Title: The Ride of Your Life Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE or any of their characters mentioned in this story. Trista is a creation out of my own mind. This story isn't based on anything that has happened in real life, any similarities with real situations are just mere coincidence.

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"ALL YOU EVER TELL ME IS THAT I'M STUPID! IT'S LIKE NOTHING I EVER DO IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU! SORRY I HAVE DREAMS, SORRY I'M NOT LIKE RENA, SORRY I'M NOT LIKE YOU!" Trista screamed at the top of her lungs slamming her fork down on the dinner table and running into her room.

That was always how the arguments ended in the Strush house, well at least the arguing, but the worst was yet to come.

She slammed the door shut, sobbing and choking on her tears. She could hear him running, stomping down the hallway, she had nowhere to run now, just pace and wait to take her.

The door flung open with a crash. " WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU EVER DONE FOR ME!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU THINK YOU HAVE DREAMS, YOU THINK YOUR GUNNA MAKE IT, YOU DON'T GOT THE WILL TO MAKE IT TRISTA, YOUR JUST A NOTHING, YOU'LL NEVER BE ANYTHING!" he said as he grabbed her blonde hair and tossed her into the bookcase. She just sat there books falling around her head and starred at him with a hard ass look. He slapped her, hard. " That'll wipe that look off your face." He said kicking her in the stomach and throwing her into the wall. In a fit of rage he threw a hard cover book straight at her face, then he proceeded to break his bottle of booze over her head. She went to get up, her will wasn't broken, he just pushed her down to the floor with a flick of his wrist. "Don't even try to resist Trista, why can't you be like Rena, don't you ever learn?" He said smugly, exiting and slamming the door behind him.

Trista's head pounded but she didn't cry, it was the last time she'd ever have to feel hurt like that again. She picked the glass out of the cuts on her face and pulled the pieces out of her hair, she had a pretty big gouge in her head but parted down the side you couldn't notice it. She had some abrasions around her eye where the book had hit and a lump on her forehead, not exactly the worst of things, and she was experience she could clean it up pretty well.

Tonight was the night and there was no holding back now, in a few hours she'd be free. A smile came across her face when she thought of just how perfectly it had worked out. Before they even new she was missing she'd be 500 miles away.

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