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Of Angels and Demons
Chapter 1: Harsh Realities
By: Nadako-Mika

Brief Explanation: (AU....Absolutely nothing to do with the world..O.o)
On Earth there are Angels and Demons. Each person having both a light, angelic side; and also a dark, demonic side. Such sides were created to keep the balance of nature. But if one side takes more control, the other may be forced somewhere else. Resulting in Sins and Religions. Murderers are controlled by their dark sides. Their light's flee to a sanctuary, a church perhaps. There they occupy the minds of worshippers and followers. Everything must be balanced!
But there are special cases. Where a person's sides are split into two. Giving them two people who are similar and different in many ways. Yuugi and Malik are an example; they are the Hikari's*, and Yami-Yuugi and Yami-Malik are they're dark sides (their Yami's**). In their cases they are fortunate enough to be handed kinder Yami's. Ryou on the other hand, had a more demonic Yami.

==((Ryou's P.O.V))==

"Ryou! Get down here!"

I hear someone yelling at me from downstairs. He's back. I sit up straight in my bed; I've got to get downstairs before I make Bakura angrier. As I try to climb off my bed I trip, my legs were tangled in the white sheets.

"Ryou? Where are you?"

Footsteps... He's coming! Slowly I hear quiet thumps; he's at the stairs. I try my best to wrench my legs from the mess of sheets. My futile attempts only resulted in a loud bang, as I fell from my bed. Suddenly the footsteps stop.

"Are you in there, hikari?"

I freeze. He's going to check in here, I know it! What is he going to do to me once he finds me? I get up slowly and walk towards my bedroom door. 'There's no use hiding now. Even if I did get away, he'd be twice as angry when he does see me.' with that thought I turn the knob and slowly creak open the door. I see Bakura, my yami, smirking evilly at me.

"So, my little Hikari. Trying to hide from your dear Yami are you?" he says with a cold voice.

I say nothing. I just look at the ground, trying to avoid staring into those dark, wicked orbs of his. Several moments pass and there we stand not moving an inch. He's still staring at me; daring me to look him in the eye. It's not going to work. Giving in would mean I would get a severe beating. Minutes roll by as we stand silently. Bakura was the first to break it.

"Tell me Ryou," he said smoothly, "Why were you in bed?" He looked over at my unmade bed. I didn't answer him. I'm not suppose to answer unless I'm told, it's one of his rules. He seems to be getting a little impatient. "You may answer," he says quite simply

I look up a little, my eyes never meeting his. "I was tired," I answered. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain on my cheek. He slapped me.

He looked angry. "Did I say you could take a rest? Didn't I specifically tell you to clean up downstairs while I was away?" he asked.

I say nothing. 'That's right. Ryou, you baka! You were suppose to clean the living room today!' I mentally scolded myself. Building up courage I stare into his eyes. "I-I'm sorry, B-Bakura..." I say. I suddenly find myself being slammed up against the wall. My feet were just a few inches off the ground.

"Sorry? Sorry isn't good enough!" my yami yelled as he gave a strong punch to my stomach. "What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked. He dropped me onto the cold floor.

I didn't answer, I couldn't. He knocked the breath out of me. I clutched my stomach as I tried to take in air. A few seconds later I was kicked in my side.

"Answer me, you worthless being!" he hollered.

Still I could not say a word. It hurt so much. I was still gasping for air when he kicked me, but that made it worse. Tears were threatening to spill from my eyes. 'How much more of this can I take?' I wondered, 'How many times more before he finally realises? Before I finally crack?' I stayed in my spot, shuddering. I wouldn't be able to take much more.

I wince as I feel Bakura pulling me up by my hair. "Why are you shaking?" he asked, he'd gone back to using that smooth, even tone again. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you, Ryou?" he whispered into my ear with a sly tone. He received no answer from me. Letting go of me he stood up. His face looked grim. He walked towards the bedroom door, stopped, then looked back at me. "Come downstairs Ryou," he told me. I hesitated a little. "NOW!" he screamed. I jumped a little, and with some trouble followed him out the door.

The living room looked horrible. Papers, vases, and other junk were tossed around the room. The couch had been flipped over, and the television had a dent. There was also blood. Blood was smeared all over the walls. You could clearly see handprints on one side. The tiles on the floor were stained with blood; large dried pools lay in a corner. I shivered at the sight. This was all from last night. I had come home late because of the rain, and he had beaten me. He had punched me, kicked me, and wounded me with a knife for hours on end. It was horrible. I had lost a great amount of blood (as you can tell) and had collapsed in a corner. Just thinking about it made my pain greater.

