Disclaimer: I do not own Princess Tutu or any of the characters within the story. This is just my humble little attempt at continuing the wonderful story of Princess Tutu.

Note: This story takes place after the completion of Princess Tutu, so it will contain references to things within the series.

Wishful Thinking

And so a man started to write a story. That story, overflowing with hope, had just begun.

It had been a month since the confrontation between Mytho and the monster raven, and within that month the village had returned to normal. Mytho and Rue were pleasant memories for the town, and their story was one of happily ever after. They would make their own ending, and it would be a happily ever after, for Mytho loved Rue, and Rue adored Mytho. So the Prince and the Princess were happy. Or at least one Princess was happy.

The ballet school carried on as usual, and all seem to have forgotten about the clumsy girl named Ahiru.

One still remembered Ahiru, and it pained him to recall the tragic story of a duck who was a girl who was a Princess. The story of the Princess who gave up her own happiness for Mytho and Rue, and yet seemed contented with her choice. The story of Ahiru was a story by a man who should have stayed dead, and ended by a k night who wielded a pen when his sword could do naught. That story, however, he could not give a happy ending, and it pained him to know that Ahiru would receive no happiness, happiness that she deserved after what she had done for Mytho and Rue.

He remembered the moment that she had told him that Mytho wanted Rue to be his Princess, and the flicker of sadness in her face, but he also remembered how he had known she was also happy that Mytho would be happy, and that Mytho's happiness was the most important thing to her, even if it meant the forfeiting of her own happiness.

The knight wanted to give Ahiru a happy ending, he wanted Ahiru to be happy, but he knew that he could not change the ending to the story of the Prince and his Raven, and so the knight suffered knowing he could do nothing for the little duck who once was a girl names Ahiru.


Everyday Fakir went to the lake where Ahiru swam. A contented little yellow duck paddled around the pond. Some days he would swim with her. Some days he would write more of Ahiru's story, a story that he wanted people to know. And some days he would just watch Ahiru, his expression unreadable, his quill and paper forgotten in the grass beside him. Ahiru knew what Fakir was thinking on these days, and she would quack, telling him that everything was alright, that this was the way that things were supposed to be. She was just a little duck, and Mytho the prince.

Fakir would just bow his head, and silently vow to try harder to find a away to give a happy ending to Ahiru's story.

Ahiru was glad for his company for it touched her, a girl in a duck body, or a duck with a girl's mind, whichever Ahiru really was, that Fakir would remember his promise to stay with her, even if she returned to her true form.

Ahiru was especially glad for his company on the days that the male ducks in the pond decided to try, once again, to win the affections of the cute little duck who swam in the pond with them.

"Quack" A male duck would swim close. Hey baby girl, what's going on? He would say as he preened. The duck would try and snuggle close to Ahiru, as close as one can while swimming that is and Ahiru would swim away.

"Quack, quack." Baby doll, you don't have to play hard to get with me. The male duck would swim after Ahiru, thinking she was just one of those flirty ducks. Her avoidance would only make him try harder to get her, for he really liked little flirty ducks.

Ahiru would never say anything in return, just swim to shore with a surprising speed and urgency, and hide behind Fakir.

The male duck would follow Ahiru to shore, but stop once she hid herself behind Fakir's tall form.

"Quack." Why choose a silly boy over me baby doll? The male duck would ask, and Ahiru would quack a quiet apology as she shook her head.

It was usually at this point that Fakir picked Ahiru up and placed her on his knee, as the male duck waddled discouraged and disappointed, back to the pond.

Ahiru would quack her thanks at Fakir. And he would smile in return. One of the few times Fakir smiled easily these days, though he didn't smile easily before either.

"It is my pleasure." He would say. "A Knight does what he can to save his princess."

Fakir would smile again as Ahiru blushed, then look away, hiding the embarrassment he felt at his own words.

"It is the least that I can do, since I cannot give you a happy ending, Ahiru. All I have is a gift of story, and I cannot manage, despite all efforts, to change things." Sadness would cover Fakir's face, and Ahiru would quack softly. Cheer up Fakir, its OK. I am happy like this. Really I am.

Ahiru could never quite hide the slight sadness in her quack, but what always struck Fakir was the sadness in her blue eyes. Ahiru's eyes always reflected her emotions, and Fakir could see sadness in them, even as she strove to make him smile once again, by insisting that things were alright the way they were.

"I just want to give the Princess her own happy ending." Fakir's words were soft and he would sigh. "I might not be able to write you a happy ending, Ahiru, but I will always remain here with you, no matter what happens."

Ahiru would blush once again at Fakir's words, and the undercurrent of passion and emotion present there. There were few moments when Fakir would allow raw emotion into his voice, and vow to remain with Ahiru was one of them.

Fakir would place Ahiru gently on the ground.

"The sun is about to set, Ahiru."

"Quack." I know, Fakir. You should go home then.

Ahiru would slowly waddle back to the pond, and once there, she would give a quack of goodbye. She would pause there, and watch Fakir leave, sadness in here eyes, and her eyes also reflected a wish that she knew would not come true.