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Chapter 14

-Confessions of a Secret Kind-

Harry strolled down an empty hallway, heading towards no particular destination, enjoying the stillness of the deserted corridor and the quiet solitude he was so rarely given. The sun shone through the windows gently warming the castle with its touch, and Harry basked in every second of it hoping it to never end since he hadn't been this relaxed in years. The corridors that he normally walked with apprehension and unease, today held no fear as he sauntered down one and into the next. He turned a corner and suddenly found himself in a part of the castle he did not recognize. Harry swore he knew every inch Hogwarts and was astonished when none of his surroundings seemed familiar. Curiously he peered down the abnormally long hallway, but could not see the end hidden among the shadows, so of course Harry ventured down the secret wing eager to find out where it would lead him.

Harry walked and walked down the extensive hall past statues and paintings that were of no interest to him, and soon his gentle stride turned into a quick jog as the hallway seemed to lengthen with every step he took. He wrapped his cloak around him tighter to protect himself from the chill dark air that now surrounded him, and it was then that he paused a moment to realize the sudden change in the atmosphere. An open window lay nearby, sunlight no longer pouring through it, and Harry ran to it to find himself staring out at a black, cloudless sky dotted with bright stars. 'It was barely noon five minutes ago' he thought to himself, 'surely I could not have been walking down this corridor all day.' He thought for a moment wondering if he should turn back now before he was caught out of bed, but his adventurous mind turned back towards the endless hallway yearning to know where it lead, or more likely what awaited him at the end.

Not caring about the consequences, Harry sprinted down the passageway hardly taking notice that the gray Hogwarts stone had suddenly been replaced by beautiful, white marble, and the stone statues of ugly hags and noble wizards were now breathtaking marble sculptures of magnificent Gods and Goddesses. Despite all this Harry did not break his stride, only quickened it as his desire to find the end increased. A voice echoed through the empty, cavernous hall, a familiar voice, calling to him. They were calling a name, a name he had heard before, his name he was sure of it, and this made him run all the more faster regardless of his now aching legs and the sharp pains shooting through his chest.

His journey finally ended as he slowed to a stop in a small alcove, and a dead end. Harry cursed his luck and slowly turned back when he heard the voice again much louder this time. His eyes were quickly drawn to the far right wall and there in the shadows lay a grand set of magnificent double doors that he knew would lead him to the owner of the voice. The long handles were cold to the touch as Harry firmly grasped them and swung the doors open with a thunderous groan.

Harry walked out onto a small balcony overlooking a majestic stone fountain in the midst of a garden completely devoid of vegetative life and beyond that a vast, baron, gray wasteland stretched on for miles. The black sky was flawlessly clear, and it seemed as though the moon had been plucked from the sky and in its place hung a larger blue, cloud covered planet that Harry would recognize as his home planet Earth. The view would have been breathtaking to behold had Harry been able to pry his eyes away from the figure now standing with their back towards him gazing out over the balcony.

The being, even though it was hidden amongst the shadows, was undoubtedly female with a small figure draped in an elegant white gown made out of a material finer than any Harry had ever seen before. Her unbelievably long hair was done up in two familiar buns that Harry was sure he had seen somewhere before, but his mind couldn't seem to remember when. Harry took a step forward, his shoes tapping against the hard floor making his presence known to the maiden who then slowly turned to face him. The girl's face was still concealed by the shadows, but Harry couldn't miss the golden crescent moon shining in the middle of her forehead.

Harry moved to take a step closer for a better look, but was stopped by the woman when she suddenly began to speak. "You have come back to me" she said calmly as if she was expecting the boy to barge in on her private moment on the balcony. Harry could not find his voice to speak even though his head was swimming with questions, how did she know him? Did he know her? Had they met before? Where was he? Who was he? He couldn't seem to grasp what was happening to him at the moment. The girl didn't wait for his response before continuing. "You haven't done what I have asked of you" she scolded, "You have not awakened me and you are running out of time."

Harry's mouth was parched and his lips were unwilling to form words, so once again silence was the girl's only reply. She sadly turned away and sighed.

"Who are you!" Harry quickly shouted out before she could leave him again.

The girl delicately turned back to the dark haired boy, and although her face remained veiled by the darkness he could tell she was smiling at him. "Who am I?" She repeated, "Have you not guessed? I am your key to defeating Voldemort." Harry was shocked at the ease with which she said his name and only gave her a confused look. "You cannot face Voldemort as you are now" she boldly stated, "Him being greatly accomplished at dark magic and you barely coming of age as a wizard. No matter how much heart you have you could not last against him."

Harry wasn't sure whether to agree or be offended by the comment. "What must I do?" he asked.

"You must awaken me so that I might unleash the power within you."

"How?" Harry then paused for a moment, "What power?"

He could see the smile reappear on the girl's face. "That you will have to find out for yourself."

