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* * *

Sakura awoke in Sasuke's bed, next to the raven-haired boy himself. He lay on his side, facing her, one arm draped over her shoulders. His tousled *sexy-looking* hair was strewn in front of his face. Sakura couldn't hold herself back- she looked under to sheets. He was wearing his usual black boxers again.
'He must have carried me up...' thought Sakura, blushing at the memory of the previous day. She looked down at herself- and blushed even harder. She was without garment. Silently, she jumped out of bed and tore open her suitcase, quickly dressing herself. She was in the middle of brushing her hair when a sudden noise startled her.
"Awake already?" Sasuke said. Sakura whirled around, dropping her hairbrush in the process. Her beloved boy was propped up on his elbow, staring at her in his usual, creepy way. However, he had on that sexy smirk of his, too.
"Heh," Sakura squeaked, the blush returning to her cheeks as she bent down to retrieve her hairbrush. "Yeah." She continued brushing her hair as long as she could, until the feeling of his gaze upon her became too much.
"What?" she whined, turning back to him. "You're making me nervous by staring at me!"
"I wonder why," Sasuke said in his typical cold tone. Sakura sighed and threw her brush back into her suitcase, and turned for the door.
"I'm gonna make something to eat. You can stick around in bed, I'll bring something up to you," Sakura said, resting a hand on the doorframe. She had taken only a half-step before she felt her wrist being violently jerked back. Sasuke pulled her by her wrist over to him, holding her tightly against him. Sakura's eyes were wide with shock. "Stay for a while. Stay in bed for a little longer," he said, his masculinity torturing Sakura' senses with their wiles.
"No, Sasuke-kun, I have to do some shopping as well. I need to get going," she sighed, pulling away from Sasuke, leaving him standing there. She waltzed out the door and down to the kitchen, and reappeared a moment later with Sasuke's breakfast. She set it down on the bedside table and planted a little kiss on Sasuke's forehead, then walked out of the house.
Sasuke sat back in bed, his breakfast eaten and body satisfied. He felt like a new man (O_O), alive- and maybe, for the first time ever- truly happy.
But his newfound peace would only last a moment. The chakra which he had sensed long before, but had ignored, now emanated around the room. Sasuke saw something black at the window, and blinked in shock- but the blink nearly cost him his life. The figure, in that split second, had entered the room and grabbed Sasuke's wrists before the boy could reach for his kunai under his pillow. Sasuke glared up at the figure, his hatred obvious in his eyes.
"Hello, little brother- I hope you are comfortable," Itachi said with a cold, icy smile.

* * *

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