Kougo no Jigen


Alternate Dimensions


Chapter One: Futago - Twins


Koenma shuffled through the papers on his desk, stamping reports, approving of a treaty in the Makai, and rejecting a promotion from one of the Ferry Girls.

Someone clearing their throat caught his attention, and he looked up to see a tall youkai with a blonde mustache and a goatee. His long hair was held back with a low ponytail.

"Hai?" Koenma asked. "What do you want?"

"I humbly ask," he began with his dark, deep voice, "that you help me. My dimension is in grave danger. I must find someone to help me as soon as possible before it is destroyed along with all the other dimensions."


Makai - Demon World

Youkai - Demon

Hai, Un - Yes


"This is supposed to be my day-off!" Yuusuke raged.

Kuwabara rolled his eyes, "Isn't everyday supposed to be your day-off?"

"Now, Yuusuke," Kurama said, "I'm sure that there's a very important reason that he called us up here."

"Yeah!" Yuusuke growled, "Like last time! When we had to do Koenma's dirty work! I didn't like those Makai Bee stings!" Then he calmed down, a wicked grin on his face, "The only thing that I liked about that mission was when Hiei got control over the Makai Bees." Yuusuke snickered, and turned to Kuwabara, "Does your ass still hurt?"

Kuwabara mumbled something unintelligentable.

Kurama asked, "Hiei, what exactly did you tell those bees?"

Hiei said with a very slight smirk, "I told them that Kuwabara was going to kill their queen."

"You told them what?!"

Collapsing to the floor in laughter, Yuusuke rolled, and clutched his aching sides as Kurama snickered behind his hand. Kuwabara attempted to chase after Hiei, but to no avail; he was still much too quick for the clumsy and slow ningen.

"Hey! Get your butts in gear!" Botan appeared behind them, and pointed in the direction of Koenma's office with her oar. "This is serious business!"

Yuusuke blinked away tears, "Gee, Botan, you aren't usually so pushy."

"Well," she mumbled, "there had never been this much at stake."

"What do you mean?" Hiei growled.

She giggled nervously, and started toward Koenma's office, trying to ignore the way that Hiei's eyes were boring into the back of her head.

As they entered the office, Yuusuke shouted, "Why the hell am I here?!" Then he blinked in surprise at the youkai standing beside Koenma's desk, "Who the fuck is that guy?"

He bowed politely, "The name is Arutoi." Botan giggled again, but obviously not so nervously. She was staring at Arutoi's red-gold eyes. Arutoi smiled, "Who's the lovely lady?"

"Botan." she giggled, and he knelt to kiss her hand.

Koenma cleared his throat, "Botan, you can leave now."

She blushed, and rushed out of the office, but not without taking one last look at Arutoi.

Arutoi's smile became wider, "Such a shame that she had to leave so soon."

The hanyou said, "Okay, now that the flirting is over with . . . Why am I here again?"

Koenma began, "Arutoi here is from another dimension, which is very similar to our own. It is being threatened by four individuals with extraordinary rei'ryoku and you'ryoku. Arutoi says that they are planning to destroy his dimension. While the loss of a whole dimension would be a tragedy in of itself . . . Well, ours is next in line. Arutoi believes that their powers might not work in our dimension though, so he has asked us permission to usher these four trouble makers into this dimension. Since no one there is powerful enough to stop them, he wants you to take care of them."

Yuusuke asked, "Isn't there a Koenma there to take care of them?"

"There *was* . . ."

"What happened to him?"


"What does that mean?" Kuwabara asked, obviously only half listening.

"Killed, slaughtered, butchered, murdered, etc., etc., etc., and everything else bad." Koenma said.

"Wait a minute," Yuusuke asked, "are we in that dimension?"

Koenma played with a sheet of paper, "Well . . . anou . . . hai . . ."

"Why can't they get off their asses?!" The diety was silent, and Yuusuke said, "Well . . . ?"

"The four individuals . . . well . . . they're you."



Ningen - Human

Rei'ryoku - Spirit Power

You'ryoku - Demon Power

Anou - Um / Er / Uh

Nani - What


After Yuusuke was settled down, Koenma had George bring in a T.V. screen.

