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Of Angels and Demons
Chapter 11: Rebirth
By: Nadako-Mika

Ryou floated in front of him. He looked destroyed and..not all he could be. He looked like an empty doll. His usually bright eyes lost their shine, replaced by just a solid brown. His skin seemed paler than usual, and it seemed to blend in the darkness- if that was even possible. He moved closer to Bakura, close enough that their noses touched.

"You're disturbing my Sanctuary..."


Bakura gave a distorted look. He didn't comprehend. "Sanctuary? What in Ra's name are you talking about?"

Yet, his lost Hikari didn't seem to listen. Ryou seemed to ignore his distressed Yami, floating around and around Bakura. His smooth movements caught Bakura's gaze, enchanting the Yami. Ryou danced to his own rhythm; danced to the silent melody of the vast darkness; waltzing with an un-seeable partner. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Dancing, prancing around his other self.

"Join us in the Dance of Death, won't you Bakura?" Ryou asked in a voice not his own. Empty, unfeeling, a dead flat tone.

Bakura wouldn't move. He was shocked to see his own light; his own Hikari behave this way. Dance of Death? What on earth was Ryou yapping about? Before he knew it, he too was pulled into the rhythm of his Hikari's dance.

'What are we doing?'

'Dancing. Dancing our last drops of life away.'


'What else can we do in this eternal darkness?'

"We can try to live instead of throwing our lives away!" Bakura cried out loud. His sudden outburst caught Ryou off guard, throwing his steps out of beat. He took this as an oportunity to grab onto Ryou, restricting his movement. Bakura's actions caused Ryou to stiffen just like he would during the days of abuse. The Yami frowned at this, but thought it better than having his Hikari dancing his way to the afterlife.

"Do you want to die that much, Hikari?" he asked.

"Do you want to live that much, Yami?" Ryou retorted.

Bakura ignored the reply, asking another question instead, "Why? Why do you want to throw away your life?"

"Why would you want to keep living?" Ryou countered again.

He gasped slightly as his Yami growled in annoyance. This was usually a sign of abuse waiting to happen. Ryou soon found himself being forcedly turned around, coming to stare at eyes which shone bright ruby. Those eyes seemed highly unfamiliar to him; Bakura's eyes were never ruby red, but a deep chestnut. He pulled back a bit, to investigate the unfamiliar face which stared back at him. The skin was flushed bronze, scars hinted years of hard labour; a visible scar from a deep cut ran down the person's right eye. His hair was clearly shorter thank Bakura's, a luxurious white, with slight tints of lavender. Ryou could honestly say that he had never seen this man before in his life; yet, something about him seemed familiar. While his physical features made him a complete stranger, his presence was warm and familiar.

"Well Hikari?" The man growled, "Answer me!"

Ryou stared, unable to blink or turn away from those murderously beautiful red eyes. "W-who are you?" he asked dumbly.

The man was caught off guard. He seemed surprised to hear those words. His grip on Ryou's shoulder loosened considerably. Those angry ruby eyes widened in confusion, blinking often. "What do you mean 'who am I'? Hikari.. It's me!"

Ryou only shook his head, still staring in complete confusion. "Who?"

The grip on his shoulders tightened once again, and Ryou soon was being shaken violently. "You have to know who I am! I'm your freaking Yami!" the man screamed, his violent actions frightening the boy.

Fear. For the first time in days, Ryou felt. Fear gripped his heart, fear gripped his mind. For the first time in days his heart thumped heavily in his chest. His body shook in reaction to this.. fear. "You ... can't be...My Yami! You don't look like.. him!" Ryou stammered, finding it hard to speak while you were being shaken violently.

The man's menacing growl was dropped immediately as he saw the fear embedded in Ryou's eyes.

Ryou stood in his clutch, shaking like a frightened puppy. "You can't be Bakura. You don't look like him!"

"But I am! Ryou, It's me!" He had no idea what Ryou was talking about. Of course he was Bakura, wasn't he? He stared into Ryou's chocolate eyes, those eyes drowned in fear. He looked into the very center of his eye, only to see a reflection which startled him.

Blood red eyes. Short, but still glossy white hair. Skin that seemed burnt, covered by gorgeous red cloth. Was this him? Now he knew why his hikari didn't recognize him.

