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Nika: "Well, I should tell you what has happened. Fluffy realized his true feelings for me and asked me to be his mate, seeing as how I'm 75% demon. I agreed and we took a little vacation to the Bahamas. Well, unfortunatly the people at the airport freaked out at seeing a demon and darted him. He spent the entire two weeks unconscious in our hotel room! Seems animal tranquilizer has an increased effect on dog demons... Well, I wasn't about to waste the trip and headed down to the beach. There I met the most incredible bish ever! His name was Malik and we spent most of the trip together, torturing and killing innocent humans. heh-heh, yeah now you know my secret...I'M TOTALLY EVIL!!! Most fangirls are, you just don't know it til it's too late. Weeeeelll, Fluffy still doesn't know about Malik and we're back home. Now, I'm trying to catch up on my writing and Fluffy is in the kitchen, getting a snack.)

(Fluffy walks in with toaster strudel hanging out of his mouth)

Sesshoumaru: (muffled) What are you doing?

Nika: (with false cheeriness) Nothing! Just writing, Fluffykins! Why don't you go watch Baywatch til I'm done?

Sesshoumaru: (sitting down on the bed) What'cha writing?

Nika: (screams in terror) Not there!! Don't sit there!!

(A scream is heard from the 'pillow' that Fluffy had sat on)

Sesshoumaru: (jumps up) What the hell!?

(Fluffy throws back the covers and Malik jumps up and dashes, terrified and butt-naked, for the door, clutching the Sennen Rod)

Sesshoumaru: WHO THE HELL IS THAT!?"

(Nika bows her head at the inescapable carnage to come and Malik whirls around, forgetting his nudity)

Malik: Hah! No one can defeat the great Malik! (holds Sennen Rod over his head and it glows) You shall become my mind-slave!!

(Nika shakes her head as nothing happens)

Malik: ...huh..? What happened?

Nika: He's a demon. That won't work on him, and I suggest you run...

(Malik runs out the front door with Fluffy on his heels)

Sesshoumaru: I'll get you, you homewrecker! No one touches my mate!!

(Fluffy is now sniffing around the front yard, searching for Malik's scent)

Sesshoumaru: I know he's around here somewhere... WHY CAN'T I FIND HIM!!?

Nika: *sigh* Good thing I used that concealment spell on him.

(Nika tosses a shivering Malik his clothes, where he's hiding under the front steps. Unfortunately, this breaks the spell.)

Sesshoumaru: HA! There you are!!

(Malik drops his clothes and runs)

Nika: OHGOD!! Sess-chan!! NO!!! Run, Malik-kun!! RUN!!!


A crash of thunder echoed throughout the night and lightning illuminated a group of figures sitting in a darkened bedroom.

"So, we're all in agreement?" one voice said.

"Yes, oneechan!" said another, slightly younger.

Lightning crackled again and a young woman with wavy red hair and strange orange and black tiger-like cat-ears said, "Jodea! I told you not to call me that during offical buisness!!"

The lights suddenly came on, revealing that the darkened figures weren't some kind of evil monsters lurking in the night. No, it was something much worse... FANGIRLS!!

A girl about sixteen with black hair and blue eyes, obviously Jodea, whined, "Sorry, oneechan...I mean, Nika!"

Nika, the strange looking hanyou with the cat ears, replied, "Alright, let's make sure everyone's here. Fangirls sound off!"

A girl with long silver hair, gold eyes and doggy ears stood up. "Hakura here! Inu-hanyou, age 15! And I want my Inu-chan!!"

Nika sighed and stood up. Appearent when she stood up was a long white tail, tipped in black. "I'm Mistress Nika, leader of the Sake Sisters. I'm half inu-youkai, a quarter neko-youkai and half human-miko. I'm 19 and just because I'm a quarter human, don't mistake me for being weak!!" Then she turned to Hakura and said, "And we'll get InuYasha, but not before my Fluff-chan!!"

She sat back down and Jodea stood up. She looked human but she said, "I'm Jodea! I'm 16 and Nika-chan's younger adoped sister! I'm half elemental/psychic demon and half human! And InuYasha's allll MINE!!"

Next was the youngest. A girl with pointed ears, silver hair and gold eyes stood up and said, "Yuki! But you better call me Lady Yuki! I'm 12 and I'm Nika-chan's younger half-sister. I'm full inu-youkai and you better treat me nice! I'm the only full-blooded youkai here!!"

Nika promptly bopped her on the head and said, "Next."