Yuusuke found his eyes looking over their other wordly visitor. His long blonde hair went past his shoulder blades, which was held back by a loose ponytail. He was even taller than Kuwabara, though not as built looking. His upper torso was covered more or less by a black button up silk shirt that was halfway unbuttoned showing his tan body, and he wore white dress pants. As he turned his head Yuusuke could see that his left ear was pierced, and a gold loop with a feather dangling from it was hanging in it. From there his eyes trailed down to the tattoo on his neck: icy blue and white leaves were wrapped around his neck in an intricate twisting design, and Yuusuke wasn't sure where one leaf began and the other ended.

Yuusuke tapped on Kurama's shoulder; it wasn't a design that he was familiar with, and since Kurama was so old and wise, he figured that Kurama might know something about it. Kurama finally turned around, and asked, "What is it, Yuusuke?"

"Kurama, do you recognize that tattoo on his neck?"

"What tattoo?"

"You don't see the ice blue leaves?"

"Yuusuke, there aren't any ice blue anythings on his neck."

Yuusuke frowned slightly, and asked Hiei. The hi youkai claimed that he couldn't see anything either, and that if he bothered him again that Yuusuke's face would meet the floor very soon. Yuusuke then asked his most loyal and trustworthy friend if he could see the damn tattoo.

"Urameshi, what kind of drugs are you on?"

"I'm not on any drugs! Can't anyone see the stupid tattoo?!" He said way too loud.

Arutoi stopped talking with Koenma, and looked at the hanyou for a split second. The look on his face was that of deep contemplation, and his hand drifted up to his neck.

Koenma said, "Yuusuke, can't you keep your damn mouth shut for a moment?!"

"Gee, gomen," then he murmured under his breath, "you old coot."

Koenma either decided to ignore that remark or he didn't hear it, and he said to Arutoi, "Please excuse, the baby of the team."

"I'm not the baby! I'm the leader!"

"Baby . . . leader . . . same difference. . ."

"Bastard . . ." Yuusuke mumbled.

"As we were saying before the brat interrupted . . ."


Koenma shook his head, "They probably don't believe any of this."

"Hai, I know," Arutoi said, "must be the side effect of having a team of boys. You should have girls . . ."

"What was that?"


Yuusuke narrowed his eyes suspiciously. What was that? Girls?

The red youko said, "I think George is finished preparing the T.V. screen."

Kuwabara asked, "What are we watching, anyways?"

"Can we start this damn movie or whatever this is?" Hiei growled.

Koenma clapped his hands together, "Let's!"


Sumimasen, Suminai, Gomen Nasai, Gomen - Sorry / Excuse Me


Arutoi watched the group surround the T.V. screen with hooded eyes.

'That boy . . . How did he see my tattoo?' He snorted very softly, 'The only other person that could see it was that Urameshi girl . . .'


As Kurama was trying to pay attention to the screen which seemed to be malfunctioning, his thoughts turned to what Yuusuke had said. His emerald eyes glanced at the youkai's neck, and yet again, nothing was there.

The way that Yuusuke had described the tattoo had vaguely reminded him of . . .

'Iie,' he shook his head, 'that race died out years ago.'

Then he turned back to the T.V. screen. Kuwabara had just hit it, and the T.V. danced back to life.

Yuusuke patted Kuwabara's head like a dog, "Good Kuwabara."


Iie, Iya - No


The screen showed a scene from Yuusuke's home that seemed to happen almost everyday.

"Damn bottle, why do you have to empty every time? Where's some more vodka? At least the vodka doesn't leave as quickly."


Off-screen, Yuusuke mumbled, "That's because you can't swallow vodka as quickly."

Kurama commented, "That's not a nice thing to say about your okaasan."

"It is when she's drinking vodka."


Okaasan, Kaasan, Hahaue, Haha, Ofukuro


She threw the bottle at the door that was opening. The bottle then nailed someone outside.

"Kuso! What the fuck was that?!"

The bottle was thrown back at her, and glanced Atsuko's forehead, "Shimatta, it's not full! Don't give me empty bottles!"


Kuso - Shit

Shimatta - Damn it


"Gee," Yuusuke said, "that chick doesn't sound very nice."

Kuwabara muttered, "Reminds me of Hiei . . . Itai!"