Harry was now more confused. "How do I find you?"

The girl opened her mouth to respond while Harry eagerly awaited the explanation, but no answer came and the girl had disappeared along with the majestic palace and the starry night sky. In their places lay nothing but darkness silhouetted by curtains of a four poster bed where Harry lay underneath panting as cold sweat beaded on his brow. 'No!' Harry thought cursing the dream and bringing a hand up to his tingling scar, 'Why won't she tell me?' The dream had been reoccurring too frequently for Harry's liking and he knew not to ignore it anymore, but what could he do?

Harry pondered this question again while he was supposed to be eating breakfast and was deaf to his friends' conversations around him. What could he do? How could he awaken this girl if he didn't even know who or where she was, and what did she mean by awaken anyway? What was he supposed to do? Harry closed his eyes and tried to picture the girl again; something was familiar about her. His musings were cut short as he felt a slight brush past his arm and opened his eyes to see a smaller feminine arm reaching out to his plate and slyly stealing a biscuit from it. A hidden smile was the only reaction Harry gave to the theft since he wasn't planning on eating it anyway. His eyes lazily traveled to the blonde culprit next to him as she enjoyed the extra helping and stared for a moment forgetting about the dream.

Serena had been a good friend to him this year even if he didn't deserve it, and even though everything she had done or told him about had turned his life inside out, he had learned to see the good in having her friendship. He was concerned for her though; she had not been the same since the attack the week before. Serena had become jumpy and distant, like she was always on her guard, and her grades seemed to be slipping farther than usual. Serena didn't tell him much about what had happened in the hall before he took down Ron, but Harry was certain that she had not told him everything. Whatever was controlling Ron must have said or done something terrible to scare her that badly. Guilt clouded Harry's mind once again. He had dragged her into all of this; he was the boy who lived. He admitted that Serena had some unique talents that came in handy, but if he had not been so inadequate then he wouldn't have needed them, and she would have been free to live the normal life she so desperately wanted.

There were so many times he felt like running and leaving everything behind and perhaps even taking Serena with him. They would go somewhere to be free of monsters constantly attacking them, and Voldemort threatening his life. Free of the magical and muggle world alike and leave them to their own fate. Harry stopped and shook his mind out of the pleasant daydream and back into reality; he knew it could never happen. For one thing Serena would never agree, why would she? But there was also the Prophecy. Only Harry could defeat the Dark Lord, and if he were to leave then he would be abandoning the Wizarding and Muggle world to his wrath. Harry couldn't let another person die when he could save them. He had a destiny to fulfill.

Harry smiled again as he watched Serena engage in quiet girl talk with Hermione completely oblivious to his stares. Out of all of his friends he felt that Serena understood him the most. 'Of course she does' Harry rolled his eyes as he remembered the link, but aside from that it seemed that Serena also knew what it was like to have an impossible destiny before her, and he was indebted to have a sympathetic friend. Harry now had to laugh at his previous thought, what was he thinking? 'We're only friends' he reminded himself, besides, where would they go? They would be recognized almost anywhere they went, he with his distinct scar, and she with her unusual hairstyle that she had refused to change all year.

Harry paused and literally did a double take at the odd orbs on top of Serena's head and nearly slapped himself for his idiocy; that was it. He had become so accustomed to her choice of hairstyle that he didn't even take notice of it even though it was identical to the girl in his dreams. 'But it's just hair' he reassured himself, 'Odd hair at that, but…' his thoughts trailed off thinking of nothing. The link between the two would certainly make sense, but Harry couldn't, or wouldn't, believe it. Harry admitted there were some similarities between the girls, but even though he hadn't actually seen the girl on the balcony she was very different. She was regal and delicate, and had an air of knowledge and grace about her that Serena, his eyes shifted back to the girl who had just finished a rather sticky pastry and was promptly licking her fingers clean, had probably never even seen. Besides, he hung around Serena all day and she seemed perfectly awake, well for the most part, what else was he supposed to do? No, there had to be something else.

Staring at the girl for a moment longer brought up a conversation they had had with Serena earlier that year when she was confronted about her hair. She said she had copied the style from somewhere, but where? Harry closed his eyes trying to let his mind drift back to the moment in time and what they were talking about. His eyes shot open as the memory came back to him. "Hermione" he said a little too loud gaining the attention of everyone around them.

"Yes" she said a little startled from his sudden outburst.

"Do you have your history books?" he asked trying not to sound too eager.

Hermione stared at him confused by the question, "Not with me" she finally answered, "They're in my bag in the common room. I was going to get them after my first class. Why?"

"Do you mind if I go look at it really quick? I forgot I was supposed to look something up for one of my classes." He quickly lied not wanting to explain everything.

"Uh, sure go ahead. I left my bag on the table by the fireplace."

