~Disclaimer=I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! However, I think now would be a good time to list the bishys I own.

From this series: Bakura and Malik.

From "InuYasha": Sesshoumaru and Naraku.

From "Yu Yu Hakusho": Kurama, Hiei and Teenage Koenma.

From "Beyblade": Kai and Ray.

From "Dragon Ball Z": (the only one worth owning in my book) Mirai Trunks.

From "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Spike.

From "Yami no Matsuei": Tsuzuki and Muraki.

From "Card Captor Sakura": Yue.

From "Magic Knights Rayearth": Eagle, Lantis and Zagato.

From "Rurouni Kenshin": Battousai (Kenshin's cute, but I like 'um bad! ^_^)

From "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon": Kunzite.

From "Trigun": Lagato and Knives.

Now you know why I'm called the Mistress of Bishounen, ne? ^__^ And I'm thinking of adding more!


Nika, self proclaimed Mistress of Bishounen, was on the prowl. She landed at the docks and made her way cautiously toward a certain boat. She slinked though the shadows, edging nearer and nearer her target. Finding the right boat, she sniffed the night air then quickly swung herself onboard. Crouching low, she continued on her stealthy path. Round the corner and past the guards, she crept into the lower decks. Pausing before a closed door, she listened for any sign of movement within. When she heard none, she sniffed the air. A sinister grin played on her lips and her fangs bit into her lower lip, drawing small beads of blood. *Yes,* she thought, *You're in there, alright. Probably sleeping soundly.*

She eased the door open and scanned the darkness beyond with flashing feral eyes. A form lay unconscious on the bed, nestled beneath thick blankets. She could smell the distinctive scent of a human male. She took two steps into the room, walking quietly and setting her precious bags down just inside the door. She'd need both hands free to subdue this beast. She quietly closed the door behind her and was about to make her move. But then she felt cold steel press against her throat.

"What are you doing in here?" a man's voice asked.

She smirked slightly. *He's good.* she thought. *I was so focused on the bed, I didn't even notice he was there. And his scent fills this room.*

She turned her head slightly to get a look at him, but he pushed the knife closer to her throat in warning. At this she outright smiled, confusing the man behind her. She marveled that he actually had her in a dangerous position. Even with her youkai blood, if he chose to end her life right now, he would succeed. Though she found her current situation interesting, this wasn't what she came here for.

She raised her hand in a single lightning fast move and pulled the hand holding the knife away from her throat. When it was clear of her flesh, she ducked down and spun herself around so that she was now behind him. Drawing her own dagger, she pressed it to his throat, as if mocking his previous dominance.

His eyes widened with disbelief, unable to grasp that a single woman could have him at such a disadvantage.

She put her head next to his ear and chuckled deeply, causing him to shiver unconsciously.

He could feel her breath on his cheek and her knife at his throat. He knew he should probably be at least a little afraid right now, but for some reason, he couldn't be. He actually began to smile. Somehow, he knew the only threat this woman posed was if he fought back. Feeling her warm body press up against his bare back, he thought to himself that whatever she wanted, he would give it to her. But he couldn't make it too easy, now could he?

Nika reached her hand forward and placed it on his hip, holding him fast lest he try to escape. She didn't really want to hurt him. Well, not yet.

Suddenly, she felt something asail her mind, trying to force itself within and take over. But she wouldn't allow it. Errecting a barrier around her mind, she reached forward with her left hand. Grinning, she rested her chin on his shoulder. Placing her hand on his stomach, she traced small circles with her index finger, iliciting a small moan before he managed to compose himself again. She chuckled slightly and said, "Now, now. We can't have that." Wrapping her arm farther around him, she clasp his hand in hers and pryed the Sennen Rod from his grasp.

"No," he gasped as he felt his precious Rod being taken from him by the unknown female. (A/N=the previous sentence can be extremely hentai if you ignore the word Sennen. ^__^)

Laughing, she tossed the Rod into a corner.(A/N=O_O Ouch!!) She returned her hand to his chest and purred, "Don't worry. You can have it back, later."

Malik felt something soft and furry wrap around his leg and looked down. What he saw stunned him. She had wrapped her tail around his leg in a most suggestive manner. Ignoring the blade to his throat, he spun around and backed away, freeing himself from her completely.