"Wasn't me . . ." murmured a deep voice.


Itai - Ow / Pain


"Gee, kaasan," said another feminine voice, "nail Tobikage in the head more often, why don't you?"

Atsuko said, "I could have sworn that I was aiming for you."

"Guys, kaasan says 'hi.'"


Yuusuke asked, "Who's she calling 'kaasan?' That's my kaasan!"


"Bitch!" Came the not so friendly female voice of before.

"Tobikage says 'hi,' kaasan."

"Bitch? Is that all you could think of? I would have said whore." A third female voice came from outside.

"Kuwabara says 'hi' too."


Kuwabara blinked several times, "But . . . that was a girl's voice!"

"She sounds hot!"

The taller boy hit Yuusuke over the head, and suddenly they were brawling.

Koenma paused the tape before anything else showed, and yelled, "Stop it, children!"

"He started it!"

"Iya! He did!"

"I don't care who started it! I'm ending it!"

Arutoi started the tape again when they had calmed down.


"Konnichiwa," said another girl that came into view. A sexy redhead with bright green eyes that were smiling. Her oufit was the same one that girls from Kurama's high school had to wear. A long pink skirt with a white button up shirt, and a pink vest.


Konnichiwa - Good Afternoon


"Oh yeah!" Yuusuke shouted.

Kurama blushed, "Anou . . . Yuusuke . . ."

"Nani? . . . Oh, right . . . She's still hot!"

"I thought you were with Keiko, Urameshi," Kuwabara said.

"I was until she met that bastard from Kurama's school!"

"Who?" Kurama asked.

"Something Hotarushi."

"Oh! Him!"

"Yeah! Him!" Yuusuke muttered. "That's why I can check this chick out!"

Kurama's cheeks tinged into a cherry red.


Atsuko mumbled, "Ohayou, Noroko-chan."

Noroko smiled, "It's the afternoon, Atsuko-san."

The woman looked out the window, "Looks the same to me. Too bright at any time of day."

"Eh heh, if you say so . . ."

"Anyways," said the voice that had claimed Atsuko as her kaasan, "I believe that we were heading to my room." She entered the apartment, and grabbed Noroko's hand, pulling her along toward where Yuusuke's room was. She had long black hair, and dark chocolate brown eyes. The girl was adorned in Urameshi's attire: green pants and shirt which was halfway open showing off the white undershirt beneath.

A tall girl with a blue sailor fuku like that of Keiko's came inside. She was not as beautiful as the other two, but pretty in her own way. In fact, she bore a strong resemblance to Shizuru except she had orange hair.


Ohayou - Good Morning


"She looks like she could be Kuwabara's imoutochan," said Yuusuke.

Hiei finally looked up at the screen, and his eyes widened just slightly. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes from her.

Kuwabara shouted, "She looks nothing like me!"

"Actually," Kurama began, "she does look a lot like you."

"Does not! Just ask Hiei! . . . Hiei?"

Yuusuke snapped his fingers in front of the hi youkai's face, but Hiei did not blink nor say anything.

"What is he looking at?" asked Kurama.

Yuusuke replied, "He's looking at the Shizuru and Kuwabara look-alike!"

"She doesn't look like me!"

"Hey Kuwabara, why don't you hit Hiei, to get your answer?"

"With pleasure." Kuwabara cracked his knuckles.

Kurama mumbled, "Kuwabara, you aren't really going to . . . ?"

Yuusuke laughed as the taller boy seemed to ignore the youko, "He's gonna do it!"

Kuwabara punched Hiei in the back of the head, and his face made contact with the floor. Snarling, Hiei launched himself on the unsuspecting ningen, causing Kuwabara to run around screaming as he attempted to get the angry hi youkai off of his back.

Kurama was hunched over his stomach, trying desperately to control his laughter but to no avail. Yuusuke had given into temptation, and was rolling on the floor laughing his ass off.

Since Kuwabara was unsuccessful with removing the Koorime, he ran toward the door in an effort to knock him off. An effort that proved to be fruitless in the end because Hiei leapt off before Kuwabara could do so, making Kuwabara crash into the doors.

Arutoi looked at the four. Yuusuke was laughing even harder then before, Kurama looked to about ready to join him on the floor, Kuwabara was in a daze because of smacking into the door, and Hiei was back to where he was sitting again.