"Do you want someone to come with you?" Serena quickly asked before Harry could run out the door.

"No thanks" Harry smiled back. For some reason he wasn't too keen on telling Serena all about the 'other' girl. "I'll be quick and meet you all in Potions."


Harry dashed into the common room and immediately began searching Hermione's bag praying that she still had the book. Finally he came across a very old leather bound book entitled The Silver Millennium: Facts and Myths about the Lost Alliance. Harry instantly began flipping through pages passing stories, mythical spells, and the ancient language until he reached a beautifully painted and detailed picture of a young couple standing together in a flowerless garden overlooking Earth. Harry couldn't believe it, it was her, he was staring at the girl in his dream; he was sure of it. Everything from the mark on her forehead to the white dress matched. His eyes wandered down to the bottom of the page and read the caption.

Moon Princess Serenity and Earth Prince Endymion secretly embrace one last time before the battle that would claim both their lives and destroy her Kingdom forever.

Harry had to sit down while he looked at the picture and tried to make sense of it all. 'I'm being contacted by a dead Princess' he concluded with very little thought. He knew it didn't make sense, but 'Stranger things have happened.' Harry couldn't tear his eyes off of the stunning Princess on the page as his mind tried to grasp that 'She' needed his help. Something he couldn't deny though was that she did surprisingly look a little like Serena. Harry shook his mind out of the thought, it was just the hair, and it was just a painting, who knew what she really looked like. Hell, for all he knew all Lunarians looked like that. 'That's it' he decided after turning the page and seeing a painting of a similar looking woman, "No doubt that's why she does her hair like that" he thought noticing that the woman had her hair done up in a similar fashion, "Probably does it to try and connect to her Lunarian roots, or something."

Harry tried to push Serena from his mind as he studied the new painting a little closer. The woman, though much older, resembled the Princess not only in looks, but also wore a similar regal gown and bore the same royal mark upon her forehead, "Her mother no doubt." The Queen had a stern yet sad expression on her face, and in her hands she held a large, shining crystal that seemed to be gleaming with power, "That must be the crystal Hermione was talking about" he thought as he lazily turned the page back to the Princess who was embracing the Earth Prince tightly with a look of anguish.

Harry turned his attention now to the Prince who held the girl in his arms just as tight. The man was tall, very tall, and filled out his magnificent, black armor very well while the fluttering cape and deadly sword at his hip only accentuated his grand demeanor; in fact, Harry was quite short and gangly in comparison. 'But I'm also younger' Harry shot back trying to defend himself against his own thoughts, 'Give me a few years and a little more Quidditch, and I could catch up to him" he convinced himself. He then looked down at his hip and pulled out the thin wand that was protruding from his pocket, and compared it to the Prince's mighty sword; the Prince had him beat there. Harry had only used a sword like that once, rather clumsily at that, and had no desire to ever pick one up again. The Prince however, looked quite skilled with his weapon and the blade had probably seen numerous battles, 'But' Harry thought very proud, 'He probably never took down a giant serpent with it.'

'Well it may not be nearly as threatening' Harry continued, looking at the small piece of wood in his hands, 'But I'll take my wand any day.' Harry sneered down at the page and the Dark haired Prince. Although his black hair was a little shorter than Harry's, it was almost just as messy and falling into his eyes. Harry quickly ruffled his hair a little more making sure it didn't look anything like the picture. No, Harry did not like this man at all, or at least the picture of the man. Who knew if he actually ever existed? The Princess was real, he was quiet sure of that, but the Prince could have been made up just to make the story more interesting for teenage girls, like Hermione and Serena, who would swoon over a Prince like that. Harry never did believe in any of that forbidden love crap, but then again he had never had a successful date in his life. Harry flipped through a few pages until he came across a small section about Prince Endymion and his Kingdom. 'Earth Prince indeed' Harry mocked, 'What kind of pompous ass claims himself ruler over the entire planet? And where is this 'magical' land of Elysion anyway?' Harry forced himself to close the book and nearly smacked himself for his thoughts. 'You're getting jealous of a dead or fictional Prince' he laughed.

Harry quickly shut the book and pushed it away as he heard approaching footsteps coming through the portrait hole and turned just in time to see Serena heading towards him. She smiled and Harry could see the relief in her face at finding him unharmed in the common room. "You've been up here a long time" she told him, "I was getting worried."

Harry smiled back but was slightly embarrassed at being treated like a five year old by a girl nearly half his size. Then again, he didn't mind it with Serena. "I'm fine. Just catching up on a little school work" he lied. As much as he wanted to tell Serena and the others about the Princess and the dream he thought it best to wait until he knew more. Even Harry couldn't deny the similarities between this dream and the one he had had the previous year. If he were to tell them about it now he was sure one of them would go to Dumbledore, and Harry was not about to start Occulemency with Snape again.