"Ryou, It's still me! I'm Bakura!" he kept saying to the frightened boy. All he ever received was a disbelieving 'no'. "This is just my past self, Ryou," Bakura tried to explain, "Don't you remember? I was a thief before, a robber. This is what I looked like!"

"Why should I believe you?"

"Please Ryou, you have to believe me. It's me, Bakura!" Bakura said, wrapping his tanned arms around his hikari for an embrace.

Ryou struggled and flailed against the Bakura he didn't seem to know. "Let go of me! I don't know who you are!" he screamed as he kicked and tossed around.

Bakura, however, wouldn't let go. He held onto his other half tightly, never wanting to let go. "It's me! It's me! Please Ryou, you have to believe me!"

'What can I do to make you believe me?...'

"What is your name?"

"Bakura, Ryou... Who are you?"

"I...don't know."

"Do you have ameesa?" Amnesia, he meant to say. ... "Well if you don't remember your name, how about I give you one?"

"I guess that would be alright."

"I'll call you Bakura!"

Still grasping his struggling hikari, Bakura desperately racked his mind for a solution to this identity crisis. "Ryou, do you remember the day we first met?"

"I don't know you!" He screamed, still fighting against Bakura. "We've never met before!"

"I asked for your name, and you told me.."

"I don't know what you're talking about! I've never seen you in my life!"

"You asked me for my name, but I couldn't remember it. You even lent me your name because of that..'Bakura'."

Ryou's struggle stopped instantly upon hearing the story. He seemed to be in shock, reliving the memory.. 'I'll call you Bakura!...' With blank, shocked eyes, he looked up at his Yami. He had to admit, the figure before him did somewhat resemble the Bakura he knew. Ryou looked into his eyes, only to find the same hatred, the same ice and sorrow in them.

Strong arms tightened the embrace as Ryou fell limp and weak against Bakura.

'Gentle... Not like Bakura at all..' Ryou's eyes softened at the thought. His heart began to beat again, released from it's icy prison of the eternal dark. The love for his Yami flowed into his heart once more. 'I still love him...'

After what seemed like an eternity, Bakura spoke. "I came too late, Ryou. I couldn't save you."

"I'll say. You couldn't even save yourself. Or have you forgotten? We're both dead here." Ryou stated quite coldly.

Bakura was the first to let go of the embrace. He looked around them worriedly. There was darkness everywhere, they were bathed in the black. "Where is.. here..anyways?"

A voice from afar called out in anger, "You idiot! You've gone on and killed yourself, along with Ryou!"

"Who said that?" Bakura growled threateningly, turning around and around, desperately trying to locate the source of the voice. "Coward! Come out and show yourself!"

All of a sudden, the great thief lord found himself being strangled from behind. Someone had him in a headlock with one arm, while their other arm was tugging at Bakura's hair. Needless to say, the Yami was in great pain.

"You freaking killed him! I told you to hurry, but would you? NO! You had to be stubborn! You stubborn ass!" the mystery person said, carrying on their physical assault.

After a few more moments of complete pain, Bakura was able to wriggle out of the grasp of death and turn around. He came face to face with that woman who had confronted him about his Hikari earlier that day. The same woman who had been haunting his dreams, screaming for him to stop the abuse on Ryou.

"You!" was all Bakura could muster.

"Yes, Me! You killed him! How could you?!"

"Whoa! Take it easy bitch, It's not like I enjoyed it! Look where I am!"

Ryou slapped Bakura. "Watch your language! That's my mother you're talking to!"

Like a hurt puppy, Bakura quickly retreated.

The woman, known as Ryou's mother, took a deep breath, calming herself. After a moment, she held her hand out to her son, beckoning him to her. "We have to go Ryou. It's time."

Ryou took her hand, but look back at his yami. "What about Bakura?" he asked worriedly.

"The jaws of Hell will deal with him."

"What? Hey! That's not fair-"

"Oh isn't it? After all those years of abuse inflicted on my poor boy. After all that, you don't think you deserve this?"

Bakura growled. "I didn't mean that! There's no doubt that Hell is what awaits me now. I was about to say how unfair it was that Ryou is dying.. no.. dead."

Chocolate eyes softened at those words.

"Well what can you do about it now, huh? This is YOUR fault." Ryou's mother screamed at Bakura, "All I'm here to do is take Ryou with me."