Koenma muttered, "Can we go back to the video?"

He had paused the video again, and when they were more or less in order again, he pressed play.


Imoutochan, Imouto - Younger Sister

Koorime - Ice Maiden



"Hey," Atsuko said, "aren't you usually wearing that white shirt instead of the gimpy sailor thing?"

"Yeah," She mumbled, shuffling her feet, "Oneesan forgot to wash my clothes. I had to wear this today."

The deep feminine voice - which had been called Tobikage - laughed.

A short girl that resembled Hiei far too much for anyone's taste, walked in, rubbing her cheek, and still laughing. She might have been even shorter than him, but no one could be certain. Her hair was not up in the shape of a flame, instead long hair that went past the middle of her back; her bangs were streaked with white highlights. She was clothed head-to-toe in the same black ensemble that Hiei was often associated with.


Oneesan, Neesan, Aneue, Ane - Older Sister


Kuwabara shouted, "*She* looks like Hiei! That other girl looks nothing like me!"

Hiei shook his head in amazement.


Atsuko narrowed her eyes, "What are you doing wearing all black? It's hot!"

Tobikage stared at Atsuko for a long time, but either because she was not bothered by her glare or she was too drunk to really know how much danger she was in, the young kaasan did nothing. Finally, the girl mumbled, "Goth."

Yuusuke's kaasan nodded, and as they left in the direction of Yuusuke's room, she muttered, "That chick needs to get laid."


Kuwabara raised his hand, "I'll do it!"

"Anou . . ." Kurama mumbled, "aren't you with Yukina?"

"No, he isn't!" Hiei raged.

"Yeah," Kuwabara said. "What he said. Besides, she's hotter!"

Hiei blinked a few times before striking the taller boy's face.

Kurama blushed, "I don't think Kuwabara realizes yet that these girls are us."

Yuusuke nodded in agreement.


The girl with long black hair slammed the door as Tobikage took her roost up on the window sill. The Kuwabara look-alike plopped onto a chair beside the bed, and the redhead sat herself on the bed. The girl that had called Atsuko 'kaasan' leapt onto the bed behind Noroko, and laid down.

The Kuwabara look-alike asked, "Can I borrow a shirt, Urameshi? This shirt's chafing!"


Hiei smacked the back of Yuusuke's head, and before Yuusuke could say anything, Hiei hit him again, saying, "I know what you were going to say, so don't you dare!"

"For your information, I was going to say that Urameshi was my name, not that bitch's!"


The girl that was addressed as Urameshi - the girl laying on the bed - pointed to the dresser, "Knock yourself out."


Yuusuke shouted, "Strip!"

The Koorime punched him again.

The boy stuttered, "I wasn't saying it to your little girlfriend! Anou . . . I was talking about your futago . . . I mean-!"

A resounding sound of flesh against flesh permeated the room. Arutoi shook his head.

Kuwabara lended a hand to Yuusuke while the youko tried to restrain Hiei from leaping on their leader. While during this strange display of 'affection' they missed the Shizuru look-alike changing her shirt.

When Yuusuke was seated, and everyone calmed, he noticed this, shouting, "Koenma, rewind! Rewind!"


Futago - Twin


Urameshi began to ramble, "The one day! The one time I go to school, and those dumbass teachers give me some big assignment!"

Noroko commented, "Yuujo, you should be thankful that Takenaka's going to let you pass some of the subjects with those big assignments."

"Oh, Zouba, the only reason he's letting me pass is because he doesn't want to see this ugly mug for the rest of his life!" Urameshi Yuujo laughed.

Tobikage smirked, "I believe Yuujo's correct."

"Hey!" Yuujo took a ponytail, and aimed it at the dark girl.

When the ponytail hit Tobikage, the short girl growled, and in less than a second, punched Yuujo, and went back to her seat.


Kurama mumbled, "That seems like Hiei . . ."

Kuwabara muttered, "Hey, why don't you punch him when he says something like that?"

"Because he'll hit me back, baka."


Baka - Idiot


Yuujo rubbed her cheek, "Itai! Tobikage, that's not nice!"

"You think?!"

Noroko - Zouba? - said, "Now, children, stop fighting."