"Come on, were going to be late for potions" Serena scolded as she pulled him off the chair and out the door, "And I don't want to have another detention with Snape."

'No' Harry confirmed silently as the small, but surprisingly strong, blonde pulled him through the halls towards the dungeons, "She has no connection to the Princess." "Although" he wondered, "The dreams did start just after we became friends, and she is Lunarian. Perhaps this is what the Princess is trying to tell me; maybe Serena could lead me to her." Harry pondered this for a moment as they jogged to their first class, "Yes" he decided, "I must find the Princess and awaken her, and Sailor Moon is my key."


Serena didn't get her wish in her first class, and Harry couldn't help but feel sorry for her while he laughed when she completely blew her's and Ron's cauldron to pieces splattering the befuddlement potion all over the irate Professor, and through his strange and almost incoherent ramblings Harry distinctly heard him give the girl another detention.

Her day didn't seem to get much better when she received another detention with her least favorite teacher Prof Sight during their Defense against the Dark Arts lesson. The irritated Professor could tell that the blonde girl wasn't paying attention to her lecture and decided to call her up to demonstrate the newest defensive shield charm they were learning. Harry suspected she did this just to give herself free reign to hurl curses at Serena. Apparently Serena's hatred for the new teacher had gotten around and become quite obvious to everyone, and Prof Sight was not too happy about the negative attention. So the Professor did just that and threw a small curse at Serena who panicked and used a reflecting charm, which instead of absorbing the spell like the shield charm, reflected it back at the caster. Prof Sight had not expected this and failed to put up a shield charm of her own, but luckily she darted out of the way missing most of the curse and only receiving a small gash across her cheek. The class was shocked and Serena was mortified at having wounded a Professor, but Harry had a hard time containing his fit of laughter even though he again felt sorry for her while Prof Sight went into a rage about her having done it on purpose and gave her detention for it. Although, Harry had the suspicion that the harsh detention was more for having wounded her vanity on her perfect face than anything else.

The rest of the day went by uneventful although Serena stayed very quiet and sullen instead of being her normal bubbly self, which everyone could understand seeing as she had two detentions to serve later that evening. Harry was surprised that she was still not back when he and Hermione returned from their Astronomy lesson, and even more still when they all went to bed and she had still not returned. Harry could only think about what sort of horrible things Snape was having her do as he slowly drifted off to sleep.


"No…Wait!...Please TELL ME!" Harry woke again from the same dream, or would he call it a nightmare now, and he still didn't have anymore information. What did she want? Harry rolled over and pulled open his curtain to reveal his still sleeping, and in Ron's case snoring, roommates and was glad that at least his antics didn't wake them. 'What does she want me to do?' Harry thought as he sat up and rubbed his eyes, 'She just tells me the same message over and over, and won't answer anything I ask her. What does she want with me?" he continued to ask himself, "Why does she keep coming to me, and why now? Why do I need her help to defeat Voldemort? The Prophesy said nothing about needing a dead Princess's power, what made her so special? What made me so special to her? Why won't she leave me alone?' But then again, he didn't want her to leave him alone. Harry wouldn't admit it, but he liked seeing her and being with her even for a few short seconds on that balcony in his dreams. There was something about her that intrigued him, something familiar, but of course he had never met a Princess before.

Harry sighed and looked up and out the window at the clear night sky and caught sight of the large full moon shining into the castle. Harry sighed again as he realized that this would probably be the last full moon he would see from Hogwarts for a while. There were now too many things rushing through Harry's head and he knew that he was never going to get back to sleep; what he wouldn't give for some of Madame Pomfrey's dreamless sleep drought right now. Harry stared back up at the full moon and a revelation came to him as a sly smile slid across his lips. 'I wonder?' He thought as he quickly jumped out of his bed tiptoed down the stairs towards the common room.


Serena relaxed in her favorite plush chair by the window in the Gryffindor common room trying to rest her tired back and softly rubbing her raw hands. Snape had been particularly cruel with her punishment tonight, and Serena figured that he was trying to make up for all of the lost years that he couldn't punish her. She had only been relieved of detention an hour before and had decided to remain in the common room for a while knowing that there was no way she was going to fall asleep anytime soon.

She suddenly heard footsteps coming from the dormitory stairs. 'Oh great' she thought, 'Now I'm in for it.' No doubt some seventh year Prefect was coming down to check for students out of bed and would report her to McGonagall first thing in the morning and probably gain her another detention. She slouched down a little further trying to become one with the chair while she held her breath as the footsteps came to a halt near her, and Serena prayed that they would just turn around and go back up the stairs. She was very surprised however when a familiar masculine voice whispered into the darkness, "Serena?"

Serena peered out from her chair to see a dark haired boy with glasses scanning the room. "Harry?" she whispered back revealing her hiding place, "What are you doing down here?"

