Fakir bolted up in bed, panting, his heart racing. "Something happened to Ahiru!" He only awoke suddenly like this when Ahiru was in some sort of trouble or danger. Fakir raced from the room, down the stairs and from the house, his unbuttoned shirt flapping behind him in the breeze.

Fakir burst into the clearing that Ahiru made her home and he could see a figure running towards him.

"Ahiru--" his shout died on his lips, his mouth open in s hock as he realized who the figure wa that was running towards him. Ahiru.the girl Ahiru. Fakir slowedt to a walk, and once he registered that the girl Ahiru which ran towards him was in fact unclothes as she always was after transforming, Fakir averted his gaze, looking down obviously embarrassed.

"Ahiru." Hi voice carried a hint of wonder to it, and it was this wonder that Ahiru heard as she slowed and approached Fakir. She gazed ar him and noticed, for the first time, her won nakedness. She noticed this however, only after noting Fakirs unbuttoned shirt and his averted gaze.

With a quiet eep Ahiru whirled away from Fakir and as she turned a swishing sound greeted her ears. Looking down Ahiru saw that she was now clothes in a pale green princess dress, the shirt lightly swishing around her bare feet.

This must be a dream then.

Ahiru thought with a sigh, but if it is a dream then it is a wonderful dream.

Ahiru turned back to face Fakir and found him watching her, admiration evident on his face. The swishing of material had drawn his gaze, and obviously he was pleased by what he saw. The look on his face however, made Ahiru look away with a blush, embarrassed.

She is gorgeous.

Fakir smiled as he openly admired Ahiru and stepped towards her, offering her his hand in a dance. AS he stepped towards her he felt his clothing change, transforming into his knights clothing, his cloak billowing lightly behind him

A dream then.

Fakir smiled. I will treasure this dream then. He opened his mouth to speak, to ask Ahiru for a dance but found that words would not come.

Ahiru looked up at Fakir shyly and with a gentle smile she took his outstretched hand, allowing him to pull her into the beginning of a greatly desired dance.

Ahiru sighed happily as Fakir began to lead her in a dance, and Ahiru noted with pleasure that he seemed to smile tenderly at her when she sighed.

This truly was an enjoyable dream.

Ahiru was pleased to note that she had maintained most of her ballet skills, and in fact she had improved upon her previous skill level, but since this was a dream that wasn't surprising.

Their dance was simple at first, so Ahiru watched Fakir as they danced from beneath partially closed eyelashes, enjoying the attention Fakir was paying her in the dance. His gold was gentle and firm at the same time. As he held her waist to lift her he allowed his hands to longer slightly on her waist as he placed her on the ground again. Ahiru greatly enjoying this feeling of being cherished by Fakir, she caught glimpses of it as a duck buy never had he been so open with his affections.

Ahiru constantly reminded herself that this was a dream, but at the same time since this was a dream she allowed her love for Fakir to show though her dance, since this was the only way that she would be able to tell him that she cared. It was ironic to her that now, outside of the story she was forced to proclaim her love for Fakir in the same way she had shown Mytho, but at least this time she had a partner for her pas de deux.

Fakir watched Ahiru as they danced and smiled as her saw her gazing shyly at him. While frustrated that he could not speak to Ahiru in his dream he was still determined to show her, in his dream at least, how great his love for her was through their dance.

In addition to the dance itself Fakir had sure to handle Ahiru with a gentle tenderness, cherishing every moment and movement of their pas de deux. He noted with pleasure and a slight satisfaction that Ahiru blushed prettily at the attentions he bestowed upon her. He was satisfied, in his dream, that she knew he loved her, and that she loved his back.

As the dance ended Fakir lowered Ahiru to the ground, much as he had in their previous pas de deux. Leaning towards Ahiru as he lowered her Fakir smiled as Ahiru. He hoped she could see the depth of his feelings for her, and thought perhaps that she did as she once again looked away from his intense gaze with a blush.

Fakir paused only momentarily and leaning even closer to Ahiru placed a gentle kiss on her cheek-and this time it was intentional.

Ahiru gasped and turned her head back towards fakir and as she did he stood. With a gentle smile and a bow Fakir faded from view.

He kissed me. Ahiru's hand went to her cheek and she smiled. He kissed me. And then she too faded, the dream world disappearing with her.


Ahiru sighed happily as the morning world finally interrupted her sleep. It had been such a pleasant dream that it was a shame to ruin it by waking up. Ahiru stirred and as she stirred she could hear the rustling of material.

"What?" Jumping to her feet Ahiru gazed around noting that she was surrounded by green gauzy material-the dress that she had worn in her dream.

What shocked her more, however, was the fact that Fakir lay on the ground next to the dress, embracing the dress, clothed in his knight garb.

"WHAT!" Ahiru's quack of shock bolted Fakir awake and he sat up with a start, the dress pooling in his lab as he sat up.