She let him go. There was nowhere for him to go, now that he was at her mercy.

That was when he got a good look at his intruder. His eyes flicked back and forth from the strange ears on top of her head, to her long white tail, finally resting on her flashing green eyes.

"What...what are you?" he gasped.

Nika grinned, revealing her fangs, and calmly sat her own dagger down next to her bags. "I'm a demon." she said dismissivly. "Well, mostly anyway."

Turning back to the blonde haired Egyptian currently sporting only boxers, she continued grinning and said, "You're not afraid of me, are you?"

Malik shook his head. He had a good idea what she was after, but he had to ask. "What do you want?"

She advanced on him yet again and this time he stood motionless. She wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing their bodies together, nuzzling into his neck. "You." she breathed.

Malik felt a grin spread over his own face. Well, it wasn't like he was completely opposed to that idea. In fact, he found the thought quite apealing.

Nika saw him smile and felt him place a hand on her hip. *If only he knew what he was getting into.* she thought wickedly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at Kaiba's Mansion, aka Sake Sisters Headquarters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Will you stop screaming!?" Jodea yelled at the top of her lungs.

Yami had been banging on the door for the past two hours and demanding to be let out. All in all, it was getting irratating.

"Hell no!!" he screamed. *POUND!-POUND!-POUND!!* "Let me out! I demand you release me at once!!"

Jodea masaged her temples and let out a groan before jerking her head up and screaming back, "NO!! Just go to sleep already!! It's two in the moring!!"

"Indeed." a male voice said from behind her.

She spun around to find an almost naked Seto Kaiba glaring at her with angry eyes and bedraggled hair.

"Please make him stop." he said in his most patient sounding voice. "I have work and school tomorrow and I need my rest."

Jodea stuck her tongue out at him. "Like your new girlfriend's not keeping you awake as it is?" she teased.

Seto blushed and mumbled something before walking up to Yami's door and saying in a firm voice, "Yami, stop it! I will not have this in my home."

At this the pounding ceased...for a moment. That is, until Yami screamed out, "Kaiba!! I don't know what you're up to, but I won't fall to one of your insidious plots!! *pounding resumes* Let me out!!"

Seto's face turned bright red with anger and he replied without thinking. "Yami, you baka! I'm not the one doing this! I'm a victim, just like you! It's these girls!! I just can't say no!" With that he spun around and stomped back to his/Nami's room.

Jodea turned back to the door when she realized the pounding had stopped again. "Ummm..." she said nervously, "Are you alright in there?" No reply. She sighed and decieded she had better take a look.

Opening the door cautiously, she peered inside. Nothing. The room was far from empty, if you counted the luxurious furnishings. But it was absent one 5000 year old Ancient Egyptian Pharoah. She immediately began to panic. She crossed the room and looked under the bed. No pharoah. She opened the closet door. No pharoah. She even checked in the drawers. No pharoah. She was beginning to wonder if he had somehow managed to become invisible like Nami. That was when she heard the door slam and footsteps pounding down the hallway. Her bishy was escaping!! Her eyes widened and she raced to the door, throwing it open and chasing after the fleeing pharoah.

Yami chanced a look back and saw that the psycho chick was right on his tail. He increased his pace, willing himself to the front door and freedom. He had almost made it. There was the door, his shining becon to freedom! He reached for the doorknob, only to be knocked senseless by the door being opened right in his face. He fell on his butt and looked up at the offending person.

Nika had opened the door into something rather solid. Looking down, she saw Yami sitting dazed on the floor.

Jodea thought she had lost him until her sister saved the day, or night, by having the good fortune to open the door. "Catch him!" she cried!

When Yami heard her cry, he jumped up and tried to run out the door, Only to be plowed to the floor again! This time he had run into a warm body.

Malik smirked as the pharoah smashed into him and resumed his place on the floor. He came up next to Nika and said, "Hmph! Quite a fitting place for you, pharaoh."

