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Part Two of Chapter Seven
The Attack

"Sakura!" Yami glanced left and right as he ran in search of Sakura. The reason why he was looking for her was unknown to even him. But something told him to look for her... he felt like she was in danger and it was driving him crazy, not only that - everything was pitch black. "Sakura! Where are you!?" he yelled out, but all that greeted him was silences. It didn't matter how loud he yelled her screamed her name, there would be no reply back from anyone. He stopped his endless running, trying to catch his breath. He couldn't understand where he was and why he was here in the first place... then out of a soft feminine chuckle was heard. He straighten his back up since he hand bent over trying to catch his breath just a moment ago. There a few feet away from him, standing in the darkness... was a women. A beautiful women with pale, almost white skin. Her body was beautifully curvy and nicely shaped. Her hair was short, touching the middle of her neck and was a odd dark blue in color. Her eyes are a beautiful blue color, yet they cold and deadly. Her lips are a nice shade of red that would temp any man to kiss - her black dress is sleeveless and it reached to the ground. It has a slit going up to her mid thigh on her right side. The dress showed off her curves and the front was a V line showing off part of her breasts. A golden choker around her neck and gold bracelets on each wrist, along with two golden upper arm bands, one on each arm. And to top everything off, beautiful gold earrings. She was sight to be hold indeed... but there was something in her cold and hard blues eyes he did not like.

He felt like he had met this women from somewhere yet he did not no where. But the look in her eyes he did not like, and they seemed familiar to him... that look...

A smirk graced the woman's red lips. "You know, you will never find her..." she said in a very cold tone in her voice that would send shivers down your back. "Pharaoh." she finished with a evil glint in her blue eyes. Yami stood his ground as he stared at the women, his eyes narrowed. "What are you talking about? And how did you know ab-" "You being the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt?" she let out an evil laugh. "Your such a foolish Pharaoh; I know many things about you. Do you even know who I am talking about?" she asked as she looked into his eyes. "You don't, do you?" she then gave him a evil smile. "Does the name Sakura Avalon ring a bell?" she asked sweetly. His eyes widen. "What!?" he then narrowed his red-violet eyes at her. "What have you done to here? Answer me women!" he yelled with anger. She paid no mind to his out burst.

"Do not worry, I have not touched your Sakura." he froze a bit when she said his Sakura. "I know much about her as well, although she was known as Kura at the time..." she frowned when she said Kura. It was the one name that she hated for over five thousand years. She hated that girl. Yami could tell that she did not like Sakura, my the look in her eyes - but he saw pure hate when she said Kura. What was this women talking about? "What do you mean that I won't find her?" he question her. "Oh that... by the time you even get to her - she'll be dead!" she said as she laughed evilly, while the Pharaoh's eyes widen and he felt like his heart stopped.


[ End Dream ]

Yami woke with a start, sweat going his face. "What in Ra's name was that about?" he asked himself. He glanced around and he notice that he was in fact in his soul room. He let out a sigh as he rubbed his temples. ' Who was that women? ' Why did he have such a dream? Then something dawn on him. "Sakura is in trouble!" he vanished from his soul room and Yugi was surprised to see Yami appear in his room. "Yugi! Sakura is in trouble!"


Bakura glared at the pinked eyed women as he held Sakura closer to him. He narrowed his cold brown eyes at her. "Who are you? And what the hell do you want!" he growled out. He wanted to tear this women apart that was in front of him. Sakura only tighten her hold on Bakura's shirt as she stayed close to his chest. The women only smirked as she moved some long blonde hair out of her face. "I am known as Aki." she said in a soft and very feminine tone of voice. She then pointed a finger at Sakura. "And I have come to kill her! The mistress of the clow!" Bakura raised an sliver-white eyebrow at her comment. ' Mistress of the clow...? ' Sakura's eyes widen as she stared at the women. "What have I done that would make you want to kill me? And how do you know about me being the mistress of the clow?" she question; she was confused and scared at the time - why could this women want her dead? She had never even seen her before. The women raised a slim eyebrow at this, but then shook her head. Something was wrong here... was that women not telling the truth about somethings? The blonde let the thought slide away from her.