Bakura's eyes furrowed. This didn't seem fair. After years of depression and angst, the least Ryou deserved was to LIVE the rest of his life in happiest. He shouldn't have had to die THIS way. "Isn't... Isn't there anything I could do to change this? To let Ryou live again?"

Ryou's mother sighed in frustration. "The only way for Ryou to return to the living world, is to have at least one of his feathers with him. Now, unless you've gone around collecting each feather he shed, there is no way he's going to live again."

Bakura snorted. "Some supportive mother you are.."

Something tickled the back of his neck. Bakura reached back, only to disturb whatever had been nesting there. A coo and a flap later, a dove, white with purity, flew infront of him. In it's beak it held a single feather, bright and glowing. Flapping to hover over Bakura for a moment, it dropped the feather into his hands, before flying off into the waiting darkness.

'This is...' Bakura examined the feather at every angle. 'Could it be...' He walked up to his hikari, marveling at how the feather started to glow in reaction.

"Ryou's feather."

Maybe now, Ryou would be saved.

Ryou's mother snatched the feather out of Bakura's hands, to examine it for herself. She smiled slightly before handing it to her son. She turned to Bakura and said, "Perhaps you will save him, Bakura."

Bakura's eyes shone with glee as he heard those words, but his happiness was quickly subdued when he heard what Ryou's mother had to say afterwards.

"Bakura, you might have saved Ryou, but you haven't saved yourself." she said in a soft but stern voice, "Now that you're here, Bakura, there is no way you can get out. Ryou may return to the world of the living, but you'll still be dragged down."

Perhaps it was his fate to be dragged into the jowls of darkness. Bakura cast his head as he turned around and walked away from the two. 'I guess I deserve it. Seeing as I have committed numerous sins. I don't see how Ra would ever spare my life.'

"Bakura.." a soft voice called, "Where are you going?"

The Yami turned around to stare into the watering eyes of his hikari. He felt sorry for him. Life never seemed to go his way; Ryou losing his mother and sister at a young age; he also just recently lost his father to an accident; now he'll lose half of his very soul. Bakura desperately wished there was another way around this. It was all his fault.

'I'll be seeing you, Hikari.'

'What do you mean? Where are you going?'

He turned back to the darkness once more. 'You heard the woman. You can live on, but it's completely hopeless for me. It's kind of funny, This will be the second time I've died.'

'You can't go, Bakura. Don't leave me again!'

Ryou quickly ran, or floated, to his Yami, embracing him. 'I don't want you to go.' Tears cascaded from those warm and saddened brown eyes. He cried into Bakura's shirt, clinging on for dear life. "Don't go..."

"I love you, Ryou. I really do," Bakura said, returning the hug, "I've been ignoring the feeling until recently. I was so stupid. Please forgive me, Ryou."

The sobbing which filled the void in the darkness increased. Ryou mourned his heart out. So Bakura loves him in return; now what? He was dead, and Ryou could do nothing about it. Another loved one would go.

'God cursed my life from the very beginning.'

Ryou's mother watched sadly as her son cried madly. 'Bakura, why couldn't you have realized earlier?' She slowly made her way next to the two boys, and placed a comforting hand on Ryou's shoulder. "I'm sorry dear, but you have to get back," she said.

More tears fell as Ryou stubbornly shook his head, not wanting to be parted.

Bakura hushed him, lifting his chin. "Ryou, don't worry, we'll see each other again. Besides, you haven't lost everyone as you think. You've still got Malik and Yuugi, right? Yami too, as much as I'd hate to admit it, but.. Yami too." Bakura's face suddenly sharpened, "But if that arrogant fool so much as scratches you, I'll kick that pharaoh's ass back to his freaking tomb."

Ryou chuckled faintly at those words.

"Ryou, do you remember when we first met, and you asked for my name?"


"I remember it now. My name is Touzouku."

Ryou smiled slightly as he broke the loving embrace, getting ready to leave his Yami behind. "Touzouku. I'll remember that," he said as he made his way to his mother.

"Are you ready to go back, Ryou?" his mother asked, receiving a nod as a reply.

Ryou saw the figure of his Yami slowly fading. His body became transparent, as if the darkness was absorbing his Yami's body. Another tear slid down his cheek.

"You're name might be Touzouku, but you'll always be Bakura to me."

When his Yami had completely faded, darkness greeted his sight. His ears throbbed as a steady tone met them. His chest thudded as the tone became a steady beeping rhythm. His heart pumped again.




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