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*~Death, Rebirth, and a New Life~*

It was the end of the final battle Chaos was gone, but not dead.  He fled because he knew he could not take anymore of the silver crystals power.  He was weak now very weak he needed more power to defeat her.  He would find a host to hide in and feed off their power until the day they would meet again.  If only he knew that the moon princess was weaker than he and if he would have stayed he'd have won.  She knew this but did not back down lucky for her Chaos was a coward.  She knew he would feed off someone else until he was strong again then their battle would resume.

Usagi stood alone nothingness surrounding her for all the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask had been killed in the battle.  She knew her time would be up soon for she was badly wounded and the crystal had taken up the last of her energy.  All she could do was hold the crystal close and cry thinking of her friends and what fate had brought their lives to such a tragic end.

"Me" she thought out loud

 "It's my fault they are dead all because they wanted to protect ME to save ME why?"

"Why!" she answered herself "because they had faith in you because only you could defeat him."

"Ha!  A lot of good that did now their dead, I'm almost gone, and he is still alive.  It was all in vain.  Ami, Minako, Rei, Makoto, Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, Mamoru." She looks up with tears in her eyes "I'm sorry I failed you."

"How many times must I watch my friends die right in front of me?  Mamoru, how many times must you sacrifice yourself for my protection?"

"I can't do it anymore."  Crystal tears streaming down her face "Never again will they die for me."

At these words in her hands the crystal began to glow once more.  Usagi saw this and made a wish.

"I wish that we could start over with a normal life and no more fighting."

Even as she wished this with all her might she knew it was not to be so because she had wished it so many times before.  She was the Moon Princess, a born ruler, and a Senshi, a warrior, it was her destiny to fight and protect.  Inside her heart made a secret wish.  A wish that she would no longer be alone in her battles, that maybe for once the fate of the world, galaxy, or universe would not rest solely on her shoulders.  That is what her heart wished with her last bit of strength then she collapsed.  The crystal glowed with a brilliant light and Usagi was gone.

There were things happening all over the world at that time and Serenity was no longer needed in Japan so she was sent to London.  Many things happened that night a betrayal of friendship, murder, and the downfall of the Dark Lord to name a few.  Unknown to the snake like man or the green eyed baby he was pointing his wand at, a few houses away there was a baby being born.  She was special pure and perfect, but her huge blue eyes were not so innocent.  They carried much knowledge, much pain, and much power.  Although she was just a baby she still carried memories of where she had come from, but they were leaving fast.  She felt danger close by a child was in peril. 

'Please save him' The Moon child prayed.

The Green eyed baby was now starring directly at the evil mans wand, his mother and father both lay dead on the floor.  The man smirked and shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Green light shot from his wand toward the infant.  At that same moment silver and pink dust appeared and covered the child moments before the green light hit.  The infant absorbed both the light and the dust and reflected them back at the man who, through a horrified expression, managed to utter the words "Lunar Magic" before the blast hit him and he disappeared. 

They baby boy lay there unharmed without a scratch on him except for the scar upon his forehead which would forever mark him as the boy who defeated Lord Voldemort, the boy who lived.  Unknown to anyone that he not only absorbed some of the Dark Lords power, but also the Lunar Magic that surrounded him linking him and its owner together.  The boy would later know WHY he survived, but HOW he survived would remain a mystery to all except for the infant who lay in her mothers arms a few doors down not more than a few minutes old.

'She's so perfect' Her mother thought looking down at her 'My beautiful little Serena.'


So that's the first part of my story I hope it catches your attention.  Ya know the book has never explained how he survived that spell I know there's the whole prophecy thing, but that only explains about the scar and Voldemort marking him as his equal by giving him powers, but no ones ever explained how he managed to survive that stupid spell so that's why I made up a reason.  I know its kind of confusing now, but don't worry it'll all be explained later I've got most of it worked out.  Don't worry it'll get more light hearted I know this was a pretty serious chapter, but I don't think it would've been right to crack jokes with so many people dying and all, the whole story isn't going to be like this (I don't like writing like this anyway).  Please help me let me know what you think, but remember be kind it's my first time.

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