After a moment of silence Nika huffed and marched over to the closet. Ripping it open she looked in and dejectedly stepped back, revealing to the assembled a 16-year-old girl crouched in the corner. Sighing, Nika grabbed her and started to pull with all her strength, but to no avail. Looking at her fellow Sake Sisters, Nika signaled for a little help. Straining at the teen for 10 minutes, they were finally able to pry her away from the wall. Panting, Nika turned and reached into the dark closet, the sound of ripping paper resonating throughout the small room. Glaring at the flopped friends, Nika demanded, "Who let lilhillbillie have a Miroku poster??" Sticking the poster into an old chest that was already crammed with posters and plushies of the Inuyasha bishies, Nika once again said, "Next."

"Sworry, was it my turn? Ok um...my name is Lilhillbillie but everyone calls me Billie. I'm 16 and unfortunately I'm human. But don't let that fool you! I know martial arts and more than my share of spells. I'm 5' 9", my natural hair color is brunette, almost black, but thanks to Loriel, it's now a deep strawberry blond. I have green eyes and think Miroku is the bishiest!"

Nika sighed at the girls over-obsessive, stalker-ish behavior and just motioned vaguely for the next person to go.

A girl all in black stood up. She had solid black hair, red eyes, and striped tiger ears just like Nika's that were each pierced with a small golden hoop. She held her orange and black tail in her hand and said darkly, "I am Nami. I'm a neko-hanyou and the goddess of all darkness. Do not cross me." Then with a warm smile she said, "I am also a close, personal friend of Nika-chan!"

She sat down and Nika looked around thoughtfully.

"Hmm.." she said, "Looks like some members are missing" Then her face lit up with a broad grin. "Oh Well!! They won't miss anything!"

Hakura eyed her suspiciously. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Nika then put on her patented puppy dog look and said, "well, we've had a few problems with our plan... See, I know we planned on kidnapping LOTS of bishys...but...well, I'm having trouble arranging transport for a bunch of hanyou fangirls to Tokyo! So we won't be able to get," then she pulled out a list and read from it, "InuYasha, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Naraku or Kouga!"

She said this way too happily and all the fangirls began throwing a fit. Except Nami, but she didn't really care about those particular bishys...and she was, after all, the goddess of darkness. Poor Lilhillbillie was starting to have seizures at the loss of her chance at Miroku!

Nika calmed the raging fangirls down, no small feat, and said, "WAIT!! *sigh* I have more bad news..."

Everyone got quiet and retook their seats.

"Well, I'm afraid some of our favorite bishys are on a secret mission somewhere, and even I can't find them... So we also won't be able to get," she raised the list again and read happily, "Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, Karasu or Koenma!"

Once again the fangirls threw a fit.

Hakura screamed, "So who ARE we getting!!?"

Nika grinned and said, "Malik, Bakura, Otogi, Jounouchi, Seto and Yami!"

Hakura and Yuki began throwing fits again and Yuki cried, "But we don't care about THEM!!"

At that Jodea jumped up and shouted, "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!" Then she got the typical starry-eyed fangirl look and said, "Oh, Seto...*drool*"

Nami grinned and stood up. "So, let's get going!" she said.

Hakura put her hands on her hips and said, "I'm not going!!" surprising everyone!

They all stared at her with gaping mouths, but little Yuki followed suit.

"Me neither!" she declared. "We don't care about them!" She stared Nika down and said, "If we can't get InuYasha, I'm not going! I'm staying here, Nika-chan!!"

Billie was gasping uncontrollably and was frantically going through the chest, looking for her poster, or anything else with Miroku's image. "Me....either..." she gasped, "Must.......have......Miroku..." She found her poster and darted to a corner, clutching it to her chest. Her eyes wide she began chanting, "Miroku....Miroku...Miroku..." over and over.

Nika rolled her eyes at her little sister and stared pityingly at Lilhillbillie. She then said, "Fine. You three stay here. Nami, Jodea and I will go capture our favorite bishys!"

At that the three fangirls stood up and exited the bedroom, headed for Domino City, and bishy country...


(A/N) Yay! First chapter!! It's short, it's sweet, it's fangirl fodder!! Yep! I intended to write about the Sake Sisters kidnapping all the bishys at the same time, but then I realized: Where would I put them all!!? If I brought them home, Fluffy would kill them all...not to mention Kurama would probably take that chance to escape my wicked fangirl clutches! And I doubt Seto would allow us to bring demons, namely Sesshoumaru and Naraku, into his house! They'd tear the place apart! Hanyou fangirls are even more dangerous, but he doesn't know that yet... heh-heh! Well, if you have any other bishies we should capture and torture, let me know! And NO!! We will not get Rex Raptor or Weevil Underwood!! Nor will we capture Honda...something about that guy just creeps me out... (shudder) Well, R&R!! And pweeze go read my other yugioh fic, "Payback's Hell" It's the sequal to this one! I like the second chapter and the old woman...she reminds me of my grandmother!