"It is what you have done to my master five thousand years ago, he wants you dead; and I will do as he says." Aki said with narrow eyes. "What are you talking about!?" Sakura blinked in confusion as she listen to Aki talk. Sakura was just becoming more confused as she listen to Aki talk. ' What is she talking about? I never even lived that long! ' she thought to herself while Bakura continue to hold her close as he narrowed his eyes at the women. "Enough! Attack my beast!" yelled Aki. The beast's mouth open and energy began to formed in its mouth; then a white beam form from the energy and shot at both Sakura and Bakura. Bakura picked up Sakura into his arms and jumped out of the way with ease before the blast could hit and kill the both of them. Aki narrowed her pink colored eyes as she growled. ' Damn... how can he jump so fast? ' she thought to herself while anger arose inside of her - she then notice the millennium item around his neck. ' A millennium item? He has the millennium ring... so is he that five thousand year old tomb robber? ' she thought to herself as she stared at the sliver-white hair tomb robber. ' It has to be... but why is he here? '

Bakura put Sakura down and moved her behind him, protecting her. He then pulled out a card and lifted it in the air. "I summon spellbindind circle!" he yelled out as a magical circle appeared from the card and trapped the beast; Aki gasped as her monster was trapped inside the magical circle, she then looked back at Bakura with narrowed eyes. Sakura's eyes widen at what Bakura just did. ' Yami did the same thing! ' she looked at Bakura as he and Aki were having a glaring contest. She should of known better that this was not Ryou Bakura - but someone completely different. He after all had a item that was similar to Yami's millennium puzzle and yet it was different as well. A good size gold ring with the eye of horus in the middle with six pointed things are attached to it. (I have no idea what I should call it.) And just like Yami, he has a dark aura... but it seem almost darker so how and Sakura wondered why. Who was this person that was protecting her? "Sakura..." she blinked and looked towards him. "Stay behind me." she could only nod her head. "Hand over the girl! If you wish to live." Aki threaten. An evil smile formed on his lips. "No. If you want her... you have to get though me first." Bakura explained.

Aki glared at him. "As you wish." with that she charged at him, he did the same. Sakura watched as they fought in a hand to hand battle. Aki did a high jump kick, planing kicking him in the face to throw him back some; but he only blocked her attack by grabbing onto her ankle. She was able to use her other foot to get out of his strong hold and do a back flip, as she landed - Bakura had gotten to her so fast she didn't see it coming. He punched her in the stomach hard, she cried out in pain and because she was to worried about the pain in her gut, she did notice that he had grabbed her wrist. She gasped out in surprise when he pulled her arm behind her back and slammed her onto her already sore stomach. Her eyes widen and she cried out in even more pain when his foot made contact to her back. "Who is your so called master!? Answer me women!" he shout, pure hate went across his face.

"Go to hell!" she growled out. She then some how hooked her foot around Bakura and tripping and making him let her go, he fell backwards onto the ground. She stood up and glared at him once more - a ball of energy began to form in his right hand. She held her hand above her head to strike but was stopped.

"Swords of revealing light!"


Yugi glanced around as he ran. / How are we going to find Sakura? / asked Yugi though there mind link. / I don't know... but we have to act fast. / was Yami's reply. He then felt something... something dark. / Yugi, let me take over. /

/ Why? /

/ I feel a dark force, I think that Sakura might be there. /

/ Okay. /

Yugi closed his eyes as the millennium puzzled around his neck glowed. Yami now in control open his narrow red-violet eyes. ' Please be safe Sakura... ' with that he dashed off, within a few minutes he came by a park where he saw Sakura, Bakura and a pinked eye blonde hair women who was pinned down on the ground by Bakura. Bakura was yelling something at her, she then something like "Go to hell!" as she somehow tripped the tomb robber off of her. Bakura had fallen backwards and the women stood up, she glared at him as a ball of energy formed in her right hand - she was ready to strike him. So acting fast he drew out a card. "I summon swords of revealing light!" Four swords of bright light came out of the card and surround Aki, trapping her. She gasp as her eyes widen. "What is this!?" he demand in rage. Bakura stood up and looked over his shoulder and saw Yami not to far from him and Sakura. He narrowed his eyes. What was the pharaoh doing here?

Sakura couldn't believe it. Yami had saved her once and then came to their aid again. She was glad that he arrived in just in time, because she didn't know if she would've been able to Ryou or who she thought was Ryou, in time. But Sakura never notice the frown on Bakura's face. Bakura on the other hand was not to happy to see the pharaoh, even if he did stop that woman's attack. Aki glared at the ex-pharaoh. ' What is he doing here? ' this would not bond well with her master. "Return my beast!" she commanded and in a flash her monster vanish from sight; everyone gasp. Bakura looked at her with wide eyes. "What the!? How are you able to-" he began but Aki interrupted him as a smile graced her lips. "Your silly card games can't hold me or my pet." she explained, and with that she closed her pink eyes and vanished from sight. Yami rushed over to Sakura with worry. "Are you alright?" he asked with deep concern. She could only nod.