Urameshi growled, "I'll fight if I damn well please! Right, Kuwabara?!"

"Huh?" Came the answer from the Shizuru look-alike.

"Just say 'yes!'"

"Okay. Un."

Tobikage said, "Baka."

"Hey! I heard that!"

"Did you?" Tobikage asked, "Did you?"

"That sounds like fighting words to me, shrimp!"

"Slap her a new one, Kuwabara!" This coming from Yuujo.

The redhead asked Yuujo, "You know that Tobikage's going to avoid all of her attacks, right?"

"It's all just shits and giggles, Zouba." she reassured her.


Koenma muttered, "This is definately my team, just more pretty."

"We heard that!"

Arutoi shook his head again at their foolishness. He thought to himself, They're really exactly like them, except they're male.


After the girls had settled down, and the fist-fighting had stopped, Kuwabara was sitting back in the chair again, her shirt torn, and her blue bra showing. Tobikage was sitting calmly on the window sill again; her clothes were unruffled.

Yuujo muttered, "Gee, thanks, Tobikage. Ruin *my* shirt, why don't you?"

"It shouldn't have been on that baka in the first place." Tobikage smirked.


Yuusuke cheered, "Yeah! That's what I missed! Her bra's blue!"

Yuusuke ducked expecting Hiei's fist in the back of his head, but the swing never came, and Yuusuke looked up to see why. Hiei was staring wide-eyed at the female Kuwabara. His red eyes looked as if they were trying to memorize every inch of flesh that was being shown. He laughed, which brought Hiei out of it, and he glared at the leader of their team.

After Yuusuke had stopped laughing, he realized that Arutoi was staring at her in the same way that Hiei had been moments before. Arutoi shook his head, and then stared directly at Yuusuke, causing the boy to flinch, and look back to the screen.


The redhead sighed, "See? This is what happens when you encourage them to fight."

"I didn't think that my stuff would get ruined in the process!"

"You always think that, but look what happens!"

Yuujo growled, "This was supposed to be my day-!" She covered her mouth, and looked about frantically.


"Hey! They've got the right idea! Whenever we say that it's our day-off, Botan picks us up for another mission! Kurama! We've got to follow their example!"

Kurama's eyes narrowed, and he thought, 'If they work for Koenma, then why are they evil?'


Tobikage shouted, "Don't jinx us! I want to train today!"

"Don't, Yuujo," started the redhead, "don't think it, don't say it, don't do anything!"

"Not today, Urameshi! Not today! It's so nice out! I want to go to the beach!"

Yuujo muttered, "It's probably too late anyways . . ." She moaned into her hands, "It's my day-off . . ."

The Kurama and Kuwabara-look-alikes moaned as Tobikage slapped Yuujo's face, "What have you done?!"

They all squeezed their eyes shut, and waited for the seemingly inevitable bubbling laughter of Botan, but after several minutes nothing of the sort reached their ears, and they slowly opened their eyes.

Yuujo whispered, "It's my day-off?"

Tobikage slapped Yuujo again, "Quit saying that!"

Then after another few minutes, still no Botan.

Soon, the three more verbal of the four girls were shouting at the ceiling, "It's my day-off, Koenma-chan!"

Tobikage was staring in wonder at the three girls, and shook her head, "No way. This is too good to be true."

"Hey!" Came Atsuko's voice, "What's going on in there?! What day-off?!"

Yuujo stuttered, "My day-off from school, kaasan!"

"Oh . . . I'm going to a bar!"

"Good for you!"

They listened as Atsuko stumbled to her feet, opened the door, and left the door open as she traveled noisily to the street, singing, "I love vodka! I love vodka! I love vodka! Hey! Hey! Hey!"


Yuusuke muttered, "The whole neighborhood knows, kaasan."

"Yuusuke, that's not-"

"Yeah, I know, Kurama."


Yuujo muttered, "The whole neighborhood knows, kaasan."

"Yuujo, that's not-"

"Yeah, I know, Zouba."


The whole group blinked in surprise.


Tobikage finally blinked a few times, and said, "It really is our day-off, isn't it?"

Yuujo looked up into the sky, "Enma Daiou must love me! . . . Ew! Ugly, fat man that wants sex! Zouba, take my place!"