"Look at this mess!" Bakura shouted, snapping me back to reality, "What if Yuugi or some of those pathetic 'friends' of yours came by? What would they say? Your filthy blood is smeared all over this house!" he scolded, "Clean it up! NOW!" He gave me one last blow to my chest. I kneeled over, panting and gasping for air. It hurt, he had hit one of my already bruised ribs when he did that. He left me there, all alone.

As soon as I recovered my strength I went to work. Grabbing a bucket of water, and a cloth I started cleaning the blood off the walls. As I worked my mind wandered. How could he do this to me? I've done so much for him in the past. I was the one that freed his spirit from the Sennen Ring! I let him occupy my body in order to perform his desired tasks. At any point in time I could have thrown away the item, just leaving him. But did I do that? No. I didn't. Even though he had been abusive and harmful to me, I know there is some good in him.

Over the years I had given him his freedom. Taking blame for what ever he had done. Letting him do what ever he wished; he did what he wished, and I did not hold him back. Worst of all, I let him take all his frustrations out on me. Everytime something never went his way he'd come home and yell at me. I'd never say a thing, and eventually he'd start the abuse. I never talked back or anything. I just stood or sat there absorbing all the pain.

Tears started to spill out of my eyes. I paused momentarily to wipe them off. Then I continued cleaning and thinking.

Why do I let him do this to me? Why do I let him slowly kill me? The reason was simple. He was my yami, and I was his hikari. Without him I would be incomplete! Where ever there's a light, there has to be a dark side. Everything had to be balanced.

Why don't I just fight back then? That was the complicated question. Why didn't I fight back? I'm sure I had the power to do so. Every beating I would just lay there like a helpless puppy and take what I'm given. I never could hit him or even verbally assault him. Why is that? What was there about him that made me stop everytime? I'd always feel weak in his presence. But there's something about him that keeps me living. Gives me a reason to live. It can't be his assaults, I hate those. Suddenly the answer hit me in the head. Could it be? Am I in love with Bakura? It can't be... He's the person that hits me, and makes me shed blood, every night. He wouldn't have a care in the world if I just suddenly disappeared. Why would I love him?

I stopped and dropped the cloth into the red tinted water. I looked up at the wall. It was white again, and you could clearly see the patterns of the previously bloody tiles. Putting the water away I returned to the room. All I need to do now is to pick up the scattered items.

As I did so I started thinking again. It probably is true. I do love him. But what's the use. I would never be able to tell him. If I did confront him he'd either laugh at me, or he would be disgusted by my presence. He'd never love me back. He only thinks of me as a pathetic being. He's hated me from the beginning! Says I'm weak and useless. I'd never be able to win his heart. Does he even have a heart? If he did, it certainly turned to stone.

Snapping out of my thoughts I stood up, surveying the room. It was neater now. The couch was flipped right side up again, there weren't anymore papers on the floor, the broken glass from vases had been picked up, and no more blood could be seen. There was just one problem... the dent on the television could be clearly seen. I'd have to get that into a shop some day.

I yawn loudly and look up at the clock; half past ten, its pretty late (for me anyways). I decide to go to sleep. When I walk into my bare room I notice a sleeping figure on my bed. Being very careful and quiet I stepped closer. It was Bakura. I wish he had gone back into his soul room. There were no more beds in the house (my father had moved out because of his job), and I didn't want to sleep on the floor. I had no choice but to sleep on the couch.

Before I left my tiny room I notice something reflecting the light from the hall. Holding my breath, I walk even closer to my sleeping yami's form. In his hands I see a small knife. I despise that knife. I hated the finely crafted blade that Bakura always used to pierce my skin. I hated the dull metal handles that was constantly used to form bruises on my pale skin. That one knife brought hell to my little world. It was Bakura's most valuable (and only) possession. He would never go anywhere without that damned thing. Sometimes I just wished I could take it from his hands and dispose of it.

Finally I left my bedroom. I almost tripped and fell down those blasted stairs. I was drowsy and my eyes were being forced to shut. I just barely made it to the couch. As soon as I got to the couch, I collapsed. I wasn't asleep yet, just too tired to move my limbs. Like always, I recalled the day's events. It wasn't so bad. My yami wasn't all that violent today, which was very unusual. Maybe something was on his mind. Again my mind drifted to the question: Why do I love him? It seemed that this question would never go away. After a few minutes, sleep finally crept into my mind. 'He would never love me back...' was the last thought that ran through my dazed mind.


A/N: Author's notes have been removed due to ff.net's notice about chat dialogue being used in this.. x.x oy.. gomen-nasai!