"Couldn't sleep" he answered shortly as he approached her and casually relaxed against the stone window sill.

Serena sat back in her chair and gave him curious look. Not that she didn't mind the company, but "How did you know I'd be down here?"

"I looked out the window" Harry replied simply, then seeing the puzzled look on the girl's face, pointed out the large window behind him, "You always seem to be out here when there's a full moon."

"Oh" was all Serena could say. She had never really thought about it before, but now she realized that every time she and Harry had one of their late night meetings in the common room the moon most definitely had been full. She guessed that something about the moon being so big and bright caused some sort of restlessness within her making it hard to sleep.

"How was detention?" Harry asked breaking Serena out of her inner musings.

"Awful" she quickly replied not wanting to remember it, "As a cruel joke Snape had me outside pulling Lovage plants, which is the ingredient that I added too much of to my Befuddlement potion, with my bare hands. I'm sure Snape got a kick out of watching me because being around a lot of those plants, even when they're raw, can make things very confusing and aggravating. I think he was just trying to get me back for spilling the potion on him"

Harry chuckled inwardly at the thought. "What about detention with Prof Sight?"

Serena rolled her eyes painfully, "Don't remind me. See I told Prof Snape that we'd have to make dentention kind of short because I needed to be in Prof Sight's office by eight. He just laughed and made some snide comment then made me write lines while he left his office."

"Lines too? What did he make you write?" Harry cut in curiously.

Serena blushed then grimaced at the question; she had meant leave that part out hoping never to repeat the words to anyone. "I will keep my eyes on my potion and not on Harry Potter." She told him as quick and as soft as possible. Harry only stared trying hard not to laugh, but he couldn't quite hold it in. "I wasn't staring at you!" Serena defended, "I just wasn't paying attention to my potion, so he assumed that I, like every other girl in this school, was daydreaming about you."

Harry knew she was telling the truth, Serena was probably the last girl Hogwarts that would daydream about him, but he had to laugh at how defensive she was getting. He actually couldn't help but feel flattered.

"Anyway" Serena continued wanting to leave that subject behind, "He came back a while later and told me that he had talked with Prof Sight, and after he explained that he would need the entire night with me, she decided to postpone my detention to tomorrow. Snape made sure to let me know that she wasn't at all happy about it though, so I'm sure tomorrow will be loads of fun."

"I'm sure it will" Harry replied feeling very sorry for his friend. One could only guess what her detention with Prof Sight would be like.

"Oh well, I suppose it's my own fault" she admitted, "So what's your excuse for being up?"

"I…um" Harry paused for a moment and debated on whether or not to tell her, "I was just thinking about tests, and school, and stuff, and I couldn't go back to sleep that's all." He decided to keep the Princess his secret for a little while longer.

"Right" Serena laughed at him, "You're a terrible liar you know; it's a good quality really. You're just too brutally honest with people to lie. Now why don't you tell me why you really can't sleep." Harry refused to look back at Serena and pretended like he didn't know what she was talking about. "Fine" she answered for him, "You don't have to tell me. We'll just talk about something else." A sly smile slid across her lips as an idea popped into her head. "Oh here" she told him excitedly reaching under her chair, "I almost forgot. I stopped by the kitchens on my way back and I smuggled these up here" she said joining Harry at the window sill and showing him the bottles of pumpkin juice she held. Serena slowly opened one and handed it to Harry who graciously accepted it. "Cheers" she announced grabbing her own bottle and chiming it against Harry's, after which the two quickly finished off the bottles.

The two Gryffindors sat in silence for a moment longer until Serena finally broke it. "So, how do you feel now?" She asked trying to hide the smile on her lips.

Harry shrugged, "Okay I guess. I'm a kind of tired, confused, annoyed, and a little gassy, but I'm alright." Harry's eyes widened and he quickly covered his mouth with the realization of what he just confessed. 'Why did I say that?'

Serena now couldn't hide her fit of laughter, "Good, good, at least you're being honest. Now lets try this again, why couldn't you sleep tonight?" She asked again with a satisfied look.

"Dreams" Harry quickly stated.

"Dreams? What kind of dreams?"

"Strange dreams" Harry again responded quickly without knowing why. 'Shut up Harry' he reprimanded himself, but words continued to flow from his mouth. "Dreams about how to destroy Voldemort and a destiny that they wont tell me anything about."

Serena had not been expecting that answer and she was worried now. "You shouldn't look too much into dreams Harry, because you can't always trust your them" she said with a hint of sadness in her voice, "You should have learned that last year."

Harry knew she would say something like that. "These are different" he defended while his brain still pleaded with his mouth to stop talking.


"They're not from Voldemort. They're trying to help me" he again shot back. 'Harry be quiet you fool.'

"How do you know that?"

"Because she wouldn't do that." 'Nooooo!' His brain screamed in frustration as his mouth continued to talk.