"I'm fine.." she said as she tried to reassure the pharaoh that she was okay by giving him a smile. He gave out a sigh of relief, he was glad that dream of his didn't become reality. She then turned away from him a looked at a very pissed of Bakura. "Your not Ryou... are you?" she asked, and he blinked in surprise - which he never did. Yami on the other hand was not so surprise - Sakura after all could tell that he was no Yugi when he took control, so why wouldn't she not notice that this was not Ryou? Bakura stared at her for a moment and then nodded his head. "Yes, I am not him." was his reply. She gave a small smile. "I thought so."

"What are you doing here, pharaoh?" Bakura spat; Sakura could only blink. She looked between the two and saw then giving each other death glares... did they know each other? "You know each other then?" she asked as both spirits turn there heads to look at her and nod. "You could say that." was Yami reply. "Why did that women call you the mistress of the clow?" question Bakura as he stared at the emerald green eyed girl. She laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her neck in a nervous way as she sweat dropped. "Well uh... about that... maybe I should talk about that at my house?" she asked - Bakura nodded.


Sakura blinked her emerald green eyes a couple of times. He Bakura, like Yami - was a five thousand year old spirit that was trapped in an millennium item called the millennium ring. He also was from ancient Egypt, only he was a tomb robber and he really disliked Yami for some odd reason. She didn't know why though... it was a puzzlement really. And Yami wasn't on friendly terms with him either and she wondered why? The boys had there reasons why they were not fond of each other, but where not only to tell her the reason. Bakura was shocked though to find out that this Sakura Avalon is a very powerful magician, she can summon clow cards or what are now called star cards. She is the only one able to summon these powerful cards that were made by a as much as powerful magician Clow Reed. Yami on the other hand did not like the idea of telling Bakura of this information about Sakura. Ever since the many tries of him trying to steal the millennium puzzle and even hurting his friends, he didn't want Bakura to know about Sakura and her powers...

But why did he save her life? ' That is very unlike Bakura to save anyone's life but his own... ' he thought to himself; something just wasn't right somehow - but Yami didn't know what it was. "Yami? Are you alright?" Sakura asked as she stared at Yami with worry. He just seem to stare off into space. "I'm fine... nothing to worry about." she could only nod. "Do you know who that women was?" Yami asked. Sakura's eyes sadden at this. "She said her name is Aki... she also said that her master wants me dead for some reason; I don't why though..." she softly said as she looked down at her hands. She was scared and she didn't know what to do. "What is going to happen? What am I going to do?" she asked. "You need to keep a low profile as much as possible and we need to find out who this master is, that women was talking about." the pharaoh and Sakura could only agree by nodding their heads. "I agree, we need to find out more about this master and fast." said Yami.

"Oh!" both spirits blinked. "I almost forgot! I have something for you Yami!" she said with a smile, trying to lighten up the mood. Only it made Bakura moody-er. She stood up from her seat and rushed into the other room. A minute later she came back holding a small package in her arms. She handed it to Yami. "Here! I hope you like it! It's a thank you gift." she said with a smile as he took a hold of the wrapped item from her hands. He open it and was surprised at what he saw. It was a plaque that had a stone look to it, tan in color, a craved rose on the side. It also had a message on it. Thank You for that you do. It was a beautiful piece of work... and this was the first time that he had ever received anything like this, at least that he knew of. "You don't like it?" she asked with worry. Yami shook his head and then gave her a small smile. "No, it's very beautiful. Thank you." She gave him one of her bright smiles - she was happy. Just then Tristan came into the living room.

"Yugi? Ryou? What are you guys going here?"


"This is the second time you have failed me!" growled Kaoru as he slammed Aki up against a wall in rage, his blood red eyes glowed as he glared daggers as her. Aki could only gasp in pain. "Forgive me, master Kaoru! But the pharaoh and that tomb robber got in the way." she cried out as tears began to form in her eyes. Kaoru raised a dark eyebrow. "The pharaoh and the tomb robber?" he laughed evilly. "Oh! This is rich! But that is no excuse for failing me twice." his eyes darken and her eyes widen when a ball of energy began to form in his hand. ' He wouldn't! ' she screamed inside of herself as she stared at him in horror. "Stop my love." said a beautiful, yet dark soft feminine voice. Kaoru looked over his shoulder as he stopped his attack. Behind him was a women with beautifully pale almost white skin with dark blue short hair that reached to the middle of her neck and beautiful, but dark and cold blue eyes. She is wearing a long strapless black dress that reaches the floor. Golden bracelets around her wrist, golden upper arm bands. A golden choker around her neck and golden earrings and red colored lips. "Give Aki another chance... for me?" she asked in a soft tone. The rage in Kaoru's eyes soften as he looked at his lover; he sighed as he let Aki go, making her fall onto the ground. "Fine, I'll do as you say - Tama."