"Iya! He's too big!"

"Zouba!" Tobikage shouted at her.


Daiou - Great King


"I didn't need that mental image!"

Kurama's body twitched.

The others in the room laughed. Kuwabara did so because it was funny - he was still quite clueless as to who these girls were - and Hiei did so because he could imagine Yuusuke and Kurama doing this.


"Zouba! I didn't need that picture! Why did you say that?!" Urameshi growled after thinking about it.

"I didn't realize what I said!" Zouba said as she covered her eyes.

Kuwabara shook her head, thanking Enma Daiou that she wasn't paying attention enough to know exactly what was going on.

Tobikage smacked her forehead, obviously trying to get the picture of a 'large' Enma Daiou, Yuujo, and Zouba out of her mind.


Hiei winced, "I wouldn't do that if I . . ."



The girls directed their attention to Tobikage, and Yuujo asked, "What happened?"

Tobikage mumbled, "Well, at least, the picture's is gone. Itai."


Hiei mumbled in agreement, "I know how you feel. Stings, doesn't it?"

Kuwabara asked, "What are you talking about?"


Zouba said, "Tobikage, let me see your Jagan. I want to make sure you didn't smack it into your brain."

Tobikage snarled, and backed away, fingering the handle of her katana.

"Tobikage," Yuujo began, "do we have to wrestle you to the ground to make sure that you didn't injure yourself?"

"Yeah, shrimp!"


Jagan - Evil Eye

Katana - Sword


"Woohoo! Women's wrestling!" Yuusuke cheered them on. "Now all we need is some mud, and them in their underwear!"


As they advanced on Tobikage, she whipped out her katana, and swung it at them, making them back away to give her room to jump. Her swing missed Kuwabara and Yuujo, but unfortunately Zouba's vest was slashed.

"Tobikage, these are my school clothes!"


Yuusuke frowned, "Shimatta! Tobikage, you didn't cut all the way through! I want to see her bra! Try it again! This time the shirt!"

Kurama growled, "Maybe I should strip!"

Yuusuke chuckled, "Nah, you don't have to do that, Kurama! I'll try to keep it down!"

The tall boy looked between the two of them, "What's going on, guys?"


She snorted, "So? The vest was hideous anyway."

Tobikage leapt over their heads, and landed beside the door, ready to make her escape.

Yuujo snorted, "Fine! Forget it!"

The dark girl relaxed slightly, but didn't leave her position. Zouba jumped her, "Got you! - Itai!"

Tobikage had bitten her, and she hastily retreated to the window sill. They no longer tried to check up on her Jagan.

Yuujo smiled, "You should check to see if you have rabies."

Kuwabara snickered, "Yeah, she's like a rat. You don't know what other types of diseases she might have. Itai!"

Tobikage smirked, "Wasn't me."

"Well, at least she only left indents," she said, and then frowned at her vest on the floor. "Now, I have to buy another one." Zouba sighed, "I don't even like them."

"Me neither."

"You don't even wear them. You wear the boy's jacket!"

"So? They're better than those sailor things!"

"But they're what you're supposed to wear!"

Yuujo shouted, "There are perverted boys out there!"


Kuwabara shouted, "Deal with it!"

"Yeah!" Cheered on Urameshi.


Kuwabara shouted, "Deal with it!"



The boys blinked, and Yuusuke muttered, "There's that weird thing again."


Tobikage rolled her eyes, "Such silly things to fight about. Why worry about stupid school uniforms?" The Jaganshi noticed that the other girls were in a circle whispering to each other. Her ruby red eyes narrowed, "What are you guys up to?"

Yuujo whispered to Zouba, "You should join a nudist colony if you don't want to pay for school uniforms."

Zouba said, "You would just love to see me naked, wouldn't you?"

Yuujo smiled, and nodded her head, Kuwabara laughed, and Zouba groaned, shaking her head.


Jaganshi - Master of the Evil Eye



Kuwabara smacked Yuusuke's head, "Stop picturing them naked, and playing with each other!"

"Hey! I wasn't thinking of them playing with each other! Thanks!" Yuusuke commenced drooling.

Kurama blushed.


Kuwabara said, "I thought that we were going to the beach; not fighting here in this hot room."