Serena perked up at this comment. "She?" she asked curiously.

"The Princess" Harry stated as if it were extremely obvious.

Serena's eyes widened as state of panic struck her. "P-Princess?" She asked trying to sound calm.

"Yes" Harry continued, "She's there every night giving me confusing riddles and telling me that I have to find and awaken her, but she wont tell me where or how. I've never even seen her face."

Serena's face relaxed only slightly at this information. The Princess was becoming restless and turning to desperate measures to be awoken, but Serena was determined to keep her dormant and hide her true identity from everyone until at least her mission here was fulfilled. "And what do you plan on doing about it?" She asked trying to keep herself from looking suspicious.

"I don't know" he answered truthfully, "I was eventually planning on asking you and the others."


"But I really didn't want to tell you that I was dreaming about another girl" Harry responded. 'Why are you telling her all this?' His head screamed at him.

Serena flushed with embarrassment at his answer, but despite the seriousness of everything she had to laugh a little at the irony that there was no other girl. "You should have told me."

"Well it was kind of nice to have something of my own that you didn't know everything about." Harry remarked and then immediately felt very bad seeing Serena hang her head in guilt. 'Shut up Harry, just Shut up! We decided not to tell her until we learned more, so why are you spilling every last detail now?' Harry's attention was drawn to the empty bottle of pumpkin juice that he still held in his hand. 'She wouldn't.' Harry looked up at his friend in shock, and she hurriedly turned away under his gaze. "What did you put in my drink!"

Serena couldn't hide her proud smile any longer at her clever trick, and quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out the small vile. "I sneaked it away from Snape's office" she exclaimed with great pride, "I just figured that I had better try it out and make sure it works."

Harry stared at the clear liquid in the bottle; Veritaserum he was sure of it. Harry couldn't believe that he had been drugged by one of his best and most trusted friends. He decided then that he would start taking Mad Eye Moody's advice a little more serious from now on. "You mean to tell me that you slipped an unmarked potion, which you stole from 'Snape's' office, into my drink? God only knows what it could have been."

A look of horror struck Serena; she hadn't thought of that. She had assumed it to only be Veritaserum and nothing else, but for all she knew it could've been some terrible deadly poison that Snape had hidden away for some diabolical reason. She could've just killed Harry Potter.

Harry could see that Serena looked like she might burst into tears in the next five seconds, and decided to remedy the situation. "Well at least we know what it is, and no doubt that it will come in handy for something other than finding out all my secrets." Serena's eyes continued to well up with tears, "But now that I've taken it," Harry said a little panicked that she might cry,"Go head, ask me anything. I'm an open book for probably the next twenty minutes."

Serena's tears quickly dried up as she laughed at her friend and decided that she would take advantage of this rare opportunity that he was giving her. "Alright" she told him as the smile reappeared on her face, "Umm" she pondered while pursing her lips and bringing a hand to her chin, "What do you really think of Prof Sight?" She figured she'd start with an easy one.

Harry knew then that he had made a grave mistake. "Well" he began unable to control himself, "She's a rather good looking woman, hands down the best looking Professor we've ever had here at Hogwarts, but that's probably the only reason anyone pays attention to her. She's definitely not the brightest person here, but we've had worse. I actually think Ron is a little angry that he didn't take Defense Against the Dark Arts this year though." Harry sighed as he finished, 'That wasn't too painful' he thought, but then reconsidered at the look of disgust on Serena's face.

A devilish smirk then appeared across the blonde's lips as a better question came to mind. "And what about me Harry?"

'NO!' Harry thought as his body struck with panic, 'Anything but that.'

"Do you still sometimes consider me an enemy, or have I finally gained your trust?"

Harry tried to clench his jaw shut to keep the words from coming, but it did him no good. "No," he said with perfect sincerity, "I completely trust you. You do sometimes really annoy me when you whine or follow me around and treat me like I'm five, but it feels like we've known each other for years, well I suppose we have, but I've come to think of you as one of my greatest friends" Harry watched as Serena thought about his answer for a second before she chose to smile, "Maybe more." Harry added and then closed his eyes in humiliation knowing what he was about to confess next.

'More?' Serena thought curiously, 'What does he mean by more?'

"You know me better than anyone and vice versa. You're funny, and fun, and…well, need I say, a Super Hero. Not to mention that you are unbelievably beautiful, and..."

"Well" Serena cut in awkwardly not wanting him to go any further; she had no idea Harry felt this way. "Umm…Thanks…I guess. How about we end this Q & A now and sit in silence for the next twenty minutes until the potion wears off?" Harry only nodded in reply wanting nothing more than to do just that, well apart from leaping out of the window and landing in the awaiting branches of the whomping willow below, but he refrained and chose to return to leaning on the window sill and try to avoid making eye contact with the girl next to him.

