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Note: ***This is the sequel to "Kiss of the Shadows". ***
* * *
Sakura finished brushing her hair and then gathered her things. Today was a
special day for Sakura. Today was the day that she got to spend a whole day
with her Sasuke-kun, the boy she loved the most. After the 'Naruto
incident*'yesterday, the two had hardly been separable. And that is what
Sakura wanted it to be like.
She climbed his steps quietly, and then knocked on the door. Almost
instantly, the black-haired boy opened the door.
"Good mo-" Sakura began, but was cut off as the boy pulled her in roughly
by her wrist. She regained her breath and looked at him, shock written on
her face.
"What was that all about?" she asked, holding a hand to her chest. "You
make it seem like the air outside is poisoned!"
"Sorry, Sakura. I've just been jumpy since..." his voice trailed off, and
he motioned to the light bruises on Sakura's wrists and the little bite
mark on her neck. The girl blushed and gently fingered the minor wounds.
"Eh. Anyway, I brought the cleaning stuff from my house in case you didn't
have what I needed, and am ready to start as soon as possible." The girl
surveyed the room she was in. "Tsk. Sasuke, we can start in here if you'd
like." The boy nodded and waited for instructions.
"Okay!" she started, walking around in a circle. "You, my dear boy, may
start by polishing the counter top! I will be scrubbing the oven. If you
finish before me, you can polish the china dishes. When you finish with
those, I will instruct you farther." Sakura's natural 'leader skills' took
over, and Sasuke began his tasks. "We will have your house as clean as a
whistle by the time I'm done here!" she said, setting about her own tasks.
It was grueling work. Several times, Sakura had to stretch herself to
prevent her backaches from getting worse (she has to bend down to get at
the oven). Sasuke polished the counter, and then went for the dishes. After
a moment though, he felt two arms wrap around his shoulders.
"No, no, that isn't how it is done!" chided Sakura and she placed her hand
on his (which was holding the rag). "Now, let me teach you." The pink-
haired girl rested her head on his shoulder and guided his hands in little
circles. "See now, doesn't that work better?" she crooned. The boy turned
his head and gave her a peck on the cheek before she left to finish her
Two hours later...
Sakura flopped down on a chair.
"Whew! I didn't figure that it would take so long just to do one room!" she
said breathlessly as she looked around at the spotless kitchen. Sasuke sat
down on the chair next to her, and put one arm around her shoulders.
"But it looks wonderful," he whispered in her ear. "No one can deny that."
Sakura nodded.
"Yeah, but look at the time! I'd best start making lunch, and after that we
can clean the living room." She stood up, leaving Sasuke's arm resting on
the back of her chair. "You can go relax or something," she said over her
shoulder as she looked in his refrigerator. "I will just make something up.
Boy, you don't keep much around, do you?" she said as she pulled a few
ingredients out and closed the door. The boy shrugged.
"Never mind it then, Sasuke! I know just what to make with this!" she said,
raiding the spice cabinet. "Now you just move along, I'll call you when
lunch is ready." She focused her eyes on what she was doing.
Fifteen minutes later...
"Lunch!" Sakura called cheerily as she set the dish on Sasuke's table. The
boy shuffled in quietly. The two ate in silence, both conserving their
energy for the cleaning tasks ahead.
Eight hours later (getting dull, neh? No more in this chapter, I
Sakura sighed and looked out of Sasuke's bedroom window. Rain pelted the
glass, and thunder rumbled loudly in the distance.
"Well, at least the house is clean," she said as she loaded the rags and
towels and other cleaning things back in their containers. "I mean, whoa!
That was a lot to clean," she said, noting Sasuke leaning on the doorframe.
"But it is getting late. I'd best be getting home," she said to Sasuke. He
crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, resting his
head next to hers.
"But you will get wet and cold," he said with mock concern. "And you will
be home alone." Sakura whipped her head around, sending Sasuke off of her.
"What makes you say that?" she asked quickly, knowing full well that he was
right. The boy shrugged, and flashed his infamous ultra-sexy smirk.
"Because your parents are dedicated to their work, and aren't sure how to
raise a ninja," he said simply.
"Well, even so, I should be going," Sakura said with a slightly nervous
smile, looking distastefully out the window. Sasuke resumed his leaning
position in the doorway.
"You could stay here, you know," he said softly. Sakura turned to him
"But... I mean, my clothes..." she said knowingly, looking down at her
dusty, dirty garments. Sasuke smiled painfully, forcefully.
"My mother was about your size, you could wear something of hers." Sakura
stared at him disbelievingly. "Third door on the right," he said blankly,
and then walked out of the room. "I'll be downstairs," he called over his
Sakura walked dazedly to the mother's room, looking at the clothes in the
closet lovingly.
'He will do this for me? I mean, letting me wear his mother's clothes?'
Sakura thought as she chose a simple black dress with a light purple sash.
Sakura put them on, noticing how well they did in fact fit as the cloth
fell to her ankles. She padded silently down the stairs and into the
kitchen, where Sasuke was staring blankly at the wall, his chin resting in
his hands.
"Hey," she said softly, entering the room. He looked up at her, a feeble
smile plastered forcefully onto his lips. He motioned for her to sit down,
but she declined. "Thanks," she mumbled, simply standing before him,
letting his gaze pierce her like needles. She hugged herself with a shiver.
Closing her eyes tightly for a few seconds, making the chills go away.
Suddenly, she realized that she was in Sasuke's arms, the back of her head
being cradled by one of his hands and his chin resting on her *perfectly
noble* forehead.
"I'm sorry," she said softly. "I feel so guilty wearing your mother's
"No, Sakura, it is good that you do. Today, you filled the house with
something it hasn't felt for years- love. You've brightened my world and
helped heal my heart, and it is the least I can do for you," he said, small
tears in his eyes. He wrenched himself away from her, shaking his head.
"I'm going to bed, you can sleep in my mother's room if you want," he said
quickly, before dashing out of the room, and leaving Sakura standing there.
"Sasuke-kun," she whispered.
* * *
* = The Naruto Incident is explained the 'Kiss of the Shadows', so read
that and you'll understand!