Aki watched as Kaoru walked over to Tama and loving touch her face, she in turned hugged him. Aki glared at the women, and in turn Tama smiled evilly. Anger over came Aki - oh how she wanted to hurt that women! Kaoru looked at Aki was hatred in his eyes. "Begone Aki! And do not fail me again... for if you do, do not return... it will only mean your death." He said without any feeling what so ever. Aki stared wide eyed at him. How could he be so cruel? She stood up and bowed. "Of course, master Kaoru." and with that she left. Tama then reached up and kissed Kaoru's cheek and put her arms around his neck. "Kaoru, my love... I must ask you something..." she said softly. He looked down at her as he held her close. "What is it?" he asked softly. "What are your feelings for the girl?" she asked as she stared into his blood red eyes. He looked back in surprise. "What?" she moved her arms away from his neck. "Who are you talking about?" he asked with surprise.

"The mistress of the clow." she said simply. "You know I want her dead..." he said as he narrowed his eyes at her. But then he his soften as he placed both hands on her face, one hand on each cheek. "Besides, she could never compare to your beauty..." with that he lend forward captured her lips with his, not knowing that her eyes darken as he did so.


"What the hell!" yelled Tristan; Sakura and Yami sweat dropped, while Bakura just blinked. There floating in mid air was a yellow stuffed animal with small white wings and a tail. Sakura could only sigh at her cousin's out burst. This is what she gets for not telling him that one of her guardians is a stuffed animal... but of course that is not his true form. But still... "Tristan... this is Kero... one of two guardians." she said, only making Tristan's jaw drop. He just couldn't believe that this stuffed animal was her guardian... well he could... he seen some pretty weird things over the past year - but a stuffed animal? That was just a bit hard to believe, even for him. He pointed at Kero. "Your kidding me right? A stuffed animal for a guardian?" Tristan asked clearly dumbfounded. "Hay! Who ya callin' a stuffed animal!" yelled Kero as moved right in front of Tristan's face, a van popping on the side of his little head. Sakura only sighed at this. That was just the one word you didn't want to say to her little guardian. "This is not Kero's true form... when he is in his true form, he is a lot bigger!" she explained making Tristan blink. "Really?" she could only nod.

Kero then flew over to Sakura and pointed at Bakura who was behind her with his arms crossed over his chest. "And you! Stay away from my mistress!" he shouted. She sweat dropped. ' Not again... ' "And who is going to stop me?" Bakura asked with a raised eyebrow. "You?" a vain popped out on the side of Kero's head and Bakura only grin. Sakura began to sweat - why did this remind her of how Yami and Kero met? She then notice that he was about to say something to the tomb robber but Sakura stopped her little guardian. "Kero please, not now!" her little guardian only grumbled as he muttered something to himself as he flew over to Sakura's bed and floated down on it. "Kero... I was attacked again."


She winched at his tone. She looked at the very concerned look on Kero's face. "Are you alright Sakura?" she nodded. "When did this happen?" he asked in a serious tone of voice. "Not that long ago, I sort of found out who my attacker was... it is a women named Aki, she had said that her master is after me and that she was ordered to kill me..." she explained. Kero crossed his little arms over his chest. "Hmmm, do you know why he is after you?" he asked, Sakura only shook her head no. "No, that's the problem. The only thing I do know is that he has something against me for some reason. Aki had said that I had done something to him five thousand years ago!"

"Five thousand years ago?" Tristan said in shock, Sakura nodded. Bakura and Yami frowned at this. "I don't know why her master thinks that... I've never even lived that long!" she said as she put her hands in her lap. "Hay, I have a question. If your a guardian, shouldn't you like protect Sakura when she is in danger?" asked Tristan out of the blue. Kero nodded his head. I usually would... but for some reason I am not able to tell that she is in trouble - it's like someone or something is jamming my connection between me and Sakura, so I really can't tell if she is in trouble or not." he explained. Sakura held her hand up to her lips. "Oh! Do you think Yue is the same?" she asked; Kero nodded his head. "Could be, but I'm not sure... but what I am sure of is that we need to find out more information on this new enemy... and fast, your life is on the line."


Sakura sighed as she laid on her bed - she had one heck of a day... someone trying to kill her, her cousin having a heart attack because of the stuffed animal in her room was alive... Bakura couldn't believe that stuffed animal was her guardian. She had also found out that Bakura was a five thousand year old spirit, just like Yami... only he hated Yami's guts and Yami didn't like him to much either... but she wondered how everything was going to turn out? Why did this master want her dead? She never even lived that long... five thousand years... she was worried that something really bad was going to happen...

' I really wonder who this master is? '

End Part Two of Chapter Seven

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