Serena also leaned against the window sill and stared out into the night trying to ignore the awkwardness that now filled the room. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She had drugged her friend and tricked him into revealing secrets that he had no intention of sharing. It had been hard for Serena to not be able to tell what was going on in Harry's mind since he had blocked her out, but she knew that was no excuse for what she had done. Then again, he had been lying and withholding things from her, and he had given her free reign to ask questions. Serena just hoped that when the potion wore off Harry would give her some excuse for his confessions, and then the two of them could pretend like this night had never happened. That's what they would do Serena concluded.

Serena continued to stare out the window and try not to think about what had just happened, or what has going to happen, or what needed to happen. She pushed away school and friends and Harry to the back of her mind and just gazed into the night sky. Slowly, as her eyes grew heavy, the dark grounds of Hogwarts faded into bright city lights. She pulled away from the window to realize that she was no longer in the Gryffindor common room, but in a much smaller room with a large fire place and a low table with people sitting all around it. She recognized the place instantly as a room in Rei's temple where she had had many deep discussions about school, enemies, and even her own destiny. She was home.

And there they were, seated around the table were her very own Senshi; every last one. Setsuna sat at one end drumming her fingers on the table lost in her own musings, while Haruka and Michiru sat together in deep discussion with Hotaru near by. Minako and Makoto were turned towards each other giggling and have a very animated discussion, about some boy no doubt, while Ami sat next to them furiously scribbling on some school assignment that Minako and Makoto were both supposed to be doing also, and trying not to get to caught up in their conversation. Serena realized that someone was missing and quickly turned to look around only to come face to face with an annoyed Rei Hino.

"You were daydreaming again weren't you?" She asked the blonde with a smug look on her face and her hands on her hips.

Serena or Usagi, whoever she was, only smiled at her dark haired friend who she had never been more happy to see. She nodded in response to the question and couldn't believe that she had been daydreaming for what seemed like a life time.

Rei rolled her eyes and her look of annoyance was replaced by her stern glare letting Serena know that she was in for a lecture. "You've got to pay more attention . You've missed a lot of crucial details, and I can't even tell where you're going from here" the Senshi of fire said as though she had just been double checking her school paper. "Honestly, what are we going to do with a Queen that can't even handle this simple assignment" She joked, sitting back down in a mock fury.

"C'mon Rei" the blonde Love Goddess called, "She's doing the best she can."

"Yeah" Makoto agreed, "I'm just glad I don't have to do it."

"But the answer is right in front of her face" Rei shot back to the other girls, "yet she refuses to see it, which is only making things harder and more miserable for her."

"Huh?" Serena questioned . She was getting the feeling that they weren't talking about a mere school assignment anymore.

"Just think about it" Ami said looking up from her paper, "You'll figure it out, I know you will."

"What are you all talking about?" Serena finally blurted out, "What do I need to think about?"

"I think Rei's right" Haruka laughed at her, "What are we going to do with a Queen that can't keep her head straight?" The other girls laughed at the Wind Senshi's comment making Serena only more confused.

"She's doing fine" Setsuna cut in silencing the laughter with her nostalgic voice. The Senshi of time then turned her eyes on Serena and smiled, which was a rare oddity for them to see, "Don't worry Princess, we are with you all the way."

Serena smiled back in gratitude at the girls; she had needed this. She needed the stern lecture, the laughter, and the encouragement from her dear friends and hoped that this moment with them wouldn't end. She shivered slightly from the cold and gratefully accepted the warm sensation that suddenly wrapped around her. A warm sensation with masculine arms and a familiar musk. She leaned her head back onto a hard chest and craned her head upward to meet the blue eyes of her one true love.

The dark haired man only gave his Princess a loving smile as he squeezed her tighter in his arms making Serena's eyes well up with tears. She knew one day that he would find her once again. Serena snuggled closer to her Prince and closed her eyes in his comfort. "I've missed you," she sighed, "Mamoru."

"Mamoru?" An equally familiar, yet unexpected voice remarked.

Serena's eyes shot open and again looked up into the face of the arms the held her, and was surprised not to be met with deep blue, but vivid green eyes. "Harry!" She gasped as she quickly pulled away from the now unwelcome embrace, "What are you doing?"

"Uhh" Harry stammered taking a step back in surprise by Serena's sudden outburst, "I thought you were cold" he answered honestly. Harry himself wasn't quite sure why he had done it. He had seen her shiver from the cold and then he had found himself with his arms wrapped around her; curse his male testosterone. He was surprised that Serena hadn't said anything, and even more so when she leaned farther into his embrace; she seemed to be actually enjoying it. That is until she had called him Mamoru. What did Mamoru mean anyway? Was it a thing, or a place? Was it a person? Harry's mind began to wonder in shock, was Mamoru another guy? Serena had become very upset when Harry had repeated the name. Harry's blood began to boil with jealousy as the stinging in his scar increased dramatically; he had to know. "Who's Mamoru?" He asked bluntly.

