the group

The Sailor Scouts (From the files of the Alliance) *Special Note: Sailor Scouts are the weakest Sorceresses in the Universe

Sailor Moon(Serena)- Scout of the Crystal, and a bonified Klutz and Doofus

Sailor Mercury (Amy)- Scout of Ice, and a brainac, if she gets an A- she cries

Sailor Mars (Raye)- Scout of Fire, Psychic and always fights with Serena, which sows a sense of disunity in the group

Sailor Jupiter (Lita)- Scout of Thunder, the strongest of all five Sailors, but like Sernia has a massive appitie

Sailor Venus (Mina)- Scout of Love, a self absorbed blonde, who looks out for number one, and like Serena is a bonified Doofus

Here's a character list, I'll post the next chapter after I get 2 reviews, PS The insolts to the Scouts are ment to be jokes I apologize if I offend any die hard Fans, PSS What I do with Darien in this is a surprise.