Yuujo muttered, "Tobikage needs a bathing suit."

Her eyes narrowed further. She had heard that, "I'm not going anywhere with you three losers."

"Tobikage," Zouba said, "you should come with us."

"Yeah! Your skin is so pale!" Shouted Yuujo.

"So?" Snorted Tobikage.

Yuujo blinked a few times, "Anou . . . the sun is nice and hot?"

She rolled her eyes, "Obviously."

"Anou . . ."

Zouba smiled, "Oh, that's too bad, Tobikage. Yukina and Kuwabara were going to build a sandcastle. You could've joined them."

She asked, "Yukina?"

"Oh, hai, we were going to invite her. Didn't we say anything like that before? She and Kuwabara are such good friends, don't you agree?"

Tobikage growled, "Where's a bathing suit?"


"See? See?" Kuwabara shouted, "That chick's like Hiei! That other chick is nothing like me!"

Hiei growled at his unsuspecting victim.


As Kuwabara went into the bathroom to change, Yuujo found something for her to wear.

Tobikage did not like what she was seeing. The bathing suit - which wasn't really a bathing suit - belonged toYuujo. She should have suspected something when Yuujo had asked her if she wasn't afraid to show her cheeks. It was dark blue: a thong piece, and a tank top.

She growled, "Iya."


"Aw! Why not?!"


She couldn't believe that Yuujo or Zouba would ever wear those things called thongs. Yuujo quickly found something more suitable. She scowled at the white short shorts, and red suspenders, but picked them up, and brought them with her to Yuujo's bathroom as Kuwabara exited. She was dressed in a one-piece light blue suit.


Yuusuke snickered, "Tobikage forgot the shirt."

Hiei paled, "Go back! Go back!"


Kurama's look-alike was already in her bathing suit. It looked exactly like the one shown to Tobikage, except it was lime green. Yuujo had gone out into the hall to change, knowing that her kaasan wasn't out there.



"Yuusuke, that's you," Kurama chuckled.



She came out wearing a white version of Zouba's bathing suit.

"Urameshi, I can't believe you wear those things! You too, Zouba!"

"What? They're comfortable!" Yuujo turned around, and showed her exposed cheeks.



"Yuusuke, that's you!"

"I have a nice ass!"


"I didn't need to see that!"

"You're going to see it later! And Zouba's too!"


"Show your ass, Zouba!"


"Why are these ningen staring at me?" Tobikage asked as she growled at them.

"Anou . . . They love your suit!" Kuwabara said.

Zouba and Yuujo both nodded.

"Ch," Tobikage looked herself over.

She was wearing the white short shorts which didn't fit, and the red suspenders which covered the wrappings that were covering her chest.

"Do you think Tobikage knows yet?" Zouba asked Yuujo.

Yuujo shook her head, "Nah . . ."


"Urameshi? You there?"


"Hiei just smacked you three times in the head . . . Didn't you feel anything?" Kurama asked.

Yuusuke then felt a little pain in his head.

"Hiei . . . Why did you hit me?"

"If you must know, your eyes glazed over," Hiei replied.

Yuusuke shook his head, and looked back at the screen.


Yuujo and Zouba laid out the towels. Kuwabara headed to the water, and Tobikage followed her.

"Oh, look!" Yuujo pointed to her two friends.

"Isn't that cute?" Zouba asked as Kuwabara *tried* to drown Tobikage.


Alastair: So, there it is. I'm kind of forcing her to put this story up now.

Yasha T: Gee, I feel so loved.

Alastair: Then I've failed my mission in life.

Yasha T: *Laughs* The patheticness of it all.

Alastair: I don't think that patheticness is a word.

Yasha T: I don't think it is either, but does it look like I care?

Alastair: Not really.

Yasha T: You spend too much time on this laptop.

Alastair: I just got it!

Yasha T: I don't want to mess with a cave troll.

Alastair: Don't mind her; she's reading a magazine called 'Movie Magic.'

Yasha T: There are five different kinds of Orcs things, man!

Alastair: Yes . . . Good T-chan . . . Anou . . . T-chan, what do you want to tell them about the story? That's the whole point of this Author's Notes thing.

Yasha T: Oh . . .

Alastair: Too late.