"No one" Serena shot back just as blunt, "No one you need to concern yourself with anyway."

Harry was getting tired of her games, "Look Serena, I…"

"Don't" Serena cut in not wanting to hear the rest. She was now desperately trying to hold back tears from realizing that what had just happened had only been a dream and that this was actually her reality. "Please Harry don't say it."

Harry wasn't expecting this, but he certainly wouldn't take it for an answer. "Why?"

Serena turned away from the boy and walked a little further, why did he have to make this so hard? "Look Harry, I like you, I really do, but it wouldn't work. Please, lets just go to bed and pretend that none of this happened."

Harry still wasn't satisfied, "Why wouldn't it work?"

Serena was having a hard time trying to hide her tears now. As much as she wanted to do what Harry was thinking, "We…'I' can't I…it's complicated."

Harry was becoming aggravated by her answers, "So it's ok for you to have secrets, but I keep one thing from you and you use Veritaserum on me."

Serena turned back in shock. "That's not fair" she said in a hurt voice, "That was a joke. I didn't mean anything by it or for this to happen. You just couldn't understand."

"Try me" Harry challenged, "You've told me a lot of crazy things this year that I've learned to accept, how can this be different?"

Serena was at a loss for words, "You don't want to hear it, trust me."

Harry was a little annoyed now, "I do trust you Serena. I trust you enough to say this to you. I've tried to tell myself all year that I didn't like you, but it didn't work, and now I've been stuck trying figure out what to do about it."

Serena shook her head, "You don't know what you're saying Harry."

Harry laughed, "Of course I know what I'm saying, you slipped me that truth serum less than fifteen minutes ago, and that's why I'm telling you all of this. Do you think I would be saying any of this if I wasn't under the influence of Veritaserum? I really, truly wish I could stop."

Serena had forgotten about the serum, and because of it Harry had most unmanly poured out his feelings to her. Her little prank had gone completely out of control and she was paying for it now.

"Tell me" Harry pleaded with her.

"I can't" Serena finished as she started to walk away.

"It's because of him isn't it?" Harry asked from behind causing Serena to stop in her tracks.

"Who?" She asked with a quiver in her voice.

"That guy, Mamoru I'm sure, that you told me about as Sailor Moon the night before I found out who you really were. The one that died trying to protect you."

Serena couldn't stop the tears from flowing now; Harry was a lot smarter than she gave him credit for. "Harry Please" Serena begged, "I…let's just go to bed."

Harry was now completly frustrated. Even though the serum was starting to wear off, his brain was still sending mixed signals to his voice on what to say. "He's DEAD!" He called after Serena when she tried to leave again.

Serena stopped and turned to face Harry with anger plastered on her face through the tears. "You don't know that" she shouted back not caring if the other Gryffindors woke up. "He could still be alive out there. They all could still be alive."

'They?' Harry was very confused now. "Serena I don't know what happened in your past because you refuse to tell me, but I do know that you did say he was dead."

"No" Serena responded shaking her head not wanting to believe Harry's words, "There's still a chance."

"You have to face it, how can he still be alive?"

"You can't understand Harry. There could still be a chance I could find them."

Harry moved closer to the girl with sympathy etched in his face. He was determined to bring her out of this denial and he knew how painful it could be. "If he isn't dead, then why isn't he here with you?" Harry asked bringing only more tears to Serena's eyes when she refused to respond, "How can you still cling to this?"

"Because he promised he would always find me!" Serena screamed through her sobs startling Harry a little, "And I promised I would wait" She finished trying to calm her voice. "There are bigger things at work here than silly prophesies and dark Wizards Harry" she exclaimed, "Things you should be glad you don't have to be apart of."

"But," Harry cut in grabbing the book he had left on the table earlier and turning through the pages, "What about her?" He asked pointing to the Moon Princess. "She's been giving me signs that I think have been pointing to you. You're my only key to finding her."

Serena stared longingly at the picture of the Princess with her Prince, and had to use all restraint to keep herself from ripping the book out of Harry's hands and tearing it to shreds. "Well you were wrong" she stated coldly, "I have nothing to do with her."

"Then what does she want with me?"

"You know, I really wish I knew what she wanted" Serena replied turning away from the Princess in the book, "But remember Harry, be wary of your dreams; if you learned anything from last year let it be that." She turned to leave once more but stopped before she reached the stairs. "I am so sorry for all of this" she said sadly, and with one last gentle look, went up the stairs.

Harry sighed as he sat down and again looked through the book. It was for the best, he convinced himself trying to ignore the deeply rejected feeling in his stomach. Yes, now he could finally move his mind off of Serena and focus on the greater task of Voldemort, and more importantly…the Princess.

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