"W-w-what are you doing out of my dream?!?" Ahiru demanded of Fakir, panic beginning ot take over her mind as she rustled her feathers nervously, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

"What do you mean what am I doing out of your dream? What is your dress doing outside of my dream?" Fakir himself was upset. His hand clenched the dress unconsciously, his voice quiet. "What happened to my dream" Fakir found that he couldn't bring himself to look at Ahiru, he was afraid that she had shared his dream, and that terrified him. If she had shared his dream then she would know-wouldn't she?

Ahiru knowing scared him. Even though it had been a wonderful dream and in the dream there had been mutual affection-but was it realm mutual affection or was it a manifestation of his wishes?

Fakir looked to Ahiru, who wouldn't meet his gaze. Fakir wondered why, then remembered he had spoken his what happened to my dream comment aloud.

"Ahiru I--" Fakir stopped when Ahiru looked up to him and his voice froze when he saw the tears that fell from her eyes

"I'm sorry." Fakir's body slumped down defeated, the dress sliding from his grasp to pool on the ground and in his lap. His voice was so soft that Ahiru had to strain to hear him speak. There was a quaver to the apology that Ahiru wasn't used to hearing from Fakir.

Fakir, don't be sad." Ahiru stepped towards Fakir and lay a wing gently on his knee. "Don't be sad."

"But you--" Fakir was about to comment on Ahiru's sadness but was startled to see a brilliant smile on her face.

"I enjoyed my dream, Fakir. I am glad that I had the dream, so don't be sad, please?"

Real happiness shone on Ahiru's face and was mirrored in her eyes. Such happiness he had not seen since before-

A smile made its way to Fakir's lips, and he stood, lifting Ahiru and the dress in one fluid motion.

"let's get you back to the nest." I should go get cleaned up before we spend the day together."

Ahiru quacked a soft agreement and allowed herself to relax in Fakir's grasp with a quiet sigh.

Fakir didn't speak as he carried Ahiru back towards her nest, the be quite honest he didn't know what to say to Ahiru. He couldn't speak of the dream- that embarrassed him, for now his actions seemed quite different and inappropriate, almost, knowing that Ahiru was in the dream. But at the same time she said that she had enjoyed the dream, and that meant that she didn't mind the affection, right?

Fakir stopped suddenly as he walked through he tree line, jolting Ahiru awake.

"Qua--" Ahiru opened her eyes and stiffened, noting what had cased Fakir to stop.

"When did that get there?" Ahiru quacked noting a decently sized cottage on the far edge of the lake. Stone formed the walls and wood trim lined the windows. Thatch tightly sealed the roof off from the elements.

"Fakir we shodl go look at it." Even as Ahiru quacked her request Fakir began moving towards the cottage. As they grew closer they could see a small stream leading from an opening in the side of the house to the lake, gently flowing downwards.

Smoke floated from a chimney on the side of the house and a pebble walkway formed towards the house.

Fakir's steps slowed as he neared the house, admiring the craftsmanship.

"Fakir, there seems to be something the door." Ahiru quacked softly, straining to see what it was.

Fakir strode towards the door with a frown. Nailed to the door was a sealed letter. In a firm hand the address was written-TO FAKIR AND AHIRU.

Fakir read the address aloud with a puzzled tone as he opened the letter and began to read.

"Fakir, I know you are puzzled though you shouldn't be right now. Ahiru, I hope all is well with you. When you left that day to give Mytho the last piece of his heart I know that I would not see you again. I apologize for disappearing so suddenly when everything was over, but I followed Uzura when she left to meet Drosselmeyer and make sure that he stayed out of too much trouble. It took a lot of convincing to get him to leave you two alone. Uzura and I have our hands full with him."

"This house is a gift to you both, from Uzura and I. We convinced Drosselmeyer to make it. Don't worry, Fakir, the story is attached with the letter, so he cannot manipulate you in any way. Uzura and I convinced him that this would "complicate" thing and amuse him. Please, disappoint him."

"Enjoy the house and please, be happy, both of you. The right choice was made."

"Sincerely, Aotoa."

Fakir stopped reading the letter and flipped the page over, skinmming Drosselmeyers story to amkee sure it was indeed complete and unalterable. When he had finished skimming, quite satisfied with the story ad the lackof malicious intent in it, Fakir turned to the last page of the letter, a personal note from Aotoa to Fakir,

Fakir: I learned a lot from you and use it to keep Drosselmeyer in check. Learn from yourself. Dreams can come true. Aotoa

Dreams can--" Fakir gasped. Now he realized why the stone Uzura had given him was so familiar-in it was the story he had written about Ahiru. I wonder then if--" Fakir stopped his line of thought.

"Do you want to look at our new house, Ahiru? Fakir smiled down at Ahiru as he pushed open the door. "Thank you Uzura."


Once upon a time there was a knight who crafted stories and a duck who wished to be a girl. While the sun shone the knight went to school and the duck swam in her pond, and when it was too cold or the weather too sever, she swam in her indoor pond, waiting for the knight to come home.

While the moon smiled down upon the house there was a duck who slept dreaming of her prince, and a knight inside dreaming of his princess.

At night their dreams ruled them, and for now the dreams were enough. Maybe one day the duck would let her dreams rule her while the suns hone, but for now she was content to swim in the pond all day and dance with her prince through then night, showing him her love and being loved in return.

The End