Yami almost growled at Malik's voice. However, upon looking up all thoughts of escape and revenge faded from his mind. He burst out laughing! Malik was wearing a pair of tight, black leather pants that accented EVERY detail. He also had a loose-fitting creme colored shirt, open most of the way and showing off his bare chest. But what really got Yami was that around his neck was a gold dog colar complete with tag and leash! And the leash was being held by the strange girl with cat ears and a tail in an obscenely revealing dress! He recognized the girl as the one who had knocked him out with that stuff earlier.

As Yami rolled on the floor with laughter, Jodea came up behind him.

Yami finally managed to control his laughter enough to stand up. Looking at Malik, he almost lost it again. Not only was he wearing that ridiculous outfit, but the GIRL carried his ROD!! (A/N=Must I point just how hentai that can be?) He didn't even want to think about what these two had been doing that had caused Malik to drop his guard long enough for her to gain control of the Sennen Rod. However, the thoughts entered his head unbidden and he burst out laughing again. He managed to stay standing this time.

Jodea glowered at the bish and then looked to her sister. "Oneesan, can I borrow that for a minute?" she asked, guestering to the Sennen Rod.

Nika looked a bit confused, but handed it over with a "Sure."

Malik did not appreciate Yami's insane laughter, but as Jodea raised the Rod above her head, he smirked again. He really wanted to see what she was going to make him do! However, instead of taking control of his mind, she brought the Rod down on his head, bashing him hard.

"ITAI!!" he cried, grabbing his head in both hands and cringing. "What was that for!?"

Jodea tossed the Rod back to her sister and said, "For laughing at Malik-kun!! Stop it! Or would you like me to find you an outfit to match his!!?"

Yami's eyes went wide and he frantically shook his head.

Jodea returned her attention to her sister and said, "Nika-chan, I thought we were going to wait until tomorrow to capture anymore bishys."

Nika just shrugged and said, "Yeah, but I was bored. And as the leader, founder and eldest of the Sake Sisters, I decided to have a little fun."

At that, Malik's wicked grin grew and he shifted slightly. Nika's eyes went wide and she cried, "Hentai!!" But instead of beating him to a pulp, she just laughed and playfully slapped him on the chest, causing him to chuckle as well.

Yami found himself suddenly glad that he had gotten the younger sister and actually leaned a little closer to her, asking quietly, "Do I want to know?"

Jodea just continued staring at her sister, amazed at how she could change in an instant and replied, "No."

Suddenly an angry voice echoed down the stairs, interrupting the frightening scene before them. "I thought I asked for quiet!" Seto called to them.

All four turned to face the ticked off CEO wearing very little. He was quite obviously very angry, but Nika just waved dismissively and said, "Oh please! Go back to bed!" Then she glared at him and lowered her voice to a growl. "Or do I have to make you?"

Seto's eyes widened and he shook his head furiously, very reminicent of Yami when he was threatened by Jodea. Seto had been warned not to cross the great Mistress Nika by Nami. Turning he all but ran back to the safty of his bedroom.

Nika laughed again and said, "I think he's right though! It is awefully late." Here she paused to exaggerate a yawn. "And I'm soooo sleepy!" She tugged on Malik's leash and both began ascending the stairs. "Come, Malik-chan. It's time for bed." She called back over her shoulder to her sister, "You can manage Yami, can't you?"

Jodea nodded, but her sister didn't see as Malik had taken that moment to growl, grope her, and then begin chasing a laughing Nika up the stairs and down the hall.

Both Yami and Jodea stared with stunned expressions. Finally managing to shake themselves out of the trance, Yami made the comment of, "I never knew Malik was so....so....odd."

Jodea nodded again and said, "Oneesan tends to bring that out in people." She turned to face Yami with a stern expression. "Now," she began, "as for you..."

Yami threw up his hands in defeat and cried, "I'm going! I'm going!" Then he grudgingly followed along behind Jodea, back to his room.


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From "Yu-Gi-Oh!": Yami, Yuugi and Ryou

From "InuYasha": InuYasha himself

From "Ranma ½": Ranma him...uh...her?...uh...himself

From "Charmed": Cole

From "Yu Yu Hakusho": Demon Yusuke and Kurama

From "Beyblade": Ray

From "Dragon Ball Z": Mirai Trunks

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